Tuesday, June 18, 2013

0 NCAA Football 14 Demo pretty impressive

By Kenny Howell

If you haven't heard, the demo for NCAA Football 14 released today, and there is a lot to be excited about. I have just played once, and I am counting down the days until July 9 when it hits the shelves.

On the demo, you can choose to play one of three games. The one I chose was Oregon vs. Texas A&M because I use a variation of Oregon's offense usually in the game. They have added a new spread option playbook apparently this year too, so there is more plays in that style besides just the few read options and jet streaks.

My biggest worry coming into this one was the new gameplay engine. They are going with the Infinity Engine, which was used on last year's Madden, and I hated. The movement was really unrealistic and players would flop like a fish sometimes when they got hit. All that has been fixed on NCAA Football 14. Through my entire first game, I never once was frustrated by the physics of the game. One of the big things for me from last year's game was that you would get stuck behind lineman and not be able to move. That is gone. Also, you can seemingly cut better in the open field with just the left joystick. I rarely use all the special moves with the right joystick, so it's nice to have a little more juke in the left joystick.

I ran the read option offense the majority of the game I played, and it is a lot smoother than last year's as well. It was easier to read, but the defense did adjust to me at times.

On defense, it doesn't seem like they have fixed the regular zones. Last year, you had to use man a majority of the time, or full zones because the defensive line can't get much pressure. Through one game, that seems to be the same, but that might change over more games.

Like I said, I am really excited for July 9. They have taken last year's game and fine tuned it well. Until then, I will be wearing out the demo in preparation of dominating my online dynasty.


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