Friday, May 31, 2013

0 Trick Shot Titus is back

Trick Shot Titus has made quite a name for himself. The basketball trick shot toddler has made it to The Jimmy Kimmel Show and beat Kimmel in a shooting contest. In his new video, there are more complex trick shots, and guest spots from Kimmel and Wichita State Head Coach Greg Marshall. The best part is Titus' celebration after each trick.

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0 Birdman shoves Hansbrough

The Heat's Chris Anderson for reasons unknown shoved the Pacers' Tyler Hansbrough last night. Every time I see Hansbrough play I feel like at some point is going to yell out in a Chris Griffin voice, "I'm so awkward!" But that's no reason to shove someone Birdman. You big bully.

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

0 Navarro, Zimmerman, both hit 3 HRs Wednesday

Wednesday was a day for big bats, as the Cubs Dioner Navarro and Ryan Zimmerman both hit three home runs on the day. Check them out below.

0 Chicago downs Detroit in OT

By Justin Koehn

While watching the DET/CHI series I just knew it was going to 7 games from the start. I am not a fan of Detroit and seriously wanted them to get destroyed. Last night, I got to see that happen with a beautiful shot by Seabrook to end it in overtime. Game 7s are exciting enough, but you cannot beat the excitement of a game 7 overtime winner on home ice. The conference finals will start on Saturday with CHI/LAK at 4PM and PIT/BOS at 7 p.m., central time.

Game Highlights

via Seabrook OT Winner

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

0 This is Jeffrey Loria baseball, feel the excitement, Part 3

We have previously displayed the dysfunction of the terrible Marlins here and here, but the Marlins are just a gift that keeps on giving. Like Marcell Ozuna, who was the right fielder that tried to catch the flyball that was in the stands 50 feet behind him. This time, he tries to catch a foul fly ball, but trips over the bullpen mound and falls down.

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0 Lebron James' best flops

By Kenny Howell

YouTube user and overall hero RSVLTS has put a supercut together of Lebron James' best flops. It's one of the reasons I have never liked him as a player. That and his total lack of knowledge that he could be the best player of all time. You're 6'8", 250 pounds, you don't have to kick it out every time you get in the lane. Just go score. You with the ball in your hands 5 feet from the basket is a higher percentage shot than Chris Bosh from three point range. If he ever got a killer instinct like Jordan had, he would be completely unstoppable. But he's probably never going to play like that. He's gone this long.

Anyway, dude is serial flopper, and again, there is no need for that. He has the ability to be better than everyone. He doesn't have to resort to cheap gimmick crap to win. RSVLTS' video is below.

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0 Shin-Soo Choo thinks he hit a HR, he didn't

Shin-Soo Choo was taking his smooth walk around the bases after a home run Tuesday, but the problem was that he only hit a ground rule double.

0 Lebron has amazing block, fouls out, loses

Much of the talk about last night's Heat and Pacers game was the officiating, specifically toward the end when Lebron James fouled out and Dwyane Wade got called for a walk. Really, the Pacers outplayed them. Officiating was bad, but Joey Crawford didn't outrebound the Heat 49-30. Maybe Lebron's foul call was karma for all the traveling and flopping he has got away with over the years. But I digress. He can still do things like this.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

0 Amazing slip 'n' slide trick shot

To go with the trampoline trick shot we posted a week or so ago, here is a slip 'n' slide trick shot that is pretty impressive. I think I like the trampoline one better, but this is pretty close.

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0 Chapman throws 100 mph at Swisher's head

Not sure what the issue was with Aroldis Chapman yesterday, but he threw 100 mph about 5 feet over the catcher's head, then threw 100 mph at Nick Swisher's head. Swisher obviously didn't care for that and they exchanged words. Chapman eventually got him to line out.

Monday, May 27, 2013

0 Lil Jon threw out first pitch, can't throw

I am not familiar with Lil Jon's body of work, but I am pretty sure there is no line in any of his songs in which he brags about being able to throw a baseball. Mr. Jon makes it to the catcher, unlike others, but he threw it about 25 feet in the air like he was throwing flyballs to his son. I am not sure he has a son, but that is what I would picture it would be like throwing to Liler Jon.

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0 Kottaras tries to stop throw, spikes ball

George Kottaras was raring to get the runner at 2nd, but when the runner wasn't going, he tried to stop himself. It didn't work.

0 Munenori Kawasaki is excited after walk off winner

What Munenori Kawasaki lacks in his knowledge of the English language, he makes up for in excitement. Kawasaki hit a game winning walk off double Sunday, then got a bit of an interview. He used a couple of the English phrases he knows then pumped up the crowd. Good to see that kind of excitement still in the game.

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

0 Brewers reporter gets mic knocked out of hand by foul ball

Brewers reporter Sophia Minneart just wanted fans to vote on their favorite Brewers play, but some jerk had to hit a foul ball at her and knock her mic out of her hand. She handled it well, picking the mic back up and finishing her segment. And luckily, it didn't hit her just the mic.

0 Lombardozzi throws out runner with his knee

This was a total accident, a happy accident if you will, but Steve Lombardozzi couldn't handle a drag bunt, luckily his knee could, as it knocked off his knee and right into the first baseman's glove.

0 MLB Power Rankings, May 26

By Kenny Howell

Changes once again in the MLB Power Rankings this week, as we have yet another new No. 1. Teams will be followed by their record and what they were ranked last week.

1. Cincinnati Reds (31-18) (2) - That new No. 1 is the Reds who I said early on would put it together. Best pitching staff in baseball, and have won eight of their last 10, including five in a row.

2. Atlanta Braves (30-18) (6) - After a bit of a slump, the Braves are back on a tear, winning eight in a row.

3. Texas Rangers (32-17) (1) - Rangers didn't do much to fall out of first, just have some other teams surging. They still have won seven of their last 10 and have the best record in baseball.

4. Pittsburgh Pirates (30-19) (3) - Pirates are actually third place in their division, the NL Central, which is by far the strongest. Have won eight of their last 10.

5. Detroit Tigers (27-20) (7) - Tigers have actually been average the last week, but other teams have dropped out to lift them up.

6. Baltimore Orioles (27-22) (9) - Pitching staff needs work, but they are still in striking distance in the AL East.

7. Cleveland Indians (27-21) (4) - Indians have lost two in a row, but they are still holding on, and look to be a team to make a run down the stretch if they get their pitching problems worked out.

8. St. Louis Cardinals (31-17) (5) - Cardinals still holding a top of the NL Central thanks to a great pitching staff. Still think the Reds and Pirates eventually take over because of the Cards below average hitting and defense.

9. Oakland Athletics (27-23) (19) - After a slump, Billy Beene's boys are getting things back together, winning seven of their last 10.

