Thursday, January 31, 2013

0 Jessica Sanchez is my new favorite person

WKMG-Orlando's Jessica Sanchez got the worst job ever, being on the French Quarter late at night talking about the Super Bowl. Since the French Quarter is usually just a bunch of drunks anyway, it makes it worse when a bunch of fans are there. One shows up and Sanchez owns, I mean absolutely owns this drunk chick. Hats off to you, Ms. Sanchez. 
[via Deadspin]

0 Predictions on Tennessee’s top remaining targets

By Shaee Flatt

National Signing Day is now just one week away. Rumors are everywhere, and swirling in a million directions. However, I think I’ve got a pretty good idea of what will happen with Tennessee’s top remaining targets. There will be joy, there will be disappointment, but overall, I expect Tennessee and Head Coach Butch Jones to finish pretty strongly. In addition to the names below, I also think Tennessee will sign QB Josh Dobbs, DL Jaylen Miller, and JUCO OL Chongo Kondolo. National Signing Day is one of my favorite days of the year, because of all the surprises, but for y’all I’m about to ruin all of the surprises. So without further adieu, here is where UT’s top targets will sign next Wednesday.

DE Carl Lawson: Auburn: A five star on both Rivals and 247, Lawson is the number one target for the Vols. UT has been considered the favorite for a couple of weeks now, especially after his OV two weekends ago. Lawson is said to be down to Tennessee, Auburn, and Clemson, but I personally think that Clemson is out. It seems he enjoyed his Tennessee visit much more, and it was more recent, which really matters. ESPN’s Mike Farrell is predicting that Lawson ends up becoming a Vol. Recently though, Auburn has gained a lot of momentum with Lawson. He will take a visit to Auburn this weekend, just days before National Signing Day. I think the visit will be too much for the Vols to overcome, especially since Coach Jones has already used his in home.

S/CB Vonn Bell: Tennessee: Bell is also a five star on both Rivals and 247. His performance in the UA All American game was spectacular. He has the speed, and skills that Tennessee desperately needs in its’ secondary. Bell grew up a Vols fan but for a while, it seemed like Alabama was the favorite in his recruitment. Bell visited Ohio State and Alabama before visiting Tennessee this past weekend. According to all reports, Bell loved the visit, and rumors say that Bell has already silently committed to the Vols coaching staff. The momentum is all there, he and his family have always loved Tennessee, and I would be surprised if Bell doesn’t sign with Tennessee on National Signing Day.

OLB E.J Levenberry: Tennessee: Levenberry is currently committed to Florida State, but has been trying to get to Knoxville for weeks now. He says that he will come down early this weekend to avoid any bad weather over the weekend if he has to. He was once quoted to saying that Tennessee has the best game day feel that he has ever experienced, he loved his visit to Knoxville during the LSU game in 2011. Levenberry has also expressed his displeasure with Florida State hiring Sal Sunseri as an assistant this off-season. If Levenberry makes it to Knoxville this weekend, which I think he will, he’ll sign with Tennessee on National Signing Day.

DE Davin Bellamy: Georgia: Bellamy de-committed from Florida State yesterday and Georgia and Tennessee, in that order, are his quoted top two teams. He will also visit Oregon this weekend, as they to steal Bellamy from the SEC at the last minute. I think they’re too late, and too far from home. Bellamy will be a Dawg or a Vol. Tennessee’s best chance here is that other recruits persuade him to join them at Tennessee. Coach Jones has already used his in home, and they’ll only be able to talk through phone calls from here on out. Georgia leading this late is too much for the Vols to overcome.

RB Johnathan Ford: Auburn: Ford was long committed to James Franklin at Vanderbilt but after his recruitment blew up with late offers, he dropped the Commodores. I think this comes down to Tennessee and Auburn, but it seems like Ford has always been waiting for an Auburn offer. He’s from Alabama and many say he actually grew up an Auburn fan. This kid will be a Tiger, which is a huge blow to Tennessee. After losing Derrick Green to Michigan, they really needed Ford in order to sign a good back this cycle. Now, it doesn’t appear they will.

