Sunday, December 16, 2012

0 Is Josh Hamilton a good fit for the Angels?

By Kenny Howell

Is Josh Hamilton what the Angels need to get back to the top? The short answer is no, he probably won't take them to the top, but he may help get them closer.

There is no doubt that having Hamilton and Pujols hitting back-to-back is going to be big. Especially with Mike Trout probably already being on base. But the Angels were third in the league in runs scored last season, so is it going to make that much of a difference.

While Hamilton is a bigger splash for the headlines, and will definitely put people in the seats, that money should have gone to Greinke or another top pitcher. There are too many questions about the Angels rotation, and they finished in the bottom half of pitching last season. Or you could just save the money and develop the talent you have. I know that's not an option for some teams anymore, but if you want long term success, buying the next big name every year is not going to get you there. See Pujols from last year.

The Angels were 12th in the MLB in fielding last year, and Hamilton is not doing anything to help that. That's not low by any means, but being sound defensively gives you a better chance when your pitching isn't complete. Hamilton's defensive WAR rating last year was -1.2. Torii Hunter, who he is essentially replacing was 0.9. Not great, but it's obvious it is not an improvement.

Hamilton is going to get the Angels a lot of attention in May and June, but I think the jury is still out whether it is going to help them in October.


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