10. Arizona Diamondbacks (27-22) (10) - It seems like the Diamondbacks are No. 10 every week. They have yet to take that next step as an elite team, but they are a pretty good one.

11. Boston Red Sox (30-20) (8) - Red Sox still holding strong in the AL East, but below average pitching and defense is going to do them in if they can't get over their injury problems long term.

12. New York Yankees (30-18) (11) - Yankees are still a top the AL East despite being average at the plate and bad on defense.

13. Colorado Rockies (27-22) (16) - Rockies are tied for first in the logjammed NL West thanks to a great lineup.

14. San Francisco Giants (27-22) (13) - Giants are one of those teams they are tied with, though they are struggling as of late.

15. Tampa Bay Rays (24-24) (12) - Rays have lost three in a row and are looking to end their early May surge.

16. Washington Nationals (25-24) (15) - Nationals are second to last in the MLB in hitting, but sixth in pitching. They get the lineup worked out, and they will possibly contend for a wild card spot.

17. Philadelphia Phillies (24-25) (20) - Phillies are getting better, but still don't have much of an offense.

18. Kansas City Royals (21-25) (14) - Royals continue their nose dive. They were top 10 two weeks ago. They have just won two of their last 10.

19. Chicago White Sox (23-24) (21) - White Sox are getting themselves into better position, winning seven out of the last 10.

20. San Diego Padres (22-26) (22) - Just a few weeks ago, the Padres were at the bottom with the Marlins and Astros, but they are now just bad instead of terrible.

21. Chicago Cubs (18-30) (18) - Like many people on the north side of Chicago, I am not giving up on the Cubs. Top 10 in pitching and top five in defense. Just need to learn how to win.

22. Toronto Blue Jays (20-29) (25) - Blue Jays talent is also lifting them from terrible to bad.

23. Los Angeles Angels (22-27) (28) - The Angels are finally putting it together, winning their last seven.

24. Los Angeles Dodgers (20-27) (26) - Dodgers still bad.

25. Seattle Mariners (20-29) - Mariners looked to be getting some things going, but now have dropped eight in a row.

26. Milwaukee Brewers (19-28) (23) - Brewers have won just three of their last 10.

27. New York Mets (17-29) (24) - The Mets have dropped five in a row.

28. Minnesota Twins (19-27) (27) - Twins have won just one in their last 10.

29. Miami Marlins (13-36) (29) - Hold the worst record in baseball once again, but I think they have a slight step on the Astros.

30. Houston Astros (14-35) (30) - Poor Astros.

0 Top 5 stories of the week

Check out our top 5 stories of the week

1. Tim Lincecum fell down. Genius in its simplicity.

2. David Ortiz steals third. Wait, what?

3. Chelsea goalkeeper's son scores goal during post game festivities. Cuteness ensued.

4. An amazing trampoline trick shot

5. An insane through the legs assist for goal

0 Angel Pagan hits walk off inside the park HR

Not sure that I have ever seen this. Inside the park home runs are pretty rare, but walk off inside the park home runs have to be almost non-existent. Angel Pagan gave the Giants the win yesterday after the ball kicked off the wall funny and he beat the throw home.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

0 Exactly what you would expect from a John Clayton first pitch

How awesome would have it have been if John Clayton would have come out, rocking full pony tail, and hit 95 mph on his first pitch then pulled out a picture of his old nemesis Sean Salisbury and ripped it in half. However, we live in reality, and he threw a looper that, to be fair, almost reached the catcher.

0 Now that's how you blow a call

A double play was turned in the Mariners and Rangers game, or was it? It appears at first the stretching first baseman made the catch, but it was really the pitcher who wasn't even on the bag and reached out to snag it for some reason. Didn't matter, they called the runner out.

0 Kratz, Moore collide at home

You don't really see many collisions at the plate anymore. Maybe because players go on the DL after sneezing the wrong way these days. But there was a decent collision between the Phillies' Erik Kratz and Nationals' Tyler Moore.

0 Pacers beat Heat, Paul George did this

Thanks to Lebron James not realizing he is really good and turning the ball over two times in the final 45 seconds, the Pacers beat the Heat in Game 2 last night. Roy Hibbert was probably the difference with 29 points down low, but Paul George continues to be a super star in the making. He blew passed Lebron, then dunked on art project Chris Anderson.

Friday, May 24, 2013

0 Soccer player scores goal, celebrates with pants on head

Mario Djurovski got a bit too excited after a goal recently and took his pants off and placed them on his head. He was red carded.

[via Reddit]

Thursday, May 23, 2013

0 Get out of Koji Uehara's way, he's high fivin

Koji Uehara was a bit excited after pitching a strong eighth inning, so he high fived everyone in his area, including Shane Victorino, who wasn't ready for that.

0 Just a routine 5-6-3 putout

A hard grounder to third deflected off Josh Donaldson, but Adam Rosales is there to clean it up.

0 David Ortiz steals third. Wait, what?

David Ortiz is not known for his fleet footed base stealing ways. He has a total of 12 in his career, with a career high of three in 2007. That didn't stop him from stealing third yesterday against the White Sox with no throw.

0 Lebron James' game winner

People have criticized Lebron James his whole career for not being clutch, but you don't have to be really all that clutch in the last two seconds when someone gives you a free path to the basket for an easy layup. It overshadowed a long, clutch three pointer by Paul George to send it to OT, then him getting fouled in OT on a three-point attempt with two seconds left. He nailed all free throws. Then gave Lebron a routine layup for the win.

0 Cabrera gets help on HR

Miguel Cabrera doesn't need much help when it comes to home runs, but Michael Bourn don't care. A fly ball to the wall bounces of Bourn's glove and goes over the fence. It was unfortunate.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

0 Man spills wife's beer, she gets him back

By Justin Koehn

At a recent Cubs game, this guy decides to go all out catching a fly ball and in turn spilled a bit of his wife's beer in the process. She decided this to be hostile so she dumps the rest of it on his head. What a waste of beer.

0 Mike Trout becomes youngest player to hit for cycle

It was only a matter of time before it happened. Mike Trout hit for the cycle Tuesday night, the youngest player ever to do so. I am sure this won't be the last time he does that.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

0 Jordan vs. Lebron

By Shaee Flatt

On Tuesday, Alonzo Mourning was speaking at the opening of a local Microsoft store in Miami, and towards the end, was hit with the famous “MJ vs. LeBron” question. Mourning laughed, before telling the audience that Scottie Pippen told him he thinks that LeBron would “kick MJ’s ass," Mourning then went on to say he responded by saying “Scottie, you’re right.”

