Sunday, May 26, 2013

0 MLB Power Rankings, May 26

By Kenny Howell

Changes once again in the MLB Power Rankings this week, as we have yet another new No. 1. Teams will be followed by their record and what they were ranked last week.

1. Cincinnati Reds (31-18) (2) - That new No. 1 is the Reds who I said early on would put it together. Best pitching staff in baseball, and have won eight of their last 10, including five in a row.

2. Atlanta Braves (30-18) (6) - After a bit of a slump, the Braves are back on a tear, winning eight in a row.

3. Texas Rangers (32-17) (1) - Rangers didn't do much to fall out of first, just have some other teams surging. They still have won seven of their last 10 and have the best record in baseball.

4. Pittsburgh Pirates (30-19) (3) - Pirates are actually third place in their division, the NL Central, which is by far the strongest. Have won eight of their last 10.

5. Detroit Tigers (27-20) (7) - Tigers have actually been average the last week, but other teams have dropped out to lift them up.

6. Baltimore Orioles (27-22) (9) - Pitching staff needs work, but they are still in striking distance in the AL East.

7. Cleveland Indians (27-21) (4) - Indians have lost two in a row, but they are still holding on, and look to be a team to make a run down the stretch if they get their pitching problems worked out.

8. St. Louis Cardinals (31-17) (5) - Cardinals still holding a top of the NL Central thanks to a great pitching staff. Still think the Reds and Pirates eventually take over because of the Cards below average hitting and defense.

9. Oakland Athletics (27-23) (19) - After a slump, Billy Beene's boys are getting things back together, winning seven of their last 10.

10. Arizona Diamondbacks (27-22) (10) - It seems like the Diamondbacks are No. 10 every week. They have yet to take that next step as an elite team, but they are a pretty good one.

11. Boston Red Sox (30-20) (8) - Red Sox still holding strong in the AL East, but below average pitching and defense is going to do them in if they can't get over their injury problems long term.

12. New York Yankees (30-18) (11) - Yankees are still a top the AL East despite being average at the plate and bad on defense.

13. Colorado Rockies (27-22) (16) - Rockies are tied for first in the logjammed NL West thanks to a great lineup.

14. San Francisco Giants (27-22) (13) - Giants are one of those teams they are tied with, though they are struggling as of late.

15. Tampa Bay Rays (24-24) (12) - Rays have lost three in a row and are looking to end their early May surge.

16. Washington Nationals (25-24) (15) - Nationals are second to last in the MLB in hitting, but sixth in pitching. They get the lineup worked out, and they will possibly contend for a wild card spot.

17. Philadelphia Phillies (24-25) (20) - Phillies are getting better, but still don't have much of an offense.

18. Kansas City Royals (21-25) (14) - Royals continue their nose dive. They were top 10 two weeks ago. They have just won two of their last 10.

19. Chicago White Sox (23-24) (21) - White Sox are getting themselves into better position, winning seven out of the last 10.

20. San Diego Padres (22-26) (22) - Just a few weeks ago, the Padres were at the bottom with the Marlins and Astros, but they are now just bad instead of terrible.

21. Chicago Cubs (18-30) (18) - Like many people on the north side of Chicago, I am not giving up on the Cubs. Top 10 in pitching and top five in defense. Just need to learn how to win.

22. Toronto Blue Jays (20-29) (25) - Blue Jays talent is also lifting them from terrible to bad.

23. Los Angeles Angels (22-27) (28) - The Angels are finally putting it together, winning their last seven.

24. Los Angeles Dodgers (20-27) (26) - Dodgers still bad.

25. Seattle Mariners (20-29) - Mariners looked to be getting some things going, but now have dropped eight in a row.

26. Milwaukee Brewers (19-28) (23) - Brewers have won just three of their last 10.

27. New York Mets (17-29) (24) - The Mets have dropped five in a row.

28. Minnesota Twins (19-27) (27) - Twins have won just one in their last 10.

29. Miami Marlins (13-36) (29) - Hold the worst record in baseball once again, but I think they have a slight step on the Astros.

30. Houston Astros (14-35) (30) - Poor Astros.


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