Sunday, June 30, 2013

0 Where are the big NBA free agents going to land?

By Shaee Flatt

NBA Free Agency officially begins tomorrow. While players can’t officially sign until July 10, they will start taking visits and start the decision making process tomorrow. There are some really big names on the board this year, but the biggest is already off of it. Chris Paul has already announced he will be resigning with the Los Angeles Clippers this off-season, a move that became a no brainer once the Clippers wrestled Doc Rivers away from Boston. The biggest name remaining is Dwight Howard, but there are some other really big ones remaining as well such as Andrew Bynum, Andre Iguodala and Josh Smith, who are all unrestricted free agents as of tomorrow. The question is, where will they land? Lucky for you, I’m going to save you a week and a half full of waiting and tell you right now.

Dwight Howard, C, Houston Rockets: When I looked at a list of every team’s available cap space this off-season about three months ago, I looked at it with Dwight Howard in mind. I came to one possible destination for Dwight. Houston. It makes perfect sense for Dwight to go to Houston, play alongside James Harden, and compete for a championship. It's clear that the whole Lakers thing isn’t going to work as long as Kobe Bryant is still in town, and without Kobe, the Lakers are nothing but a very depleted, untalented roster. The media favorite seems to be Dallas, but Dallas would be a very bad choice for Dwight. He shouldn’t want to be rebuilding right now, he should want to win. Even he isn’t that stupid. Dwight is going to Houston. 

Andrew Bynum, C, Portland Trailblazers: This one is a little tougher to call, because Bynum is such a huge risk, even compared to Dwight Howard. Bynum is that superstar that doesn’t seem to care, and doesn’t seem to even want to be great. He’s that superstar that seems to just want his pay day, and be done with it. He also has injury concerns so guessing which team will take a risk on him is tough. There are rumors that Cleveland might be interested, which would be intriguing to say the least. As most have probably heard by now, the Cavs are counting down the minutes until next free agency, clearing cap space, and gearing up to make a run at LeBron James. The Cavs would still have enough money to sign James next summer if they signed Bynum, and a lineup featuring Kyrie Irving, Andrew Bynum, Dion Waiters, Anthony Bennett, and LeBron James has championship written all over it. That being said, Portland is a better fit for Bynum right now. There wouldn’t be sky level expectations, and it would quietly give Portland the best frontcourt in the NBA with Bynum and Lamarcus Aldridge. Byum is going to Portland.

Monta Ellis, G, Los Angeles Lakers: This is my surprise pick, but to me, it makes sense. The teams most talked about here seem to be Dallas and Atlanta, which also make sense because Ellis could finally be the focused superstar of a franchise in either city. The thing is, he could be that in L.A as well, it would just take a few more years and let's face it, once Dwight jumps ship, the Lakers management isn’t going to just sit content and start a rebuilding chapter during Kobe Bryant’s final years. They want to win now and in order to do so they have to sign someone significant if Dwight leaves, and Monta Ellis seems the most likely to me. In the shocker of the off-season, Monta Ellis will become a Laker.

Andre Iguodala, F, New Orleans Pelicans: Of all the free agents this year, Iguodala will be the most sought after. There will be tons of teams trying to meet with him and get in his ear. The team he will choose in the end is New Orleans. They just acquired Jrue Holiday from Philadelphia in a STEAL, and with Holiday, Iguodala and Anthony Davis, all of a sudden the Pelicans are looking like a playoff team, at the very least. The Pistons, Kings, and Warriors are three other options for Iguodala, as all have already expressed interest. In the end though, Andre Iguodala is going to New Orleans.

Josh Smith, F, Boston Celtics: In another surprise, the Celtics seem to be the only team interested that Smith would also have interest in. The Pistons seem to be the most interested, but according to multiple sources throughout the league, the Celtics have prepared a sign and trade offer for Smith, and will make a heavy run at him. One can only hope that the Celtics don’t ruin the future of their franchise and include Rajon Rondo in the trade, but we will see. I can’t see Smith signing with the Pistons, Mavericks, or back with the Hawks, so Boston or possibly Golden State seem to have the best chances.

JR Smith, G, New York Knicks: It doesn’t seem to look good right now, but JR Smith seemed too happy in New York last season for me to think he will leave. I think he’s playing the game, getting as much money as he can, only to happily return to the Knicks next season. Maybe I’m wrong but, wait..  No, I’m not wrong. Smith will be a Knick.

Manu Ginobili, G, San Antonio Spurs: Ginobili will be playing for the Spurs or watching from his million dollar couch next season. Spur or retirement.

There are plenty more NBA free agents who could make big impacts on a roster, but these are the biggest names. Others to watch for will be Kevin Martin, Paul Milsap, David West, Al Jefferson and Tony Allen. Also Brandon Jennings and Tyreke Evans are two big names who are restricted free agents, but more than likely will stay put as both teams will likely match anything they are offered by another franchise. Now that you know where all the key players are going, so you can officially begin preparing for next season.

0 Miguel Cabrera hits home run into the ray tank in Tampa

Miguel Cabrera blasted one over the centerfield fence Sunday, splashing down in the stingray tank.

0 College Football Preview: American Athletic Conference

By Kenny Howell

It's around two months away to the first college football game, so what better time to start predicting what might happen this season. I think that predictions and polls to start the season are a bit useless because so much can happen once the first games start, but it is fun to predict nonetheless.

I will be predicting how each conference finishes, Top 25, complete college football power rankings, and bowl projections in the next week or so. Just check back to keep up because I may post more than one a day.

Today, I am going to start with the newest conference, the American Athletic Conference. It's a mixture of the former Big East, with a little from Conference USA. Louisville is the popular choice to win the conference again because of their stellar end to the season in the win over Florida in the Sugar Bowl, and Teddy Bridgewater returning to run the offense. But I think that means they have a target on their back, and it is going to end up costing them.

I think it is going to be a split title again. Rutgers goes to Louisville, which Louisville should win, but they host Cincinnati, which they should win. But Louisville ends the season on the road at Cincinnati, which the Cardinals should lose.

Each one could finish 11-1 on the regular season, as the hardest non-conference games are Louisville at Kentucky, Rutgers hosting Arkansas, and Cincinnati hosts Purdue, and travels to Illinois. I think they can win all those games, but I am going to pick the shocker, Kentucky, with all the excitement surrounding that new direction of the program, upsets their rival. Cincinnati will probably be ranked the highest when it is all said and done, so I will give them the conference. Even though the Bearcats have a new head coach, Tommy Tuberville should have a pretty talented team already playing well.

1. Cincinnati (11-1) (7-1)
2. Rutgers (11-1) (7-1)
3. Louisville (10-2) (7-1)
4. UCF (6-5) (5-3)
5. Houston (7-5) (4-4)
6. South Florida (5-7) (3-5)
7. SMU (4-8) (3-5)
8. Memphis (6-6) (2-6)
9. Connecticut (4-8) (2-6)
10. Temple (3-9) (0-8)

0 Chris Davis hits No. 29, 30

The Baltimore Orioles' Chris Davis is having a MVP type season so far. He hit two home runs yesterday against the Yankees to reach 30 for the year.

0 MLB Power Rankings, June 30

By Kenny Howell

A little shifting at the top of the MLB Power Rankings this week. Each team will be followed by their record and what they were last week.

1. St. Louis Cardinals (49-31) (1) - The Cardinals are in a bit of a slump by their standards, winning just four out of their last 10, and the Pirates have surged past them, but they still have been the most consistent team.

2. Atlanta Braves (47-34) (4) - The Braves has the best pitching staff in baseball and are top five in defense.

3. Oakland Athletics (47-35) (3) - The A's have dropped a half game behind the Rangers, but are top 5 in pitching and defense. Just outside the top 10 at the plate.