I’m just twenty one years old, so I didn’t watch Jordan play live in his prime with much basketball knowledge. I watched the end of his career, and knew he was great, but couldn’t really break his game down or anything. However, I have since watched many tapes of Jordan, YouTube videos, etc. I’ve seen all of his great games, in their entirety and I’ve watched almost every game LeBron has played in since he entered the league, and even many of his High School games. He definitely has the best case against Jordan out of any other player since Jordan retired.

Some people say Kobe Bryant, but Kobe isn’t really close at all. Jordan did everything. He not only scored, but he rebounded, assisted, and defended exceptionally well. The only area that Bryant is even comparable to Jordan is scoring. Bryant could score with anyone in his prime, and still can, but he’s not close to Jordan as an all-around player.

LeBron on the other hand, is arguably as good as or better than Jordan in every area of the game. At this point in LeBron’s career, the only area’s I would certainly put Jordan ahead of LeBron in is scoring and closing. I would give LeBron the edge in rebounding and passing, and I would also give LeBron a very slight edge in defense. Jordan could guard specific players better, but in my opinion, LeBron is the most valuable defender of all-time. He can defend any player in the NBA, and do it well, so I would rather have LeBron as a defender because no matter who you’re playing, LeBron can take them out of the game. Jordan couldn’t defend post players, or point guards nearly as well as LeBron can.

As for the scoring goes, LeBron certainly has the chance to surpass Jordan before his career ends. He will never average 35 points per game because of his pass tendencies, but if he wanted to, he definitely could. If James can continue to improve his jump shot every year, just as he has thus far in his career, his potential is unlimited.

As for as who the better individual player is, its’ a toss-up. You can’t go wrong with either one, and I think they’re the two best players of all-time. However, when ranking the best players of all-time, you always start with Michael Jordan because of his ability to close games, and his six NBA Championships, and six NBA Finals MVP awards. LeBron could be starting that list one day, but halfway through his career, his greatness hasn’t surpassed Michael Jordan’s.

That being said, lets come back to this when LeBron’s career is finished, or at least close to being finished. The guy is just 28 years old. He will either finish his career as the best of all-time, or the second best of all-time, we don’t have to decide which one it will be right now. 

0 Insane through the legs assist for a goal

By Justin Koehn

Plays like these are what dreams are made of. You have to watch it a few times to understand how incredible the puck control was during this entire sequence.

[via The Score]

Monday, May 20, 2013

0 Collmenter makes wild catch on pop up bunt

Just like they drew it up, Josh Collmenter got a hold of a popped up bunt after it deflected off the catcher's mitt, he popped it up to himself, then pulled it in.

0 Chelsea goalkeeper's son scores goal, crowd goes wild

I know next to nothing about soccer, because if I learned about it I couldn't hold my grudge against it. Ignorance is bliss. One thing I do know is that kids are cute, and Chelsea goalkeeper Ross Turnbull's son, Josh Turnbull, took out some time during post game festivities to try his hand at the sport. Cuteness ensues.

[via Deadspin]

0 Amazing trampoline trick shot

My first instinct was this was fake, but they shot it from several different angles. It's pretty amazing, and I wonder how many times they tried this.

[via With Leather]

Sunday, May 19, 2013

0 Roy Hibbert shuts down Carmelo Anthony

The Pacers dispatched the Knicks last night for good, partially thanks to Roy Hibbert shutting down Carmelo Anthony at the goal. Just about the perfect block.

0 Ha ha, Tim Lincecum fell down

I really like Tim Lincecum, but falling down is always funny.

0 Top 5 stories of the week

Check out our Top 5 stories of the week.

1. Viktor Troicki doesn't get the call and has a bit of a meltdown

2. A Korean baseball player celebrated a HR, he didn't hit a HR

3. A goalkeeper celebrated a save, didn't make a save

4. Manny being Manny in Taiwan, slides 10 feet to soon

5. Hyun-Jiu Ryu plays catch with a young fan

Saturday, May 18, 2013

0 MLB Power Rankings, May 18

By Kenny Howell

I'm a few days late on my power rankings this week, so there will be a lot of changes. The team name will be followed by their record and what they were last week in the rankings.

1. Texas Rangers (27-15) (2) - Been hanging around the top all year, but now have taken the top spot in the rankings. Top five in hitting and pitching and top 10 in defense.

2. Cincinnati Reds (25-17) (5)  - Reds are finally heating up like they should have all season. Look poised to challenge the Cardinals at the top of the division.

3. Pittsburgh Pirates (25-17) (8) - Pirates are also playing good baseball right now. Top 10 in pitching and second in the MLB in defensive efficiency.

4. Cleveland Indians (23-17) (12) - The Indians have won seven of their last 10 and look like a team to challenge the Tigers in the AL Central.

5. St. Louis Cardinals (27-14) (11) - Currently have the best record in baseball thanks to a great pitching staff. Still need to improve at the plate and in the field to sustain it over the season.

6. Atlanta Braves (23-18) (1) - The Braves have just won four of their last 10, and are sinking after their hot start.

7. Detroit Tigers (23-17) (4) - Also dropping a bit after just winning four of their last 10.

8. Boston Red Sox (25-17) (7) - Red Sox are trying to stay afloat after all their injuries.

9. Baltimore Orioles (23-18) (3) - Orioles have dropped three straight, and their pitching staff is now in the bottom third of the MLB.

10. Arizona Diamondbacks (24-18) (10) - Giants are slipping, so the Diamondbacks are trying to take over the NL West.

11. New York Yankees (26-16) (15) - I still don't buy the Yankees, but they are playing well. However, their bats are cooling off a bit. Pitching is getting better, defense is still bad.

12. Tampa Bay Rays (21-20) (24) - The Rays are finally playing the way they should have all season, and are over .500. Gonna make the crowded AL East more crowded.

13. San Francisco Giants (24-18) (14) - Giants pitching and defense raising a bit of a concern.

14. Kansas City Royals (20-18) (9) - Ah, here are the real Royals. They are coming back to reality now, losing seven of their last 10.

15. Washington Nationals (23-19) (13) - If they can keep Bryce Harper from running into walls, they are going to challenge the slipping Braves.

16. Colorado Rockies (22-20) (6) - The Rockies are freefalling, losing seven of their last 10.

17. Seattle Mariners (20-22) (22) - Mariners are second in the MLB in pitching and top five in defense. Keeping them out of the cellar.

18. Chicago Cubs (17-24) (21) - Cubs have won six of their last 10, and are top 10 in pitching, top five in defense. Hitting is getting better.

19. Oakland Athletics (21-22) (16) - Once near the top, the As are sinking, losing seven of their last 10.

20. Philadelphia Phillies (20-22) (18) - The Phillies are top five in defensive efficiency, and bottom five at the plate.

