Tuesday, July 30, 2013

0 Another crazy trick shot from KDPRODUCTIONS7

KDPRODUCTIONS7 is making quite a name for himself on YouTube for crazy trick shots. Add this one to the list. He does a backflip off a telephone pole, and lets physics take the ball to the basket 40 feet away.

Monday, July 29, 2013

0 Yasiel Puig continues to be good at baseball

The legend of Yasiel Puig continues to grow, as he got a walk off homer in the 11th Sunday against the Cincinnati Reds.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

0 MLB Power Rankings, July 28

By Kenny Howell

No big surprising changes in the MLB Power Rankings this week, but there is some shifting as always. Each team will be followed by their record and what they were ranked last week.

1. Tampa Bay Rays (62-43) (1) - The blistering hot Rays keep on rolling, winning eight of their last 10.

2. St. Louis Cardinals (62-39) (2) - Still the best record in baseball but the Rays are hot on their tail.

3. Oakland Athletics (61-43) (4) - Athletics have been the model of consistency over the last few months.

4. Cincinnati Reds (59-46) (3) - Reds may be the most talented team out there, and are still hanging around in the NL Central race.

5. Pittsburgh Pirates (61-42) (6) - Pirates are still in the NL Central race as well, and it should be a great finish.

6. Atlanta Braves (59-45) (5) - Braves are still really good, but have slowly been creeping down the rankings after the fantastic start.

7. Detroit Tigers (59-45) (8) - The Tigers are heating back up, winning seven of their last 10.

8. Baltimore Orioles (58-48) (9) - I think over the long haul, the Orioles will be the better team than the Red Sox, although the Sox have been proving me wrong and keep winning.

9. Boston Red Sox (63-43) (7) - The Red Sox have split their last 10 games, and hold a slight edge over the Rays in the AL East.

10. Texas Rangers (56-49) (10) - The Rangers have lost four in a row, but are still in pretty good shape.

11. Arizona Diamondbacks (54-50) (11) - The Diamondbacks have lost their first place lead in the NL West, but they have been more consistent than the Dodgers.

12. Los Angeles Dodgers (55-48) (14) - But if the Dodgers don't cool off soon, they might run away with the division.

13. Cleveland Indians (56-48) (13) - Indians have won four in a row, but can't catch up with the Tigers.

14. New York Yankees (55-50) (12) - The Yankees are still in it, but the rest of the AL East could pull away from them.

15. Los Angeles Angels (48-54) (17) - The Angels haven't done much themselves to go up two spots other than there is a lot of teams playing bad around them.

16. Seattle Mariners (49-55) (21) - The Mariners have won seven of their last 10.

17. Kansas City Royals (50-51) (23) - The Royals have been streaky all year, and have now won five in a row.

18. Washington Nationals (51-54) (18) - The Nationals just can't seem to get over the hump and stay above .500.

19. Chicago Cubs (47-55) (16) - The Cubs have split their last 10.

20. Toronto Blue Jays (48-56) (19) - The Blue Jays are pretty much done in the AL East, now 14 games back.

21. Milwaukee Brewers (43-60) (24) - The Ryan Braun suspension news hasn't made the Brewers play any worse, winners of six of their last 10.

22. Colorado Rockies (50-55) (22) - Once promising Rockies have pretty much disappeared, but are still only six games back in the NL West.

23. New York Mets (46-55) (28) - The Mets are still bad at baseball, but a little less bad now.

24. Philadelphia Phillies (49-56) (15) - The Phillies are in a freefall, losing their last eight games.

25. Chicago White Sox (40-61) (25) - South siders are still getting outplayed by their north side counterparts.

26. San Diego Padres (47-58) (26) - Padres have won a respectable six of their last 10.

27. San Francisco Giants (46-57) (20) - What in the world has happened to the defending world champions?

28. Miami Marlins (40-63) (27) - Marlins still clinging to "not the worst."

29. Minnesota Twins (45-56) - Twins have a little hope, winning seven of their last 10.

30. Houston Astros (35-69) (30) - The Astros do not, losing eight of their last 10.

0 Top 5 stories of the week

Check out our top 5 stories of the week.