4. Pittsburgh Pirates (50-30) (7) - The Pirates are on a tear, winning eight in a row, and taking over the NL Central. How long will it last with below average bats? Top five in pitching and the best defense in baseball.

5. Cincinnati Reds (46-35) (2) - The Reds are slipping behind the pack in the NL Central, but still might have the most talent.

6. Texas Rangers (47-34) (6) - The Rangers are back to playing well, winning eight of their last 10.

7. Detroit Tigers (43-36) (5) - The Tigers drop a little after going just 4-6 in their last 10.

8. Baltimore Orioles (46-36) (8) - The Orioles are 2.5 behind the Red Sox, but have won three in a row, including stomping the Yankees Saturday.

9. Boston Red Sox (49-34) (10) - Red Sox bats are tops in the bigs, but pitching and defense are near the bottom.

10. Tampa Bay Rays (42-39) (11) - The Rays have a little work to do to get back into the race, but are improving.

11. Arizona Diamondbacks (42-38) (9) - The steady Dbacks are playing average right now, splitting their last 10 games.

12. Cleveland Indians (43-38) (16) - Indians making a bit of a run, and creeping up on the division leading Tigers.

13. Toronto Blue Jays (40-40) (13) - After going on the big winning streak, they have a cooled a bit, but still are in good position to make a move.

14. Colorado Rockies (41-41) (14) - The Rockies are still in good shape in the NL West.

15. Washington Nationals (40-40) (18) - Nationals still in good shape without Bryce Harper.

16. New York Yankees (42-38) (15) - Yankees are dropping a bit in the AL East, losing seven of their last 10.

17. San Diego Padres (40-41) (17) - The Padres are also keeping pace in the NL West.

18. Philadelphia Phillies (39-43) (22) - The Phillies are in the middle of the pack in just about every statistical category.

19. Chicago Cubs (34-45) (20) - Cubs continue to play .500 baseball over the last several weeks. Need to be better to make up for bad start.

20. San Francisco Giants (38-42) (12) - What has happened to the world champions? They have now lost six in a row.

21. Kansas City Royals (37-41) (19) - The Royals have lost seven of their last 10.

22. Los Angeles Angels (38-43) (24) - The Angels are surging a bit, winning five in a row.

23. Seattle Mariners (35-46) (25) - The Mariners pitching staff is back in the top 10, but they are still not very good.

24. Milwaukee Brewers (32-47) (21) - The Brewers are losers of four in a row.

25. Chicago White Sox (32-46) (23) - White Sox have also lost four in a row.

26. Los Angeles Dodgers (37-43) (26) - The Dodgers have been fairly well, winning seven of their last 10.

27. New York Mets (33-44) (29) - The Mets are playing decent ball, winning six of their last 10.

28. Miami Marlins (28-51) (28) - Marlins have been playing fairly well too, also winning six of their last 10.

29. Minnesota Twins (36-41) (27) - Twins are second to last in pitching and defense.

30. Houston Astros (30-51) (30) - The Astros are last in pitching and defense.

0 Top 5 stories of the week

Check out our top 5 stories of the week.

1. MLB Power Rankings, June 23

2. Bubba Watson scolded his cabby for making him hit awful shots.

3. Brandon Barnes made two amazing catches Friday night.

4. It was a crazy day Wednesday at Wimbledon, including Roger Federer going down.

5. Victor Martinez got a runner with a no look, behind the back toss to first.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

0 Brandon Barnes makes two amazing catches

The Houston Astros are very, but also very young. That doesn't mean that they don't have some young talent that could be stars one day. Brandon Barnes looked like one last night, making two unbelievable catches in centerfield.

0 Max Scherzer improves to 12-0

The best pitcher for the Detroit Tigers this year hasn't been Cy Young winner Justin Verlander, it's been Max Scherzer. Scherzer is now 12-0 after a victory over the Tampa Bay Rays. He also has 131 strikeouts, third most in baseball.

Friday, June 28, 2013

0 Bobcats fans are not excited about Cody Zeller

I don't think that Charlotte Bobcats fans were that excited about Cody Zeller.

[via FanSided]

0 Someone is having fun in the Yahoo Sports headline department today

How did Tommy Haas advance in Wimbledon, Yahoo Sports?

1 Bubble soccer looks like the best

It's pretty simple. Playing soccer inside a personal bubble and running into each other a bunch.

[via Clip Nation]

0 Taiwanese Animation takes on Aaron Hernandez

It was only a matter of time before Taiwanese Animation took on the Aaron Hernandez murder drama. It plays like a game of Grand Theft Auto.

0 Aaron Hill makes great barehanded play on bunt

Aaron Hill pulled off a terrific barehanded, diving stop to get the runner in the Diamondbacks and Nationals game yesterday.

0 Rory McIlroy vs. trash talking robot

As a part of the European Tour Challenge, Rory McIlroy took on a laboratory robot, hitting golf balls into washing machines on a driving range. The robot has also been programmed to talk a lot of trash.

[via With Leather]

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


So, Rafael Nadal, Maria Sharapova, Victoria Azarenka, John Isner, Jo-Wilfred Tsonga and now Roger Federer. Federer was beaten by Sergiy Stakhovsky in 4 sets. Stahovsky is the 116th ranked player in the world. Federer has won Wimbledon seven times. Up is down, black is white, right is wrong. What is happening?

0 Someone please fix the courts at Wimbledon

The slick courts at Wimbledon and injuries have been the story the past few days. Jo-Wilfred Tsonga and Victoria Azarenka have withdrawn for the tournament, and Maria Sharapova had trouble today after several falls. She lost. Yesterday, this poor ball boy was a victim of the courts, falling when he tried to retrieve the ball.

0 Sharapova ousted by No. 131 in the world

Maria Sharapova joined Rafael Nadal with an early exit in Wimbledon today, falling to No. 131 in the world Michelle Larcher De Bitro. Sharapova had trouble staying on her feet, as many players have so far. The grass seems to be too slick. Sharapova actually had to take time to get worked on after one of her falls. With Sharapova gone, it's just going to make it all the more easy for Serena Williams to probably cruise through bracket.

0 Aaron Hernandez finally got arrested

Surprising to no one, New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was finally arrested today, but the charge was not known yet. Check out the ESPN story above.

0 UCLA wins College World Series

UCLA looked dominant through two games against Mississippi State at the College World Series, and grabbed their first championship last night. That seems weird because it seems like a school like UCLA would already have a championship. The Bruins won 3-1 Monday and 8-0 Tuesday. They went the whole College World Series without allowing more than one run in every game. That's impressive.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

0 Little girl beats chubby kid in fight, makes him cry

I don't know anything about Muay Thai, but I would probably end up like this chubby little boy who when he get punched in the face by this little girl, started the waterworks and begged the ref to stop the madness. I feel sorry for him. But also that little girl don't mess around. Kudos to her.

[via With Leather]

0 Rays go back-to-back-to-back to end Jays streak

The Blue Jays' 11-game winning streak came to an end in Tampa yesterday as the Rays hit back-to-back-to-back home runs in the second inning. James Loney, Will Myers and Sam Fuld hit home runs in consecutive at bats to put the Rays out to a 3-0 lead. The Rays won the game 4-1.

0 Blackhawks score two goals in last 80 seconds to win Stanley Cup

The Boston Bruins looked to be in good shape to force a game 7 lasts night with a 2-1 lead at around a minute and a half to go. But two quick Chicago Blackhawk goals within 30 seconds of each other ended that dream, and the Blackhawks hoisted the Stanley Cup.

