Thursday, October 18, 2012

0 Things coaches shouldn't say

By Jason McDonald

Alabama is very good. It’s gonna be a tough fight for 60-minutes. They put on their pants just like we do. That’s the coach speak that that Derek Dooley needs to stick to during Alabama week. What you should probably not say is that Alabama is drafting players while UT is recruiting. I understand what he’s saying and what he’s hitting on is true. Alabama has a lot of great players and when their great players depart for the NFL, they’re instantly restocked with top level prospects.

It seems like something a coach might say when he’s trying to soften the media blow of an Alabama beat down. That’s probably not his conscious intention, but it reeks of weakness. Whenever a boxer is getting the ring against a bigger, faster, and stronger opponent, he doesn’t normally talk about how his opponent is just a beast and all around better fighter. If he has any sense about it, the boxer fakes some bravado or doesn’t say much at all.

The alternate method is to pull the Belichick. You praise all of your opponents in a mumbly monotone way and completely stay away from saying anything extraordinary. Dooley’s flaw is that he really bright, really articulate, and expressive in an occupation where being genuine can sometimes come back to bite you. He’s not real good at taking a well thought-out issue and dumbing it down to banality. The Saban’s and Belichik’s of the world have perfected the art of saying nothing. But I suppose if Dooley sees there type of success at UT then he can say anything he damn well pleases.


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