Wednesday, May 8, 2013

0 MLB Power Rankings, May 8

By Kenny Howell

The Braves return to the top of this week's power rankings not because of much of what they did, but the slipping of some other top teams. Everyone is kind of sinking back to the middle. The team names will be followed by their record and what they were last week.

1. Atlanta Braves (19-13) (2) - Haven't been playing great baseball as of late, but they still have the best pitching in baseball, top five in defense and top 10 in hitting.

2. Texas Rangers (20-13) (3) - Been solid all year long, top five in winning percentage and pitching, top 10 in hitting.

3. Baltimore Orioles (20-13) (4) - Tops in the MLB in defensive efficiency, top five in winning percentage, top 10 in hitting.

4. Detroit Tigers (19-11) (7) - Tigers are on a tear as of late, winning nine of their last 10. Top five in winning percentage, pitching and hitting. Near the bottom in defensive efficiency is holding them back.

5. Cincinnati Reds (19-15) (5) - We still haven't seen the real Reds. I say it every week. About to give up on them. Top five in pitching, top 10 in defensive efficiency.

6. Colorado Rockies (19-13) (8) - Best at the plate in baseball, but middle of the pack in pitching and defense.

7. Boston Red Sox (21-12) (1) - Best record in baseball and last week's no. 1 took a tumble after plummeting in the pitching and defense categories. Lots of injuries are going to be hard to overcome.

8. Pittsburgh Pirates (18-14) (11) - Pirates are top 10 in defensive efficiency, and just keep winning games.

9. Kansas City Royals (17-12) (10) - Royals are top 10 in pitching, which has maintained their surprising start.

10. Arizona Diamondbacks (18-15) (9) - Diamondbacks just playing solid enough to stay above average.

11. St. Louis Cardinals (20-12) (15) - I still don't buy the Cardinals, even though history pretty much proves me wrong. Not very good at the plate, and pretty bad in the field. They just keep winning.

12. Cleveland Indians (16-14) (17) - Terry Francona has the Indians playing pretty good ball, winning eight of their last 10.

13. Washington Nationals (17-15) (24) - There might finally be some life in the Nats, as they are now just two games behind the Braves.

14. San Francisco Giants (19-14) (6) - Giants slip after falling in to the bottom half in every statistical category.

15. New York Yankees (18-13) (14) - Yankees are still in the bottom 10 of pitching and defense but doing enough to keep pace in the AL East.

16. Oakland Athletics (18-16) (13) - As are slipping a bit, losing their last two.

17. Milwaukee Brewers (15-16) (12) - Brewers are in a bit of slump, winning just four of their last 10.

18. Philadelphia Phillies (16-18) (23) - Phillies now top 10 in pitching and defense, giving them some hope.

19. San Diego Padres (15-18) (26) - Just a few weeks ago, the Padres were in second to last, but they have won seven of their last 10 and are not looking so terrible.

20. New York Mets (13-16) (22) - Mets are still bad.

21. Chicago Cubs (13-20) (20) - Cubs top 10 in pitching and defense. The goat has to let up soon and let them get some wins.

22. Seattle Mariners (15-19) (19) - Mariners also good at pitching and defense, just not wins.

23. Chicago White Sox (13-18) (21) - White Sox, also top 10 in pitching and defense. What gives.

24. Tampa Bay Rays (14-18) (18) - Rays slip back down a bit after losing six of their last 10.

25. Toronto Blue Jays (13-21) (27) - Blue Jays starting to hit a little better, but they are still middle of the pack in that category.

26. Los Angeles Angels (11-21) (25) - Angels just terrible on the mound.

27. Minnesota Twins (14-15) (29) - Twins are surprisingly hanging in there besides being in the bottom five in hitting, pitching and fielding.

28. Miami Marlins (10-24) (30) - For the first time this year, the Marlins are not the worst. Jeffrey Loria is going to throw himself a party and sell off some more talent.

29. Los Angeles Dodgers (13-19) (16) - The Dodgers are plummeting after losing six straight.

30. Houston Astros (9-24) (28) - Oh, the new bottom feeder. Poor Astros still looking for their 10th win. I like their new/old logo at least.


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