Monday, June 24, 2013

0 Heat players almost decapitated at victory parade

I don't know if it was poor planning, or the Heat players knew about it beforehand, but several of the players, including Lebron James, had to duck under a few overpasses in their victory parade. They were on top of double decker buses and went through a couple overpasses that made it a pretty close call, causing them to have to duck.

0 Dwyane Wade's son is good at basketball

Zaire Wade, son of Dwyane Wade, is just 10 years old, but he is showing some flashes. It's not really surprising that the son of a really good basketball player is really good at basketball. Those things usually seem to work out like that.

[via FanSided]

0 Nadal loses in straight sets to open Wimbledon. Wait, what?

Rafael Nadal lost in the first round of a grand slam event for the first time in his career today to Belgian Steve Darcis in the opening round of Wimbledon. I know grass isn't his surface, but this doesn't make a whole lot of sense. He has won Wimbledon twice, and looked like a machine through much of the French Open.

0 It's all Bubba Watson's caddy's fault

When things weren't going well for Bubba Watson, he blamed the person that was responsible, his caddy Ted Scott. I totally get it. I don't play golf, but I play quite a bit of tennis, and it has always been the rackets fault.

[via Deadspin]

0 Dirk Nowitzki can flop in two sports

Dirk Nowitzki was participating in a charity soccer game when he pulled out his best (worst) flopping technique by tripping over a leg that was 5 feet away.

[via With Leather]

Sunday, June 23, 2013

0 Victor Martinez gets runner with no look, behind the back throw

Victor Martinez doesn't need to see his target to get him out. Martinez knocked down a Jacoby Ellsbury grounder, it dribbled away, but he snagged and threw a no look behind the back throw to get the speedy outfielder. Quite a bit of skill, but a lot of luck too. This could have gone horribly wrong.

0 MLB Power Rankings, June 23

By Kenny Howell

A little movement, but still the same team atop this week's MLB Power Rankings. Each team will be followed by their record and what they were last week.

1. St. Louis Cardinals (47-28) (1) - Still the best record in baseball, still the best team in baseball.

2. Cincinnati Reds (44-32) (3) - The Reds have lost three in a row, but I think it is only temporary.

3. Oakland Athletics (44-33) (4) - The A's are now tied with the Rangers, but seem poised to stick around.

4. Atlanta Braves (43-33) (2) - The Braves are losers of three in a row as well. Again, should be temporary.

5. Detroit Tigers (41-32) (7) - Tigers are top five in hitting and pitching.

6. Texas Rangers (43-32) (10) - Rangers are surging a bit, winning four straight and getting into a tie in first place.

7. Pittsburgh Pirates (45-30) (8) - Pirates are winners of three in a row, and are getting within striking distance of the Cardinals.

8. Baltimore Orioles (42-33) (5) - Orioles have dropped the last two, but still are in good position in the AL East.

9. Arizona Diamondbacks (41-33) (11) - The Diamondbacks have won four in a row, and are taking over the NL West.

10. Boston Red Sox (45-32) (6) - The Red Sox have only won four of their last 10, and are 26th in the MLB in WHIP. Going to hold them back long term if they don't get it fixed.

11. Tampa Bay Rays (38-37) (9) - The Rays dip a bit after losing seven of their last 10.

12. San Francisco Giants (38-36) (12) - The Giants are trying to keep pace with the Diamondbacks, and could get back into it with a little streak.

13. Toronto Blue Jays (37-36) (22) - Have the Blue Jays finally arrived? They are winners of 10 straight and look like the team many people thought they would be.

14. Colorado Rockies (38-38) (14) - The Rockies are still hanging around in the NL West thanks to big bats.

15. New York Yankees (41-33) (15) - Yankees have won just four of their last 10. Terrible bats are holding them back, but they still keep winning enough to stay ahead. Either the bats have to heat up or they will start losing soon.

16. Cleveland Indians (38-35) (20) - Indians are surging as of late, winning eight of their last 10.

17. San Diego Padres (38-37) (13) - I think the Padres' good play will have to end soon, and they will return to the somewhat terrible team we saw earlier in the season.

18. Washington Nationals (37-37) (16) - The Nationals still holding par until Bryce Harper returns thanks to a good pitching staff.

19. Kansas City Royals (34-38) (19) - The Royals have dropped four straight.

20. Chicago Cubs (30-43) (17) - Usual unlucky Cubs have let a few slip away. Have split their last 10 games.

21. Milwaukee Brewers (31-42) (24) - Brewers are winners of two in a row. Still not very good.

22. Philadelphia Phillies (36-39) (23) - Phillies have won five of their last 10.

23. Chicago White Sox (31-41) (21) - The White Sox have won just three of their last 10.

24. Los Angeles Angels (33-42) (25) - Angels have won six of their last 10.

25. Seattle Mariners (33-43) (18) - Pitching staff is losing a bit of its punch, and the Mariners are sinking back to the bottom.

26. Los Angeles Dodgers (31-42) (26) - Dodgers still playing below average baseball.

27. Minnesota Twins (33-38) (27) - Twins have lost two in a row. They are good at that. Second worst pitching staff in baseball.

28. Miami Marlins (24-50) (29) - The Marlins won a series from the best team in baseball Cardinals. They are still terrible, but I'll lift them a spot as a pat on the back.

29. New York Mets (29-42) (28) - The Mets are bad at everything.

30. Houston Astros (29-47) (30) - The Astros have won seven of their last 10. Still bad at baseball.

0 Top 5 Stories of the Week

Check out our top 5 stories of the week.

1. MLB Power Rankings, June 16

2. The Twins ballboy skies to snag a line drive foul ball

3. The demo for NCAA Football 14 is pretty impressive

4. Taiwanese Animation takes on the Vladimir Putin/Bob Kraft Super Bowl ring saga

5. Nolan Arenado made an unbelievable stop in a Rockies game earlier this week

Saturday, June 22, 2013

0 Colin Kaepernick throws hard

It's not really a surprise, but Colin Kaepernick threw out the first pitch at the Giants game last night, and easily hit the upper 80s though his control was a bit off. Kaepernick was a high school baseball star as well.

Friday, June 21, 2013

0 Djokovic, Dimitrov imitate Maria Sharapova

Novak Djokovic has done his imitation of Maria Sharapova plenty of times, but he was joined yesterday in London by Sharapova's boyfriend, Grigor Dimitrov, who also got in on the action.

[via Tennis-X]

0 Ha ha Drake, you can't go in the Heat locker room

Something great happened last night. After the Heat finished off the Spurs, Drake just wanted to go celebrate with them because he was key to them winning in no way at all. Luckily, for America, he was turned away. Even more, he looked really sad when he was denied and slowly backed up.

[via Deadspin]

0 ESPN cuts off Bill Simmons when he mentions 'The Decision'

If you are living under a rock, Lebron James and the Miami Heat won the NBA Finals last night. James was at his best, particularly down the stretch. But when Bill Simmons mentioned 'The Decision' when Lebron James did a show to announce where he was going to Miami, leading to plenty of scrutiny, ESPN cut the feed. Did the feed just cut or did ESPN really want to shut Bill Simmons up? I don't know either way, but it's fun to speculate.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

0 Game 7, legacies, teams, and a championship on the line

By Shaee Flatt

In the sports world, it doesn’t get much bigger than Game 7 of the NBA Finals. In terms of viewing numbers, tonight will probably trail only the Super Bowl. Everyone will be watching the Miami Heat host the San Antonio Spurs tonight with the NBA Championship on the line, and more specifically, everyone will be watching LeBron James.