LB Trey Johnson: Ohio State: This one may be the toughest one to call. For a long time it seemed like Johnson was just in love with Urban Meyer, and that the Buckeyes were a lock for his services. So it wasn’t a surprise when Johnson committed to Ohio State during the UA All American game. Johnson grew close to UT cornerbacks coach Tommy Thigpin while he was at Auburn though, and last weekend, Johnson tried to take a secret visit to Knoxville. Friday rumors started swirling about Johnson being in Knoxville, but he quickly shot them down. No one was able to confirm the rumors until Sunday when his dad admitted that he was in Knoxville, but that it was just a courtesy visit. That’s BS, plain and simple. There are no courtesy visits this late in the game. He’s clearly interested in Tennessee, and the fact that he tried to hide the visit is very interesting. I’m hoping Thigpin can pull a miracle here, because Johnson would be a huge get, but I don’t see UT overcoming Ohio State in the end. I think he sticks.

Monday, January 28, 2013

2 No reason to get excited about Rays to Nashville yet

By Kenny Howell

Let's all cool down a bit about the Rays coming to Nashville. 

Last Thursday, Buster Olney suggested via Twitter that the Tampa Bay Rays moving to Nashville could be a good fit. He followed up with that it was pure speculation on his part, and there wasn't anything really going on as far as a move. 

But that got everyone excited, including myself, because I heard the news second hand and thought maybe something was being discussed. I think the idea has been thrown around because this isn't the first time I have heard it, but to say negotiations are just around the corner, or like some people were doing on 104.5 the Zone's 3HL Friday, it's not time to start thinking of a name for the team. 

But, on a personal note, I have $25 I could throw in the pot to bring them here. The Rays have a good group of young players in place, a great manager, and play in what's usually the best division in baseball. It would be great for Nashville because we are somewhere between Atlanta and Cincinnati as far as our fan divide, and I don't think many are that adamant about it. But we do have good baseball around here. The two Cy Young winners this year played high school in middle Tennessee, David Price at Blackman High School in Murfreesboro and R.A. Dickey at MBA. Vanderbilt has turned into a top level program, and MTSU is usually a strong mid major. 

It would be great for Nashville not just to have another pro team here, but the new tourism dollars. Any other division it might not work, but having the Red Sox and Yankees in your division would guarantee that you would get people coming here for weekend series. If you have ever seen the Red Sox play away from home, they take over the ball park. I have seen them at Atlanta and Chicago, and there were as many if not more Red Sox fans in attendance. 

The worry is that there are not enough corporate dollars to sustain them with the Titans and the Predators. I don't think it would ever come to that, but the MLB would be a better fit for Nashville than the NHL even though the Predators have seen some moderate success here. Attendance and TV ratings for the Predators are some of the lowest in the NHL, and I am sure the MLB would do better, especially since it is a warm weather sport. 

For the city, it's best if we would have all three teams. But I don't think it would ever come to either the Predators or Nashville Rays, mostly because it isn't going to happen soon. And the Predators need to be here, and will continue to grow in popularity if they stay on track. Nashville is the "it" city right now, and continues to grow. We should be able to support that third team, and hopefully it will be the Rays.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

1 Taiwan Animation takes on Super Bowl

What would we do with Taiwanese animators NMA to explain everything for us. Here they took on the Super Bowl and how the 49ers dug a hole in the middle of the field, climbed out of it and pick axed a man with a falcon head in the back. 
[via With Leather]

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

0 Ref gets hit in the head with ball, falls down

The title really sums up what is great about this video. A ref gets hit in the head with a ball, falls down. Caron Butler blocks a Serge Ibaka shot right at the ref who must have had his eyes elsewhere because he didn't even try to stop it. The funniest part is when he gets hit in the head and falls down. 
[via Deadspin]

0 Predators Tame The Wild, Win 3-1


By Justin Koehn

The Predators tallied their first win of the season last night in Minnesota against former teammate Ryan Suter. As the last two games were, everyone seemed to be off to a rocky start flailing around like Evgeni Plushenko on grandpa's cough medicine. It didn't take long for everything to fall into place as points started hitting the scoreboard. Dany Heatley scored first at 6:02 of the first assisted by Parise and Stoner. Nick Spaling followed up at 16:31 with assists from Klein and Yip to tie the game. The second period had no scoring whatsoever, yet it was just as exciting as the first. It was in the third period that the Predators sealed the deal. The Chuck Norris of the Predators, Martin Erat scored on a breakaway goal that was most beautifully given away as Backstrom exited his assigned seat and let Erat pass him to the goal. Who assisted this goal? No one. Chuck Norris doesn't need assistance.


