Wednesday, May 29, 2013

0 Lebron James' best flops

By Kenny Howell

YouTube user and overall hero RSVLTS has put a supercut together of Lebron James' best flops. It's one of the reasons I have never liked him as a player. That and his total lack of knowledge that he could be the best player of all time. You're 6'8", 250 pounds, you don't have to kick it out every time you get in the lane. Just go score. You with the ball in your hands 5 feet from the basket is a higher percentage shot than Chris Bosh from three point range. If he ever got a killer instinct like Jordan had, he would be completely unstoppable. But he's probably never going to play like that. He's gone this long.

Anyway, dude is serial flopper, and again, there is no need for that. He has the ability to be better than everyone. He doesn't have to resort to cheap gimmick crap to win. RSVLTS' video is below.

[via Clip Nation]


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