LeBron James is probably the most scrutinized athlete in the history of sports. His every move is criticized. If he scores 40 points, grabs 10 rebounds, and dishes 10 assists, people say yeah, but he was 1-4 from the 3 point line. Tonight, in the biggest game of his life, with unimaginable pressure, James will try to lead the Heat to their second straight world championship. Many people are saying that his “legacy” and more specifically, his case against Michael Jordan as the greatest basketball player of all-time, could be on the line tonight. In a way, it is. In a way, it isn’t. But one thing is for certain. If the Miami Heat lose tonight, it will be all LeBron James’ fault. At least that’s what everyone will make it out to be. If they win, it will be all because of him. Forget the stats, that’s how it is going to be viewed. It’s kind of like a quarterback in the NFL, they get all the credit, and all the blame, but with James’, it's worse. Much worse. Like it or not, right or wrong, tonight will have a massive impact on the legacy of LeBron James.

The game itself, is the hardest game I can ever remember trying to predict. Both of these teams have been so up and down, it's tough to predict which teams will come to play. Some think the Spurs can’t overcome their meltdown in Game 6 on Tuesday night and are too tired to carry on, which I think is nonsense. The Heat played seven games against Indiana, and have played seven more against the Spurs. The Spurs swept the Memphis Grizzlies, and had what seemed like an eternity off before facing the Heat. If anything, these teams are equally tired. I think the more telling storyline, is how poorly the Heat have played after wins, and how great the Spurs have played after losses.

Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, and Manu Ginobili aren’t going to give up, or stop believing they can win just because they had a heartbreaking loss two nights ago. They’re champions, they don’t give in that easily. The Heat on the other hand, are champions as well, but they always seem to have this over confident swagger around them, especially after victories. It’s like they know they’re going to win, and then they don’t. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this was the result tonight, and in fact, that’s what I am predicting. Parker, Duncan, and Ginobili will all play well, and the Spurs will take home the gold tonight. That’s what my head says.

My heart says the complete opposite. Even as a diehard Heat fan, it is obvious that the Heat were lucky to win Game 6. They are lucky to be in Game 7, and I hope to see the LeBron James that was so aggressive and attacking every time he touched the ball. I’d like to think he can have another triple double, and Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh could combine for somewhere around 40 points. I just don’t know if they have it in them. I hope, but I don’t know. After what the Heat have shown me after their last seven wins (six straight losses), I have to pick the Spurs.

0 Twins ballboy skies to snag line drive

The Twins ball boy flashed some leather today, skying to snag a foul line drive.

0 The Heat should blow out the Spurs tonight, maybe

By Kenny Howell

It's a lot easier to predict a game when you can just put maybe at the end. I think the Heat will roll tonight in the NBA Finals Game 7. But the Spurs could win. So I am going with a solid maybe on this one. You can book that. As a solid maybe.

The Spurs are deflated after what happened in Game 6. They were really close to another ring, but a strong Lebron James, a good shot by Ray Allen, and some big plays by the DNA link between man and condor, Chris Bosh, and that was ring was gone. Maybe temporarily, but for the time being it was gone.

So how do the Spurs bounce back from that? Just keep doing what they do is one way, and hope that the Heat come out overconfident. They have done that a few times in the playoffs, and it could happen again. And an experienced, clinical team like the Spurs can take care of that.

But I think the Heat just landed the uppercut in game 6, and the Spurs have wobbly knees. If the Heat jump out early, and their fans stick around for awhile instead of trying to beat the traffic, the Heat could blow this one. You can book that. Maybe.

0 Blackhawks tie Stanley Cup finals with OT goal

Brent Seabrook scored the 11th goal of the game last night in overtime to lift the Chicago Blackhawks over the Boston Bruins, and to even the series.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

0 Kawhi Leonard smacks Mike Miller in face, dunks on him

The Miami Heat got the last laugh to force a game 7 because Lebron James remembered he was Lebron James late in the game. But the Spurs' Kawhi Leonard had a huge dunk early on, smacking Mike Miller in the face, while dunking on him.

0 Upton brothers collide in outfield

Justin and B.J. Upton collided in the outfield on a routine flyball last night, leaving big brother to playfully shove little brother.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

0 NCAA Football 14 Demo pretty impressive

By Kenny Howell

If you haven't heard, the demo for NCAA Football 14 released today, and there is a lot to be excited about. I have just played once, and I am counting down the days until July 9 when it hits the shelves.

On the demo, you can choose to play one of three games. The one I chose was Oregon vs. Texas A&M because I use a variation of Oregon's offense usually in the game. They have added a new spread option playbook apparently this year too, so there is more plays in that style besides just the few read options and jet streaks.

My biggest worry coming into this one was the new gameplay engine. They are going with the Infinity Engine, which was used on last year's Madden, and I hated. The movement was really unrealistic and players would flop like a fish sometimes when they got hit. All that has been fixed on NCAA Football 14. Through my entire first game, I never once was frustrated by the physics of the game. One of the big things for me from last year's game was that you would get stuck behind lineman and not be able to move. That is gone. Also, you can seemingly cut better in the open field with just the left joystick. I rarely use all the special moves with the right joystick, so it's nice to have a little more juke in the left joystick.

I ran the read option offense the majority of the game I played, and it is a lot smoother than last year's as well. It was easier to read, but the defense did adjust to me at times.

On defense, it doesn't seem like they have fixed the regular zones. Last year, you had to use man a majority of the time, or full zones because the defensive line can't get much pressure. Through one game, that seems to be the same, but that might change over more games.

Like I said, I am really excited for July 9. They have taken last year's game and fine tuned it well. Until then, I will be wearing out the demo in preparation of dominating my online dynasty.

0 Funny or Die takes on Lebron flopping

It was inevitable that this was going to happen. Funny or Die took on Lebron James' flopping with a short little video about him flopping in everyday life. Pretty simple concept, pretty well done, and the perfect length at just under a minute.

0 Fan dives out of way of foul ball, gets stuck

What are buddies good for other than to laugh at you when you fall down and get stuck. A fan at the Astros/White Sox game dove out of the way of a line drive foul ball, fell between the seats and got stuck. And none of his friends helped because that's what friends are for.

0 Will Venable takes away walk off

Will Venable made an unbelievable catch to take away a walk off base hit, and keep the San Diego Padres playing against the San Francisco Giants in the bottom of the 12th. The Padres would win the game in the 13th.

0 Rugby player destroy

Ruslan Casey of Wanganui Collegiate absolutely murders Kip Fawcett if St. Paul's Collegiate. The amount of ground he covers in a short period of time mixed with that sound of the hit. I think that is sound that has never been made before in human history.

[via With Leather]

Monday, June 17, 2013

0 Every uniform combination in NCAA Football 14

Are you super pumped about NCAA Football 14 coming out in a few weeks? Pumped enough to watch a 35 minute video of every uniform combination on the game? I want your life if that is true. But I am excited about the game, which releases in July and has a demo releasing on Tuesday.

[via FanSided]

0 Taiwanese Animation takes on Bob Kraft-Vladimir Putin ring saga

One of the more interesting stories of the past week was that New England Patriots Owner Bob Kraft said that Vladimir Putin stole his 2005 Super Bowl ring, and that the George W. Bush White House asked him to just say it was a gift. Putin's office denies that claim and offered to buy him another ring of equal value. Naturally the best people to cover this story is the Taiwanese Animation people, because their stories of lots of spewing blood.

0 Trick Shot Titus stays undefeated

Trick Shot Titus took on another NBA player last night in the Clash of the Titus on The Jimmy Kimmel Show. This time it was Jason Collins, and it ended up the same result. Only one person has tied Titus, still no defeats.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

0 Spurs fans don't know anything about the Spurs

I missed this the other day, but Jimmy Kimmel gave the same Lie Witness News treatment to the Spurs that he gave to the Heat earlier in the week. Turns out Spurs fans will pretend like they know what they are talking about just as much as the Heat fans.