The final goal of the game was scored on the power play by David Legwand at 19:42 of the third after a slashing call against Bouchard. This was the nail in the coffin as time was about to expire and took away any chance of Minnesota tying it up to force overtime. Chris Mason was in net for Nashville last night and looked absolutely amazing, taking on 30 shots and allowing only one. That's on the brink of Beast Mode.

With this win, Nashville now sits at four points along with St. Louis, with only Chicago ahead of them with six. Columbus holds three points, and the Red Wings are sitting lonely in the bottom slot of the Central with two.

Nashville continues on their away journey with a stop in St. Louis Thursday night. Hopefully they can end this one with a win in regulation and move ahead of The Blues in the standings.

Monday, January 21, 2013

0 Predators suffer 2nd straight SO loss

By Justin Koehn

I'm no mathematician, but last time I checked two points was better than one. In the first two games of the season, the Predators have lost in a shoot out amassing a total of only two points. From my point of view, it is because they look completely disorganized on the ice and the lack of communication is causing their game to suffer tremendously.

I know it is only two games into the season, but the Predators are about to embark on a 7-game road trip against teams that could very well keep them in the same slump if they cannot change things. During regulation against the Blues, there was plenty of scoring chances that the Preds failed to capitalize on. Between miscues and poor neutral ice control, they just didn't see to have this game in their hands from the start. They were weak on the forecheck and seemed to be chasing St. Louis around the rink all night.

They continue their schedule tomorrow night at 7 p.m. central time in Minnesota to take on their former defensive man Ryan Suter. Lets hope they can break out of their one-point habit and gain a W against the Wild.

There is only so many overtime/shoot out losses you can take before you get too far behind in a tight 48 game season.

0 Another all our hockey brawl

The NHL is back, but the AHL is where the real action is. And by real action, I mean a bunch of dudes beating the dump out of each other. This is Rockford and Grand Rapids going at it for a good couple of minutes, and probably including every player on the team. [via With Leather]

0 Russell Westbrook goaltends Nuggets mascot

For whatever reason, Russell Westbrook decided to ruin everyone's good time last night by goal tending the Nuggets mascot, Rocky. Straight up jerk move. I kind of like it.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

0 Preds drop opener in OT

By Justin Koehn    

After many months of no hockey, the Predators opened the shortened season to a sold out crowd at Bridgestone Arena. In front of a crowd of 17,113 cheering fans and countless others watching from their couch, our home team hit the ice ready to play, but fell short as the Columbus Blue Jackets were able to stun the home team with a 3-2 shootout win. The Predators came out early with a nice Erat wrister (video above via less than a minute after the game started. 

This was a great way to get things going, but after a Preds penalty Foligno of Columbus was able to tie it up at 16:08 in the first period. 

Less than two minutes later Ryan Ellis answered with a beautiful backhander on the power play and gave Nashville the lead again. 

Going into the second period, Nashville was able to hold off the Blue Jackets until Artem Anisimov was able to tie it up with a backhand shot at 12:05. This score really seemed to have given Columbus the momentum they needed both offensively and defensively to keep Nashville at bay through the rest of regulation. The 5 minute overtime period started and ended with only a total of 3 shots on goal from both teams, so this one was going to a shootout. 

In the end, Columbus goalie Bobrovsky was able to stone the Predators shooters and keep the W on the Blue Jackets column. The Predators will take a point in this matchup, while Columbus gets two. That's right, Columbus is ahead of Nashville. I know it is only the first game but I do not like being behind Columbus. They finished last in the entire league last year getting only 65 points. Nashville finished at 104. With the loss of their powerhouse Rick Nash, I was sure this would be an easy win, but in the world of hockey no win is ever an easy win as was shown last night. 