1. Jacob Karam seems like a good dude. Plays piano and sings with 11-year-old cancer patient.

2. College Football Preview: Bowl Projections

3. Pretty impressive diving board, backflip trick shot

4. Anthony Davis steals and alley opp, then goes coast to coast for the slam

5. MLB Power Rankings, July 21

Friday, July 26, 2013

0 Anthony Davis is good at basketball

Anthony Davis stole an alley oop then went coast to coast for the dunk in the White vs. Blue Team game at the USA Basketball Las Vegas Showcase. He is good at basketball.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

0 Memphis QB Jacob Karam seems like a good dude

Memphis QB Jacob Karam visited St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital to take part in a scavenger hunt, and sat down at the piano with a brave 11-year-old, Breanna Bercegeay, who is fighting AML Leukemia, to sing 10 songs, including Jessie J.'s Price Tag.

[via With Leather]

0 Yunel Escobar's awesome glove flip starts double play

Yunel Escobar pulled off a pretty amazing behind the back glove flip to start a double play yesterday for the Rays.

0 Tim Hudson suffers nasty ankle fracture

Tim Hudson went to cover first Wednesday, and Eric Young Jr. stepped on his ankle, fracturing it. It's kind of gruesome, so don't watch if you are squeamish.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

0 Taiwanese Animation takes on Ryan Braun, his urine test comes to life

Taiwanese Animation is always there to cover the important news stories, like Ryan Braun getting suspended for the rest of the season for PED use. Apparently, according to the animation, his urine sample sprouted arms and legs and ran away. You don't hear that on other news outlets.

0 Pretty impressive diving board backflip trick shot

YouTube user Justin Kamp pulled off a pretty solid diving board backflip trick shot.

[via Clip Nation]

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

0 Jason Heyward makes amazing game saving catch

The Braves had a one run lead, but the Mets were threatening last night. A fly ball to CF looked like it was going to drop and at least tie the game, but Jason Heyward came up with game saving catch.

Monday, July 22, 2013

0 Knuckleball! an inside look at the wacky pitch

Knuckleball! (2012) - Directed by Ricki Stern, Anne Sundberg.

By Kenny Howell

Despite the unneeded exclamation point in the title, Knuckleball! is an interesting look at the quirky pitch that has defined some careers.

The movie spends most of its time on Tim Wakefield and R.A. Dickey. Wakefield just retired after 20 seasons in the big league, and Dickey has had a career resurgence after taking on the pitch after a failed attempt to be a more orthodox pitcher. He won the Cy Young Award last year, after filming had wrapped on the documentary.

Both were meant to be big leaguers in other ways. Wakefield was a position player that just didn't have the stuff to make it to the big leagues. A coach saw him messing around with the knuckleball during practice and told him to develop it. He burst onto the scene in 1992 with the Pirates, leading them to the NL Championship series against the Braves. After the Pirates gave up on him because of some bad outings, the Red Sox picked him up and he spent 17 seasons there, becoming the all-time leader in innings pitched for the franchise.

Dickey was a regular pitcher, but an absence of a tendon in his arm caused some teams to back off of him. He gave it a go as a regular pitcher and couldn't make it, so he reinvented himself as a knuckleballer.

The movie is good for an inside look at the game, particularly these two men and how the pitch defines them. It's a must for baseball fans.

Rating: ***

0 College Football Preview: Bowl Projections

By Kenny Howell

Here is my stab at trying to predict what bowl games teams will be going to at the end of the season. If I get three of these right, I should win some kind of prize.

