Thursday, November 1, 2012

0 Kenny's College Football Predictions

By Kenny Howell

I would like to apologize  to my literally 10s of readers to this site. This past weekend, I went 14-6 in my picks. It was by far my worst week so far, and if we actually made money on this site, I would give it back to you. My only saving grace is that I did pick Arizona to beat USC. But still, I am a giant loser.

With that being said, I am 61-14 on the season, so I am better than every picker ever. Here is my picks that are guaranteed to be all right.

No. 1 Alabama 20 No. 5 LSU 13

Bama doesn't turn the ball over and really doesn't allow anyone to score. LSU causes turnovers, but doesn't really have any offense. Leans toward the Tide's favor, even though it is in Baton Rouge, a tough place to play on Saturday nights.

No. 2 Kansas State 27 No. 24 Oklahoma State 21

It seems like every week should be the week that Kansas State loses and comes back down to Earth, but they keep getting it done. This might be a close one this week, but they will get it done at home.

No. 3 Notre Dame 27 Pitt 17

The Fighting Irish are hot off a big win over Oklahoma, and luckily get an easy opponent this week so the chances of a letdown are slim.

No. 4 Oregon 35 No. 17 USC 27

This seems like it might be one of the games that Lane Kiffin coaches up his team to pull the improbable upset, but I just think that Oregon is too good.

No. 6 Georgia 34 Ole Miss 27

Ole Miss Head Coach Hugh Freeze has turned the Rebels program around pretty quick as they are working their way into that second tier of teams in the SEC behind all the elites. Could give Georgia a battle, but the Bulldogs have too much firepower.

No. 7 Florida 28 Missouri 13

Florida needs a little help now to get back into the SEC race after the loss to Georgia. They really don't need any help against Missouri though.

No. 10 Louisville 41 Temple 28

Louisville is ranked where they are just cause they are undefeated. Are they the 10th best team in the nation? No way. But they play Temple, so they will stay undefeated.

No. 11 Oregon State 27 Arizona State 21

The dream of an undefeated season came to a close for the Beavers last week, but they still stayed ranked fairly high. Should get a close win over the Sun Devils.

No. 12 Oklahoma 27 Iowa State 20

Oklahoma is still licking their wounds after the trouncing against Notre Dame. Iowa State is not the best team to try to rebound against because they can be dangerous, especially at their place. However, I think the Sooners do get it done.

No. 13 Clemson 38 Duke 24

Duke has been a great story this year, but the frankly haven't beaten anyone good. Just an easy schedule. Clemson shouldn't have a problem with them.

No. 14 Stanford 31 Colorado 20

Colorado is awful, Stanford is solid, so there you go.

No. 15 Mississippi State 31 Texas A&M 28

Should be quite a good game in Starkville with two of the better middle teams in the SEC teams competing. I think the Bulldogs have just enough to get it done at home.

No. 18 Texas Tech 48 No. 23 Texas 28

A few weeks ago, ESPN ran a story about Texas DC Manny Diaz, and how great he is at using metaphors to help his defense understand what they need to be doing. It was stupid then, but it looks way more idiotic now that the Longhorns have no idea no what they are doing on defense. Tommy Tuberville's team should have no problems.

No. 19 Boise State 38 San Diego State 24

Apparently, if Boise State gets into the top 16, they will go to a BCS bowl. This team is not deserving of BCS bowl, but that doesn't matter because they are playing San Diego State.

Michigan State 24 No. 20 Nebraska 21

Michigan State is coming off a big win against Wisconsin, and have home field advantage. That will help them get the close win.

TCU 52 No. 21 West Virginia 41

A few weeks ago, West Virginia had locked up a spot in the BCS title game, and Geno Smith was working on his Heisman speech. Two losses later, they are in danger of being out of the Top 25. It will happen this week as TCU victimizes their terrible defense. 

UCLA 31 No. 22 Arizona 28

Arizona is coming off a huge win over USC, but they have to go on the road to a good UCLA team. Let down ensues.

No. 25 Louisiana Tech 34 UT-San Antonio 24

Tech will beat UTSA. Stop the mother flippin presses.


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