Tuesday, September 25, 2012

0 Kenny's College Football Top 10, Sept. 25

By Kenny Howell

This is my first top 10 of the year, mostly because the blog wasn't even around a week ago, it was just a glimmer in the bored glaze of my eyes, but also because you can't start evaluating teams until they have played a few weeks.
I try to base my rankings based on what teams have done, not where they were ranked when the season started by some poll. So, my rankings don't necessarily mean these are the best teams based on the eye test, but rather the ones that have proved it. But it is hard to ignore the eye test, so everything I just said may have been all a lie.

1. Alabama (4-0) - They are the defending champs and until someone knocks them off, they will stay there.

2. Florida State (4-0) - The Seminoles have a signature win over Clemson, and half of their games have been against automatic qualifiers. They have a habit of disappearing later in the year, so we will see if it lasts.

3. Oregon (4-0) - The Ducks probably wouldn't have been ranked this high if they hadn't just dominated Arizona. I don't think the Wildcats are that great, but they did beat a pretty good Oklahoma State team, so that's something.

4. Notre Dame (4-0) - This is where I may lose some of you, and I may actually lose myself. I don't agree with myself for putting them this high, but they have beaten three BCS conference teams, two of which were ranked. Not sure it will last.

5. LSU (4-0) - This one is based mostly on the eye test, although the whipping of Washington looked pretty good. However, they struggled against a bad Auburn team.

6. Stanford (3-0) - The win against USC is the majority of this ranking, but the Cardinals look as tough as they did when Jim Harbaugh was there. I wouldn't be surprised if he was still coaching them through an earpiece in David Shaw's ear.

7. Georgia (4-0) - Another eye test team. Missouri road win was solid, although they struggled for a majority of it. If I had a Top 25, Jarvis Jones would be ranked No. 19 by himself.

8. Oregon State (2-0) - OK, I lost you again. However, the Beavers have played two games, both against ranked opponents, and recorded wins in both.

9. Florida (4-0) - It isn't pretty, but Florida has just won every game they have played, and QB Jeff Driskell will be a star before it is all said and done.

10. Kansas State (4-0) - The Wildcats have two big wins, one over a probably overrated Oklahoma team. They also dismantled Miami. Both those wins look great in 1989, but also pretty good nowadays.


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