Monday, March 4, 2013

0 Red Sox, Yankees battling for last place?

Kenny Howell

It is nearly impossible to predict baseball, but it seems something strange may be happening in the AL East. 

What once was a division dominated by the Red Sox and Yankees has turned into a wide open race that seems to have pushed those two teams to the bottom. 

I think it is a two team race, and I am not including the Blue Jays in that. I know that is the hot answer right now, and some people are picking them to win the World Series, but I am not buying it until I see them come together. The Marlins, where the Blue Jays got several players from, looked poised to make a run last year, and they ended up being pretty bad. 

The Orioles' young talent finally came through last season, much like the Rays did a few years ago, and seem like they are going to be sticking around for awhile. The Rays have been around, and they are going to be good year in and year out, at least within striking distance. 

The good thing about the two powerhouses heading toward the cellar is that it shows that money isn't always the answer. Everyone kind of seemed to know that, but it is finally being confirmed. The Yankees and Red Sox have gone on spending sprees that have worked because they bought the right players. But they are in such a mess now, does it really some worth it? The Orioles and Rays have built teams with young talent, and if they can afford to keep them, they are going to keep winning. 

If the Red Sox and Yankees show some patience, they can get back to the success they had. But for this year, it ain't looking too good.


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