Friday, May 10, 2013

0 Time's up Derrick Rose, what's it going to be?

By Shaee Flatt

The Chicago Bulls are headed back to Chicago tied with the Miami Heat at a game apiece. Despite being blown out of the building in game two, the Bulls are in as good of shape as they could have hoped for at the start of the series. 

Heading back to Chicago, the Bulls desperately need to win game three and re-take the series advantage. Their best hope at doing this, is if Derrick Rose FINALLY returns to the lineup. For months now, Rose has been cleared to play, yet has still elected to sit. For months now, his teammates have watched him take full contact in five on five practice scrimmages, only to watch him dress up in a suit and tie on game nights. 

You would be hard pressed to find another superstar who, when healthy, would be sitting and watching while his team needed him the most. With the series shifting back to Chicago, and the Bulls in good position to pull a major upset of the Heat, the timing is perfect for Rose to return to the lineup for the Bulls in game three. Returning to the lineup in this series, would give the Bulls the most electric fan base in the NBA for games three and four. It would energize everyone in the building for two games, including his teammates. 

He plays with them every day in practice, so no, I do not see him messing up any sort of “rhythm” that the Bulls currently have. I do not believe for a second that Derrick Rose returning to this series could hurt the Bulls at all in any way. He may not be the typical Derrick Rose right away, but they don’t really need him to be. He would provide excellent depth, and give the Bulls another go to scorer down the stretch, alongside Nate Robinson. It would help the Bulls in every way possible, and actually give them a real chance at winning this series against the Heat and advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals. 

Let's face it, without Rose, the Bulls have little to zero chance at beating the Heat three more times, but with him, they have a much better chance. It's his choice, but being there for your teammates, organization, and city when they need you most shouldn’t be a tough choice. 

So your move, superstar. What’s it going to be? 


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