Sunday, March 31, 2013

0 Bielema said that Saban can't compare to him basically

By Kenny Howell

Bret Bielema was trying to get some Razorback fans fired up at the Saline County Razorback Club Fish Fry by saying, according to Saturday Down South,

“You can take Saban’s record when he was at Michigan State and when he was a coach in the Big Ten and put it against mine, and he can’t compare.”

I realize the guy was just trying to get people excited and sell some tickets, but come on, man, Saban has more national titles than hairs you have in the little spike you try to pull off. 

Bielema did have a way better record than Saban in the Big 10, that is correct, but he doesn't mention the last 11 years where Saban's record is 116-29 and four national titles. Bielema hasn't even won that many conference championships in a weaker conference. 

Saban is 159-55-1 all time and Bielema is 68-24. Both are 74 percent. So those are very comparable. They are exactly the same. The difference is that Saban almost has one hand filled up with National Championship rings and Bielema has only finished in the Top 10 twice, and has a 2-4 bowl record. That's right Bielema, that isn't even comparable. 


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