Friday, November 30, 2012

0 Dave Hart vs. UT boosters? If so, who wins?

By Shaee Flatt

Following the University of Tennessee coaching search has officially become insane. Reports are everywhere and they are mostly conflicting, but they still almost all are directly related to one man: Jon Gruden. 

Gruden has been ruled out by several outlets over the course of this week, most recently, this morning. Knoxville radio host Jimmy Hyams reported on twitter that “Jon Gruden is out as UT candidate. Informed UT recently after phone talks last week. UT never offered contract, source said.” He also reported the same on Knoxville radio. 

This report came on the heels of Tennessee beat writer Wes Rucker reporting last night that he would be very surprised if Gruden is the man in the end. Rucker didn’t completely rule him out, but said he’d be very surprised and stuck to his source throughout the night and into this morning. 

Once Hyams reported that the offer had been denied, the flood gates opened. NBC, Saturday Down South, and CBS have all picked up on the story and reported the same. 

However, here’s where it gets very tricky and very interesting. Last night the Chattanooga Times Free Press reported that Gruden had a contract in hand and was mulling the offer, but there was a hang up with his assistant coaches’ salaries. The writer, Stephen Hargis, has stuck to his story and says nothing is done. He went toe to toe with former UT Quarterback Erik Ainge on his radio show and let his voice be heard saying “IF Hyams is right, then it happened after midnight last night.” Hargis says he has two sources and is very confident in one of them, and the other, is a coach who would be on Gruden’s staff if he were to come to Tennessee. Hargis has not wavered a bit, and neither has Gary Haskew of Chattanooga radio, who has been claiming Gruden to Tennessee has been done for a while now. Haskew took to Facebook this morning and said numerous things, with the final one being “People, I beg you…. Just relax… do not panic…. Good things are gonna happen…. Is gonna come from the Vols and Gruden when it comes down…. All the rest of are just waiting.” 

Now the big news with Haskew is, he is claiming his source is Jimmy Haslam. Yes, that Jimmy Haslam, the biggest donor to the University of Tennessee, and owner of the NFL’s Cleveland Browns. If it is true that Haslam thinks this thing is done, then it is probably done, the question is, who do you believe? 

Clay Travis of 3HL on 104.5 radio in Nashville and writer for Outkick the Coverage has a very interesting take that a lot of people have started to agree with. Travis believes that this search has been a battle between the big time boosters at Tennessee, and Tennessee athletic director, Dave Hart. Travis believes that the reports of it being done in a bad way for Tennessee are just the AD’s way of silencing down the fans and all the noise, in other words, a smoke screen. He believes that the positive reports are being put out there from the boosters, in order to force Hart’s hand in making a decision. They both know that if it is found that Gruden wants the Tennessee job, and Tennessee Athletic Director Dave Hart messed it up, his career in Knoxville will be over. The fans would call for his firing immediately, no matter who else he hired as Head Coach. Many believe that Hart does not want Jon Gruden in Knoxville due to his control demands, and will thus, not offer the money that Gruden wants, even though he is able to. Gruden’s rumored control demands are high, but they are worth it, and you have to accept them if he is willing to come. The demands include full decision making of hiring and firing all assistant coaches, as well as full decision making over Tennessee’s schedule. These are duties that usually the AD would help with, especially the schedule. Apparently Gruden would like to schedule one major out of conference game per year (Notre Dame, USC, Texas, Ohio State, Oregon, etc.) as well as just one paid game in order to prepare his team for the brutal SEC schedule. According to reports, Dave Hart won’t go for this. 

There are several ways this could play out. First, the Knoxville media could be right, and the deal could be dead. Thus a new coach will be named, and the fans will be furious. Secondly, the boosters could force Dave Hart’s hand, make him sign Jon Gruden and give him what he wants, and then see Dave Hart resign as Athletic Director, or lastly, the boosters could force Dave Hart’s hand but give him credit for the hiring, and make him look like a hero to all of Knoxville. It is really tough to think Dave Hart would resign after hiring Jon Gruden, no matter what that meant for his own job duties, but the rumors are there. 

I think option one is most likely, followed by option three, but if one thing is for certain in this search, I think it is that only a VERY select few actually know what is going on. Now if its’ worth noting the rest of this, then its’ worth nothing this as well, some posters on VolQuest and VolNation have their hopes up about a 3 p/m. press conference today, regarding Jon Gruden. However, Brent Hubbs has denied the reports and says that a press conference will not happen today and is telling people to move on. If a press conference happens today, everyone will know around noon eastern time, in order to give the media time to prepare. 

Insanity. Pure insanity, its’ the only way to describe this coaching search. At this point I will not be surprised either way regarding Jon Gruden, and while I hope he is the man, my hopes aren’t high. I’m just ready for this whole thing to be over. For me, it’s time to just sit back, enjoy my weekend, and see what happens, and all of you should do the same.

0 Kenny's College Football Predictions

By Kenny Howell 

Rivalry week got the best of me, as I only went 7-6, but far my worst week. But, I am still 117-29 on the season, so I have that to hold onto. Here are this week's picks.

No. 2 Alabama 28 No. 3 Georgia 24

People are just giving up on Georgia and penciling in Bama to be in the National Championship game, but I don't think it's a certainty. However, I think Bama has done it before, so they will find a way to get it done.

No. 6 Kansas State 38 No. 18 Texas 27

Texas has gotten some of their defensive issues worked out and the last couple of weeks, but it might not be enough to slow down a Wildcat team that had National Championship hopes a few weeks ago.

No. 8 Stanford 31 No. 16 UCLA 27

I got this wrong last week, as I picked UCLA to win, and Stanford made it look easy. I think the Bruins put up a better fight this time, but come up short.

No. 11 Oklahoma 35 TCU 31

It's been a disappointing season as far as the Sooners are concerned, but they got a chance to finish the regular season in the Top 10.

No. 12 Nebraska 27 Wisconsin 24

If the Badgers win this one, they will be the worst Big 10 team to ever play in the Rose Bowl. Don't think it will happen though.

No. 13 Florida State 35 Georgia Tech 24

To show the SEC's dominance in this part of the country, these two teams playing in the ACC Championship lost to two SEC teams, one of which is not even playing the SEC Championship, by a combined 43 points last week. Seminoles are a lot better than the Yellow Jackets in this one.

No. 15 Oregon State 56 Nicholls State 3

Make up game from earlier in the season will be super exciting I bet.

No. 21 Northern Illinois 34 No. 17 Kent State 27

If they win, the Golden Flashes have a chance to get to a BCS bowl because they would be ranked in the Top 16. They lost earlier this season to Kentucky by 33. This is why the rankings are stupid.

No. 20 Boise State 34 Nevada 31

We have been spared all year that the Broncos are as good as the rest of the teams in the country because they actually are nowhere close this year. Still a decent team.

0 Justin's NFL Week 13 picks

Justin's NFL Week 13 Picks

Rolling off a record of 12-4 for week 12, I am hoping to keep it going this week. I am currently ranked in the top 100 on the Corner Pub NFL Picks, so I guess I am doing somewhat good.

Atlanta (10-1) over New Orleans (5-6)

New England (8-3) over Miami (5-6)

Indianapolis (7-4) over Detroit (4-7)

Carolina (3-8) over Kansas City (1-10)

Buffalo (4-7) over Jacksonville (2-9)

New York Jets (4-7) over Arizona (4-7)

Green Bay (7-4) over Minnesota (6-5)

Houston (10-1) over Tennessee (4-7)

San Francisco (8-2) over St. Louis (4-6)

Chicago (8-3) over Seattle (6-5)

Denver (8-3) over Tampa Bay (6-5)

Cincinnati (6-5) over San Diego (4-7)

Oakland (3-8) over Cleveland (3-8)

Baltimore (9-2) over Pittsburgh (6-5)

Dallas (5-6) over Philadelphia (3-8)

New York Giants (7-4) over Washington (5-6)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

0 Well, now who should be Tennessee's next head coach?

By Kenny Howell and Shaee Flatt

Jon Gruden to UT talk seems to be quieting as cancelled meetings and public denials make it seem less likely that Chucky Checkerboards (trademark if it already hasn't been) will become a reality. So where does UT turn to now? Four names seem to come up quite a bit and one other is lingering right now. They are Jimbo Fisher, Al Golden, Charlie Strong, Larry Fedora and Butch Jones. All five candidates are close, and none really get you excited or depressed. Indifference for everyone! Kenny and Shaee rank where they think UT should turn their attention.