New Mexico Bowl
Utah State vs. Arizona State

Idaho Potato Bowl
Northern Illinois vs. Nevada

Poinsettia Bowl
Boise State vs. Kent State

Beef O'Brady's Bowl
Memphis vs. Rice

New Orleans Bowl
MTSU vs. Western Kentucky

Maaco Las Vegas Bowl
San Diego State vs. UCLA

Hawaii Bowl
Air Force vs. Tulsa

Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl
Toledo vs. Northwestern

Military Bowl
Southern Miss vs. Georgia Tech

Belk Bowl
Maryland vs. Louisville

Independence Bowl
Pittsburgh vs. Kentucky

Russell Athletic Bowl
North Carolina vs. Rutgers

Meineke Car Care Bowl
Kansas State vs. Wisconsin

Armed Forces Bowl
East Carolina vs. Fresno State

Pinstripe Bowl
West Virginia vs. Houston

Heart of Dallas Bowl
Indiana vs. Marshall

Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl
Baylor vs. Michigan State

Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl
Virginia vs. California

Holiday Bowl
TCU vs. Stanford

Alamo Bowl
USC vs. Texas Tech

BBVA Compass Bowl
Vanderbilt vs. UCF

Liberty Bowl
Auburn vs. East Carolina

Music City Bowl
Tennessee vs. N.C. State

Gator Bowl
Florida vs. Iowa

Chick-Fil-A Bowl
LSU vs. Miami

Outback Bowl
Texas A&M vs. Michigan

Cotton Bowl
Ole Miss vs. Oklahoma State

Capital One Bowl
South Carolina vs. Nebraska

Orange Bowl
Clemson vs. Notre Dame

Sugar Bowl
Georgia vs. Florida State

Fiesta Bowl
Oklahoma vs. Cincinnati

Rose Bowl
Oregon vs. Ohio State

BCS National Championship
Alabama vs. Texas

Sunday, July 21, 2013

0 MLB Power Rankings, July 21

By Kenny Howell

The All-Star break cut the number of games short this week, but there was a still little changing in the Power Rankings and a new No. 1. Each team will be followed by their record and what they were last week.

1. Tampa Bay Rays (57-41) (3) - The Rays are the best team in baseball right now. They have won nine of their last 10, and are top 5 in winning percentage, OPS, WHIP and defensive efficiency.

2. St. Louis Cardinals (58-37) (1) - The Cards still hold the best record in baseball, and have been the most consistent.

3. Cincinnati Reds (55-42) (5) - The Reds have won three in a row, and look to take back the Wild Card lead from the Pirates.

4. Oakland Athletics (56-41) (2) - The A's have split their last 10 games, and dropped their last two.

5. Atlanta Braves (55-42) (4) - The Braves have also split their last 10 games.

6. Pittsburgh Pirates (56-39) (6) - The Pirates have lost three straight games.

7. Boston Red Sox (59-40) (9) - The Red Sox have the best record in the AL, but one of the worst pitching staffs.

8. Detroit Tigers (52-44) (8) - The Tigers are playing a little below average, but are still ahead in the AL Central.

9. Baltimore Orioles (55-43) (10) - The Orioles have won three straight as they try to keep up with the Red Sox and Rays.

10. Texas Rangers (54-43) (7) - The Rangers have lost their last three games.

11. Arizona Diamondbacks (50-47) (11) - The Diamondbacks have lost three in a row as well, as the Dodgers are right on their heels.

12. New York Yankees (52-45) (12) - The Yankees are falling behind the pack in the competitive AL East.

13. Cleveland Indians (51-46) (13) - The Indians have dropped their last two, but six of their last 10.

14. Los Angeles Dodgers (49-47) (14) - The Dodgers are still surging, winning eight of their last 10.

15. Philadelphia Phillies (49-49) (16) - The Phillies have won seven of their last 10.

16. Chicago Cubs (43-52) (18) - The Cubs continue to play above average ball, but it's not enough to make up for their terrible start. Won six of their last 10.

17. Los Angeles Angels (46-49) (19) - The Angels have won two in a row since coming back from the All-Star break.

18. Washington Nationals (48-49) (15) - The Nats have won just three of their last 10.

19. Toronto Blue Jays (45-51) (17) - The Blue Jays have pretty much fallen out of contention in the AL East, and probably the wild card with a team that many people thought would contend for a World Series.

20. San Francisco Giants (45-51) (21) - The Giants have won two since coming back from the All-Star break.

21. Seattle Mariners (45-52) (20) - The Mariners have won five in a row, but will it keep going?

22. Colorado Rockies (47-51) (22) - The Rockies have split their last 10.

23. Kansas City Royals (45-49) (23) - The Royals have won their last two games since coming back from the All-Star break.