The Predators will play at home again on Monday night to take on the St. Louis Blues who were the only team to finish ahead of Nashville in the Central division last year. Lets hope the Predators are ready to hit the ice skating and scoring as this should be a great game.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

1 Tawain Animation explains Manti Te'o scandal

I am still trying to wrap my head around this whole Manti Te'o thing. I really think he was in on it in some degree, maybe if it was just finding out late that it was a hoax and running with it, or just knowing the whole time. But I also think he may have just been a naive Mormon kid that wasn't very good with girls, and this is what he considered a relationship. One of my big questions is why did he never visit her grave after she died if he loved her so much. Oh well, luckily Taiwan Animation has cleared it up by letting us know that Deadspin writers can leap into their computer and Te'o butt chugs with leprechauns. It all makes sense now. [via With Leather]

0 Hockey game from ref's POV

Between the Benches: The Red White Game from griffinshockey on Vimeo.

Here is a pretty cool video from Vimeo user Griffinshockey. It's of the Detroit Red Wings Red and White game. About the 2:30 mark, you get to see the game from the POV of the ref through a helmet cam. Pretty cool stuff.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

0 Deadspin believes Manti Te'o's dead girlfriend story is a hoax

I will let the story speak for itself, but Deadspin has an amazing story claiming that the girlfriend that supposedly inspired Manti Te'o to a big victory over Michigan State, and was talked about repeatedly over the season, was completely fabricated. They make a great case if it turns out to be true. I can't imagine they would take that chance if they were entirely positive. Check the story out here.

0 Bad Lip Reading NFL

Bad Lip Reading is probably one of my favorite things ever. I don't know why, it just is. It's the simple concept of re-dubbing dialogue over other people's mouths to make it look like they are saying something else. Simple concept, brilliantly executed. They took on the NFL this time, and of course, like all others, it is hilarious.

0 Ole Miss' Henderson nails big three, keeps Rebels winning streak alive

Ole Miss' Marshall Henderson created a bit of his own Memorial Magic last night when he matched a seemingly game winning Vanderbilt three-pointer with a 35-foot heave at the end. Ole Miss would go on to win in overtime to stay undefeated in conference play. [via Deadspin]

0 Half court shot for money has crazy result

There should be a special prize for this Atlanta Hawks fan whose halfcourt show got stuck between the back of the rim and backboard. It perfectly wedged in there and didn't budge. In my opinion, that is way more difficult than actually hitting the shot, so give him some bonus money.

Monday, January 14, 2013

0 Conference Championship predictions

By Kenny Howell

One of the hardest sports to predict is the NFL. Any team can win on any given week, and it gets especially hard when you get down to the best teams in the league.

The AFC Championship is a rematch of last year's, as Baltimore makes the trip to Foxboro to take on New England. Baltimore has already started running their mouth, as reserve linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo has called the Patriots "a gimmick" offense. It's because they run the hurry up. That's like saying the Ravens run a gimmick defense because they blitz. Lots of teams run a hurry up, and have for quite some time. It's a good way for him to de-legitimize the Patriots offense when they get beat.

And that's what I think is going to happen. The Ravens beat the Pats earlier in the season by a point in Baltimore a week after the Pats lost to Arizona. The Pats weren't playing well then, and the Ravens haven't played well in the last part of the season. They came away with a big win at Denver, but they got a bit lucky when the Broncos DB took an awful angle to the ball. But they found a way to get it done, so more power to them.

I think Tom Brady will continue dealing against the Ravens, and Joe Flacco won't be able to match it.

Patriots 35 Ravens 24

In the NFC, the San Francisco 49ers will try to find a way to erase the mistakes of last year's trip to the NFC Championship against a lucky Atlanta team. The Falcons blew a big lead to the Seahawks, and were 31 seconds from defeat, but Matt Ryan got the monkey off his back and got a playoff win.

It's hard for me to bet against Jim Harbaugh because I think he will eventually bust through and get a Super Bowl title. Probably a couple. But I think the Falcons find a way this season to get it done, and pull out a close one in the Georgia Dome.

Falcons 23 49ers 21

Saturday, January 12, 2013

0 Ridiculous Pop Warner players

While I don't agree with the title of the YouTube video posted XPFootball, "The Best Pop Warner Players Ever," they are certainly talented kids. The video doesn't give the names of the players, but all are pretty impressive.