Kenny's rankings

1. Jimbo Fisher

I have my reservations about Fisher because of his tendency to lose games he should win. However, he has put his team in a place where they can contend for championships, which no other coach on this last has. However, does he really want to leave a team that is near the top to one that needs help getting there.

2. Larry Fedora

When Fedora's name was first mentioned, I was dismissive. But when you look at his body of work, it is pretty solid. He has a 42-23 record as a Head Coach at Southern Miss and North Carolina. He currently has the No. 20 recruiting class in the nation at North Carolina, which is not the easiest place to recruit, but not necessarily the hardest either. My knock would be that he is offensive minded, and Tennessee probably needs a defensive guy at this point. Plus, he will probably take some time to get it together. And, would he leave UNC after just one year, Lane Kiffin style.

3. Butch Jones

Probably the name that is not getting mentioned the least of these five, but could be a really good hire. He has followed Brian Kelly everywhere and has maintained good success, although not quite on Kelly's level. He is 49-27 as a Head Coach. He is not the greatest recruiter, as Cincy sits at No. 50 right now, but he does have some positives. And he would probably leave Cincinnati. But you wonder if he has benefited from good situations left by Kelly.

4. Charlie Strong

Strong has been mentioned for a lot of SEC jobs, but I think his past SEC experience as an assistant makes him look better than he actually is. He is only 23-14 at Louisville, and they still are losing to teams they should beat this season. A bigger knock would be that he is currently No. 72 in the nation in recruiting, behind the likes of San Diego State, Temple and Tulane. With Ohio close by and past ties to the southeast, it should be higher, even at Louisville. He is willing to bolt it seems as well.

5. Al Golden

Golden could be great, but the fact that he has been in terrible situations doesn't help his cause. I think he has the chance of being a terrific coach, but we can't be sure. He is 40-45 as a Head Coach. If you take out his first three years at Temple, which was a terrible program at the time, he is 30-19 there and in his first two seasons in Miami. However, in maybe the most fertile recruiting state in the nation, he is 54th in the nation in recruiting. A lot of that has to do with Miami's trouble with the NCAA, but he should be Top 25 even with the trouble. He has said that he will absolutely be at Miami next year, so is he really willing to leave?

Shaee's rankings

1. Al Golden

Golden at number one may surprise people, but unless the new coach is Jon Gruden, I would really prefer a coach with a 3-4 defensive background. Golden did a great job as Virginia’s defensive coordinator from 2001-2004, improving their total defense ranking from 108 to 18 nationally over that time. He struggled early on at Temple, but who wouldn’t? He took over a terrible situation going 1-11 in his first year, but his last two seasons he went a combined 17-8... At TEMPLE. Impressive. He’s had an impressive two years at Miami, if you consider their NCAA problems right now, and is loved by the fan base down there for a reason. At just 43 years old, Golden is a guy that could be at Tennessee for a long time.

2. Jimbo Fisher

Fisher is a huge name on the recruiting trail, and could bring some elite talent to Tennessee. He has connections all over the Southeast, mainly Florida, and would restore NFL talent to the roster without a doubt. However, even with an elite roster at Florida State he has lost quite a few games that he shouldn’t have lost in a very weak ACC conference. Life would be much tougher for Fisher in the SEC, and I’m not convinced he’d be able to handle it. Plus, it really seems that Fisher will either head to Auburn, or stay put in Tallahassee. I don’t think Tennessee has as good a shot here as some might suggest.

3. Butch Jones

Extremely tough call placing Jones over Fedora, but age was probably the deciding factor. They have about the same amount of HC experience, and Jones is 6 years younger. Jones struggled his first year at Cincinnati which makes you wonder because the roster Brian Kelly left behind wasn’t that bad. However, the last two seasons he has the Bearcats at an impressive 18-6. He was also 27-13 during his time at Central Michigan. I think he’d need to make a very good defensive coordinator hire to be successful but assuming he could do that, I’d give him a chance at Tennessee.

4. Larry Fedora

Fedora has a great offensive mind, but like Jones, he’d need to make a very good defensive coordinator hire to be successful. He’s never coached a losing season though, and that is something I think all Vol fans could appreciate right now. Also, take a look at Southern Miss this season. Ouch. Worse hires could be made for sure.

5. Charlie Strong

It will probably surprise quite a few people that I have Strong last on my list, so let me explain. Of the five candidates Strong has proved the least as a Head Coach. Strong had some good defensive units during his time at Florida, but also had some mediocre ones. He’s improved Louisville, but 4-2 in Big East play during his third year just doesn’t impress me like it seems to impress some people. He’s also struggled a bit with recruiting, as Louisville has just nine commitments this season. He’d probably recruit a lot better at Tennessee, but he’d need to coach a lot better too. He’s 52, but Head Coaching experience wise, I just think it’s too early for Strong to have a top tier SEC coaching job.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

0 Memphis station reports Gruden has contract, Gruden denies

WREG out of Memphis reported that Gruden had a contract in hand from Tennessee and could get a piece of the Browns in the UT deal.

And Gruden denied this story Wednesday morning on Mike and Mike in the Morning to start his interview.

To be fair, coaches deny they are going to coach somewhere all the time. Saban did it at Alabama. And Gruden seemed a little uncomfortable answering it. But it could be a true denial. I say if we don't hear that Gruden has been hired by the end of the week, then it isn't going to happen. There is no reason for him not to be hired as of yet. They could be still hammering out contract options, but they have had quite some time to do that. The longer UT waits, the more they are missing out on recruiting and getting the new coaching regime going. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

0 Kenny's College Football Top 10

By Kenny Howell

Not much of a change in this week's rankings, just a little shuffling around, and one new entry.

1. Alabama (11-1) - Bama is still the best no matter how many 4-loss teams with no starting QB Notre Dame beats.

2. Notre Dame (12-0) - Impressive job by Brian Kelly to make the Irish relevant again. Too bad they will be murdered by Alabama in the National Championship game.

3. Georgia (11-1) - Don't sleep on the Dogs, who could pull the upset with their explosive offense and opportunistic defense.

4. Florida (11-1) - The Gators might have the most impressive resume out of everyone, but they haven't looked very good doing it.

5. Oregon (11-1) - The Ducks still are really explosive.

6. Kansas State (11-1) - Hard to take them too serious now after the debacle against Baylor.

7. LSU (10-2) - If they had their offense in order, they would be near the top.

8. Texas A&M (10-2)
- Johnny Football.

9. South Carolina (10-2) - Looked pretty good taking down rival Clemson.

10. Stanford (10-2)
- Cardinals going to have trouble keeping David Shaw.

0 BCS: Has it been as bad as we think?

By Shaee Flatt

Since 1998, the Bowl Championship Series has created a lot of controversy among football fans. A lot of people complain that the BCS is always wrong, and doesn’t get the best teams in the National Championship game. Well I’ve done some research today, and the results were actually quite surprising. And while I think that a four team playoff will certainly be better and more fair for everyone, I don’t think that the BCS has really been all that bad. Let’s take it year by year and see why.

