Wednesday, April 17, 2013

0 MLB power rankings, April 17

By Kenny Howell

We are a little bit into the season, so it is time for our first MLB power rankings of the season. It is pretty much the Braves and everyone else at this point, but we will go through. Rankings are based on winning percentage, hitting, pitching and defensive statistics.

1. Atlanta Braves (12-2) - Their 10-game win streak came to an end just before I started typing this, but they have undoubtedly been the best team so far. First in the MLB in winning percentage, team WHIP, team defensive efficiency, and second in the NL in OPS.

2. Boston Red Sox (9-4) - Surprising that the Red Sox have been this good, this fast after the cluster that was last season, but they are playing well. They are top five in the MLB in winning percentage, team WHIP and team defensive efficiency.

3. Texas Rangers (9-5) - Known for their bats in the past, this team is built around pitching and defense, and they are top five in both team WHIP and defensive efficiency, as well as winning percentage.

4. Baltimore Orioles (7-6) - They're record may not be great so far, but they are top 10 in OPS, WHIP and defensive efficiency, so the wins will start coming along with that.

5. Detroit Tigers (8-5) - Solid start for the defending AL champs, as they are top 10 in winning percentage, OPS, WHIP and defensive efficiency.

6. Oakland As (11-4) - The bats are definitely popping right now for the As (3rd in OPS), but pitching and defense is middle of the pack.

7. San Francisco (9-5) - Defending world champs are winning games, but are just below the top in offense, pitching and defense.

8. Cincinnati (6-7) - The wins haven't been there yet, but they will come. Once the bats start matching their pitching and defense, they will be at the top of the NL Central

9. Kansas City (8-6) - The Royals squashed the Braves 10-game win streak today, and have been quite surprising. They are close to the bottom in hitting, but pitching and defense has been key.

10. Colorado Rockies (10-4) - Rockies have the best offense in baseball right now, but pitching and defense are in the lower half.

11. St. Louis (8-5) - The Cards have been doing just what they do - win more than they lose. Pretty much middle of the pack in everything but winning percentage.

12. Los Angeles Dodgers (7-7) - Dodgers have been great on the mound, but not really anywhere else yet.

13. Arizona Diamondbacks (8-5) - Bats been looking good for the Diamondbacks, but the defense is near the bottom of the league.

14. New York Mets (7-6) - The Mets are hitting well, but pitching and defense needs to improve to make a good run.

15. Cleveland Indians (5-7) - The Indians are in the basement of the AL Central right now, but they play good defense. Just need to improve on the hitting and pitching.

16. Philadelphia Phillies (6-7) - Phillies are top 10 in pitching, but close to the bottom in hitting.

17. Washington Nationals (8-6) - Bryce Harper is leading a dominant offense right now, but pitching and especially defense needs to drastically improve to make a real run.

18. Pittsburgh Pirates (6-7) - Pirates are top five in defense. Bottom five in hitting.

19. New York Yankees (7-5) - Yankees knew they were going to have a little bit of a down season, but they have managed well so far all things considered. They are dead last in defensive efficiency, and in the bottom five in WHIP. However, they are second in the league at the plate, so that has kept them afloat.

20. Chicago White Sox (6-8) - Good pitching has kept the south siders around in the early part of the season.

21. Seattle Mariners (6-9) - Mariners are bottom five in hitting. Obviously, needs to improve.

22. Minnesota Twins (6-7) - The Twins used to be near the top every year, but they have faltered as of late. Need to  improve all over.

23. Tampa Bay (4-9) - This team is way more talented than they have been so far this year. Top 10 in defense, but second to last at the plate.

24. Houston Astros (4-10) - Believe it or not, this is progress for the Astros. Maybe the change of scenery in the AL has them headed in the right direction.

25. Los Angeles Angels (4-10) - Albert Pujols, Mike Trout and Josh Hamilton have this as a top 10 team at the plate, but they are second to last in WHIP.

26. Toronto Blue Jays (6-8) - Many people had the Blue Jays competing for a World Series title at the start of the season, but they have a lot of work to do. Close to the bottom in pitching and defense.

27. Chicago Cubs (4-9) - Well, at least they aren't last. Cubs still rebuilding with Theo at the helm, but at least it looks like they have an ace in Jeff Samardzija.

28. Milwaukee Brewers (4-8) - Second to last in defense and in the bottom five in pitching.

29. San Diego Padres (4-10) - Dead last in WHIP and near the bottom in everything else.

30. Miami Marlins (3-11) - Looks like Jeff Loria has successfully destroyed this team.


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