21. Chicago White Sox (19-21) (23) - Top 10 in pitching and defense are keeping the White Sox average. Second to last in hitting.

22. San Diego Padres (18-23) (19) - Best defense in baseball. Bottom five in pitching and hitting.

23. Milwaukee Brewers (16-24) (17) - At one point in time, the Brewers had won nine in a row. Now, they have last eight of their last 10.

24. New York Mets (16-23) (20) - Mets slipping back to the bottom after losing seven of their last 10.

25. Toronto Blue Jays (17-25) (25) - Basically got a bunch of talented handed to them, but haven't put it together yet. Second to last in pitching, despite getting the Cy Young winner, R.A. Dickey, added to the roster this season.

26. Los Angeles Dodgers (17-23) (29) - Dodgers playing just below average, winning only four of their last 10.

27. Minnesota Twins (18-20) (27) - Twins are bottom 10 in hitting, pitching and defense.

28. Los Angeles Angels (15-27) (26) - You have Albert Pujols, Josh Hamilton and Mike Trout in the same lineup and you can only manage to win 15 games.

29. Miami Marlins (11-31) (28) - Marlins are in a battle for last with the Astros...

30. Houston Astros (11-31) (30) - ...but the Astros losing on a walk off error last night gives them that extra edge.

Friday, May 17, 2013

0 Daniel Murphy should get 2 runs for that

Daniel Murphy hit a fly ball that disappeared into the wall Thursday. What are the chances of hitting it directly into that crack? You should get extra runs for that. Kind of like a safety in football. Why in the world do you only get two points for that? It's incredibly hard to do. Should be like 10.

0 Durant isn't Durant without Russell Westbrook

By Shaee Flatt

Just after the Heat closed out the Bulls in game five, the Memphis Grizzlies did the same to Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder. 

The Grizzlies outplayed the Thunder for five straight games, and Kevin Durant didn’t look like the second best player in the NBA for any of the last four. 

Many consider Durant the most “clutch” player in the NBA but for four straight games, Durant came up empty in the final minutes of four straight losses. He missed shot after shot, he turned the ball over time after time, and he looked lost without his running mate Russell Westbrook. He didn’t look “clutch” at all, rather he looked like a good player, that couldn’t get it done at the end of games. 

This is the same criticism that LeBron James faced when he was in Cleveland, playing with even less talent by far that Durant is playing with now. While now, playing with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, LeBron looks just as clutch as anyone in the league. It's not because he has gotten any better, it is just because there are other players on the court that the defense has to worry about. 

Durant never faced late game double teams because of Westbrook but now, without Westbrook, Durant can’t seem to do anything right in the final minutes of games. 

There is a simple conclusion. You can’t do it alone. The only difference between what LeBron faced in Cleveland, and Durant in Oklahoma City without Westbrook is that the media and fans aren’t blasting Durant the same way that they did with LeBron when he was in Cleveland. Durant, unlike LeBron, didn’t have the expectation of winning the series by himself, and has thus received a pass for losing the series to the Grizzlies in five games, as he should.  

Simply put, at the end of games, Kevin Durant isn’t Kevin Durant without Russell Westbrook. LeBron James isn’t LeBron James at the end of games without Dwyane Wade, just as Michael Jordan wouldn’t have been Michael Jordan at the end of games without Scottie Pippen. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

0 Heat enjoy best night of playoffs

By Shaee Flatt

Last night, the Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls faced off in game five of the Eastern Conference semifinals, and the Heat were looking to win their fourth straight, to advance to the conference finals.

It was the best night the Heat have enjoyed thus far in the 2013 playoffs. They’ve had blowout wins, they have won every road game they have played, and they have seemed downright dominant at times, but last night was the first time that Dwyane Wade looked like Dwyane Wade. 

Wade came in to the game averaging around 12 points per game while shooting around 44 percent from the field. Compared to his regular season numbers of 21.2 ppg at 52 percent shooting, he has looked far from a superstar and just looked horrible at times. 

It is clear that his knee has really been hurting him, and he just hasn’t been himself, and without Wade playing well, the Heat would have a hard time winning the Finals for the second straight year. 

However, last night, Wade looked to be himself once again. He only scored 18 points, which still isn’t great, but he provided a huge spark down the stretch in the fourth quarter with six points, including a put-back dunk and two tough runners coming off of great cuts on his knee.

The Heat know what they are going to get from LeBron every night. His 28-8-8 stat line has come so consistent that we now take it for granted. Not to mention he has arguably been the NBA’s best defensive player for the past two seasons. 

LeBron is LeBron, but he can’t do it alone, no one can. Last night, Dwyane Wade may have showed LeBron that he won’t have to. Oh yeah, and they still have that Chris Bosh fellow too. Like last year, it looks like the Heat are only getting better as the playoffs go on.
So while it wasn’t a road blowout, the Heat didn’t look dominant, and they almost let the Bulls steal
another game in Miami, Dwyane Wade finally looked like Dwyane Wade again, and that made last night the best night of the NBA playoffs for the Miami Heat and their fans.

0 Blackhawks beat Detroit in Game 1

By Justin Koehn

Up until the third period, the game was running pretty flat with 1-1 going into the final period. That is when Chicago decided to have their way with Detroit, ending it in regulation with a 4-1 win to take game 1 at home.

0 Troicki freaks out after call against him

Tennis player Viktor Troicki was getting whipped by Ernests Gulbis, and when he didn't get a call, he flipped out. For four minutes, he yelled at the chair umpire, even taking the TV camera over to the spot. He continued to get whipped after his meltdown.

[via Tennis-X]

0 Goalkeeper celebrates save, didn't get a save

To go along with our guy celebrating a home run that wasn't a home run, here is a goal keeper celebrating a save that he didn't actually make. To be fair to him, this will probably never happen again.

[via Clip Nation]

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

0 Korean player celebrates HR, doesn't hit HR

Korean player Jeon Jun-woo got real excited about a fly ball last night, thinking it was gone, pointing to his teammates, starting to round first, then realizing the outfielder caught it at the warning track. Why your mother told you never to showboat when you were a kid.

[via Clip Nation]

0 The new Vikings stadium looks kind of awesome

The Minnesota Vikings are going to get a new stadium in the next year or so, and the first plans were unveiled Tuesday. I have to say, they are pretty freaking impressive. That will be the coolest stadium in the NFL if it ends up that way. Make Jerry's World look like a turd.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

0 Hyun-Jiu Ryu plays catch with young fan

As I have stated before, I am a sucker for big league players doing nice things for kids, and mostly because I was snubbed by my hero Roger Clemens when I was at a Red Sox spring training game as a kid. So I will show every video I get of a player doing something nice. Here is the Dodgers Hyun-Jiu Ryu playing catch with a kid before a game. The best part is the kid trying to get his full windup in the cramped seats.