0 Arenado makes terrific diving stop, throws out runner from back

Nolan Arenado was in trying to field a bunt, but when a choppy grounder came at him, he made an amazing diving stop then threw out the runner from his back.

0 Shawn Stefani hits hole in one at US Open

Shawn Stefani became the first player to hit a hole in one at the US Open hosted by Merion when he dropped it in Hole 17. Crazy because it hits the rough, then finds its way to the hole like a magnet pulled it in.

[via Deadspin]

1 MLB Power Rankings, June 16

By Kenny Howell

We have a new No. 1 in the MLB Power Rankings this week. Teams will be followed by their record and what they were last week.

1. St. Louis Cardinals (44-24) (4) - I have been resisting the urge to put the Cardinals at the top for weeks now, but I finally have to give in. They just keep winning. I was waiting until they played the Reds last weekend, who I thought was the better team, but the Cards took two of three in Cincinnati.

2. Atlanta Braves (40-28) (1) - Braves have been a bit below average this past week, but still have the best pitching staff and best defense.

3. Cincinnati Reds (41-28) (2) - I thought the Reds were the real team in the NL Central, but the Cards have finally proven to me that they are the best.

4. Oakland Athletics (41-29) (3) - All those idiots that say that Moneyball doesn't matter, look at the Oakland A's. Again. Lowest payroll in baseball and leading the NL West. Probably the best team in the AL too.

5. Baltimore Orioles (39-30) (11) - The Orioles are behind the Red Sox, but I think they could take over the AL East soon.

6. Boston Red Sox (42-28) (5) - The Red Sox have the best bats in baseball, but their pitching staff is in the bottom third of the MLB. Might be a liability long term.

7. Detroit Tigers (37-29) (8) - The Tigers are top five in hitting and pitching, but have one of the worst defenses in the MLB.

8. Pittsburgh Pirates (40-28) (7) - The Pirates are another big contender in a strong NL Central. Bats are holding them back.

9. Tampa Bay Rays (36-32) (6) - The Rays were surging the last few weeks, but have cooled back off a bit.

10. Texas Rangers (38-30) (9) - The Rangers are falling apart, losers of five in a row.

11. Arizona Diamondbacks (37-31) (10) - The Diamondbacks have been solid all year, but have lost six of their last 10.

12. San Francisco Giants (35-32) (14) - Defending World Series champs are still playing average baseball.

13. San Diego Padres (34-34) (16) - The Padres are on a tear right now, winners of five in a row and eight of their last 10.

14. Colorado Rockies (36-33) (13) - Rockies are still in good shape in the NL West thanks to big bats.

15. New York Yankees (37-31) (12) - The Yankees are in a tail spin, losing five in a row.

16. Washington Nationals (34-33) (20) - The Nats are surviving without Bryce Harper, who should resume baseball activities soon.

17. Chicago Cubs (28-38) (18) - I will never stop believing in Theo and the Cubs.

18. Seattle Mariners (31-38) (23) - The Mariners can't hit anything, but they have a top 10 pitching staff that's keeping them from the bottom.

19. Kansas City Royals (32-34) (22) - The Royals are getting back to their early season success, winning eight of their last 10.

20. Cleveland Indians (33-34) (15) - The Indians are slumping, losing seven of their last 10.

21. Chicago White Sox (28-37) (19) - The White Sox are top 10 in pitching and defense, but almost at the bottom at the plate.

22. Toronto Blue Jays (31-36) (21) - The Blue Jays are occasionally playing like the team people expected them to be. They have won four in a row.

23. Philadelphia Phillies (33-36) (17) - Phillies have dropped six of their last 10.

24. Milwaukee Brewers (28-39) (25) - Brewers playing a little better, winning six of their last 10.

25. Los Angeles Angels (30-38) (24) - Angels have won three in a row, still bad.

26. Los Angeles Dodgers (29-38) (26) - Dodgers are still bad at baseball.

27. Minnesota Twins (30-35) (28) - As are the Twins.

28. New York Mets (24-39) (27) - And the Mets.

29. Miami Marlins (20-47) (29) - The Marlins got their 20th win! Throw a party Jeffrey Loria.

30. Houston Astros (25-44) (30) - The Astros have won three in a row. Still bad.

0 Top 5 stories of the week

Check out our top 5 stories of the week.

1. An idiot ran out on the court at the French Open finals with a flare in hand.

2. MLB Power Rankings, June 9

3. The Blackhawks won Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals in 3 OTs

4. 6'8" 7th grader Marvin Bagley is good at basketball

5. Tebow to the Patriots makes perfect sense

0 Alex Cobb hit in head by line drive

Scary scene at the Tampa Bay and Kansas City game yesterday, as pitcher Alex Cobb was hit in the ear by a line drive. He was taken off on a stretcher. Reports are that he just had a mild concussion, and was in good spirits in the hospital. So scary, glad it seems like he will be OK.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

0 Who Will Survive Merion?

By Shaee Flatt

Today is “moving day” at the U.S Open, and oh has it been a fun tournament thus far. 

After two days, Merion Golf Course is making everything nearly impossible for its' guests.  I love tournaments, especially the U.S Open, when the leaders are near even par and the course is just so difficult. It makes every birdie that much bigger, and makes everything more exciting and unpredictable. 

After two rounds, Billy Horschel and Phil Mickelson are tied for the lead at 1 under, with many big names right there within five strokes. I had never heard of Horschel until yesterday, but yesterday, he made a huge first impression becoming the first player since 1992 to hit every green in regulation in a round at the U.S Open. He shot 67 on a day where the average score was almost 75 on the par 70 course. Meanwhile, Phil Mickelson has yet another heart-warming story to help you cheer for him in a major. I mean really, you’d think he scheduled these things out. As for the name everyone knows, Tiger Woods, is still very much alive. However, history is not on his side. He has never won a major after being over par or outside the top five after 36 holes. Even so, he is only four shots back, and when asked if he liked his chances after the second round, Tiger looked at the reporter with a determined look and said one word: “Yes.”

There are many more players with more than a good chance to win the U.S Open this year, including Justin Rose, Steve Stricker, Hunter Mahan, Rory McIlroy just to name a few. I think the three favorites would be Mickelson, Woods, McIIroy but I think the winner will be Justin Rose. Rose has been close in a few majors over the years, but has never won one. I think that changes this weekend. He is even par through 36 holes, just one back of the two leaders, and I expect him to be right there, if not in the lead, after today as well. He has played two very consistent rounds and has done as good a job as anyone at managing the tough course. While I would love an American to win it, I think England’s Justin Rose takes home the America’s National Championship this weekend.

I think Tiger will play well in the final two rounds, but once again, I think he’ll come up just short. If he wants to have a real shot at winning the title, he needs a big day today, maybe somewhere around a 67 or so. I don’t see it happening. As for Mickelson, he will be right there as well but I think he will slowly but surely start to drop a shot here and there, and eventually find himself out of real contention tomorrow afternoon.

All that being said, predicting the winner in a golf tournament is one of the most pointless and impossible things ever in the history of the world, so let's just sit back, watch, and wish we could do anything close to what we are watching on TV this weekend.

0 Dioner Navarro loses fly ball, covers head

Dioner Navarro lost a fly ball behind the plate last night and then practiced safety first. He covered his head, and turned into a scared 5-year-old.

Friday, June 14, 2013

0 Gael Monfils does trick shot, loses point

A knock on Gael Monfils is, despite having immense talent, he doesn't really take things too serious. It won't help that he pulled off this cool trick shot, then lost the point to Tommy Haas at Halle.

[via Deadspin]

0 Golfer's ball struck by another ball on his backswing

Carl Pettersson was in his backswing when an errant shot knocked his ball out of the way. Not sure what the rule is on that.