24. Milwaukee Brewers (40-56) (25) - The Brewers have won three straight.

25. Chicago White Sox (38-56) (24) - The White Sox have won just four of their last 10.

26. San Diego Padres (43-55) (27) - The Padres looked to be in contention for awhile, but they have slipped back to the bottom rather quick.

27. Miami Marlins (35-60) (26) - The Marlins have dropped their last three.

28. New York Mets (42-51) (28) - The Mets are still bad at baseball.

29. Minnesota Twins (41-53) (29) - The Twins have won four in a row, but are still not good.

30. Houston Astros (33-63) (30) - The Astros have lost four in a row to keep adding onto their worst record in baseball.

0 Top 5 stories of the week

Check out our top 5 stories of the week.

1. Bartolo Colon accidentally slapped Robinson Cano's son in the face at the Home Run Derby Monday.

2. Also, Kenny wrote a column about how the Home Run Derby is really boring.

3. MLB Power Rankings, July 14

4. Paul Rudd, Jason Sudeikis and Rob Riggle sat down for an interview during the Royals game Friday.

5. Brandon Barnes hit for the cycle Friday night

Saturday, July 20, 2013

0 Paul Rudd, Jason Sudeikis, Rob Riggle visit Royals game, continue to be great

Paul Rudd, Jason Sudeikis and Rob Riggle took part in the Kansas City Royals celebrity wiffle ball game yesterday, and they took time out during the actual Royals baseball game to do an interview. It's just five minutes of three great people. Also, Sudeikis brought his super hot fiancee Olivia Wilde who made batting practice sexy in a short clip. Also, she wasn't in a bikini, but I just put Olivia Wilde and bikini in the same story, so hello internet traffic.

0 Red Sox fan makes catch like a boss

A Red Sox fan pulled off his total badass routine last night when a foul ball flew his way. He snagged it with one hand, showed no emotion except a face chiseled in steel, and let the fans around him bask in his glory.

0 Brandon Barnes hits for cycle

Brandon Barnes hit for the cycle. Unfortunately, the Astros are still terrible.

Friday, July 19, 2013

0 College Football Preview: Power Rankings

By Kenny Howell

I posted my Top 25 the other day, so here is the full FBS Power Rankings. I compiled the list by looking at what the teams finished last year, how many starters they had coming back this year, and what their recruiting has been like the past few years. I will use this as my first Power Rankings when the season starts, then adjust accordingly throughout the year. This is how good I think the teams could be, but as we all know, once they start playing, everything goes haywire.

1. Alabama
2. Texas
3. Georgia
4. Ohio State
5. Oregon
6. Florida
7. Florida State
8. Notre Dame
9. USC
10. Oklahoma
11. LSU
12. Clemson
13. Texas A&M
14. South Carolina
15. Michigan
16. Ole Miss
17. Tennessee
18. Auburn
19. UCLA
20. Nebraska
21. Stanford
22. Miami
23. Washington
24. Oklahoma State
25. Virginia Tech
26. TCU
27. Baylor
28. Texas Tech
29. Penn State
30. California
31. Oregon State
32. North Carolina
33. Missouri
34. Cincinnati
35. Michigan State
36. Arizona State
37. Mississippi State
38. Kentucky
39. Louisville
40. Vanderbilt
41. Arizona
42. Arkansas
43. Utah
44. Rutgers
45. West Virginia
46. Pittsburgh
47. Iowa
48. Virginia
49. Georgia Tech
50. BYU
51. Maryland
52. Wisconsin
53. Northwestern
54. Kansas State
55. Minnesota
56. Purdue
57. N.C. State
58. UCF
59. Indiana
60. Iowa State
61. Boise State
62. South Florida
63. Syracuse
64. Houston
65. Boston College
66. Duke
67. SMU
68. Kansas
69. Illinois
70. Marshall
71. Wake Forest
72. Toledo
73. San Diego State
74. Washington State
75. Fresno State
76. East Carolina
77. Colorado
78. Tulsa
79. Memphis
80. Connecticut
81. Northern Illinois
82. Utah State
83. Kent State
84. Rice
85. Arkansas State
86. Bowling Green
87. Western Kentucky
88. Air Force
89. Louisiana Tech
90. Louisiana-Lafayette
91. Colorado State
92. San Jose State
93. Nevada
94. Hawaii
95. Temple
96. Southern Miss
97. Navy
98. Middle Tennessee
99. Wyoming
100. Ohio
101. Ball State
102. New Mexico
103. Central Michigan
104. UAB
105. Louisiana-Monroe
106. Tulane
107. Texas State
108. Troy
109. Western Michigan
110. UNLV
111. Florida International
112. Florida Atlantic
113. Miami (Ohio)
114. North Texas
115. New Mexico State
116. UTEP
117. Buffalo
118. Texas-San Antonio
119. Akron
120. Army
121. Eastern Michigan
123. Idaho
124. South Alabama
125. Massachusetts
126. Georgia State