1998 – Tennessee 23 Florida State 16
– While the team that faced Tennessee was up for debate, there was no doubt that Tennessee at 12-0 was going to be part of the game. Ohio State and Wisconsin were also 1-loss teams but really this was a battle for second place. Tennessee was the best team in 1998, and won the BCS National Championship. BCS 1 Haters 0

1999 – Florida State 46 Virginia Tech 29
– There was no debate who should be playing here, and it still wasn’t close. Marshall was also undefeated but wouldn’t have stood a chance against Florida State, no one did. BCS 2 Haters 0

2000- Oklahoma 13 Florida State 2
– Again, the debate for No. 2 was pretty wide-spread, and could have gone to three different teams. Miami had the best case as they had beaten Florida State on the field and had the same record. However, Florida State outplayed Miami in that game, and still fell pretty short to Oklahoma. I think the same would have happened to Miami. Oklahoma was the best team in 2000. BCS 3 Haters 0

2001- Miami 37 Nebraska 14
– This one’s not close. BCS 4 Haters 0

2002- Ohio State 31 Miami 24
– The two best teams were there, and boy was it a classic. I think Miami was the more talented team, but the BCS allowed it to be settled on the field. BCS 5 Haters 0

2003- LSU 21 Oklahoma 14
– I hated this one. After being destroyed in the Big 12 Championship, Oklahoma somehow only fell to number two and a very good Southern California team was kept out of the BCS Championship game. LSU-USC would have been terrific. BCS 5 Haters 1

2004- USC 55 Oklahoma 19
– Okay, we all remember this one. Auburn ran the table in the SEC and was kept out of the BCS title game, as was 13-0 Utah. USC-Auburn would have been a much better game, and while I think USC still would have won, I’ll give you guys this one. It was ugly. BCS 5 Haters 2

2005- Texas 41 USC 38
– No one can argue this one. By far the two best teams, in probably the best BCS Championship game ever. This one was epic. BCS 6 Haters 2

2006- Florida 41 Ohio State 14
– Ohio State had to be in this game. They were undefeated in the Big 10, and Florida left zero doubt that they belonged there as well. The major debate came when Boise State beat Oklahoma in my favorite college football game of all-time. Boise State was a magical team that year, but Florida was just better. BCS 7 Haters 2

2007- LSU 38 Ohio State 24
– This was a messy season. Everyone had at least two losses except Ohio State, and LSU remains the only two loss BCS Champion in history. Ohio State entered with one loss, and LSU was the best two loss team. A playoff would have been more entertaining but the best team won. BCS 8 Haters 2

2008- Florida 24 Oklahoma 14
– Utah was undefeated, but they weren’t on Florida or Oklahoma’s level. Seriously, Tebow would have destroyed the Utes. The best team won here. BCS 9 Haters 2

2009- Alabama 37 Texas 21
– Boise State was undefeated but honestly, the two best teams in the country were Alabama and Florida. Alabama beat Florida in the SEC Championship and was never threatened against undefeated Texas. The best team won, and this one was practically settled on the field. BCS 10 Haters 2

2010- Auburn 22 Oregon 19
- Many people claimed TCU deserved a shot, and maybe they did, but no one was going to beat Cam Newton and Auburn in 2010. After playing a very average game in the BCS Championship, they still beat a very good Oregon team. I have to agree with the BCS again. BCS 11 Haters 2

2011- Alabama 21 LSU 0
– A lot of people were upset with two SEC teams facing each other in the National Championship, in a rematch. However, the two best teams were playing, and the better team won easily when given a second chance. BCS 12 Haters 2

This year, the Championship will practically be decided in a three team playoff between Alabama, Georgia, and Notre Dame. While I think Oregon might be better than Notre Dame, it’s tough to argue with the BCS this year. The best team will win again. (And it won’t be Notre Dame) BCS 13 Haters 2

Okay, so we found that only twice was the National Champion seriously debatable. I honestly think the best team has won every single year but there are strong chances that it could have gone either way in those two cases. The four team playoff will certainly be better, and the BCS wasn’t the best way to determine a National Champion, but it has certainly been an upgrade over the former system and it actually had a pretty decent run despite all the criticism. Now let’s all stop talking about how awful the BCS is, and just enjoy this great sport.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

3 Is a Tennessee coaching announcement coming soon?

By Shaee Flatt

The Tennessee coaching search is in full swing. It’s been a week since Derek Dooley was officially let go, and several names have surfaced. Jon Gruden, Bob Stoops, and Jimbo Fisher are the names that have been thrown around the most, and would all be solid hires. Ninety-nine percent of the fan base is dying for Jon Gruden and for obvious reasons’, he has the highest potential of any candidate out there, without question.

However, I’m not going to talk about the pros and cons of each coach, just which ones are likely and which ones probably aren’t. Sunday night Tennessee beat writer Wes Rucker said "We hesitate to even mention this because of the questions that could follow it — questions we can’t answer at this point, unfortunately — but we’ve heard now from multiple sources that UT athletic director Dave Hart has told several high-level boosters that they “won’t have to wait long” after Saturday’s win over Kentucky to have a replacement named.”

The quote, as Rucker suspected, as brought lots of questions. Is Gruden really the done deal that some think he is? Has someone else slipped through the cracks and accepted the job?

Here is my take on it; If an announcement comes this week, which seems possible based on the quote, it’s either going to be Gruden, or someone disappointing. The other prominent names have all been coaching the past couple weeks and it is unlikely that any talks would have progressed far enough for Hart to make a statement like that regarding any of them. However, a lesser coach would be willing to talk no matter when Tennessee wanted to talk.

The Knoxville media has been pretty adamant that the next coach will NOT be Jon Gruden. However, they were the same way with Lane Kiffin in 2009. It is possible that this is just a smokescreen to stop leaking of information.

It is also possible that they are 100 percent serious and 100 percent correct. Fact is, we have no idea. I do know this though, Bob Stoops or Jimbo Fisher will not be named as Tennessee’s next football coach in the next week. It is possible that talks with Charlie Strong have gotten serious, but I don’t think Tennessee fans’ would be happy with Strong unless he was pretty far down the line, and behind at least a few others who turned the job down. Again, possible.

Talks between Tennessee and Gruden could have died, Hart could have called Stoops and Fisher, and both could have had no interest. That could have left Hart with Strong, who could be close to signing. It’s all pure speculation, but if an announcement is made this week, it’s either going to be Gruden or someone disappointing. Tennessee NEEDS a SPLASH. They need someone that if hired, will be talked about on ESPN and national radio shows around the country all day. Charlie Strong is a good football coach, but he’s not a splash hire. He wouldn’t provide the spark that this fan base needs and he isn’t guaranteed success.

Personally, my gut says it is in fact Jon Gruden. Everything outsisde of the Knoxville media is pointing that way, and in a way, the Knoxville media is as well. One day, they were all talking about him being possible and the next they say “no chance” without being able to provide any details as to why. It’s a fishy situation. Whereas media outside of Knoxville are reporting that Gruden has talked to coaches, as late as Sunday Nov. 25, (tonight) about joining him to coach at Tennessee.

If an announcement is made this week, then I honestly think Jon Gruden will be the next Head football coach at Tennessee, and if he is, Tennessee football will be back on the map right away. He might be hard as hell on his players, he might want total control and think he runs the entire University, but two things are for certain, he will recruit as good as or better than anyone in the country, and he will win. “He’s too hard on his players, he expects too much out of them” or “He wants too much control, he wants to own the whole school” are quotes I’ve seen regarding Gruden, and they are quotes that remind me of one man. Nick Saban. Or in other words, the best coach in college football. To be the best, you have to be obsessed like no one else is, Nick Saban and Jon Gruden are obsessed with football and they’re obsessed with winning. That is exactly what Tennessee needs, someone who will not accept failure, but that will do anything necessary in order to win. Tennessee needs Jon Gruden.

0 NHL cancels more games, season at risk

By Justin Koehn

The other day I was just sitting around doing my regular twitterings when I saw the tweet I was expecting, but not wanting to see. It was the NHL announcing the cancellation of games through December 14th, as well as the All-Star game. After meetings being held over the last week, there was quite a bit of optimism on the outcome of the latest NHLPA proposal containing many concessions in the league and owners' favor. How did that turn out? Well I am still watching replays of game six and sevens on NHL network. Just today I watched the 2010 Blackhawks hoist the cup, as well as the 2012 Kings win from last year.

I don't know why I watched those games. I know how they turned out. I have even watched them several times in the past. Could it be that I am just wanting to watch hockey, or am I just putting my self through more pain knowing that this season may never happen? Now that more games have been cancelled, it is becoming more of a horse and pony show than anything on the NHL front. They have the same stupid post-meeting videos, with their same stupid faces.

The 04-05 season was officially called off on February 16th, 2005. While the holdouts from back then and now are a little different, one thing remains the same: We "The Fans" are still sitting on the bench wondering when this conflict will end. I have seen people taking to Twitter declaring they are no longer going to be a season ticket holder. Is this what the NHL wants? Explain to me, Mr. Bettman, what good can come from this?!? You do understand that your so called "Hockey Related Revenue" comes from the 60 dollars (average) tickets, 11 dollar beers, and countless jerseys we all go to the pro shops for? What about the local businesses in each of the hockey markets that have lost unthinkable amounts of money on the lack of games? The problem I have with this years lockout is the fact it is down to one thing for resolution: GREED.