[via Deadspin]

0 A's walk off against Yankees in 18 innings

Nate Frieman knocked in the game winning run in the 18th inning off of Mariano Rivera yesterday to lift the A's to a 3-2 victory. Weird note, the sun is out. How often do you see an 18-inning game end when the sun is still out.

0 Ha ha, Mets fan falls down

As we have discussed several times before on this site, falling down is always funny. Here, Vine user Chris got a shot of a live telecast with a drinking Mets fan taking a tumble in the background. He fell down, and it was funny. Works every time.

[via FanSided]

0 Trick Shot Titus destroys Metta World Peace

Trick Shot Titus continued to take on NBA stars on The Jimmy Kimmel Show last night, as he dominated Metta World Peace, who was being as weird as usual.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

0 Tebow to Patriots makes perfect sense

By Kenny Howell

Yeah, I am a few days late with this, but I thought I would give the circus a day or two to cool down.

I will admit upfront that I am a Patriots fan. I know, I know, I must be a disgusting human being. But I have always liked them. My eighth grade yearbook picture was taken in a Drew Bledsoe jersey. There wasn't a lot of those in the Nashville area at the time, so I was a rarity, and a bit of one today.

Since Tebow graduated from Florida, I have wanted him to be a Patriot. Being a University of Tennessee fan, I got to see the dude play four times in college, and he was a beast. He could throw in college, in fact he is the most efficient passer in SEC history. He is almost 20 points higher than Peyton Manning, with 88 TDs to just 15 INTs. Manning was 90 TDs to 33 INTs.

I am not saying Tim Tebow is Peyton Manning. It's not even close as far as being an NFL quarterback. But people are treating this guy like he is a little kid that won a contest to play in an NFL game when they talk about his quarterback ability. He does have the long throwing motion, and his footwork is crap, we know this.

But the dude can play football. And that is all Bill Belichick wants. Wes Welker was a kick returner before he came to New England, and he left a superstar. Tom Brady dropped all the way to the sixth round, and he is a Hall of Famer. Danny Woodhead is about the height of a 6th grader, but he contributes plenty to the New England offense. There are plenty of examples of undrafted free agents getting starting spots on the Patriots' roster and contributing.

Belichick is one of the few coaches in the last 10 years that embraces innovation and creativity, or bucking the trend. He will go for it on fourth when it makes no sense by traditional football thinking. The NFL has always been a league that says, no, you can't do that in the NFL, until someone comes in and does it. The read option would have been laughed at 10-15 years ago. Belichick had nothing to do with that, but those types of things, like the fast break offense the Patriots used from Oregon last season, take forever to get into the NFL.

So, here you have Tim Tebow. He's not quite a QB, FB, HB or TE, but he is also all of those things. Aaron Hernandez was not a RB, but he sure took some snaps last year deep in the backfield. Mike Vrabel was a terrific linebacker for the Patriots, but he also caught touchdown passes at tight end. So what's to stop Belichick from using Tebow in a similar fashion. Tebow lines up as a halfback, he could run the ball, be a decoy, take a pitch from Brady and throw it. Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels believes in his ability, he brought him to Denver with their first round pick, so you know he is licking his chops to install something. Who knows, maybe he wanted to do that in Denver eventually, but the Broncos brass wouldn't let him.

Belichick is also going to be able to squash the media circus around Tebow. He already has. His first day of OTAs, a reporter asked about Tebow, and he basically said, no, I am not going to talk about that, and it stopped. Tebow himself just made a canned statement and left. It's not going to be the media circus it was in New York because people are afraid of Belichick. Rex Ryan wants to invite you over for dinner. Belichick wants you to get off his lawn.

They are also saying that Tebow is just a quarterback on the roster. And that may be true, but you can't really trust anything you hear from Belichick and staff. Tom Brady has been on the injury list for several years now, so you aren't going to get much out of them.

It may not work. There may be a more pressing need for the Patriots, and they will have to let Tebow go. Because at this point he is luxury. He is an experiment. And if they Patriots are allowed to go with it, he is probably never going to be a superstar, but the legend of Tebow might grow again.

0 A's fan throws out first pitch from 1,800 miles away

Nick LeGrande is a kid from Kansas City who suffers from severe aplastic anemia. He is also a huge Oakland A's fan. So with the help of Google, LeGrande was able to throw out this first pitch from Kansas City in a mini stadium built by Google which activated the robot in Oakland. Pretty cool stuff.

0 Blackhawks win Stanley Cup game 1 in 3 OTs

It took three overtimes, but the Chicago Blackhawks took a 1-0 lead last night in the Stanley Cup finals over the Boston Bruins. A double deflection, the last coming from Andrew Shaw, got the win for the Blackhawks.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

3 6'8" 7th grader Marvin Bagley is good at basketball

It seems like the number of really high quality basketball players at a really young are becoming a more frequent phenomenon. Here is Marvin Bagley from Phoenix, Az., who is 6'8" and has pretty good control of his body for being that tall, that young. Video has him shooting from deep and going behind the back on a fast break. Of course, he is playing above the rim because of his size, which other 7th graders obviously can't do.

[via FanSided]

0 Miami fans don't much about the Heat

Jimmy Kimmel used his Lie Witness News segment last night once again for good, showing that some Heat fans on the streets of Miami don't really know much about the Heat. And I hope Lebron can get back from that bruised vulva. That one lady sure thinks he can.

0 Things got heated between the Dodgers and Diamondbacks last night

The Dodgers and Diamondbacks were throwing at each other more than to the catcher last night it seemed as several players got plunked and the benches cleared late in the game after Zac Greinke got hit. Greinke had hit Miguel Montero earlier in the game. Yasiel Puig, who has been on a tear since entering the lineup a week or so ago, took a fastball to the nose earlier in the game.

0 Ham and Squints from The Sandlot visited a Twins game

This apparently happened last month and wasn't the lead news story on ESPN, but it should have been. Ham and Squints from The Sandlot reunited at a Twins game in May for Sandlot Day. I remember going to a theater that is no longer there 5 or 6 weeks in a row to see The Sandlot. Me and my friends could have gone to see anything, but we kept going back to The Sandlot cause it ruled. It still does.

[via With Leather]

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

0 NBA Finals Game 3 preview

By Shaee Flatt

Game 3 of the NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs tips off tonight at 8 p.m. Central time, and should be a nail biter all the way to the finish. The feeling out process is over, both teams know what they have to do, now it's time to go get the job done.

For the Spurs, Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, and Manu Ginobili, all played poorly in the teams’ 103-84 blowout loss in game two on Sunday. That most certainly will not be the case again tonight. Ginobili has struggled for the majority of the playoffs, so he is still a concern, but Parker and Duncan should have huge bounce back games tonight.

For the Heat, as always, it all starts with LeBron James. The four time MVP has been held in check on the scoring side thus far in the series, averaging just 17.5 points per game thus far in the Finals, and has struggled to find his shot. However, he has found other ways to dominate the game, whether it be with his passing, rebounding, or as Tim Duncan and Tiago Splitter found out, his defense. I expect the Spurs to again hold LeBron in check from a scoring aspect, and think it will be up to Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and Mario Chalmers to provide a scoring spark for the Heat tonight if they are going to come away with the road victory.

With the next three games all in San Antonio, the advantage is clearly in their favor to win the series. It would be a major shocker if the Heat could take two of three on the road, so chances are they are looking at a 3-2 deficit heading back to Miami at best, unless they can find a way to steal one tonight. Tonight is bigger for the Heat than it is for the Spurs. Tonight is the night where LeBron James has to try and will his team to victory at any cost. Tonight is huge in so many ways, for so many reasons. So who wins it?