Friday, January 11, 2013

0 Every Johnny Manziel touchdown

YouTube user JA Carter has compiled a video of every Johnny Manziel touchdown this season. After watching, I go back to thinking about how in the world Manziel and Manti Te'o was ever a discussion for the Heisman. You can watch Manziel bounce off a defender, lose the ball, catch it, turn, and awkwardly throw a strike to the end zone against Alabama, or you can watch Te'o move in on a gang tackle and get too much credit for it.

I think the key to Manziel is that he moves so awkwardly mixed with his unbelievable athleticism. He doesn't move like any other quarterback. He is just so instinctual, it's hard to know what he is about to do. Defenders have no chance. Just watching it, he looks like he is constantly running on egg shells and that it's like a cartoon, that the bottom half of his body runs before the top half. 

0 Nate Silver predicts Patriots-Seahawks Super Bowl

I am a huge fan of Nate Silver because I am a huge fan of actually using numbers, logic and analysis to predict things. He got destroyed this past year for his election predictions in which he projected that Obama would win handily in the electoral college, because pundits said he was too partisan. Turns out he was right, and, I think, only got one major race wrong in the election. His best sports moment was when he said that the White Sox, a year after winning the World Series, would go 72-90. Everyone laughed at him and some of the players joked why they should even play. They ended the season 72-90. He is not right all the time, and he even knows this. But he is right a lot. And he gives much legitimacy to the extensive number analysis in sports. He went on First Take yesterday, which is funny in itself. If you haven't seen that show, it is morons yelling at each other for 2 hours, and they debate the most ridiculous stuff like if Robert Griffin III is a real brother or cornball brother, which got commentator Rob Parker fired. Silver predicts that it will be the Patriots and Seahawks in the Super Bowl, which is a pretty good pick, although the Patriots didn't play very well the last two weeks. But I could definitely see it playing out that way. 

1 Big kid for the win!

Church league basketball in Maryland is one of our main focuses here at Sports Shmorts, and here, we have found gold. This mountain of a kid who is taking time between football seasons to play a little basketball it seems, nails a buzzer beater by basically just throwing it behind his head. It's weird because it kind of looks like they drew it up that way. [via Deadspin]

Thursday, January 10, 2013

1 It's OK everyone! Bettman says he's sorry!

By Justin Koehn

As if mentioning the words "I'm Sorry" should even be a thing at this point, the video below posted on is a of Gary Bettman basically offering his condolences to the fans he killed off. I for one will be staying, but there are many around the internet that have declared their severing of ties. I honestly think they will be back, but it's fun to talk about nonetheless.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

0 MBA's Ryan Potter, special teams player, backup kicker, makes hilarious recruiting video

For those of you who don't know, MBA is an elite private school in Nashville that produces talented people in all sorts of fields. Former U.S. Senator Bill Frist, Cy Young winner R.A. Dickey, essayist Samuel Pickering (one of the inspirations for Robin Williams character in Dead Poets Society), and PGA Pro Golfer Brandt Snedeker are just a few of their esteemed graduates.

Well, now they can add another genius in our book, senior Ryan Potter. Potter is a special teams player and backup kicker for the MBA football team, and he made a hilarious recruiting video of himself getting knocked down a lot on special teams plays. He also kicks extra points. All put to a rousing hip hop soundtrack, like other recruiting videos. It's really funny, and we salute you Mr. Potter for putting the video together. I am sure you will go on to special things.

0 MLB Hall of Fame one

By Shaee Flatt

Barry Bonds is perhaps the greatest hitter in the history of baseball. Roger Clemens is perhaps the greatest pitcher in the history of baseball. Yet, neither came close to joining the Hall Of Fame on their first ballot.

It wasn’t a surprising result, but a shameful one nonetheless, and it doesn’t stop there. Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Curt Schilling, Jeff Bagwell, Mike Piazza, ALL guys that should be in the Hall. If you want to put something on their plaque about PEDs, fine, but to not put them in the Hall is ridiculous. Clearly, I don’t think cheating is the right thing to do. PEDs are not the way to do it, and can be very harmful to the body, I would never applaud anyone for doing them, but I also won’t ignore some of the greatest players to ever play just because they used them. The fact is, it’s cheating, but they really don’t help THAT much. They help, sure, but not that much.

