Friday, January 11, 2013

0 Nate Silver predicts Patriots-Seahawks Super Bowl

I am a huge fan of Nate Silver because I am a huge fan of actually using numbers, logic and analysis to predict things. He got destroyed this past year for his election predictions in which he projected that Obama would win handily in the electoral college, because pundits said he was too partisan. Turns out he was right, and, I think, only got one major race wrong in the election. His best sports moment was when he said that the White Sox, a year after winning the World Series, would go 72-90. Everyone laughed at him and some of the players joked why they should even play. They ended the season 72-90. He is not right all the time, and he even knows this. But he is right a lot. And he gives much legitimacy to the extensive number analysis in sports. He went on First Take yesterday, which is funny in itself. If you haven't seen that show, it is morons yelling at each other for 2 hours, and they debate the most ridiculous stuff like if Robert Griffin III is a real brother or cornball brother, which got commentator Rob Parker fired. Silver predicts that it will be the Patriots and Seahawks in the Super Bowl, which is a pretty good pick, although the Patriots didn't play very well the last two weeks. But I could definitely see it playing out that way. 


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