Friday, June 7, 2013

0 Tony Parker did what Lebron James won't

By Kenny Howell

When I posted the story about Lebron James flops a week or so ago, I mentioned one of the things that bothered me besides him collapsing like a house of cards whenever someone bumps into him. I said when the game is on the line, he is still trying to create shots for other people instead of taking it and being the unstoppable force he could be. The kind that Jordan was. The kind that Kobe was. I wrote this line:
You with the ball in your hands 5 feet from the basket is a higher percentage shot than Chris Bosh from three point range.
So what did Lebron do with less than a minute to go down by two? He drove it into the lane, and kicked it out to last remaining dinosaur DNA evidence Chris Bosh, who clanked a three-pointer. even Erik Spoelstra said in his post game news conference that Bosh was probably open for a reason. What did Tony Parker do on the next possession? He dribbled around pretty much everyone trying to find room, fell down, dribbled back up, pivoted around, and nailed the deciding bucket.


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