Monday, December 31, 2012

0 Should the Cowboys just give up on Romo?

By Kenny Howell

The short answer to the question in the title is yes. But the long answer will come in the form of a column starting now.

What else can you get from Tony Romo if you are the Cowboys? It's the same song and dance every year. He blows a big game when it matters, then he beats someone in week 1 or 2 the next year, everyone says, "no he's really good," and the process begins all over again. It's the real circle of life Elton John, noted huge football fan, was writing about in The Lion King.

Romo is going to give you some good, that is obvious. He has talent, just not when it matters, you know, games that actually mean something to a franchise. Other quarterbacks have overcome obstacles that were seemingly never going to happen. It didn't seem like that Peyton Manning was going to beat the Patriots or a broken neck, but he took care of both of those. Romo is never going to win anything on his own. Maybe he should take his talents to South Beach like Lebron, who also doesn't have that big game killer instinct, but that would mean he would play for the Dolphins. However, that would solve his problem of not winning big games, because the Dolphins are never going to play in any of those.

If I was Jerry Jones, I would buy a bunch of stuff cause that dude has a lot of money. But, also, I would draft a quarterback in the first round and start preparing for the future. Romo will keep you competitive enough, which he has for years, but he is never going to take you to the top. But Jerry Jones is an idiot, and he will use his draft pick on some dude who destroys the combine, but isn't actually good at, you know, football.

It's weird that America gets so much glee from the Cowboys failure since they are self proclaimed America's team, but they do. It's almost if America doesn't actually like them. But they called themselves that, so it can't be true. Anyway, people are going to stay happy for awhile if the Cowboys keep down the same path with Romo. That same mediocre path they have been on for years.


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