First the premier game in the Winter Classic was cancelled, now the All-Star game and regular season games have tallied more cancellations. It brings me to a turning point in my hope and desire for resolution. Players aren't getting paid, and you know they want to play. We are now up to 422 total games gone for this season. Gary Bettman is even quoted as saying this: "The business is probably losing between $18 and $20 million a day and the players are losing between $8 and $10 million a day" (Source Wikipedia (totally reputable): That's an amazing amount of money. Team's employees are being laid off, in a time when jobs are hard to come by.

It will only be a matter of time before we get closer to that February day when they decide to call the whole thing off. At this point I would rather them just cancel it as a 30-40 game season wouldn't be the long stretch we have during normal times. I don't want a short season. I want an 82 game season. We all do. It is just too far gone now to save the entire season. We will be running into the preseason of the 2013-2014 season in September. That to me seems closer than a CBA agreement. Let's just hope they can get an agreement before the next season rolls around.

I am not completely giving up hope on this season, I am just giving up...

Saturday, November 24, 2012

0 Manti Te'o for Heisman is a bunch of crap

By Kenny Howell

ESPN has determined that the final two contenders for the Heisman are Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel and Notre Dame's Manti Te'o. The first one makes sense, but why the second one exactly? Just because they are No.1 right now? Just because they don't have a quarterback you can consider a Heisman candidate? Just because he plays for the first pretty good Notre Dame team in quite some time?

If you look at the numbers, which ESPN likes to disregard on a daily basis because of arguments like "numbers are for geeks" and "the eye test," Te'o shouldn't even be in the discussion. Te'o appears in only three major categories on defense, and only one relatively high. He has six interceptions, which places him tied for third in the nation. He is tied for 100th in solo tackles, and tied for 64th in fumbles recovered. He is not in the top 100 in the nation for sacks, tackles for loss or forced fumbles. So he doesn't get big plays that drop the offense back.

Then you look at a guy like Georgia's Jarvis Jones. Jarvis leads the nation in tackles for loss (18) and forced fumbles (6). He is second in the nation in sacks (10). And he is tied for 30th in fumbles recovered (2).

But somehow, Te'o, is considered the front runner because he is a "leader," which means he is excellent at pointing and yelling. Jones name went away earlier in the season after some offenses schemed against him well. But he has still managed to make a ton of big plays against a tougher schedule. Te'o will probably have a decent NFL career, but best player in the nation? That's a bunch of crap.

Friday, November 23, 2012

0 Kenny's College Football Predictions

By Kenny Howell

Had another good week last Saturday, going 17-3 overall. I missed the two big upsets, but I did have USC and Louisiana Tech losing, so I am good with that. I am now 110-23 on the season. I have missed a few games this week because of the early Thanksgiving schedule, but there is still plenty to pick. Here we go.

USC 27 No. 1 Notre Dame 24

Even without Matt Barkley, USC should be able to throw on a weak Notre Dame secondary. The Fighting Irish haven't had to play anyone, except maybe Oklahoma, that can attack the field vertically. And the Sooners threw for 364, despite only coming up with 13 points. Plus, Notre Dame's offense is not very good. So I think the Trojans will just be able to outscore them. Which will throw the BCS into its yearly chaos.

No. 2 Alabama 34 Auburn 6

Bama could treat this as a walk through and still win.

No. 3 Georgia 34 Georgia Tech 27

Rivalry game will be closer than it should be.

No. 10 Florida State 28 No. 4 Florida 17

If Jimbo Fischer can't get a win against this sinking Gator team who has had nothing working on offense the past few weeks, do you start to second guess him as a guy that can get you back to the top? He might leave for a SEC school anyway.

No. 5 Oregon 31 No. 15 Oregon State 27

The Civil War will be heated as always, but I think the Ducks are just a play or two better.

No. 17 UCLA 31 No. 8 Stanford 27

Take out the baffling loss to California, and UCLA could be in the thick of things. They have gotten pretty darn good down the stretch. Should knock off a Stanford team coming off a big win.

No. 9 Texas A&M 34 Missouri 14

How do the Aggies handle success now that they are on the national stage? Luckily Mizzou shouldn't be too tough on them.

No. 11 Clemson 34 No. 12 South Carolina 27

This teams are pretty evenly matched, so it should come down to the end. Clemson is at home, so I think they get the big play to win it.

No. 13 Oklahoma 45 No. 21 Oklahoma State 35

Sooners should get revenge on last year's beatdown.

No. 18 Rutgers 21 Pittsburgh 13

Rutgers being ranked is still a thing.

Ohio State 27 No. 19 Michigan 24

Tight game will be won by which QB can figure out this whole forward pass thing that people have been talking about. Braxton Miller is better at that.

No. 20 Louisville 27 UCONN 21

Charlie Strong continues his audition for the SEC teams wanting to hire him.

Arizona State 35 No. 24 Arizona 31

How Arizona is ranked after getting bludgeoned by Oregon and UCLA by a tune of a combined score of 115-10, I don't know. Arizona State will remind everyone why they shouldn't be.

0 Bob Stoops to UT?... yes please

By Kenny Howell

There are rumblings out there, although slight, that Bob Stoops is interested in getting out of Oklahoma, and might be interested in the Tennessee job. Apparently Stoops doesn't feel appreciated in Norman, and may be looking for a trip back to the SEC.

I say, throw everything you have at him. Jon Gruden would bring some excitement, but there are still some unknowns out there about him. How would handle working with younger players? How would he handle the college game? Was his flame out near the end of his coaching career at Tampa due to the organization or him?

You know what you get with Bob Stoops. He is going to give you a chance every year. You will at least be in striking distance for a title. He has lost several National Championship games, but I would rather be losing National Championship games than not being in a bowl game at all. And he has won one as a Head Coach, and one as an assistant coach.

He knows the SEC. He was on the 1997 Florida National Championship staff as defensive coordinator. He also knows the SEC's new territory, Texas, extremely well because a huge portion of Oklahoma's roster comes from that state.

From living in Oklahoma, I can tell you, Stoops is extremely disrespected by their fans. It's not everyone, but some fans just straight up hate him because he doesn't got 12-0 every year. Anything less than that and for sale signs start going up in his grand estate he has built out there.

Plus, central Oklahoma or eastern Tennessee? Central Oklahoma has blizzards in the winter, deadly tornadoes in the spring and fall, and it gets to 110 in the summer. The strongest tornado ever in history, with 320 mph winds, was near Norman. Eastern Tennessee has beautiful mountains and isn't central Oklahoma.

It's going to take a lot of money because he has a huge buyout, and already makes 5 million a year. Plus, he has some endorsements that would end if he left Oklahoma. But if UT can pony up money for a guy that could be a great college coach, they can definitely get it done for a guy that already is.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

0 Justin's Week 12 NFL picks

By Justin Koehn

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! What I am thankful for is my record on the picks last week, as I went 13-1. What I am not thankful for is weeks like this holiday weekend, when so many games could go either way. I am either going to nail this or fail miserably. Here goes nothing:

Houston (9-1) over Detroit (4-6)

Washington (4-6) over Dallas (5-5)

New England (7-3) over New York Jets (4-6)

Minnesota (6-4) over Chicago (7-3)

Cleveland (2-8) over Pittsburgh (6-4)

Indianapolis (6-4) over Buffalo (4-6)

Seattle (6-4) over Miami (4-6)

Cincinnati (5-5) over Oakland (3-7)

Tennessee (4-6) over Jacksonville (1-9)

Atlanta (9-1) over Tampa Bay (6-4)

Denver (7-3) over Kansas City (1-9)

Baltimore (8-2) over San Diego (4-6)

St. Louis (3-6) over Arizona (4-6)

San Francisco (7-2) over New Orleans (5-5)

Green Bay (7-3) over New York Giants (6-4)

Carolina (2-8) over Philadelphia (3-7)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

0 Grinnell's Jack Taylor scores 138 points in a game

By now, you may have heard about Jack Taylor of  Division III Grinnell College who scored 138 points last night against Faith Baptist Bible. He shot 71 three pointers. Made 27 of them. He was 52-for-108 from the field. Needless to say, he had no assists. Here is the video of some of Taylor's work last night.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

0 Kenny's College Football Top 10

By Kenny Howell

Top 10 moves all around this week. Also, I took Ohio State out because of being ineligible. Figure it doesn't matter at this point what they are ranked.

