Friday, May 3, 2013

0 Celtics and Rockets, will someone force a game 7?

By Shaee Flatt

Not even a week ago, both the Celtics and Rockets were down 3-0, and virtually dead in their respective series. 

Now, they have both won two straight and are very much alive. They both play in crucial game 6s tonight, with their seasons on the line (again), and both are at home. As you’re probably all aware, in the history of the NBA playoffs, no team has ever come from behind to win a best of seven series after trailing 3-0. The Celtics and the Rockets both hope to be the first, or maybe even, the first two.

So the question is, can they do it? I expect at least one of them to force game 7 tonight, and if I had to choose one of them to do it, it would be Houston. Oklahoma City is a shell of their regular selves without Russell Westbrook, and thus far, it doesn’t seem Durant can run the team as the lone star and ball handler. He can do it in spurts, sure, but he has played horrible in spots since Westbrook’s injury. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Rockets became the first team in NBA history to erase the 3-0 lead and comeback to win the best of seven.  

As for the Celtics, I would be surprised if they won two straight. I can see them possibly winning tonight, but the Knicks are just the better team and Carmelo is due for a good night from the field. I think the Knicks close out the Celtics tonight, but if they don’t.. All the pressure really falls onto the Knicks as they return to the Garden for Game 7. As we all know, anything can happen in game 7.

So just sit back, enjoy, and hope you witness history. 


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