Miami has been excellent after losses thus far this postseason, but not so great after wins, especially huge wins. I expect that trend to continue tonight, and expect the Spurs to take the 2-1 series lead heading into Game 4. The home crowd, the energy of the Spurs, and their ability to always bounce back and come up with a new strategy after a loss gives them the edge tonight. 94-90 Spurs.

0 Fan makes ill-advised dive into bushes, doesn't get HR ball

Don't really know what this guy's plan was. He just goes full speed into the bushes like that is going to help him come up with a home run ball. It did not.

0 Good Lord Mark Reynolds

Mark Reynolds made a ridiculous stop at third, threw the runner out, then got into position to get the runner at third with a tag when the throw came back.

0 Benches clear after John Lackey hits Matt Joyce

John Lackey is like a moody elderly man in a younger man's body, so it doesn't surprise me that he got mad at Matt Joyce for dropping his bat in frustration on a foul ball. It's such a minor little thing. And Joyce got the best of Lackey, homering and tripling off him.

0 Taiwainese Animation takes on Tebow to the Patriots

Taiwanese has chimed on the news that Tim Tebow has joined the Patriots in the only, weird, way they can. This one seems a little more violent that the previous ones with lots of blood spewing and Tom Brady's arm flying off.

0 Fog clouds Wrigley Field

The fog rolled into Wrigley Field last night for the Reds and Cubs. I am not sure how there wasn't an error on just about every play because it was really thick.

Monday, June 10, 2013


The title says pretty much everything. It's a bunny playing basketball.

[via Clip Nation]

0 Ha ha, the ump fell down

As I have said before, falling down is always funny. At the Yankees and Mariners game yesterday, the home plate umpire was trying to get out of the way of the catcher on a foul ball behind the plate. He seemed to be OK, but then falls down.

0 Trick Shot Titus and Kobe Bryant end in a tie

Trick Shot Titus had an off night Sunday as he took on Kobe Bryant on the Jimmy Kimmel Show's Clash of the Titus. They battled to a 4-4 tie. It's funny the difference between Kobe and Shaq. Shaq looks like he was trying so hard, and Kobe was taking it easy because he is playing against a kid.

0 Lebron had another ridiculous block, this time on Splitter

Tiago Splitter looked like he had a decent path to the basket last night, but then Lebron James was there. Or it was a wall. I couldn't tell.

0 Jimmy Kimmel has the NBA read mean tweets

Jimmy Kimmel had people in and around the NBA read mean tweets about themselves on last night's special edition after the game.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

0 MLB Power Rankings, June 9

By Kenny Howell

As usual, there is some moving around near the top of the MLB Power Rankings this week. We have a new No. 1, but they have been there before. The teams will be followed by their record and what they were ranked last week.

1. Atlanta Braves (38-24) (2) - The Braves take the top spot back over. Their pitching staff is back to being the best in baseball, defense is No. 2 and hitting is in the top 10.

2. Cincinnati Reds (37-25) (1) - The Reds are in a series with the NL Central leader Cards right now. They have split the first two, with the decider tonight. I still think the Reds will move ahead eventually, but the Cardinals keep winning.

3. Oakland Athletics (38-26) (6) - The A's have been on a tear lately, and are top five in pitching and fielding.

4. St. Louis Cardinals (40-22) (5) - Despite winning just five of their last 10, the Cardinals still have the best record in baseball. They may finally be cooling off.

5. Boston Red Sox (38-25) (7) - The Red Sox are still playing strong, and now have the best bats in baseball.

6. Tampa Bay Rays (34-27) (8) - The Rays keep getting better after a slow start. Have won seven of the last 10.

7. Pittsburgh Pirates (37-25) (3) - The Pirates have cooled a bit as well, splitting their last 10.

8. Detroit Tigers (34-26) (11) - Tigers have won three in a row, and are in the top five in hitting and pitching.

9. Texas Rangers (36-25) (4) - This is the lowest ranking of the year for the Rangers as they have dropped three in a row and six of their last 10.

10. Arizona Diamondbacks (35-27) (9) - Diamondbacks split their last 10 games and slipped a spot this week.

11. Baltimore Orioles (34-28) (10) - Orioles hanging around in the AL East with big bats, but suffering because of a bad pitching performances lately.

12. New York Yankees (36-26) (13) - Yankees have a top 10 pitching staff, but hitting and fielding are just below average.

13. Colorado Rockies (33-30) (14) - Rockies are still within striking distance in the NL West.

14. San Francisco Giants (32-29) (15) - Giants also are still in good position, but need a good streak.

15. Cleveland Indians (30-31) (12) - Indians are sinking, losing six in a row.

16. San Diego Padres (29-33) (17) - Padres keeping their close to .500 baseball going.

17. Philadelphia Phillies (31-32) (21) - Despite Dominic Brown's power explosion, the Phillies rank in the bottom half of the MLB in hitting.

18. Chicago Cubs (24-35) (18) - Cubs have split their last 10 games.

19. Chicago White Sox (26-34) (20) - White Sox have lost eight of their last 10, but I think they will snap out of it and get back to playing just mediocre baseball.

20. Washington Nationals (29-31) (15) - The effect of no Bryce Harper is starting to show, as the Nats have dropped seven of their last 10.

21. Toronto Blue Jays (27-34) (25) - The Blue Jays have reeled off three wins in a row. Quite an accomplishment for how they have been playing most of the year.

22. Kansas City Royals (27-32) (22) -The Royals have won four in a row, but have just been playing so terrible over the last few weeks.

23. Seattle Mariners (27-36) (19) - Mariners have split their last 10 games. Have a good pitching staff, but not enough to keep them afloat.

24. Los Angeles Angels (27-35) (23) - Angels seemed to be picking up some steam there for awhile, but have cooled off once again.

25. Milwaukee Brewers (24-37) (26) - Brew Crew still continue to be bad at baseball.

26. Los Angeles Dodgers (27-34) (24) - So do the Dodgers.

27. New York Mets (23-34) (27) - And the Mets.

28. Minnesota Twins (27-31) (28) - The Twins have actually won seven of their last 10, I just don't think it will last.

29. Miami Marlins (17-44) (29) - It took the Marlins 20 innings to score two runs last night.

30. Houston Astros (22-41) (30) - A couple of games better than the Marlins, but I still think they are worse.

0 Idiot runs out on the court at French Open with flare

An idiot ran out on the court of the French Open finals today with no shirt on, a mask and a flare. He was taken care of by security, and Rafael Nadal took care of David Ferrer for I believe his 47th French Open title. My number might be off there. It just seems like that is right.

0 A fan gets bat, is extremely weird

A fan at the Diamondbacks and Giants game Saturday snagged a bat that Miguel Montero let go on a swing. His girlfriend or wife or caretaker grabbed it, but he immediately snags it away, goes into a fetal position, uses the bat as some sort of device that is coming out of his head, and just really makes no sense.

0 Mets, Marlins go 20 innings

It took 20 innings yesterday, but the Marlins' Adeiny Hechavarria knocked in the eventual game winning run to pull out the win over the Mets.

0 Top 5 stories of the week

Check out our top 5 stories of the week

1. MLB Power Rankings, June 2

2. A husband jumps out of the way of a flying bat, leaving his wife to get hit

3. A Phillies fan applied a thick layer of sunscreen to her lips and scared the crap out of me

4. A young woman wanted a ball thrown to her in the stands, but a little kid stole it from her grasp.

5. Booming thunder made both the Red Sox and Yankees' dugouts crap their pants.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

0 U16 USA finalists are good at dunking

Hoops Mixtape Blog has posted a video of the finalists for the U16 USA team messing around after practice and throwing down some ridiculous dunks. When I was under 16 I touched the net once. The video features Seventh Woods, Josh Jackson, Malik Monk, and Terrance Ferguson.