1. Alabama (10-1) - You know, I don't really care about wins and losses. Notre Dame is not the best team in the nation. Alabama is better. Want proof, look at the difference in the how each team played Michigan. Bama could have scored close to 60 if they wanted to. Notre Dame beat them 13-6.

2. Notre Dame (11-0) - I will put them at No. 2, but I am not sure they really deserve it. But, they have taken care of their schedule, so props to that.

3. Georgia (10-1) - Remember when Georgia fans wanted to fire Mark Richt? Even if they don't win it all, he has you in a position to do it playing in the toughest conference in the nation. Don't be idiots.

4. Oregon (10-1) - The Ducks laid an egg against the first tough defense they have played. The story of Oregon every year. They are still pretty darn good though.

5. Kansas State (10-1) - The Wildcats got dominated by an unranked team. Probably should drop lower than this, but the rest of the season has kept them up.

6. Florida (10-1)
- The Gators look terrible on offense, but that can't take away the wins they have accomplished this season.

7. LSU (9-2)
- Struggled against Ole Miss, but still a team that can beat anyone on any given day.

8. Texas A&M (9-2)
- Johnny Football and what not.

9. Florida State (10-1) - Might be close to losing their Head Coach as some schools are showing interest.

10. South Carolina (9-2)
- Ohio State's absence brings the Gamecocks back into the Top 10.

Friday, November 16, 2012

0 Kenny's College Football Predictions

By Kenny Howell

After two disappointing weeks, I went back to killing it last week with an 18-2 record. I am now 93-20 on the season. Here are my picks for this week.

No. 1 Kansas State 38 Baylor 27

How will the Wildcats handle their new No.1 ranking? We'll see, but they should be able to take care of business against Baylor.

No. 2 Oregon 38 Stanford 24

Stanford will be the toughest defense that Oregon's has faced all season, but I don't think it will slow them down that much. I am not sold on the Ducks' defense, like most years, so I think the Cardinals will get a few scores and hang around.

No. 3 Notre Dame 20 Wake Forest 14

The Fighting Irish could get caught looking ahead to USC this week against a bad Wake Forest team. But they will find some way to pull it out before losing to the Trojans next week.

No. 4 Alabama 56 Western Carolina 0

Poor Western Carolina. Bama needs a punching bag.

No. 5 Georgia 52 Georgia Southern 21

Does no one in the SEC play a meaningful game this week?

No. 6 Florida 38 Jacksonville State 10

Why no, no they do not.

No. 7 LSU 24 Ole Miss 14

Ah, there you go. A decent game in the SEC. Hugh Freeze has done an amazing job this season, but taking down LSU is a tall task.

No. 8 Texas A&M 70 Sam Houston State 6

Oh, back to the SEC playing no one.

No. 9 South Carolina 48 Wofford 3

Are you serious? How did it all happen in one week?

No. 10 Florida State 31 Maryland 17

The Seminoles may be fighting to keep their coach, if they want to keep him, because Jimbo is starting to get some buzz from other jobs.

No. 11 Clemson 28 N.C. State 24

ACC football excitement.

No. 12 Oklahoma 45 West Virginia 31

This would have been a really good game about five weeks ago, but now, not so much. Sooners should handle their business in Morgantown.

No. 14 Nebraska 31 Minnesota 16

The Cornhuskers are quietly still around. The Gophers should cause no problems.

No. 16 Oregon State 27 California 17

After sinking quick, like everyone expected, the Beavers should get back on the winning track against a California team that has more players hurt than not.

No. 17 UCLA 31 No. 18 USC 28

This looked like it could be a USC domination earlier in the season, but the Bruins are playing really well right now. USC is still trying to figure out why Monte Kiffin can coach really coach defense since he is transferred to the college game.

Utah State 35 No. 20 La. Tech 31

La. Tech's great run should come to an end as Utah State is a solid team.

No. 21 Michigan 27 Iowa 21

The Wolverines are ranked still.

Cincinnati 24 No. 22 Rutgers 21

Rutgers isn't very good, but they haven't really played anyone. Cincy is slightly better.

No. 24 Oklahoma State 35 No. 23 Texas Tech 28

Cowboys should take care of business at home and shoot their finger guns in the air a bunch.

No. 25 Washington 35 Colorado 27

The Huskies could get bored playing Colorado, because they are so bad, thus giving the Buffaloes a small chance.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

0 Predators, Blues hold alumni game for charity

By Justin Koehn

On November 10th, the Predators and Blues alumni played a game at A-Game Sportsplex in Franklin in front of hundreds of anxious fans ready to get back to watching hockey. All proceeds from the event were to be donated to Hurricane Sandy relief and to the Monroe Carrel Jr. Children's Hospital, in which they raised over $4000.

The Preds alumni were under the coaching of Terry Crisp and Brent Peterson, while the Blues alumni was coached under Darren Pang. Some familiar faces of the Predators alumni that were present included J-P Dumont, Tom Callahan, as well as Stu Grimson. Callahan rocked the goalie position and led the Predators to a 9-8 victory over the Blues.

Below is a short video the Predators ( posted to their website earlier:

Just watching this really makes me want the NHL season to start. I am really tired of seeing this:

0 Justin's Week 11 NFL picks

By Justin Koehn

I can't believe we are already looking at week 11. It seems like I was just drafting my fantasy league, screwing myself over for the season. I went 10-4 in week 10 so I am hoping I can redeem myself this week. Let's do this:

Buffalo (3-6) over Miami (4-5)

Green Bay (6-3) over Detroit (4-5)

Washington (3-6) over Philadelphia (3-6)

Atlanta (8-1) over Arizona (4-5)

St. Louis (3-5) over New York Jets (3-6)

Tampa Bay (5-4) over Carolina (2-7)

Houston (8-1) over Jacksonville (1-8)

Dallas (4-5) over Cleveland (2-7)

Cincinnati (4-5) over Kansas City (1-8)

New Orleans (4-5) over Oakland (3-6)

New England (6-3) over Indianapolis (6-3)

Denver (6-3) over San Diego 4-5)

Baltimore (7-2) over Pittsburgh (6-3)

San Francisco (6-2) over Chicago (7-2)

0 Gruden to UT picking up steam

By Shaee Flatt

It seems there has been a major movement in regards to Jon Gruden coaching the Tennessee Volunteers next season. Knoxville radio host Tony Basilio broke news this morning that his sources, who are very close to the situation, tell him that a major hurdle in signing Jon Gruden has been resolved and that Gruden WILL accept the job, if offered.

A few weeks ago, Basilio reported that the University would not officially offer unless they knew for certain that Gruden would accept. Well, that time may be approaching. From all accounts, it seems that the major negotiations between Jon Gruden and Tennessee have come from donors, not the athletic department itself. The donors believe Gruden will accept as well, but many are worried that his financial demands may be too high. According to Basilio, Gruden wants $50 million dollars over 10 years. That’s $5 million per, which would make Gruden the second highest coach in college football annually behind Texas’ Mack Brown.

It’s also been reported that Gruden would want nearly $4 million more to assemble an elite coaching staff, as well complete control over the entire football program and virtually unlimited funds for recruiting. The demands really couldn’t be much higher for Gruden, but if Gruden will accept, UT Athletic Director, Dave Hart, has no choice. He has to give Gruden what he wants or risk losing all fan support. At this point, the Tennessee faithful is so caught up in getting Jon Gruden that anybody else would be a disappointment. You have to do it if you’re Tennessee. The money will be made back with sold out stadiums and merchandise sales very quickly, anyway. If anyone should know how much revenue a successful football program can make a school, it’s Dave Hart, who came to Tennessee from Alabama.