50 years from now, when a kid is touring the Hall of Fame, he should see these players. He should be able to read about the home run king in the baseball Hall of Fame, period. Would Bonds be the home run king without PEDs? Probably not. However, he’d still have 700+ homeruns, and perhaps be second on the list behind only Aaron. Baseball’s records are sacred, I get that. I understand why people are upset, I do, but no one can deny what these players meant to the game of baseball. Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa SAVED the MLB with their home run showdown in 1998. No one cared about baseball anymore until McGwire and Sosa gave them a reason to care, something to watch. I remember as a kid, it felt like I was watching two superheroes try to save the world, and wondering which one would do it first, it was amazing. I was watching two good guys, not two bad guys. Then Bonds came along, and shattered both of them hitting 73 home runs in a single season. He hit number 500, then 600, then 700, then 714, 715, 755, 756, and finally he hit his last home run, number 762, and everyone was watching. Everyone. Bonds won seven MVP awards.. SEVEN!! Think about that for a second. Most players are lucky to play seven seasons, and he was the MVP seven times. Then there is Clemens, and Schilling, and the list goes on and on. They all cheated, but they were all great, and they were all Hall of Famers.

This year, there was no one inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame. Not one. Why? Partly because in this era, there isn’t a single player who you can look at and know without doubt that he wasn’t cheating. Everyone did it, and that doesn’t make it right, but the hitters were hitting against pitchers who were also cheating and the pitchers were pitching against hitters who were cheating, yet they were still dominant. You never applaud cheating in any sport, but you also never try to erase history. These players are a huge part of baseball history, and they deserve to be in the Hall of Fame, right alongside Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, and Pete Rose.. Oh, wait, they messed that one up too. Maybe one day all of those players will get in, and I hope they do, because if not, going to Cooperstown will be off of my bucket list forever, and the MLB Hall of Fame will forever be a joke to me. As a kid, McGwire, Sosa, and Bonds made me a fan of the MLB, and they will forever be Hall of Famers to me.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

0 Tennessee Recruiting Update, Jan. 8

By Shaee Flatt

Recruiting season is in full bloom, and with less than a month until National Signing Day, it’s time to start looking at how Tennessee’s recruiting class could shake out. First, I want to applaud the fabulous job that Butch Jones and his staff have done since arriving in Knoxville less than a month ago. Even if Tennessee doesn’t sign some of the players they are in on, he’s done a great job just to get the big names to strongly consider Tennessee. Regardless of how this class ends up, he has Tennessee headed in the right direction. I’ll start with the players who have already committed to Tennessee as of Jan. 8.


QB - Riley Ferguson – Rivals/247, 3*

WR – Paul Harris (EE) – Rivals 4*, 247 3*

WR – Ryan Jenkins – Rivals 3*, 247 4*

WR – Josh Smith – Rivals/247, 3*

OL- Austin Sanders – Rivals 4*, 247 3*

OL – Dan Skipper – Rivals/247, 3*

OL – Brett Kendrick - Rivals/247 , 3*

OL – Dylan Wiseman – Rivals/247, 3*

TE – AJ Branisel – Rivals/247, 3*

TE – Chauntez Jackson – Rivals/247, 3*


DE – Jason Carr – Rivals/247, 4*

DE – Joe Sanders – Rivals/247, 3*

OLB - Corey Vereen (EE) – Rivals/247, 3*

CB – Riyahd Jones (JUCO, Signed LOI, EE) – Rivals/247, 3*

CB – Malik Foreman – Rivals/247, 3*

CB – Camerson Sutton – Rivals/247, 3*

S – Lemond Johnson (EE) – Rivals/247, 3*

S- Jalen Reeves-Maybin (EE) – Rivals/247, 4*

Current Team Ranking – Rivals #26, 247 #29

To this point, Tennessee’s class is very average, especially when it is compared to the rest of the SEC. They are well behind all of their major rivals, and don’t have a lot of time to make up ground. However, they only have 18 commits. On both Rivals and 247, a teams’ ranking is based off of its’ top twenty commitments, therefore, Tennessee is stuck with two empty spots. Come signing day, even if the class is filled with mid-level three star players, UT will have a top 15 or so class on both Rivals and 247. Riley Ferguson shows a lot of promise at quarterback, and the defense adds a lot of speed. While many of the defensive backs have raw skills, and need to develop, they possess a lot of speed, something that Tennessee has seriously lacked in the last few years. They also have a good Wide Receiver class, as usual. The great thing about this recruiting class though, is its’ potential. It has the potential to be great, and these remaining targets are the reason why. I’ll give their ratings, visit dates, top schools, and my prediction on which school they will pick as of today.