[via Deadspin]

0 Fan celebrates getting foul ball, loses foul ball

A Toronto Blue Jays fan got super pumped to get a foul ball last night, so much so that it squirted out of his hand, and he lost it to another fan that gave it to a kid. All ended well, as Gregg Zaun gave him an autographed one later.

0 Dodgers walk off on wild pitch

I used to see this occasionally in high school games when I covered them more often, especially in the smaller schools. But you rarely see a walk off wild pitch in the major leagues. The Dodgers got one from the Braves last night.

Friday, June 7, 2013

1 NCAA Football 14 releases new footage

EA Sports' NCAA Football 14 comes out in a little over a month, and they released new footage today. They are using a new gameplay engine, the same as last year's Madden, which I thought was disappointing. But they seem to have worked out the kinks like the players flopping like a fish when they are tackled. And it just looks smoother overall. Looking forward to wasting a ton of productive hours playing it.

0 Jimmy Kimmel asks people if they are excited about the Lakers in the finals

Some "L.A. fans" were super excited about the Lakers being the NBA Finals. They are not obviously.

0 Kid steals ball from girl like a boss

All this young lady wanted was a ball at the Kansas City Royals game, so when one had a chance of coming her way, she got very excited. Until a little kid snagged that sucker and ran off.

[via Clip Nation]

0 Trick Shot Titus destroys Shaq

For those of you that don't know Trick Shot Titus, just go to YouTube and put it in his name. He is a toddler who can shoot the lights out. He has also beat Jimmy Kimmel in a shooting contest, and Kimmel has now started a segment called Clash of the Titus. Last night, Titus dominated Shaquille O'Neal, which probably surprised no one.

0 Bruins player breaks fibula, keeps playing

Boston Bruins' Gregory Campbell is tougher than you or I because last night when he broke his fibula during play, he got back up and kept playing. Granted, he couldn't do very much, but dude gave every bit he could considering the circumstances. One tough son of a gun.

[via Deadspin]

0 Tony Parker did what Lebron James won't

By Kenny Howell

When I posted the story about Lebron James flops a week or so ago, I mentioned one of the things that bothered me besides him collapsing like a house of cards whenever someone bumps into him. I said when the game is on the line, he is still trying to create shots for other people instead of taking it and being the unstoppable force he could be. The kind that Jordan was. The kind that Kobe was. I wrote this line:
You with the ball in your hands 5 feet from the basket is a higher percentage shot than Chris Bosh from three point range.
So what did Lebron do with less than a minute to go down by two? He drove it into the lane, and kicked it out to last remaining dinosaur DNA evidence Chris Bosh, who clanked a three-pointer. even Erik Spoelstra said in his post game news conference that Bosh was probably open for a reason. What did Tony Parker do on the next possession? He dribbled around pretty much everyone trying to find room, fell down, dribbled back up, pivoted around, and nailed the deciding bucket.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

0 Kendry Morales juggles pop up, falls into stands, makes catch

Kendry Morales kept his concentration Wednesday, pulling in a foul pop after juggling it and falling into the stands.

0 Jim Harbaugh, still a weirdo

Jim Harbaugh talked with reporters a few days ago about his appearance on Judge Judy. He said he likes to watch anybody who does their job well all day long. He included crossing guards in that list. He can watch crossing guards all day long.

[via Kissing Suzy Kolber]

0 Phillies fan applies sunscreen to her lips, makes nightmares

I don't know why this freaks me out so much, but a Phillies fan Wednesday didn't want her lips to get sunburnt, so she applied a thick layer to them. It's like a David Lynch movie.

0 Long snapper trick shots

Zach Smith is the No. 2 long snapper in the class of 2013, which is a surprise, because I didn't know they ranked long snappers. But he pulls off some pretty impressive trick shots nonetheless. He is committed to USC.

[via Reddit]

0 Carlos Gonzalez smashes three HRs

Carlos Gonzalez was a one man wrecking crew last night, as he hit three home runs against the Reds. He drove in six RBIs as well.

0 Goalie scores goal on self thanks to wind

Not sure I have seen this before. A goalie was trying to clear a ball, and the wind was so gusty it blew it back at him and into the goal. Time to just pack it up and head home once that happens.

[via Clip Nation]

0 Seager hits 1st game tying extra inning grand slam in history

Kyle Seager became the first player in history to hit a game tying grand slam in extra innings yesterday, as both the White Sox and Mariners put up five runs in the 14th. Also in the clip, notice the idiot that plows over a little kid to chase down the ball. Poor little guy.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

0 Aviles gets thrown out of game that's already over

The game was over, but that didn't stop Tony Randazzo from throwing Mike Aviles out Tuesday. Aviles was arguing that he didn't foul tip a pitch on the last at bat, which Randazzo called a foul tip. It was really close, but I didn't see or hear the tip in the replay. That doesn't excuse the fact that you threw a dude out of a game that was over. He was leaving. He was throwing himself out, because every player was. That is what happens when the game is over.

0 Mayberry hits 2 HRs in extras, walk-off grand slam

John Mayberry was the epitome of clutch last night as he hit a solo home run to tie it in the 10th, then a walk off grand slam in the 11th.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

0 Lebron almost smashed his face on the rim

If you missed it last night, the Heat remembered they had lots of really good players, and stomped the Pacers to reach the NBA finals. In the first half, Lebron took off for an alley oop and nearly smashed his face into the rim.

0 Husband jumps out of way when bat flies into stands, bat hits wife

We have seen husbands and boyfriends jumping out of the way when a ball goes flying into the stands, but this is the first time I have seen someone dodge a bat. Here, an Angels fan gets the heck out of Dodge when a bat comes flying into the stands leaving his wife in direct path.

0 Boston Has Their Way With Pittsburgh in Game 2

By Justin Koehn

Playoff hockey is usually filled with pretty tight games. Rarely do they get into a five goal deficit, as they close the gap toward the end most of the time. That never happened for the Penguins last night in Game 2 against Boston as they just couldn't keep the Bruins contained from start to finish.

Marchand scored for Boston 28 seconds into the game to get the ball rolling and they never looked back. These goals were also a thing of beauty.

Marchand goal at 0:28 in the 1st

Horton goal at 14:37 in the 1st Krekci goal at 16:31 in the 1st After getting down 3-0 before the end of the 1st, Sutter decided to find the back of the net for PIttsburgh with 34 seconds to go: Why would Boston stop there? I mean it is only the 1st period, so why not bag another goal with only 9 seconds to go? Marchand opened up the scoring in the opening period, so he thought it to be a great idea to close it out as well: This late period goal put Boston up 4-0 before the 2nd period. No one scored during the 2nd period and Pittsburgh never answered back. The Bruins nailed a couple more pucks into the coffin before calling it quits for the evening. Bergeron goal at 0:27 in the 3rd: Boychuk goal at 18:36 in the 3rd: If you haven't seen enough, take a minute to watch the highlights as it really puts it all together into a big package of disappointment for Pittsburgh:
This win puts Boston up 2-0 in the conference finals, and unless The Penguins can turn things around, this one could easily go 4 and out. I personally do not think PIttsburgh is going to let this go 4-0, but I've seen crazier things.

Things are just as exciting in the Western Conference. If Chicago can roll out their 2-0 lead they have so far into a series win, we may just be seeing an Original 6 matchup in the Stanley Cup finals.

Monday, June 3, 2013

0 40-year-old journeyman Ortiz suffers injury, breaks down on mound

It seems if Ramon Ortiz felt hit career end last night when he injured his elbow on a pitch. At 40, this could be it for him, and his emotions were not hidden after suffering the injury. Wish him well, and hope he gets to get back on the mound soon.

[via Deadspin]

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