Monday, November 26, 2012

0 BCS: Has it been as bad as we think?

By Shaee Flatt

Since 1998, the Bowl Championship Series has created a lot of controversy among football fans. A lot of people complain that the BCS is always wrong, and doesn’t get the best teams in the National Championship game. Well I’ve done some research today, and the results were actually quite surprising. And while I think that a four team playoff will certainly be better and more fair for everyone, I don’t think that the BCS has really been all that bad. Let’s take it year by year and see why.

1998 – Tennessee 23 Florida State 16
– While the team that faced Tennessee was up for debate, there was no doubt that Tennessee at 12-0 was going to be part of the game. Ohio State and Wisconsin were also 1-loss teams but really this was a battle for second place. Tennessee was the best team in 1998, and won the BCS National Championship. BCS 1 Haters 0

1999 – Florida State 46 Virginia Tech 29
– There was no debate who should be playing here, and it still wasn’t close. Marshall was also undefeated but wouldn’t have stood a chance against Florida State, no one did. BCS 2 Haters 0

2000- Oklahoma 13 Florida State 2
– Again, the debate for No. 2 was pretty wide-spread, and could have gone to three different teams. Miami had the best case as they had beaten Florida State on the field and had the same record. However, Florida State outplayed Miami in that game, and still fell pretty short to Oklahoma. I think the same would have happened to Miami. Oklahoma was the best team in 2000. BCS 3 Haters 0

2001- Miami 37 Nebraska 14
– This one’s not close. BCS 4 Haters 0

2002- Ohio State 31 Miami 24
– The two best teams were there, and boy was it a classic. I think Miami was the more talented team, but the BCS allowed it to be settled on the field. BCS 5 Haters 0

2003- LSU 21 Oklahoma 14
– I hated this one. After being destroyed in the Big 12 Championship, Oklahoma somehow only fell to number two and a very good Southern California team was kept out of the BCS Championship game. LSU-USC would have been terrific. BCS 5 Haters 1

2004- USC 55 Oklahoma 19
– Okay, we all remember this one. Auburn ran the table in the SEC and was kept out of the BCS title game, as was 13-0 Utah. USC-Auburn would have been a much better game, and while I think USC still would have won, I’ll give you guys this one. It was ugly. BCS 5 Haters 2

2005- Texas 41 USC 38
– No one can argue this one. By far the two best teams, in probably the best BCS Championship game ever. This one was epic. BCS 6 Haters 2

2006- Florida 41 Ohio State 14
– Ohio State had to be in this game. They were undefeated in the Big 10, and Florida left zero doubt that they belonged there as well. The major debate came when Boise State beat Oklahoma in my favorite college football game of all-time. Boise State was a magical team that year, but Florida was just better. BCS 7 Haters 2

2007- LSU 38 Ohio State 24
– This was a messy season. Everyone had at least two losses except Ohio State, and LSU remains the only two loss BCS Champion in history. Ohio State entered with one loss, and LSU was the best two loss team. A playoff would have been more entertaining but the best team won. BCS 8 Haters 2

2008- Florida 24 Oklahoma 14
– Utah was undefeated, but they weren’t on Florida or Oklahoma’s level. Seriously, Tebow would have destroyed the Utes. The best team won here. BCS 9 Haters 2

2009- Alabama 37 Texas 21
– Boise State was undefeated but honestly, the two best teams in the country were Alabama and Florida. Alabama beat Florida in the SEC Championship and was never threatened against undefeated Texas. The best team won, and this one was practically settled on the field. BCS 10 Haters 2

2010- Auburn 22 Oregon 19
- Many people claimed TCU deserved a shot, and maybe they did, but no one was going to beat Cam Newton and Auburn in 2010. After playing a very average game in the BCS Championship, they still beat a very good Oregon team. I have to agree with the BCS again. BCS 11 Haters 2

2011- Alabama 21 LSU 0
– A lot of people were upset with two SEC teams facing each other in the National Championship, in a rematch. However, the two best teams were playing, and the better team won easily when given a second chance. BCS 12 Haters 2

This year, the Championship will practically be decided in a three team playoff between Alabama, Georgia, and Notre Dame. While I think Oregon might be better than Notre Dame, it’s tough to argue with the BCS this year. The best team will win again. (And it won’t be Notre Dame) BCS 13 Haters 2

Okay, so we found that only twice was the National Champion seriously debatable. I honestly think the best team has won every single year but there are strong chances that it could have gone either way in those two cases. The four team playoff will certainly be better, and the BCS wasn’t the best way to determine a National Champion, but it has certainly been an upgrade over the former system and it actually had a pretty decent run despite all the criticism. Now let’s all stop talking about how awful the BCS is, and just enjoy this great sport.


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