Basilio isn’t the only one who is calling Gruden to Knoxville.’s Jason La Canfora, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen,’s Frank Frangie, and Clay Travis from are all reporting that Tennessee is Gruden’s No. 1 option when it comes to returning to the sidelines. Others, such as UT beat writer, Wes Rucker, have reported that Gruden is certainly interested, but aren’t willing to go any further than that. The steam is certainly picking up.

It should be noted that most reports say that Derek Dooley will be officially fired after the Kentucky game should Tennessee lose, and say that it is Gruden’s wish to finish the season on Monday Night football, before being announced as the next Head Coach at Tennessee, should an agreement be reached. Speculation has already begun about Gruden making it official when the Buffalo Bills visit the Tennessee Titans in the second to last Monday Night Football matchup of the season. I mean, we can dream, right?

Whether Gruden eventually accepts the Tennessee job or not, it appears one thing is for certain, the Vols are making a really strong push at him, and he is very interested. Also, I’ve officially made my Christmas list… 1) Jon Gruden. The end! Keep it Gruden, Grudenites!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

0 Belgium is bad at basketball, mostly this guy

Another specialty we have at Sports Shmorts is coverage of Belgian athletics. Here is a guy that shot at his own basket not once, but four times, forcing his teammates to try to block his shot.

Monday, November 12, 2012

0 Kenny's College Football Top 10

By Kenny Howell

Slight changes this week in the Top 10, most notably at the top spot.

1. Oregon (10-0) - I am starting to doubt the Ducks defense, but the offense is still so explosive. I'll leave them here for now.

2. Kansas State (10-0) - The Wildcats might be the most balanced of the undefeated teams.

3. Notre Dame (10-0) - They still win somehow.

4. Alabama (9-1) - I still think the Tide is the best team in the nation. But they have to take care of business. And they didn't.

5. Georgia (9-1)
- The Bulldogs looked down and out a few weeks ago after getting stomped by South Carolina. Now they legitimately have a chance at a national championship if they take care of business from here on out.

6. Ohio State (10-0) - I lifted the Buckeyes up a bit just cause of the ineffectiveness of Florida.

7. Florida (9-1) - The Gators needed a blocked punt as time expired, something I don't know that I have ever seen, to beat Louisiana-Lafayette. That is all.

8. LSU (8-2) - The Bayou Bengals got a good win over Mississippi State. Still not that special on offense.

9. Texas A&M (8-2)
- Johnny Football has lifted his team into the Top 10 by knocking off the best team in the nation. That will do it.

10. Florida State (9-1) - The Seminoles are outside looking in because I feel like a loss to N.C. State is just around the corner.

0 NHL/NHLPA CBA Talks Resume, Still No Hockey To Be Had

The NHL and NHLPA have been meeting pretty consistently for the last week or so. With all this meeting, you would think there would be some good news. From the video below, it appears to be more of the same…


Friday, November 9, 2012

0 What conference produced the top NFL talent right now?

By Kenny Howell

There has been a debate over the past few years between conferences like the SEC and Big 12, on which conference is better. Why this is a debate, I don't know, because it is obviously the SEC, but it continues. I lived in Big 12 country for a few years, and I used to hear all the time that the SEC offenses were so terrible, that is why their defenses looked so good. I always countered with the Big 12 defenses were so terrible, that is why their offenses were good. Add to that the Big 12 has never beaten the SEC in a National Championship game, and the SEC has dominated the Cotton Bowl the last few years with the third place team in the SEC usually playing the second place team in the Big 12. But those are just facts, that's not enough.

So I decided to take a look at the leaders in statistical categories in the NFL right now, and see which conference has the most in the top 20 of QB rating, rushing yards per game, receiving yards per game, sacks, tackles and interceptions. Now, I know there is a lot more variables to this discussion, just thought I would throw the info out there, and the 10 people that read this can discuss it further.

On the offensive side, the SEC has the most players in the top 20 in those three categories. But that can't be, their offenses are terrible. But they have the most quarterbacks (4) and wide receivers (5), and are tied for second in running backs (2). Second is, somehow, the ACC, who has nine total, three in each category. After that comes the Big 12 with eight total. Only two quarterbacks, and three RBs and WRs. Pac-12 has seven total, Big 10 has four and Big East has three.

On the defensive side, guess what, the SEC has the most in the top 20 of sacks, tackles and interceptions. And it's by a long shot. The SEC has 15 guys, and lead sacks and interceptions. The Big 10 was the next closest with 10. The Big 12 only had four. Not surprising on the SEC being so high on sacks since their reputation is big, fast guys on the line. They have six guys in the top 20 in sacks, the closest to that being the Big East and Big 12, tied with three. For tacklers, the Big 10, known for having good linebackers, leads with six. The SEC and the ACC had three. The Big 12 and Pac 12 have one apiece. In interceptions, the SEC has six, Pac-12 had four, and the ACC and Big 10 have two apiece. The Big 12 has zero.

So, I don't think this is the end all and be all argument or anything, but I think it definitely shows the SEC has put a large amount of talent in the NFL on both sides of the ball. On the flip side, the Big 12 is almost non-existent on the defensive side, but fairly decent on the offensive side. So, I guess, when I boil down my argument, and really look at the finer points, what I am saying is SEC, SEC, SEC.  

0 Kenny's College Football predictions

By Kenny Howell

After a dismal week, I rebounded sort of with a 14-4 record in my picks last week. I am now 75-18 on the season, which is the best record among all humans, I believe. Here are my picks this week.

No. 1 Alabama 28 No. 15 Texas A&M 21

Was Alabama exposed a bit in the passing game last week? It's possible, as Zac Mettenberger, who has had trouble with the forward pass all season, sliced and diced the Bama defense at times. I think A&M may jump out early, like against LSU, but Saban will adjust and come out with the victory.

No. 2 Kansas State 38 TCU 27

The status of Collin Klein is sort of up in the air, as Bill Snyder has been cagey about his star QB. I think with or without him, the Wildcats get a win.

No. 3 Oregon 45 California 24

I think the Ducks can name their score at this point, but Cal may play the stall game again like a few years ago when they pretended that a player got here nearly on every play. The Ducks defense is still not that good either.

No. 4 Notre Dame 38 Boston College 17

The Fighting Irish got a scare from lowly Pitt last week, could it happen again this week. I don't think so. I think maybe the near upset may have woke up Notre Dame and they roll.

No. 5 Georgia 35 Auburn 13

Big time rivalry game looks like it will be a dud this year.

No. 6 Florida 28 Louisiana-Lafayette 14

Florida's defense has been non-existent the last two weeks, and they have played down to lesser competition this year. Why I think this will look rather unimpressive.

No. 7 LSU 24 Mississippi State 10

The Bulldogs got exposed as a bit of a fraud against Bama a few weeks ago, and the Tigers are angry. Plus, it is at LSU.

No. 8 South Carolina 31 Arkansas 21

The Hogs aren't quite as bad as they were to start the year, but they are not good enough to get the road win.

No. 9 Louisville 31 Syracuse 28

The Cardinals keep getting these close, unimpressive wins, but they are wins.

No. 14 Stanford 27 No. 11 Oregon State 24

Oregon State suffered their first loss, and will probably suffer another one against a good Stanford team.

No. 12 Oklahoma 45 Baylor 24

The Sooners have a good enough defense to slow down the Baylor attack.

No. 13 Clemson 34 Maryland 20

ACC football excitement.

Penn State 38 No. 16 Nebraska 34

The Nittany Lions could use this signature win over the Cornhuskers to help keeping the program from sinking into irrelevance.

No. 17 Texas 34 Iowa State 28

The Longhorns are still ranked even though they have looked terrible at times. Iowa State is a decent team.

No. 18 UCLA 27 Washington State 21 

The Bruins looked impressive in blasting Arizona, so they might have a bit of a letdown against Mike Leach's Cougars, but still win.

No. 19 USC 34 Arizona State 28

Now that LANE KIFFIN has got rid of that cheating team manager who deflated balls all by himself without anyone telling him, especially not LANE KIFFIN, who has never cheated in any way in his life. LANE KIFFIN. USC wins.

No. 20 Louisiana Tech 38 Texas State 34

To my disappointment, Texas State does not have Scott Bakula as their starting quarterback and Kathy Ireland as their kicker. That was a joke referring to the 1991 hit Necessary Roughness. I am pretty sure Sinbad does play for them. What else does he have to do.

