Thursday, October 18, 2012

0 Rockies Manager...Jason Giambi???

By Kenny Howell

The Denver Post
reported the other day that Jason Giambi would be interviewing for the open Rockies Managerial position. I am not sure how that came about, or why they would consider a guy who has no managerial experience to turn around one of the worst teams this season.

But my bigger question is, if he was hired, would he implement that all players who are slumping would have to wear gold thongs. Giambi has said before that when he was slumping, he would bust out the gold thong, and it would turn things around. It worked so well that teammates would do it as well. Also, would that be his go to thing. Like if he is walking through warmups one day, and players are saying "hey Skip, my swing is a little off." Gold thong. "Skip, I'm not seeing the ball well." Gold thong. "I think my mechanics are off, I am not getting the ball to first where I want it." Gold thong.

They probably won't hire him, and this might be a way to reach out and show appreciation for a player that has become popular in Denver, but there is no doubt that if he was hired, it would probably be the most interesting Rockies season on Mile High. I'll take the craziness of Giambi over the long winning streak and National League Pennant any day. Then again, I am not a Rockies fan.


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