Thursday, July 18, 2013

0 Chuck Norris destroys NBA Jam

YouTube user Dane Boe has made it so Chuck Norris is in NBA Jam and destroys everyone involved. Which is what everyone has been waiting for.

[via Clip Nation]

0 Jordan Hamilton lost his shorts

The NBA Summer League is in full swing, and yesterday Jordan Hamilton lost his shorts after getting fouled. That is all.

0 Azerbaijanese wrestler knows how to celebrate

Rasul Chunayev won the gold medal match of a recent wrestling tournament with an 8-0 decision, and his joy came out in DANCE!

[via Clip Nation]

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

0 Johnny Manziel gets the Taiwanese Animation treatment

As it has been widely reported, Johnny Manziel was kicked out of the Manning Passing Academy, most likely for getting drunk and missing a portion of it. Taiwanese Animation helps lay the whole story out with their new video, which includes an excessive amount of urine.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

0 Bartolo Colon accidentally slaps Robinson Cano's son in the face

Bartolo Colon had a great time at the Home Run Derby, so much so that he accidentally slapped Robinson Cano's son in the face. Here is the slow motion video.

[via FanSided]

0 Jimmy Fallon sent Matt Harvey out to ask people about Matt Harvey

This is only Matt Harvey's first full season in the big leagues, so it's understandable if people don't recognize him yet. So Jimmy Fallon sent the man starting the All-Star game out on the streets of New York to ask people what they thought of him, and of course it took everyone a minute to put it together.

Monday, July 15, 2013

0 The Home Run Derby is boring

By Kenny Howell

I don't get the Home Run Derby. There is all this build up every year, and then by like the third hitter, you start looking around for something else to do.

Most home runs look the same, and as much as Chris Berman tries to get excited about it, it is not that great. It's a ball traveling over the fence. It's like if we lined up quarterbacks and see who could throw the farthest. It would be impressive for the first couple, but after those you are just like somebody needs to hit that dude to make this exciting.

Or the dunk competition. If you watch those, people are more worried about what overreaction they are about to do to a dunk that has been done a hundred times, so they can hold up those little 10 signs.

There is been lots of talk about how to make it better from corked to aluminum bats, but I think the only way is to just sit everyone down and let them watch the old Home Run Derby show from the 1960s that was so awesome. Yeah, do that ESPN. In fact, let's all watch that now.

0 Chris Davis ties AL record with 37th HR

Chris Davis tied Reggie Jackson for the most home runs before the all-star break when he hit his 37th home run yesterday. Also, there has never been a player in MLB history to have 30 HRs and 90 RBIs before the all-star break, but both Davis and Miguel Cabrera have done it this year.

0 Indians fan catches 4 foul balls

Indians Greg Van Niel got a lifetime's worth of foul balls Sunday in Cleveland, as he snagged four at the game against the Royals. ESPN caught up with the fan.

0 Carly Rae Jepsen's first pitch was as bad as you'd expect

Here's a baseball

So throw it maybe

Go ahead and windup

Carly Rae Jepson is terrible at throwing out first pitches

Did I do that right?

Anyway, Carly Rae Jepson threw out the first pitch at the Tampa Bay Rays game, and it was just awful. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

0 MLB Power Rankings, July 14

By Kenny Howell

Little shifting as usual in this week's power rankings. Each team will be followed by their record and what they were last week. 

