Tuesday, October 9, 2012

0 Why isn't it Tebow time?

By Kenny Howell

What else does Mark Sanchez have to do to get benched?

This isn’t a situation like in Tennessee with Chris Johnson. The Titans don’t have anyone better. The Jets do.

You might have heard of this guy named Tim Tebow. He isn’t the most polished passer in the world (although he is the all-time leader in passing efficiency in SEC history), but he doesn’t turn the ball over, and he does have a knack for winning games.

Mark Sanchez turns the ball over and loses games.

When the Jets got the ball last night with a chance for the game winning drive, Mark Sanchez, whose college coach said publicly that he wasn’t ready for the NFL, trotted out and threw the game ending interception. Everyone who watches the NFL knew that was going to happen. The excellent Bill Simmons tweeted whether Sanchez’s game ending pick 6 would be to the left or right. It wasn’t a pick 6, but it was a deciding pick.

Sanchez hasn’t completed 50 percent of his passes this season. His passer rating is 66.6, just 6 points below his career number. Tim Tebow didn’t complete 50 percent of his passes last season, but his passer rating for a career his higher than Sanchez, and Sanchez has had four years. For his career, Sanchez has thrown 61 touchdowns to 57 interceptions. Just awful numbers. Tebow has thrown 17 touchdowns to nine interceptions. Not great, but serviceable.

Why did the Jets sign Tebow? Is the only reason to make opposing defenses have to prepare for him? Because I am pretty sure a NFL defense doesn’t have to work very long to stop a read option. Is that worth the 6 million that Tebow is costing the Jets this season?

I don’t know if Rex Ryan is just being stubborn, trying to prove he is right with Sanchez, or he really thinks that he gives the Jets the best chance to win. I am assuming it is the latter, but each week, it looks like no. 15 needs to take the reigns of this team.

Crap, I just agreed with Skip Bayless, didn’t I? Now what am I supposed to do?


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