Tuesday, June 4, 2013

0 Boston Has Their Way With Pittsburgh in Game 2

By Justin Koehn

Playoff hockey is usually filled with pretty tight games. Rarely do they get into a five goal deficit, as they close the gap toward the end most of the time. That never happened for the Penguins last night in Game 2 against Boston as they just couldn't keep the Bruins contained from start to finish.

Marchand scored for Boston 28 seconds into the game to get the ball rolling and they never looked back. These goals were also a thing of beauty.

Marchand goal at 0:28 in the 1st

Horton goal at 14:37 in the 1st Krekci goal at 16:31 in the 1st After getting down 3-0 before the end of the 1st, Sutter decided to find the back of the net for PIttsburgh with 34 seconds to go: Why would Boston stop there? I mean it is only the 1st period, so why not bag another goal with only 9 seconds to go? Marchand opened up the scoring in the opening period, so he thought it to be a great idea to close it out as well: This late period goal put Boston up 4-0 before the 2nd period. No one scored during the 2nd period and Pittsburgh never answered back. The Bruins nailed a couple more pucks into the coffin before calling it quits for the evening. Bergeron goal at 0:27 in the 3rd: Boychuk goal at 18:36 in the 3rd: If you haven't seen enough, take a minute to watch the highlights as it really puts it all together into a big package of disappointment for Pittsburgh:
This win puts Boston up 2-0 in the conference finals, and unless The Penguins can turn things around, this one could easily go 4 and out. I personally do not think PIttsburgh is going to let this go 4-0, but I've seen crazier things.

Things are just as exciting in the Western Conference. If Chicago can roll out their 2-0 lead they have so far into a series win, we may just be seeing an Original 6 matchup in the Stanley Cup finals.


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