Monday, January 28, 2013

2 No reason to get excited about Rays to Nashville yet

By Kenny Howell

Let's all cool down a bit about the Rays coming to Nashville. 

Last Thursday, Buster Olney suggested via Twitter that the Tampa Bay Rays moving to Nashville could be a good fit. He followed up with that it was pure speculation on his part, and there wasn't anything really going on as far as a move. 

But that got everyone excited, including myself, because I heard the news second hand and thought maybe something was being discussed. I think the idea has been thrown around because this isn't the first time I have heard it, but to say negotiations are just around the corner, or like some people were doing on 104.5 the Zone's 3HL Friday, it's not time to start thinking of a name for the team. 

But, on a personal note, I have $25 I could throw in the pot to bring them here. The Rays have a good group of young players in place, a great manager, and play in what's usually the best division in baseball. It would be great for Nashville because we are somewhere between Atlanta and Cincinnati as far as our fan divide, and I don't think many are that adamant about it. But we do have good baseball around here. The two Cy Young winners this year played high school in middle Tennessee, David Price at Blackman High School in Murfreesboro and R.A. Dickey at MBA. Vanderbilt has turned into a top level program, and MTSU is usually a strong mid major. 

It would be great for Nashville not just to have another pro team here, but the new tourism dollars. Any other division it might not work, but having the Red Sox and Yankees in your division would guarantee that you would get people coming here for weekend series. If you have ever seen the Red Sox play away from home, they take over the ball park. I have seen them at Atlanta and Chicago, and there were as many if not more Red Sox fans in attendance. 

The worry is that there are not enough corporate dollars to sustain them with the Titans and the Predators. I don't think it would ever come to that, but the MLB would be a better fit for Nashville than the NHL even though the Predators have seen some moderate success here. Attendance and TV ratings for the Predators are some of the lowest in the NHL, and I am sure the MLB would do better, especially since it is a warm weather sport. 

For the city, it's best if we would have all three teams. But I don't think it would ever come to either the Predators or Nashville Rays, mostly because it isn't going to happen soon. And the Predators need to be here, and will continue to grow in popularity if they stay on track. Nashville is the "it" city right now, and continues to grow. We should be able to support that third team, and hopefully it will be the Rays.


  1. David Price did NOT go to Riverdale. He went to Blackman High School. Please get your facts correct before posting.

    1. Did you read the story above it says he went to blackman??????



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