[via Fansided]

0 ESPN unveils new set

ESPN unveiled their new completely digital set at their upfronts today. It is pretty impressive. They will be able to get a ton of Tebows in all the digital area.

0 Bryce Harper fought the wall, and the wall won

By Justin Koehn

So Bryce Harper decided it would be a good idea to go for a fly ball, whilst not checking the distance between him and the outside wall of Dodger Stadium. His misjudged it very poorly and hit it full speed.

0 Moldovan goalkeeper throws it in own goal

Moldovan's Radu Mitu lost a his grip a bit on the ball recently, and just happened to throw it is own goal. That's pretty unfortunate.

[via Clip Nation]

0 Russian Youth Hockey Brawl!

I don't know where in Russia this happened or what kind of league it is because all the words on the YouTube video are in Russian. What I do know is that some good fightin.

[via Reddit]

0 Boston wins game 7 in OT

By Justin Koehn

Overtime periods in hockey is always exciting, especially when it is an elimination game in the playoffs. Boston was as far down as 4-1 against Toronto. They somehow managed to keep themselves alive and rolling, with Bergeron tying up the game. He also banged in the OT winner as well to send the Bruins to round 2. Give this man a nice raise, or at least a two hour round of extreme high-fives. Check out the full highlights.


Also for fun lets watch the Bergeron goal again. It is like magic. Right place at the right time. from

Monday, May 13, 2013

0 Manny being Manny in Taiwan, slides 10 feet too soon

For those who don't know, Manny Ramirez is now playing baseball in Taiwan. A few days ago, he looked like he was back in the big leagues when he slid about 10 feet too soon and didn't make it anywhere near second base.

[via Deadspin]

Sunday, May 12, 2013

0 Amarista makes last second move to snag fly ball

Alexi Amarista made this nifty last second move to snag a fly ball to center Saturday. Don't know if he tracked it wrong, or it made a last second move to his left. Either way it is impressive.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

0 Fan interferes with play, acts like he didn't

During the Giants game last night, a fair grounder was hit down the third base line, but that didn't stop a fan from snagging it, celebrating, realizing he wasn't supposed to do that, tossing it back, then getting kicked out. His toss back onto the field is one of my favorite things now.

0 Bulls, Heat were not playing nice last night

Things got a bit heated last night at the Bulls and Heat game and turned a bit shove-y. It started when Chris Anderson fouled Nate Robinson, and Joakin Noah overreacted a bit, shoving him out of the way. Noah picked up a technical foul. Then Lebron James shoved Nazr Mohammed, who was just playing some pretty tight defense, which caused Mohammed to shove Lebron and turn Lebron into Meryl Streep. When people fall down, they don't turn and look where they are about to fall. Both videos are below.

Friday, May 10, 2013

0 Rugby player gets rocked

I don't really know much about Rugby except you have to be way tougher than me to play it, and it is kind of like football with no pads. Here, the excellently named Lolo Lui unloads on James Stannard.

[via Deadspin]

1 Drunken Zamboni Driving Maniac

By Justin Koehn

If you were in Oklahoma, drank some beer, and had nothing to do why wouldn't you stroll on down to the local arena and take the zamboni for a drunken joyride? Because you would look stupid like this moron.


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Also to get you going, why not listen to some Two Man Advantage with their song Zamboni Driving Maniac. Fits well with this story.

0 Time's up Derrick Rose, what's it going to be?

By Shaee Flatt

The Chicago Bulls are headed back to Chicago tied with the Miami Heat at a game apiece. Despite being blown out of the building in game two, the Bulls are in as good of shape as they could have hoped for at the start of the series. 

Heading back to Chicago, the Bulls desperately need to win game three and re-take the series advantage. Their best hope at doing this, is if Derrick Rose FINALLY returns to the lineup. For months now, Rose has been cleared to play, yet has still elected to sit. For months now, his teammates have watched him take full contact in five on five practice scrimmages, only to watch him dress up in a suit and tie on game nights. 

You would be hard pressed to find another superstar who, when healthy, would be sitting and watching while his team needed him the most. With the series shifting back to Chicago, and the Bulls in good position to pull a major upset of the Heat, the timing is perfect for Rose to return to the lineup for the Bulls in game three. Returning to the lineup in this series, would give the Bulls the most electric fan base in the NBA for games three and four. It would energize everyone in the building for two games, including his teammates. 

He plays with them every day in practice, so no, I do not see him messing up any sort of “rhythm” that the Bulls currently have. I do not believe for a second that Derrick Rose returning to this series could hurt the Bulls at all in any way. He may not be the typical Derrick Rose right away, but they don’t really need him to be. He would provide excellent depth, and give the Bulls another go to scorer down the stretch, alongside Nate Robinson. It would help the Bulls in every way possible, and actually give them a real chance at winning this series against the Heat and advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals. 

Let's face it, without Rose, the Bulls have little to zero chance at beating the Heat three more times, but with him, they have a much better chance. It's his choice, but being there for your teammates, organization, and city when they need you most shouldn’t be a tough choice. 

So your move, superstar. What’s it going to be? 

0 The worst first pitch in history?

Before the Stetson baseball game Tuesday, some guy threw out probably the worst first pitch I have ever seen. The man's name is John Bledsoe, and I believe it says he is from a local insurance company. He wants you to fear the hat, just not his pitching ability.

[via With Leather]

Thursday, May 9, 2013

0 Klay Thompson couldn't miss in the 1st half

Stephen Curry had somewhat of an off night last night, so Klay Thompson stepped up and couldn't miss in the first half. He had 29 points through the first two quarters. He cooled off considerably in the second half, but ended with 34 points and 14 rebounds. He was 7-for-8 from three in the first half.

0 Oakland got robbed

You would think that the introduction of review for home runs would clear up the problems of home runs not being called home runs, but you would be wrong. Adam Rosales hit a home run Wednesday, but it was ruled a double, then upheld after video clearly showed it was home run. The home run would have tied it, but the Indians ended up holding on for the win, 4-3.

0 Craig Smith with Hat Trick for US Win in IIHF

By Justin Koehn

Yesterday Finland hosted the United States in the IIHF. Craig Smith decided to bury a hat trick and John Gibson, who is only 19, decided to make 31 saves on 32 shots for a 4-1 win. Highlights below:

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

0 Seriously soccer, Part 2

I have a feeling that this will become a running segment. Here is another soccer flop/dive, however you want to call it. Much like the first time I did this, I will not identify the people involved because this crap is stupid, and it shouldn't be encouraged.