DE – Carl Lawson, Rivals/247, 5* - Auburn, Tennessee, Ole Miss. Lawson was initially scheduled to visit on the 11th, but has since moved his UT visit to the 18th in order to visit the same weekend as Vols commit Ryan Jenkins, and Vols target Alvin Kamara.

Prediction – Tennessee

RB – Derrick Green, Rivals 5*, 247 4* - Tennessee, Michigan. Green has already taken his OV to Tennessee, but may take an un-official visit sometime before NSD.

Prediction – Michigan

DB – Von Bell, Rivals 4*, 247 5* - Ohio State, Alabama, Tennessee. Tennessee will get Bell’s last official visit before NSD but appears to have ground to make up. However, Bell grew up a Vol fan, so if Butch Jones nails the visit, Bell could be a Vol.

Prediction – Alabama

DE – Frank Herron, Rivals/247 4* - LSU, Tennessee. Herron has long been committed to LSU, but the new staff is trying hard to get him on campus. He seems willing to give his in state team a chance, and if they get him on campus, anything could happen.

Prediction – LSU

RB – Alvin Kamara, Rivals/247 4* - Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee. For a while it looked like UT was out of the race for Kamara, but he’s listening hard to the new staff, and for good reason. UT is easily the best fit of his final three. UGA has Gurley and Marshall, while UA wants him to play the slot, hopefully he realizes UT is his best fit. He visits on the 18th.

Prediction – Tennessee

WR – Marquez North, Rivals/247 4* - North Carolina, Clemson, Tennessee. North has already taken his OV to UT but like Green, the Vols are trying to get him in for an un-official.

Prediction – Tennessee

DE – Jason Carr, Rivals/247 4* - Tennessee, Ole Miss, Alabama. Carr is currently committed to Tennessee so many might be wondering why I have him here, well the reason is simple. Carr’s recruitment has really picked up since Dooley was let go, and I think he is one to really watch as we near signing day. He has an OV set up for Jan. 11, so it might all depend on how that visit goes, if he does end up taking it.

Prediction – Ole Miss

There are quite a few more solid players such as Davin Bellamy, Jahmere Irvin-Sills, Jojo Kemp, Josh Dobbs, Peyton Barber, Reeve Kohler, Jaylen Miller, Mackensie Alexander, etc. that have interest in Tennessee and very well could end up being Vols, but for now, I will just predict the highest rated, and most sought after targets. However, feel free to leave a comment asking me about any other remaining targets, or find me on twitter and ask @shaee_flatt. The road to National Signing Day is always a fun one, and this year will be no different. With the college football season now completely over, let the ride begin.

Monday, January 7, 2013

1 Alabama should collect its 97th national championship

By Kenny Howell

I am pretty sure Alabama is going to win their 97th National Championship tonight. Not sure what number Alabama fans are going with these days since they add them by the day, but they should beat Notre Dame.

I am not 100 percent confident. Bama has looked vulnerable at times, especially when LSU'S Zac Mettenberger lit them up, something he didn't do against any other team. Johnny Football is Johnny Football, so that is not that big of a surprise, although Bama is a better team on most days than A&M. It was just the Aggies day.

But then again, Notre Dame has looked crazy vulnerable several times this year. Needing three overtimes to beat a team Ole Miss beat by three scores. Struggling against BYU, who does have a good defense, but it is also BYU. Pretty sure Bama's defense is much better than BYU. But the Irish have won all their games, so you can't argue with results.

I think a mixture of good defenses, and the long layoff keeping the offenses out of sync will keep this one fairly low scoring. I wouldn't be surprised if both teams have a defensive score. I think Bama has a better chance to get the plays on offense they need with A.J. McCarron, Eddie Lacy and T.J. Yeldon. Notre Dame has no one that really scares you too much except tight end Tyler Eiffert who is a matchup nightmare. Everett Golson still has to get the ball to him. Golson has only 11 touchdown passes this season. If Notre Dame is one dimensional, Saban will shut that down in a hurry. Ask Michigan about that. ESPN ran this story about 10 reasons Notre Dame will win, saying Golson is similar to Johnny Manziel.

