Friday, January 11, 2013

0 Every Johnny Manziel touchdown

YouTube user JA Carter has compiled a video of every Johnny Manziel touchdown this season. After watching, I go back to thinking about how in the world Manziel and Manti Te'o was ever a discussion for the Heisman. You can watch Manziel bounce off a defender, lose the ball, catch it, turn, and awkwardly throw a strike to the end zone against Alabama, or you can watch Te'o move in on a gang tackle and get too much credit for it.

I think the key to Manziel is that he moves so awkwardly mixed with his unbelievable athleticism. He doesn't move like any other quarterback. He is just so instinctual, it's hard to know what he is about to do. Defenders have no chance. Just watching it, he looks like he is constantly running on egg shells and that it's like a cartoon, that the bottom half of his body runs before the top half. 


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