[via With Leather]

0 This is Jeffrey Loria baseball, feel the excitement, Part 2

I posted earlier that the Marlins are no longer the worst team in baseball. At least for now. But that doesn't mean we can't laugh at just how terrible they are. We had this play yesterday, now we have Marcell Ozuna trying to catch a fly ball that is behind him about 100 feet in the seats.

0 MLB Power Rankings, May 8

By Kenny Howell

The Braves return to the top of this week's power rankings not because of much of what they did, but the slipping of some other top teams. Everyone is kind of sinking back to the middle. The team names will be followed by their record and what they were last week.

1. Atlanta Braves (19-13) (2) - Haven't been playing great baseball as of late, but they still have the best pitching in baseball, top five in defense and top 10 in hitting.

2. Texas Rangers (20-13) (3) - Been solid all year long, top five in winning percentage and pitching, top 10 in hitting.

3. Baltimore Orioles (20-13) (4) - Tops in the MLB in defensive efficiency, top five in winning percentage, top 10 in hitting.

4. Detroit Tigers (19-11) (7) - Tigers are on a tear as of late, winning nine of their last 10. Top five in winning percentage, pitching and hitting. Near the bottom in defensive efficiency is holding them back.

5. Cincinnati Reds (19-15) (5) - We still haven't seen the real Reds. I say it every week. About to give up on them. Top five in pitching, top 10 in defensive efficiency.

6. Colorado Rockies (19-13) (8) - Best at the plate in baseball, but middle of the pack in pitching and defense.

7. Boston Red Sox (21-12) (1) - Best record in baseball and last week's no. 1 took a tumble after plummeting in the pitching and defense categories. Lots of injuries are going to be hard to overcome.

8. Pittsburgh Pirates (18-14) (11) - Pirates are top 10 in defensive efficiency, and just keep winning games.

9. Kansas City Royals (17-12) (10) - Royals are top 10 in pitching, which has maintained their surprising start.

10. Arizona Diamondbacks (18-15) (9) - Diamondbacks just playing solid enough to stay above average.

11. St. Louis Cardinals (20-12) (15) - I still don't buy the Cardinals, even though history pretty much proves me wrong. Not very good at the plate, and pretty bad in the field. They just keep winning.

12. Cleveland Indians (16-14) (17) - Terry Francona has the Indians playing pretty good ball, winning eight of their last 10.

13. Washington Nationals (17-15) (24) - There might finally be some life in the Nats, as they are now just two games behind the Braves.

14. San Francisco Giants (19-14) (6) - Giants slip after falling in to the bottom half in every statistical category.

15. New York Yankees (18-13) (14) - Yankees are still in the bottom 10 of pitching and defense but doing enough to keep pace in the AL East.

16. Oakland Athletics (18-16) (13) - As are slipping a bit, losing their last two.

17. Milwaukee Brewers (15-16) (12) - Brewers are in a bit of slump, winning just four of their last 10.

18. Philadelphia Phillies (16-18) (23) - Phillies now top 10 in pitching and defense, giving them some hope.

19. San Diego Padres (15-18) (26) - Just a few weeks ago, the Padres were in second to last, but they have won seven of their last 10 and are not looking so terrible.

20. New York Mets (13-16) (22) - Mets are still bad.

21. Chicago Cubs (13-20) (20) - Cubs top 10 in pitching and defense. The goat has to let up soon and let them get some wins.

22. Seattle Mariners (15-19) (19) - Mariners also good at pitching and defense, just not wins.

23. Chicago White Sox (13-18) (21) - White Sox, also top 10 in pitching and defense. What gives.

24. Tampa Bay Rays (14-18) (18) - Rays slip back down a bit after losing six of their last 10.

25. Toronto Blue Jays (13-21) (27) - Blue Jays starting to hit a little better, but they are still middle of the pack in that category.

26. Los Angeles Angels (11-21) (25) - Angels just terrible on the mound.

27. Minnesota Twins (14-15) (29) - Twins are surprisingly hanging in there besides being in the bottom five in hitting, pitching and fielding.

28. Miami Marlins (10-24) (30) - For the first time this year, the Marlins are not the worst. Jeffrey Loria is going to throw himself a party and sell off some more talent.

29. Los Angeles Dodgers (13-19) (16) - The Dodgers are plummeting after losing six straight.

30. Houston Astros (9-24) (28) - Oh, the new bottom feeder. Poor Astros still looking for their 10th win. I like their new/old logo at least.

0 Taiwan Animation takes on Bulls-Heat Game 1

The weirdos over at Taiwan Animation made a short bit about the Bulls upsetting the Heat in Game 1. It is strange as always.

[via With Leather]

0 Miguel Tejada makes great stop, throw from his knees

Miguel Tejada is a player that just won't go away. He just keeps popping every year somewhere, and he will occasionally make plays like this great stop and throw at third.

0 Toronto Pitcher J.A. Happ hit with line drive

By Justin Koehn

I played baseball for many years when i was a kid, and I never wanted to play pitcher just because things like this could happen. Very scary moment for everyone watching and hopefully he will have a speedy recovery after this.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

0 Ginobli's game winner

In case you missed it last night, the Spurs and Warriors played a classic. The Warriors blew a huge late lead, and it took two overtimes to decide it with the Spurs coming out with the 129-127 win. Manu Ginobli hit the game winner with 1.2 seconds left. How do you let him get so open?

0 Matt Kemp gives disabled fan hat, jersey and shoes

It gets me every time. Every time I see a pro athlete do something nice for a fan it makes me smile uncontrollably. Maybe it's because I was snubbed by Roger Clemens and Jose Canseco when I was a kid. Anyway, Matt Kemp gave a disabled Dodgers fan more than just an autograph. He gave him his hat, game jersey and shoes.

[via Deadspin]

0 This is Jeffrey Loria baseball, feel the excitement

The Marlins are just awful thanks to their idiot owner Jeffrey Loria selling off all their talent. They surprisingly don't have the worst record in baseball. That belongs to the Astros. But they are still terrible. Example, this play.

0 Pool match interrupted by farts

By Justin Koehn

There isn't many times in sports there is complete silence, but during this round of pool, one spectator took the most brilliant opportunity to lay down a little bit of a distraction.

Monday, May 6, 2013

0 Senators, Canadiens have full line brawl

You usually only see this in minor league hockey, but the Canadiens and Senators had a full line hockey brawl in Game 3 of their series yesterday.

[via Deadspin]

0 Minor Leaguer Scott Carroll will endorse your product

Scott Carroll has been a career minor leaguer, so needless to say, he hasn't made a ton of money playing professional baseball. So he made a video of how he can endorse your product. It's pretty funny, so hopefully someone will hook him up.

