Wednesday, October 3, 2012

0 Conference Power Rankings

By Kenny Howell

There is a debate each year over what is the most powerful conference in college football. Even though it is obviously the SEC every year, people still talk about it. So we will too.

I have been doing these power rankings for different publication for a few years now, and I can guarantee you that they are the best mathematical reasoning a guy with an English degree and only had to take one math class in college can come up with.

This is how I figure it up. I only take into consideration out of conference games. I separate those into four different categories: Against the Top 25, against other BCS conferences, against non-BCS conferences and against FCS teams. I then take the winning percentages of the conferences in those categories and rank them. The top team gets 11 (because there are 11 conferences), all the way down to one.

Some little points, Notre Dame is considered a BCS school because they should have been for years now but they think they are better than anyone else. Even the ACC, which they decided to half join recently. Also, if a conference ties with another based on percentage, the one with the most games in that category is awarded the higher points.

So, after all this, I come to the conclusion that the SEC is the best, something I knew going into it. But now I have lazy math to back it up! Also, not surprisingly, the top six conferences are the BCS conferences. That's why they hold that distinction. Also, the Big East isn't the worst BCS conference. The ACC has taken that crown.

First hear are the standings and points.
1. SEC - 38
2. Big 10 - 32
3. Pac 12 - 31
4. Big 12 - 31
5. Big East - 28
6. ACC - 25
7. Sun Belt - 22
8. MAC - 19
9. WAC - 18
10. Mountain West - 12
11. Conference USA - 9

The SEC is third or higher in every category. They are first in non-BCS games (17-2 record), tied for first against FCS teams and third against BCS teams and Top 25 teams. Since they are consistent across all categories, they are first.

Second is the Big 10. The Big 10's consistency is also why they are close to the top. They are fourth in every category.

The Pac-12 and Big 12 are tied for third. The Big 12 would be higher if they had scheduled more big games out of conference. They have only played one Top 25 team and lost it. They are second against the BCS, third against non-BCS and second against the FCS. The Pac-12 is first against the Top 25, second against the BCS, but sixth against the non-BCS and FCS.

The Big East is second against Top 25 teams, which lifts them up over the ACC. They are fifth in every other category.

The ACC is first against the FCS, fourth against the non-BCS, but seventh against other BCS schools and eighth against Top 25 teams. 

The rest there isn't much to discuss except that the Sun Belt is starting to make a name for itself a bit. They are second against non-BCS teams with a record of 6-1. Also, the Conference USA is terrible. They are 1-21 against BCS schools.


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