Tuesday, April 2, 2013

0 Rutgers coach Mike Rice is the worst

ESPN's Outside the Lines obtained a video of Rutgers Head Men's Basketball Coach Mike Rice abusing his players in so many ways. He is seen hurling basketballs at players, kicking them, pushing them, hitting them and cussing at them. But how can you argue with his results, with his 44-51 record at Rutgers and all.

I'm all for coaches getting aggressive with players and motivate them with words, but when a dude starts hurling basketballs at people, kicking and hitting them, he needs to lose his job. Or at least, get like R. Lee Ermey from Full Metal Jacket to follow him around and tell him what a worthless piece of crap he is. Because he is. He is abusing his power as an educator and coach to pick on people. He knows these kids won't hit him back, so he kept doing it. Need to send him packing.


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