Sunday, January 6, 2013

1 Car! GAME ON!!! NHL Lockout Is Over!

By Justin Koehn

You can turn off your PS3 or 360 and come out of your mom's basement where you've been playing NHL 13 for the past few months. The NHL season is about to start. It's been over 100 days, games have been canceled in bulk, and each time they negotiated a resolution seemed more unlikely.

There was a point in this that I had already written off the season. Every post meeting presser was the same. They would go weeks without muttering a word, much less even talk to each other.

This latest negotiating battle lasted over 16 hours. I wonder if they know how many 16 hours have passed by. Why couldn't this have come back in September? It does not matter at this point as here we are now with a peg leg of a season about to start.

After the tentative agreement is finalized on paper and made official, we will very quickly be watching hockey. Live hockey. We will get to go to games again. It seems like it has been forever since I watched The Predators play, in non-playoff replay form.

We should hear a formal announcement from the league later today, hopefully along with the details of the agreement.

I have a fantasy hockey league that I thought would never see a game this year. Now I can finalize it and get the draft going. With football season coming to a close, I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do. Now I know. I will be watching the sport I love.

I'll see you at the first puck drop.



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