No. 22 Texas Tech 34 Kansas 27

Kansas is bad. Texas Tech is OK.

No. 23 Rutgers 31 Army 17

Rutgers lost a few weeks ago, but I guess they are still around. Will beat a bad Army team.

Michigan 24 No. 24 Northwestern 21

Every time Northwestern seems poised to make a name for themselves, they suffer a loss. Michigan wins at home.

0 Volleyball to the face, that is all

If there is one thing that Sports Shmorts is dedicated to bring you, it is people getting hit in the face during games. It's the highest of sports journalism, and you should expect nothing less. Here, it is volleyball to the face, with a bonus take out of a fan. Enjoy.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

0 Justin's NFL picks

By Justin Koehn

Straight rocked it Gangnam Style in week 9 with 11-3, which isn't perfect but Psy isn't either so let's keep it rolling for week 10:

Indianapolis (5-3) over Jacksonville (1-7)

Minnesota (5-4) over Detroit (4-4)

New York Giants (6-3) over Cincinnati (3-5)

Tampa Bay (4-4) over San Diego (4-4)

Miami (4-4) over Tennessee (3-6)

New England (5-3) over Buffalo (3-5)

Baltimore (6-2) over Oakland (3-5)

Atlanta (8-0) over New Orleans (3-5)

Denver (5-3) over Carolina (2-6)

Seattle (5-4) over New York Jets (3-5)

San Francisco (6-2) over St. Louis (3-5)

Dallas (3-5) over Philadelphia (3-5)

Chicago (7-1) over Houston (7-1)

Pittsburgh (5-3) over Kansas City (1-7)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

1 9-year old girl RB is unstoppable

In keeping with our female oriented news today, check out this...OH MY, IT'S A 9-YEAR OLD GIRL RUNNING BACK SHREDDING DEFENSES. If this isn't the most adorable. Stick with the video because she is breaking tackles and making pretty killer cuts. Those boys never had a chance. 

0 Female soccer player throws it off opponent's face, twice

If you haven't noticed, female soccer players can be kind of mean. Heck, female anything players are often more aggressive then male players. Which is pretty cool. Here is a clip from the Amherst/Colby soccer game I first saw on Deadspin. The girl throwing it aims for her opponents face, apologizes, then tags her again. It's the most exciting thing that has ever happened in soccer.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

0 Kenny's College Football Top 10

By Kenny Howell

Not many changes in the top 10 this week, just a bit of moving around. But the same 10 teams as last week remain.

1. Alabama (9-0) - Needed a clutch performance by A.J. McCarron (the only man I've seen cry uncontrollably because of winning), and a great play call on the last touchdown play, but they won in a crazy difficult environment.

2. Oregon (9-0)
- The Ducks offense looked ridiculous, and their defense looked suspect in a 62-51 win over USC. Kind of what I expected.

3. Kansas State (9-0) - Maybe a more balanced team than Oregon, just don't think they are quite as explosive.

4. Notre Dame (9-0) - Needed a little bit of luck to get past a bad Pittsburgh team. But even the best teams have bad days.

5. Georgia (8-1)
- Bulldogs struggled for a half with an improving Ole Miss team, but blew it open in the second.

6. Florida (8-1)
- The Gators' offense has disappeared the last two weeks. Defense is good enough to keep a bad Missouri team from pulling a huge upset.

7. LSU (7-2)
- Looked poised to pull a giant upset before noted emotional mess A.J. McCarron destroyed their dreams.

8. Ohio State (10-0)
- Buckeyes get another unimpressive win. But they are undefeated.

9. Florida State (8-1)
- Seminoles still hanging around.

10. South Carolina (7-2)
- Gamecocks still looking up at a bunch of other, better, SEC teams.

0 High School kid returns field goal 109+ yards

I saw this first on Deadspin, here is a Sharyland (Texas) High School's Sean Landez returning a field goal over 109 yards for a touchdown. The impressive part is that he caught it with his feet on the edge of the back of the end zone. The rest is just speed.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

0 NHL cancels Winter Classic and completely ruins Jan. 1

By Justin Koehn

With this game being one of the most important games in the NHL season, why not go ahead and cancel it!?! I have been looking forward to this game since it was announced it would take place in Ann Arbor at one of the most glorious stadiums ever conceived.

You have the Red Wings and the Maple Leafs in an Original 6 rivalry game set in a freaking huge stadium, with solid national coverage that even the casual channel switcher would stop to watch. This game alone is a spectacle that must be seen. Sometimes it is snowy, sometimes it is sunny, but it is always an incredible game that brings hockey back to its roots. Outside, out of the arena, and into an entirely new category of must-see games.

I've tried not to make this sound like too much fun though, as it's been cancelled, as well as the regular season through Nov. 30. Will they cancel more games? Yes. Why not!

The ongoing battle between the NHL and NHLPA has no reason to continue talks at a brisk pace at this point in my opinion. Why would they? They have already wiped out over a quarter of the season, as well as dragged on long enough to make the reality of a full 82 game season a thing that couldn't happen.

I truly believe this time around, the casual fan isn't going to hang on for the two sides to resolve their differences though. Die hard fans like myself will stick around, even if it takes watching Stanley Cup Finals from 2006 on the NHL Network (which I did today, spoiler alert: Carolina still wins).

I would bet a dollar the "hey look there is a hockey game on" fan will be long gone well after this CBA is reached. Why would they stick around for a league that has lockouts more often than Tyler Perry releases a movie?!? They won't. NHL, you can kiss these people goodbye.

As for me, as much as it pains me to say, I will always be a dedicated hockey fan, through thick and thin. I will be there on game 1, game 82, and the Stanley Cup Final when Lord Stanley's Cup is held high above the ice in glory. I didn't miss one Predators game last season, whether it be on tv, or I was there chanting along with Cellblock 303 (

What I am worried about most is the casual fan. I already think this year will be scrapped. What's the point now? It's hard to argue the NHL is the smallest major pro sports league in the United States. A complete season cancellation will not help that one bit. Lets just hope the small market teams can make it through a season with no revenue. This not only hurts the fans, it hurts the local businesses as well.

Lets just end this thing now and drop the puck. I'm tired of watching highlights and games that are ten years old. I know Patrick Roy has one heck of a glove save. He's one of my favorite goalies of all time. I've seen the highlight reels. I want to see current highlight reels. I want to see Pekke Rinne making a crazy save, Shea Weber sinking one from the blue line, or Brian Mcgrattan slamming some unsuspecting winger into the boards.

I've also seen what a lockout can do to a league. Nothing good can come from it. Prepare to be growing your "Movember" beard for a while as you may not be able to make use of it until the playoffs in 2014.

Friday, November 2, 2012

0 Jason's NFL Power Rankings

By Jason McDonald 

The Cream

1 Falcons

The Falcons replaced Michael Vick with Matty Ice and never turned back. But they did turn their attention towards Philadelphia in week eight, and ran over Vick while they were there. The Falcons are flying high and the Eagles are crashing. Now you have a bird metaphor. I hope you’re happy. Next up is the Dallas Interceptions (formerly known as the Cowboys) and my crystal ball tells me that Falcons will be 8-0 after the weekend.

2 Texans

The Texans had a bye during week eight. They could probably have a bye the rest of the season and still win the AFC South.

3 Giants

They didn’t exactly dominate the Cowboys. The Cowboys turned over the ball about 28 times and Giants still only won by five. Tony Romo literally tried to give them more points and that just squeaked out win. But they take over the three spot because the Bears squeaked out a win over the horrible Panthers.

4 Bears

See the above for why they’re now at number four. Cutler is still a hand (not head) and gets better as the games go. He’s better in the fourth quarter than he is in the rest of the game. They barely beat the Panthers, but a win is a win. Lucky for them they have the Titans coming up.

5 49ers

The 49ers fought their way back on the list after decimating the Cardinals. After the game Jim Harbaugh said that the past criticism of Alex Smith was coming from a bunch of jive turkey gobblers. He proceeded to kill a live turkey on air and wear its skin like a mask to commemorate the holiday of Hallowsgiving. When asked what Hallowsgiving was, he replied that his team has to stay focused on murder and there wasn’t enough time to celebrate both Halloween and Thanksgiving.