1. St. Louis Cardinals (56-36) (1) - A surge, and a Pirates slump have moved the Cardinals back into first place in the NL Central and the best record in baseball.

2. Oakland Athletics (55-39) (3) - The A's continue to be the best team in the AL despite having the lowest payroll in the league.

3. Tampa Bay Rays (55-41) (6) - The hottest team in baseball right now, the Rays have won nine of their last 10.

4. Atlanta Braves (54-41) (4) - The Braves are holding par in the AL East.

5. Cincinnati Reds (53-42) (5) - The Reds are four games behind the Pirates, but are probably the more well rounded team.

6. Pittsburgh Pirates (56-37) (2) - After going on a tear, the Pirates have cooled off, only winning four of their last 10.

7. Texas Rangers (54-41) (9) - Rangers are top 10 in record, OPS, and just outside top 10 in WHIP and defensive efficiency.

8. Detroit Tigers (52-42) (7) - Tigers playing just above average, enough to stay ahead of the surging Indians.

9. Boston Red Sox (58-38) (8) - Red Sox are still having trouble pitching and on defense, but their offense is keeping them winning.

10. Baltimore Orioles (53-43) (10) - Orioles can't keep up with the Red Sox and Rays, but could work their way back into it.

11. Arizona Diamondbacks (50-44) (11) - Dbacks have won three in a row and are trying to hold off the red hot Dodgers.

12. New York Yankees (51-44) (13) - Yankees are falling behind the pack in the competitive AL East.

13. Cleveland Indians (51-44) (14) - Indians are on a four game winning streak and could take the lead from the Tigers.

14. Los Angeles Dodgers (47-46) (23) - Yasiel Puig is good at baseball, and he is sparked the Dodgers, which are back in the NL West race.

15. Washington Nationals (48-47) (12) - The Nats have split their last 10 and are trying to keep up with the Braves.

16. Philadelphia Phillies (48-48) (20) - Phillies have won seven of their last 10.

17. Toronto Blue Jays (45-49) (15) - Blue Jays don't have much chance to make a splash in the AL East, now 12 games back.

18. Chicago Cubs (42-50) (18) - Cubs have won six of their last 10.

19. Los Angeles Angels (44-48) (17) - Angels have dropped their last two.

20. Seattle Mariners (42-52) (22) - Mariners have won their last two.

21. San Francisco Giants (43-50) (21) - Giants have won three in a row including Tim Lincecum's no-hitter last night.

22. Colorado Rockies (45-50) (19) - Rockies have won just four of their last 10.

23. Kansas City Royals (43-49) (16) - Royals have dropped five in a row and are sinking back to the bottom.

24. Chicago White Sox (37-55) (26) - White Sox have won just three of their last 10.

25. Milwaukee Brewers (37-56) (25) - Brewers have dropped four in a row.

26. Miami Marlins (35-58) (27) - Marlins aren't terrible, they are just really really bad.

27. San Diego Padres (41-54) (24) - The Padres have won just one game in their last 10.

28. New York Mets (41-50) (28) - Mets are still bad at baseball.

29. Minnesota Twins (39-53) (29) - Twins have won just three of their last 10.

30. Houston Astros (33-61) (30) - The Astros have really taking hold of the worst baseball team in the league, and are going to be here for awhile.  

0 Tim Lincecum throws first career no hitter

The story about Tim Lincecum the last few years has been a once dominant pitcher has faded away even though he is still pretty young. All that went away at least for last night as Lincecum was dominant, throwing his first career no hitter and striking out 13 in a win against the San Diego Padres.

0 Top 5 stories of the week

Check out our top 5 stories of the week.

1. Fox & Friends Anchor Brian Kilmeade hit Trick Shot Titus in the face with a ball.

2. There was 1 Titans fan waiting in line for the first day of single game tickets, and he was pretty great

3. College Football Preview: Pac 12

4. A Rhythmic gymnast nails a crazy, spinning free throw

5. Andy Murray's Wimbledon win recreated by Legos

Saturday, July 13, 2013

0 College Football Preview: Top 25

By Kenny Howell

The first game is over a month and a half away, so what's better than now to say who is the going to be the best team at the end of the year.

