Thursday, May 16, 2013

0 Heat enjoy best night of playoffs

By Shaee Flatt

Last night, the Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls faced off in game five of the Eastern Conference semifinals, and the Heat were looking to win their fourth straight, to advance to the conference finals.

It was the best night the Heat have enjoyed thus far in the 2013 playoffs. They’ve had blowout wins, they have won every road game they have played, and they have seemed downright dominant at times, but last night was the first time that Dwyane Wade looked like Dwyane Wade. 

Wade came in to the game averaging around 12 points per game while shooting around 44 percent from the field. Compared to his regular season numbers of 21.2 ppg at 52 percent shooting, he has looked far from a superstar and just looked horrible at times. 

It is clear that his knee has really been hurting him, and he just hasn’t been himself, and without Wade playing well, the Heat would have a hard time winning the Finals for the second straight year. 

However, last night, Wade looked to be himself once again. He only scored 18 points, which still isn’t great, but he provided a huge spark down the stretch in the fourth quarter with six points, including a put-back dunk and two tough runners coming off of great cuts on his knee.

The Heat know what they are going to get from LeBron every night. His 28-8-8 stat line has come so consistent that we now take it for granted. Not to mention he has arguably been the NBA’s best defensive player for the past two seasons. 

LeBron is LeBron, but he can’t do it alone, no one can. Last night, Dwyane Wade may have showed LeBron that he won’t have to. Oh yeah, and they still have that Chris Bosh fellow too. Like last year, it looks like the Heat are only getting better as the playoffs go on.
So while it wasn’t a road blowout, the Heat didn’t look dominant, and they almost let the Bulls steal
another game in Miami, Dwyane Wade finally looked like Dwyane Wade again, and that made last night the best night of the NBA playoffs for the Miami Heat and their fans.


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