Thursday, October 18, 2012

0 Car! Game off! It's time for lockout beards

By Justin Koehn

As I was driving home from work today, I thought I may get home and see the tweets I have been waiting for regarding the NHL and NHLPA finally agreeing on a collective bargaining agreement and we can all just be Johnny Happy Pants about the season starting on November 2nd and enjoy a full 82 game season.

BOOM! Here come the tweets and it is the exact opposite of what I was expecting @#!#@&!?!

After the NHL made their latest formal offer on Tuesday, today was the day they met yet again, only this time the NHLPA came to the table with THREE different offers, all of which according to Sidney Crosby said were shot down in ten minutes. That's right. TEN FREAKING MINUTES! Is that even enough time to do anything?!? I didn't think Gary Bettman could read, much less read through three different offer sheets in that amount of time. Now at this point it is getting serious. Serious enough for CBS Sports and Fox Sports to remove the entire NHL tab from their websites. It's gone, moved to the "More Sports" section. It's now being categorized with horse racing and bowling. This makes me want to cry.

If no deal is reached by the time Oct. 25 rolls around, the full season plan will be out of the question and the lack of future talks scheduled will begin to knock off more and more games, eventually killing off my favorite game of the season: The Winter Classic. It is scheduled to be played at the University of Michigan stadium on Jan. 1, 2013. Can you imagine an outdoor hockey game being played at The Big House!?! That would be 107,501 people cheering on The Red Wings and Maple Leafs. Needless to say this would be an incredible experience for hockey fans everywhere. It may not happen.

With no talks scheduled in the near future and both sides being worlds apart on what they want the new CBA to include, it is getting to a point of serious doubt and disappointment. Like watching horse racing and bowling disappointment.


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