Friday, November 23, 2012

0 Bob Stoops to UT?... yes please

By Kenny Howell

There are rumblings out there, although slight, that Bob Stoops is interested in getting out of Oklahoma, and might be interested in the Tennessee job. Apparently Stoops doesn't feel appreciated in Norman, and may be looking for a trip back to the SEC.

I say, throw everything you have at him. Jon Gruden would bring some excitement, but there are still some unknowns out there about him. How would handle working with younger players? How would he handle the college game? Was his flame out near the end of his coaching career at Tampa due to the organization or him?

You know what you get with Bob Stoops. He is going to give you a chance every year. You will at least be in striking distance for a title. He has lost several National Championship games, but I would rather be losing National Championship games than not being in a bowl game at all. And he has won one as a Head Coach, and one as an assistant coach.

He knows the SEC. He was on the 1997 Florida National Championship staff as defensive coordinator. He also knows the SEC's new territory, Texas, extremely well because a huge portion of Oklahoma's roster comes from that state.

From living in Oklahoma, I can tell you, Stoops is extremely disrespected by their fans. It's not everyone, but some fans just straight up hate him because he doesn't got 12-0 every year. Anything less than that and for sale signs start going up in his grand estate he has built out there.

Plus, central Oklahoma or eastern Tennessee? Central Oklahoma has blizzards in the winter, deadly tornadoes in the spring and fall, and it gets to 110 in the summer. The strongest tornado ever in history, with 320 mph winds, was near Norman. Eastern Tennessee has beautiful mountains and isn't central Oklahoma.

It's going to take a lot of money because he has a huge buyout, and already makes 5 million a year. Plus, he has some endorsements that would end if he left Oklahoma. But if UT can pony up money for a guy that could be a great college coach, they can definitely get it done for a guy that already is.


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