1 Chiefs

Since I turned this in later than I should have, I got to see Matt Cassel lead the Chiefs to another amazing loss against the Chargers on Thursday night. Brady Quinn probably could have lost a little better, but Cassel did just fine. His best play of the night is when he thought he could outrun…anyone, and decided to sprint across the endzone like a gazelle. During that learning moment he found out that linebackers are fast and bad quarterbacks fumble in the end zone. Oh yeah, they also got beat up by the Raiders last week. That’s a lot of stink.

2 Jaguars

Blaine Gabbart showed signs of life against the Packers, and one can imagine how things could have been different had Jones-Drew been in the game. For one, instead of watching his team lose from the sidelines, he would have been able to see them lose while standing on the field.

3 Panthers

They had the Bears and let’em get away. This can be attributed to Cam Newton’s charitable ways. He loves handing out interceptions to a Dickensian secondary, and those poor starving cornerbacks love to eat his balls. On the upside, their 16-player running back system kept them in the mix till the horribly embarrassing end.

4 Raiders

You don’t get a tickertape parade for beating the Jags. That’s what I said last week, but the same holds true for beating the Chiefs. If they beat the Redskins then they might find their way out of the Stink. That being said, America has a long history of Raiders beating Redskins, so we still probably want to hold off on the tickertape parades.

5 Titans 

They haven’t been on the list in a couple of weeks and I have to say that I’ve missed them. After cranking out wins over Pittsburgh and Buffalo, they laid a nice egg against the Colts. If the Colts are rebuilding then the Titans are hanging out in dilapidated government housing. And this is Andrew Luck’s first year. The Titans are staring down many years of Luck’s domination of the AFC South. The Titans have resembled a bad cop show years now, of the old veteran showing the rookie the hard ropes. It’s not the worst show. It just isn’t very memorable.

0 Justin's Week 9 NFL picks

By Justin Koehn

I rocked it 9-5 on the picks last week, so why not keep that "awesome" record going this week as well. In my defense, practically everyone picked Minnesota to beat Tampa Bay and who can argue the "temp ref" style calls toward the end of the Titans/Colts game. With that said, here we go:

San Diego (3-4) over Kansas City (1-6)

Washington (3-5) over Carolina (1-6)

Houston (6-1) over Buffalo (3-4)

Denver (4-3) over Cincinnati (3-4)

Indianapolis (4-3) over Miami (4-3)

Green Bay (5-3) over Arizona (4-3)

Chicago (6-1) over Tennessee (3-5)

Baltimore (5-2) over Cleveland (2-6)

Detroit (3-4) over Jacksonville (1-6)

Seattle (4-4) over Minnesota (5-3)

Oakland (3-4) over Tampa Bay (3-4)

New York Giants (6-2) over Pittsburgh (4-3)

Atlanta (7-0) over Dallas (3-4)

New Orleans (2-5) over Philadelphia (3-4)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

0 It's fun to hate Notre Dame again!

By Kenny Howell

For several years now, Notre Dame has skirted by not receiving my hate because, well, they didn't really matter. All those little perks they get weren't really necessary because they weren't good enough to take advantage of them.

But they are good now. Undefeated good. They haven't played the toughest schedule, but it definitely is a solid one. I actually respected them for most of the season because I think Brian Kelly is a great coach, and they were getting good ones. It was good to have a great program in college football's history back near the top.

But that changed this past week when I started hearing rumblings if how Notre Dame was getting slighted in the polls. They are, get this, ranked No. 3 in the BCS.


Thanks adorable kitten.

That's right Notre Dame is mad because they are ranked No. 3 in the nation. My thoughts are


The irony that the team that gets more help from the BCS complaining about their place in the rankings is ridiculous. You are the only team that gets a guaranteed spot in the BCS if you finish in the Top 8. No other major conference team gets that deal. Add to that, Notre Dame has been historically overrated because of their history. Old fogies think that they are still the same team they were in the 1980s and before, so they often seem like a sexier pick than your South Carolinas and Clemsons of the world.

Notre Dame is one bad game by themselves of being out of the conversation, or one bad game by someone else of being in the National Championship. Let's stop the whining, and let it work itself out.

0 Kenny's College Football Predictions

By Kenny Howell

I would like to apologize  to my literally 10s of readers to this site. This past weekend, I went 14-6 in my picks. It was by far my worst week so far, and if we actually made money on this site, I would give it back to you. My only saving grace is that I did pick Arizona to beat USC. But still, I am a giant loser.

With that being said, I am 61-14 on the season, so I am better than every picker ever. Here is my picks that are guaranteed to be all right.

No. 1 Alabama 20 No. 5 LSU 13

Bama doesn't turn the ball over and really doesn't allow anyone to score. LSU causes turnovers, but doesn't really have any offense. Leans toward the Tide's favor, even though it is in Baton Rouge, a tough place to play on Saturday nights.

No. 2 Kansas State 27 No. 24 Oklahoma State 21

It seems like every week should be the week that Kansas State loses and comes back down to Earth, but they keep getting it done. This might be a close one this week, but they will get it done at home.

No. 3 Notre Dame 27 Pitt 17

The Fighting Irish are hot off a big win over Oklahoma, and luckily get an easy opponent this week so the chances of a letdown are slim.

No. 4 Oregon 35 No. 17 USC 27

This seems like it might be one of the games that Lane Kiffin coaches up his team to pull the improbable upset, but I just think that Oregon is too good.

No. 6 Georgia 34 Ole Miss 27

Ole Miss Head Coach Hugh Freeze has turned the Rebels program around pretty quick as they are working their way into that second tier of teams in the SEC behind all the elites. Could give Georgia a battle, but the Bulldogs have too much firepower.

No. 7 Florida 28 Missouri 13

Florida needs a little help now to get back into the SEC race after the loss to Georgia. They really don't need any help against Missouri though.

No. 10 Louisville 41 Temple 28

Louisville is ranked where they are just cause they are undefeated. Are they the 10th best team in the nation? No way. But they play Temple, so they will stay undefeated.

No. 11 Oregon State 27 Arizona State 21

The dream of an undefeated season came to a close for the Beavers last week, but they still stayed ranked fairly high. Should get a close win over the Sun Devils.

No. 12 Oklahoma 27 Iowa State 20

Oklahoma is still licking their wounds after the trouncing against Notre Dame. Iowa State is not the best team to try to rebound against because they can be dangerous, especially at their place. However, I think the Sooners do get it done.

No. 13 Clemson 38 Duke 24

Duke has been a great story this year, but the frankly haven't beaten anyone good. Just an easy schedule. Clemson shouldn't have a problem with them.

No. 14 Stanford 31 Colorado 20

Colorado is awful, Stanford is solid, so there you go.

No. 15 Mississippi State 31 Texas A&M 28

Should be quite a good game in Starkville with two of the better middle teams in the SEC teams competing. I think the Bulldogs have just enough to get it done at home.

No. 18 Texas Tech 48 No. 23 Texas 28

A few weeks ago, ESPN ran a story about Texas DC Manny Diaz, and how great he is at using metaphors to help his defense understand what they need to be doing. It was stupid then, but it looks way more idiotic now that the Longhorns have no idea no what they are doing on defense. Tommy Tuberville's team should have no problems.

No. 19 Boise State 38 San Diego State 24

Apparently, if Boise State gets into the top 16, they will go to a BCS bowl. This team is not deserving of BCS bowl, but that doesn't matter because they are playing San Diego State.

Michigan State 24 No. 20 Nebraska 21

Michigan State is coming off a big win against Wisconsin, and have home field advantage. That will help them get the close win.

TCU 52 No. 21 West Virginia 41

A few weeks ago, West Virginia had locked up a spot in the BCS title game, and Geno Smith was working on his Heisman speech. Two losses later, they are in danger of being out of the Top 25. It will happen this week as TCU victimizes their terrible defense. 

UCLA 31 No. 22 Arizona 28

Arizona is coming off a huge win over USC, but they have to go on the road to a good UCLA team. Let down ensues.

No. 25 Louisiana Tech 34 UT-San Antonio 24

Tech will beat UTSA. Stop the mother flippin presses.


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