Thursday, October 4, 2012

0 Miguel Cabrera is the MVP

By Kenny Howell

This will be short, because I shouldn't have do much explaining - Miguel Cabrera is the MVP.

I don't care about his personal life, that has nothing to do what he does on the field. And what he did on the field was incredible.

What he did is something that hasn't been done since 1967. And this wasn't some weird stat, like two doubles in an inning off a left handed pitcher on a Sunday. This was the Triple Crown. This was a season long pursuit that he still got done despite the pressure to finish. And did it while helping lead his team to the playoffs.

Every player that has ever achieved this feat has been inducted into the Hall of Fame. That should be the only argument in itself. The only players good enough to have achieved this in the past are players that are now in Cooperstown. End of discussion, drop the mike and head home.

Mike Trout is an amazing talent, and will be a star for a long time, but this year belonged to Cabrera. Trout may bring more to the table with his dazzling plays in the field and speed on the base paths, but Cabrera's bat have the Tigers on the brink of possibly a special season. Cabrera is the MVP. It's a no-brainer.


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