0 Cabrera throws out runner from his back

Reigning MVP Miguel Cabrera snagged a grounder at third and threw out the runner at first while lying down.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

0 Hank Conger falls down

I don't know why falling down is funny. It just is. It always has been, always will be. Hank Conger laid down a bunt down the third base line while the Orioles were in the shift, tripped, rolled over, and still made it to first base.

0 Giants walk off against the Dodgers for second day in a row

After blowing a 6-1 lead, the Giants needed another walk off home run to win Saturday. Buster Posey did it Friday and Guillermo Quiroz did it Saturday.

0 Our Top 5 stories of the week

In case you missed them, check out our top five stories of the week.

1. A minor league goalie made a ridiculous behind the back save.

2. Also ridiculous, Pat the Roc pulled off a crazy alley oop at a charity game.

3. Fans think they can say whatever they want to players leaving the floor. This fan got called out by Stephen Curry.

4. A guy got a hold of a Google Glass and decided to strap it on while playing hockey.

5. A Dutch soccer player maybe had the worst miss in the history of the game from about two feet away.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

0 Before Posey won it, Kemp struck him down

Buster Posey looked like he was going to come in for the go ahead run in the bottom of the sixth Friday, but Matt Kemp threw a laser to cut him down at home. Posey would eventually win it with a walk off homer.

0 Metallica plays National Anthem at Giants game

Metallica showed up for Metallica night in San Francisco as one would imagine and Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield did an instrumental version of the National Anthem to start the game. It was pretty good.

[via Uproxx]

0 Posey walks off against Dodgers

Who better for Buster Posey to walk off against as a Giant than the Los Angeles Dodgers. He did it Friday night, sending one into the left field seats and putting one in the win column for San Francisco.

Friday, May 3, 2013

0 Man catches foul ball while holding baby

Parents are noted multitaskers and a fan at the Tigers/Astros game pulled that off, pulling in a foul ball with his hat while holding his child.

0 Stephen Curry-Superstar

By Shaee Flatt

Stephen Curry isn’t generally someone considered as an NBA “superstar," but after watching him play in Golden State’s series against Denver, he is to me. 

I only consider 7-9 players in the NBA superstars, but Curry is one of them. He does it all. He defends, he assists, he scores, and most importantly, he leads. 

Every single time Golden State needed to make a run against Denver, Curry stepped up. In game 4, he erupted for 22 points in the third quarter alone. In game 6, he once again sparked a huge third quarter for the Warriors by hitting four threes in the quarter. 

Plain and simple, Stephen Curry knows how to get the job done. He’s without a doubt, the best shooter in the world, and his all-around game is getting better and better. He can get to the rim when he needs to, but as long as that jump shot is falling, he won’t need to very often. As long as he gets a little bit of help around him, mainly from Center Andrew Bogut, Curry and the Warriors have a shot at upsetting the San Antonio Spurs in the second round.  

No matter the outcome of that series, when choosing players to build a franchise around, there aren’t too many I would put in front of Stephen Curry right now. 

0 Celtics and Rockets, will someone force a game 7?

By Shaee Flatt

Not even a week ago, both the Celtics and Rockets were down 3-0, and virtually dead in their respective series. 

Now, they have both won two straight and are very much alive. They both play in crucial game 6s tonight, with their seasons on the line (again), and both are at home. As you’re probably all aware, in the history of the NBA playoffs, no team has ever come from behind to win a best of seven series after trailing 3-0. The Celtics and the Rockets both hope to be the first, or maybe even, the first two.

So the question is, can they do it? I expect at least one of them to force game 7 tonight, and if I had to choose one of them to do it, it would be Houston. Oklahoma City is a shell of their regular selves without Russell Westbrook, and thus far, it doesn’t seem Durant can run the team as the lone star and ball handler. He can do it in spurts, sure, but he has played horrible in spots since Westbrook’s injury. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Rockets became the first team in NBA history to erase the 3-0 lead and comeback to win the best of seven.  

As for the Celtics, I would be surprised if they won two straight. I can see them possibly winning tonight, but the Knicks are just the better team and Carmelo is due for a good night from the field. I think the Knicks close out the Celtics tonight, but if they don’t.. All the pressure really falls onto the Knicks as they return to the Garden for Game 7. As we all know, anything can happen in game 7.

So just sit back, enjoy, and hope you witness history. 

0 Stephen Curry went off again

Stephen Curry did what great players do Thursday, step up in big games. With his team down, Curry poured in 14 points in the third quarter, two beautiful assists and led the Warriors to the second round.

[via Deadspin]

0 Gerald Wallace airballs uncontested layup

Gerald Wallace did awesome to get wide open under the basket, but then he airballed a layup attempt, caught it, and got called for traveling. Luckily for Wallace, the Nets pulled out a win and forced a Game 7.

[via Deadspin]

0 What is Chris Davis doing?

I can't tell if he had a momentary lapse of judgement, or thought he was still on the bag, but the Orioles' Chris Davis slid hard into second, then took his time getting back to the bag. In that time, Erick Aybar tagged him out and Davis just walked back to the dugout. It was kind of weird.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

0 Guy plays hockey while wearing Google Glass

YouTube user Joseph Lallouz played a game of hockey recently while wearing his Google Glass. The video is cool, even if it makes you a little motion sick. But it does show a practical application for the Google Glass in the sports world.

[via Deadspin]

0 Peyton Manning loves him some game film

Peyton Manning recently went back to the University of Tennessee to talk at a coaches clinic and Sports Technology Coordinator Joe Harrington rehashed an old story about Manning contacting him recently wanting a play that he ran at UT when they played Ole Miss in 1996. He remembered the play exactly. UT Sports put together a short video of helping Manning put together a tape for the clinic, and how important film is to his game.

[via Kissing Suzy Kolber]

0 Portland Timbers give kid fighting cancer his wish

Atticus Lane-Dupre decided he wanted to use his Make-a-Wish on something unique, so he wanted his soccer team, the Green Machine, to scrimmage the Portland Timbers. The Timbers made it happen, and it is as nice and cool as you would expect. Atticus got the winning goal and the player of the game.

[via With Leather]

0 Fowler, Nix rob home runs

Dexter Fowler took two runs off the board last night as he robbed Adrian Gonzalez of a home run to center. Laynce Nix followed suit and took one away from Drew Stubbs. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

0 MLB Power Rankings, May 1

By Kenny Howell

The Braves finally seemed mortal this past week, so there were some changes up at the top of the power rankings and a bunch of bad teams are still in a pile at the bottom. The team will be followed by their record and what they were ranked last week. 

