Friday, April 26, 2013

0 Reaction to the first day of the NFL Draft

By Kenny Howell

Just a few thoughts on the first round of the NFL Draft.

1. It's almost if Manti Te'o was overrated all last season

NFL owners decided that at least four linebackers were better than the king of the clean up tackle Thursday as the man with the hottest imaginary friends didn't get drafted. 

Te'o wasn't in the top 100 last year in solo tackles, tackles for loss, sacks or fumbles recovered. He was 57th in total tackles, so you know, the best linebacker and defensive player in football. His one good stat was interceptions, which he was third in the nation, so I will give him credit for that. 

But anyone who watched the national title game knows this guy isn't as good as advertised. He repeatedly got victimized by the Alabama offense, manhandled by the Bama offensive line, and got run over by Eddie Lacy.

I imagine that Te'o will get drafted early Friday. Or at least everyone seems to think so. If I was a NFL owner, I would let him sit a little longer. 

2. Vikings done good

After finishing a good 10-6 last season, the Vikings went for broke and picked up some good picks. Shariff Floyd dropping to them at 23 was a steal, but it may have been a reach to take Xavier Rhodes. Not a crazy reach, he's good, but a bit. Then getting a playmaker to replace Percy Harvin in Cordarelle Patterson was also a good get. With the ball in his hands, Patterson could be the most electric player in the NFL. It's how to get the ball in his hands that has been a problem. He didn't seem to know what he was doing a lot of the time at Tennessee last year. 

3. The Jets made great picks for a different team

When you think of the Jets, defense didn't seem to be the problem last year. It was Mark Sanchez butt fumbling. The Jets had two first round picks and used both on high quality defensive players in Dee Milliner and Sheldon Richardson. They didn't really need those picks. They needed playmakers. 

4. Tavon Austin to the Rams is good

Austin is an electric player, and it will definitely help Sam Bradford. 

5. E.J. Manuel to the Bills isn't that terrible

Everyone was shocked and dismayed when the Bills grabbed Manuel at 16. Twitter was blowing up. How could they draft a pretty talented quarterback when they needed a quarterback? I mean, a lot of people had them taking Ryan Nassib at No. 8. That was OK, but Manuel, who is probably better and has a bigger upside, was bad eight picks later? Was it a little high, yeah, but Manuel is a pretty good quarterback. He's going to need a little help, but there is potential there. 

6. Jarvis Jones at 17 is a steal and perfect fit

How Jarvis Jones slipped to 17th, I don't know. He is a playmaking machine on defense and led the nation in a couple of categories. He's going to perfectly fit that nasty Steelers defense image. 

7. Belichick, please pick the Honey Badger

Tyrann Mathieu seems perfect for Bill Belichick. He is undervalued by other teams because he isn't good at physicals. But he can play some football. Losing Wes Welker leaves a hole in the return game. What he lacks in size, he makes up for being a ball hawk and forcing turnovers. Doubt he will ever be an all pro, but he's going to make some plays. Crap, put him in there on the offensive side and just let him get his hands on the ball. 


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