Friday, February 1, 2013

0 Super Bowl Prediction: Ravens?

By Kenny Howell

Since I got both Conference Championship games wrong, there really is no reason to put much stock into what I say. But, what the hey, this is my blog, so here we go. 

My first feeling is that the 49ers will win just because they are the better team. But the Ravens are the one on a roll right now, and play better defense. Defense usually wins these big ones, so I think I am going with the Ravens. Especially since now they have a guy on their team that has the powers of not only a man, but also of a deer. Or he doesn't really, as he says, because he never tested positive for it even though that is not something they test for. But there is a taped conversation of him asking how to use it and to send a bunch to him. So. 

But I digress. Ravens win. I think. 

Ravens 31 49ers 27


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