I will pause for your laughter.

OK, he isn't anywhere near Manziel, the story even admits it, but then keeps running with it. That is ridiculous. He can make a play or two, but he has been pulled a few times this season for Tommy Rees. Plus, he has never been on this kind of stage. Everyone pretty much on Alabama has.

I think it will be fairly close, though Bama will keep a comfortable distance to get the win. Manti Te'o will record five tackles, and they will talk about how his leadership really led him to those five tackles. His leadership is probably not going to lead the Irish to a National Championship though. Those belong in the SEC.

Alabama 24 Notre Dame 16

0 Color footage from 1939 World Series

Not much of a story here, just some pretty cool color footage from the 1939 World Series. It's obviously not the best quality, but it's neat to get a glimpse of something color from that era.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

1 J.R. Smith turned a normal pass into a reverse alley oop

J.R. Smith turned a pretty routine entry pass into a reverse alley oop last night. Not much analysis other than that I can't do that, and he is better at basketball than me.

2 North Dakota St. gets lucky 2-point conversion

North Dakota State won the FCS National Championship over Sam Houston State yesterday. Apparently, they have this thing called a playoff where a bunch of teams play each other in a bracket style format until there is only one team left. That is weird because I thought that was impossible to have a bunch of teams play in a large playoff in college football. The kids couldn't handle it because of exams or something. I know it has nothing to do with money. The BBVA Compass Bowl and New Era Pinstripe Bowls are not about money.

Anyway, they pulled off the crazy 2-point conversion, that is really just a Keystone Cops act that works in the end. Congrats to the North Dakota, I guess. I have no idea what they are.

1 Car! GAME ON!!! NHL Lockout Is Over!

By Justin Koehn

You can turn off your PS3 or 360 and come out of your mom's basement where you've been playing NHL 13 for the past few months. The NHL season is about to start. It's been over 100 days, games have been canceled in bulk, and each time they negotiated a resolution seemed more unlikely.

There was a point in this that I had already written off the season. Every post meeting presser was the same. They would go weeks without muttering a word, much less even talk to each other.

This latest negotiating battle lasted over 16 hours. I wonder if they know how many 16 hours have passed by. Why couldn't this have come back in September? It does not matter at this point as here we are now with a peg leg of a season about to start.

After the tentative agreement is finalized on paper and made official, we will very quickly be watching hockey. Live hockey. We will get to go to games again. It seems like it has been forever since I watched The Predators play, in non-playoff replay form.

We should hear a formal announcement from the league later today, hopefully along with the details of the agreement.

I have a fantasy hockey league that I thought would never see a game this year. Now I can finalize it and get the draft going. With football season coming to a close, I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do. Now I know. I will be watching the sport I love.

I'll see you at the first puck drop.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

0 HS girl runs the save-ball-3-pt-hook-shot play

Just saw this at the great With Leather, and thought I'd share. It's is McCutcheon High School's Gabrielle Gary pulling off the save the ball from going out of bounds by throwing it at the goal, and get three points while you are at it. It was a big night behind the arch for Gary who hit seven during the game according to another YouTube video.

0 Amir Johnson proves not even refs watch the NBA

People keep telling me that a lot of people watch the NBA regular season. I never believe them because who would watch that? It's a lot of standing around on defense and isolation plays. The refs proved that they don't really watch it either as Toronto's Amir Johnson gets to double dribble and no one cares until the play is over and even then they just kind of look shocked, but don't freak out or anything. They just move on cause we don't have to care about the NBA for another four months or so.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

1 HS player Victor Dukes seems to defy gravity

Nettleton High School's Victor Dukes used either the defender or some kind of error in time and space to dunk over a helpless defender. He seems to get an extra boost in the middle of his jump. It almost looks fake.

1 Jadeveon Clowney destroys Michigan RB

If you didn't see it yesterday, Jadeveon Clowney nearly murdered Michigan running back Vincent Smith with a huge hit that sent Smith's helmet flying about six of seven yards, caused a fumble, and helped spark South Carolina to a win in whatever bowl they were playing in. They are all running together at this point.

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