1. Boston Red Sox (18-8) (5) - The Red Sox now have the best record in baseball, winning six of their last 10. Solid in every phase of the game. 

2. Atlanta Braves (17-9) (1) - The Braves are still really good. Just in a bit of a slump right now, especially at the plate. 

3. Texas Rangers (17-9) (2) - The Rangers are right about dead even with the Braves and within striking distance of being the best team. 

4. Baltimore Orioles (16-11) (4) - Orioles stay at four this week, winning six out of their last 10 and having the most efficient defense in baseball. 

5. Cincinnati Reds (15-13) (3) - I may have had the Reds ranked higher than they should be all season, but they are a bit better than their record and will become the team they should be in the win-loss column. 

6. San Francisco Giants (15-12) (6) - The Giants are another team that are a little better than their record. Still in good shape. 

7. Detroit Tigers (15-10) (19) - Tigers rocket back up the rankings after sweeping the powerful Braves. 

8. Colorado Rockies (16-11) (7) - The Rockies are cooling off a bit, losing seven of their last 10. Still the best bats in baseball. 

9. Arizona Diamondbacks (15-12) (11) - The Diamondbacks have lost their last two, but have won six of their last 10. 

10. Kansas City Royals (14-10) (8) - Are the Royals in it for the long haul? They are hanging right with the Tigers so far. 

11. Pittsburgh Pirates (15-12) (10) - Pirates are just a half a game out of first in the tight NL Central race. 

12. Milwaukee Brewers (14-11) (14) - The Brewers long win streak was halted but they have still won seven out of their last 10. 

13. Oakland Athletics (16-12) (9) - Dip a bit after losing six of their last 10. 

14. New York Yankees (16-10) (12) - I am still not buying the Yankees long term, but their bats are keeping them around. 

15. St. Louis Cardinals (15-11) (13) - Still winning, but teams are breathing down their necks. If their bats don't pick up they will be knocked out of first. They are 27th in the MLB in OPS. 

16. Los Angeles Dodgers (15-15) (17) - Stuck right near middle with a .500 record. 

17. Cleveland Indians (11-13) (16) - Indians still hitting the ball real well at second in the MLB in OPS. Pitching is just below average. 

18. Tampa Bay Rays (12-14) (15) - Rays are getting better, back where they should be, but they still have work to do. Pitching is good, hitting is not enough so far. 

19. Seattle Mariners (12-17) (26) - Pitching is one of the best in baseball right now, which is heating them up a bit. Hitting is terrible at 26th in OPS in the MLB. 

20. Chicago Cubs (10-16) (21) - The Cubs have won five of their last 10, and look to be not that terrible. 14th in the MLB in OPS, 11th in WHIP and 10th in defensive efficiency. Just need to translate into more wins. 

21. Chicago White Sox (10-15) (22) - The South Siders can't hit for squat, but they are average in pitching and defense. 

22. New York Mets (10-15) (23) - Mets just below average in just about everything. 

23. Philadelphia Phillies (12-15) (25) - Phillies can't get any spark at the plate. 

24. Washington Nationals (13-14) (20) - Nats are 25th in OPS. What would they be without Bryce Harper killing it so far? Pitching and defense leave a little to be desired as well. 

25. Los Angeles Angels (9-17) (24) - Angels have lost four in a row and are sinking. 

26. San Diego Padres (10-16) (29) - Is there some life in the Padres? They have won five of their last 10, which is average, not what they have been, terrible. 

27. Toronto Blue Jays (10-17) (28) - Blue Jays continue to be a talented team of crap. Lost seven of their last 10. 

28. Houston Astros (8-19) (27) - Astros aren't that bad at the plate, 11th in the MLB in OPS. But they are last in WHIP and second to last in defensive efficiency. 

29. Minnesota Twins (11-12) (19) - The Twins' record is not that bad, but they are in the bottom five in OPS, WHIP and Defensive Efficiency. If that keeps up, that record will get worse. 

30. Miami Marlins (8-19) (30) - The streak of the Marlins being the worst in baseball continues. Three weeks running now. 

0 Western Conference outlook

By Shaee Flatt

As the first round of the NBA playoffs draws closer to the end, it becomes more and more clear that ANY team that advances to the second round will have a legitimate shot at representing the Western Conference in the NBA Finals. The Oklahoma City Thunder have the conference’s best player in Kevin Durant, but without Russell Westbrook, they are very vulnerable. The San Antonio Spurs may be the favorites to win the West at this point, especially if they can get Manu and Tony Parker healthy again. If their health issues linger, though, they aren’t nearly the team they were for much of the season. The next team that comes to mind for most people is the Los Angeles Clippers, but they’re just one loss away from elimination against the Memphis Grizzlies. The Grizzlies are capable of playing very good defense, and since the trade of Rudy Gay they have really improved as a whole. While Gay was their best player, he wasn’t good enough to have so much of the offense running through him. The balanced attack they have now works much better for them. The Denver Nuggets were talked about a lot throughout the regular season, but like LA, they are just a game away from elimination. The Golden State Warriors have looked superior for much of the series against Denver, even without All-Star forward David Lee, who will miss the rest of the playoffs after suffering a knee injury in game one. Without Lee, it is probably a stretch that Curry can guide them to nine more playoff wins and an NBA Finals berth, but if there was ever a year to do it, this is it. The West is WIDE OPEN.

My prediction?

Grizzlies vs. Thunder
I expect the Grizzlies and the Thunder to close out their respective opponents in the first round. This is an intriguing matchup, but without Westbrook, the Grizzlies can contain Durant. I am taking the Grizzlies in six.

Warriors vs. Spurs
Also an intriguing matchup, but I really like the Spurs here. I think they can finish this series in five. Curry has done an excellent job thus far in the playoffs, but San Antonio is among the best in the league at eliminating single players. Without Lee, if you eliminate or at least limit Curry, you will beat Golden State most of the time. I also expect Golden State to have a tough time guarding the perimeter if they face the Spurs. It’s just an all-around tough matchup for the young Warriors.

Western Conference Finals

Spurs vs. Grizzlies
Considering we are still in the first round, this is a very hypothetical series. I wouldn’t be surprised if Memphis lost its’ remaining two games against the Clippers and were eliminated in the first round. However, this is the final series that I find most likely in the West so I’m going to preview it anyway. It's really an awesome matchup, even though many NBA fans would hate it because neither is very flashy at all. They just play good, fundamental basketball. Everything here would depend on Parker and Ginobli’s health, but assuming they’re both healthy, I like the Spurs to win the series. I think it goes the distance though, with the Spurs getting a close game seven victory. I really hope this series happens.

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