Monday, October 15, 2012

0 Quick shot: firing coaches

By Jason McDonald

There’s a certain uneasiness that I feel about the celebration of coaches being fired. Even though it’s the risk that any coach assumes while taking the job, and even though most coaches are well compensated for this risk, celebrating failure doesn’t sit well with me. I’m not referring to the Bobby Petrinos of the world. Sometimes a coach is just a scumbag who has it coming.

While I don’t personally know Derek Dooley or Gene Chizik, they don’t outwardly appear to be the Petrino style of scumbag. They’re just a couple of coaches getting hammered all the same. People have all the right to demand professional death, and they might even be right. But having an opinion and being right shouldn’t automatically give a green light to a person’s most brutal thoughts. There’s certain mean streak that anonymous strangers can develop when they make off-the-cuff comments about people they don’t know.

It’s a catharsis. Comedian Doug Stanhope once made the comment that people waste all of their real anger on sports. You can deal with bad fellow employees, jerk customers, and horrible racists all week and you keep your mouth shut. But a football team has a crummy season and you lose your mind. As tempting as it is to join into the mob mentality, sometimes it’s best to shelve the hostility and see how things play out. It’s either that or channel that rage into something that matters more to your own life. If you can’t think of anything, then this might be more of a “you” issue.


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