Thursday, October 11, 2012

0 When will the laughing end?

By Kenny Howell

I have one giant pet peeve with the NFL morning shows on Sunday – idiotic laughing.

I don’t know if it bothers anyone else, but whenever I turn on any of the shows, it is just a bunch of former football players, mixed with analysts, doubled over, laughing at something one of the other ones said which was painfully unfunny. That is probably 75 percent of the show, while actually football analysis takes up the rest.
It’s about to get worse too. Frank Caliendo, who was working for Fox Sports, is going to be joining ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown. Fox Sports was smart enough to realize that you can only do so much with a John Madden impersonator before it gets stale. Caliendo is mindless humor. If you have ever seen him do a segment on ESPN, everyone there is falling out of their chair laughing without Caliendo actually saying anything funny. He will just do a Madden impression, say Brett Favre a lot, then throw in an Al Pacino or George W. Bush for no apparent reason. You know, football analysis.

This is going to be a nightmare for ESPN. If Shannon Sharpe can have the boys over at CBS dying, Caliendo is going to give Mike Ditka a heart attack. The shows, which were hard to watch at times already, will just become a disaster of broadcasting.

Before you know it, Caliendo will be doing a segment with Rick Reilly, who ESPN paid a fortune to tell golf puns, on other shows. Reilly will tell jokes for your middle aged Tommy Bahama shopper, and Caliendo will chime in with how William Shatner would feel about that. You know, sports analysis. 


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