Something a little different with my Top 25 is that this will be the actual best top 25 teams, regardless of record. I think that has been a flaw with the system for quite some time, that just because a team is undefeated doesn't mean they are the best team. Notre Dame was a good example of that last year. Schedule strengths are much different, even if you play close to the same schedule, you may have to make road trips which are more difficult. Top 25 isn't the best 25 teams in order, it's the best who have won all of their games or a stronger majority, with a little variation.

So with that being said, here is my Top 25. There are going to be some teams on here that may seem like a stretch, but whatever, there are going to be those teams by the end of the year that no one saw coming. So might as well try to pick some of those.

1. Alabama
2. Texas
3. Georgia
4. Ohio State
5. Oregon
6. Florida
7. Florida State
8. Notre Dame
9. USC
10. Oklahoma
11. LSU
12. Clemson
13. Texas A&M
14. South Carolina
15. Michigan
16. Ole Miss
17. Tennessee
18. Auburn
19. UCLA
20. Nebraska
21. Stanford
22. Miami
23. Washington
24. Oklahoma State
25. Virginia Tech

Friday, July 12, 2013

0 Awesome backflip trick shot

YouTube user KDPRODUCTIONS7 is back with another cool trick shot. He is the one that did the trampoline shot a few months ago. This time, he is without trampoline, but still pulls off another pretty incredible shot.

[via Clip Nation]

0 Alfonzo Dennard gets the Taiwanese Animation treatment

Taiwanese Animation turned their sites on New England Patriots cornerback Alfonzo Dennard and his drunk driving arrest.

0 Trick Shot Titus gets his revenge

After Fox & Friends monster Brian Kilmeade threw a ball at Sports Shmorts' favorite Trick Shot Titus' face yesterday, they brought him into the studio to let him get revenge. Jimmy Kimmel Live gloriously doctored the footage.

0 1 Titans fan waiting in line for single game tickets

My News 2, WKRN, here in Nashville, my only source for news unless my wife has it turned on Channel 4 WSMV, was out at the line to get Tennessee Titans single game tickets this morning, and it was one guy. To be fair, most people get their tickets online now so the absence of lines doesn't mean a whole lot, but this dedicated fan doesn't have a credit card, and he holds on to traditions unlike some losers who didn't join him this year.

0 College Football Preview: Conference Power Rankings

By Kenny Howell

College Football Season is coming, so the debate on which conference is the best in football will start back up. It's the SEC, and has been for quite some time, but I will have the discussion nonetheless.

Two arguments against that is that, well, they have just had the top team in the nation for the last seven years or the bottom of the conference is not very good.

The first one, they have had the best team in the nation for the past seven years, that is correct. But that's not all. This year, for example, it would not be a huge surprise if South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Texas A&M or LSU won the National Championship. Obviously, some of the chances for those teams are much greater than others, but all could possibly do it, and it wouldn't be a Cinderella story or a big shock. What other conference can say that. The second best conference is probably the Pac-12, and you got Oregon, Stanford and USC. Big 12 has Texas, Oklahoma and possibly Oklahoma State.

On the second one about the bottom of the conference not being very good, that makes no sense. It is insinuating that you have tougher competition at the bottom, so you have to play more quality games. Could Kansas beat Kentucky, and if so, what would that even matter. They are both really bad. I am not even sure they could, but it doesn't really tell you anything, especially if Alabama would manhandle Oklahoma, something Texas A&M did pretty easily last year in the Cotton Bowl.

So, with all that being said, when I was deciding my Power Rankings, which will come in the next few days, and figuring out how the conferences would finish, I used a couple of different things like what they did last year, recruiting the past few years, and starters returning to assign a number value. It's the finest crude mathematics from an English major who had to take one math class in college you will ever see. Anyway, I averaged those number values for each conference, and below is what the conferences are ranked based on power from top to bottom.

1. SEC
2. Pac-12
3. Big 12
4. Big 10
5. ACC
6. American Athletic Conference
7. Mountain West
8. Conference USA
9. MAC
10. Sun Belt

Thursday, July 11, 2013

0 Rhythmic gymnast nails crazy free throw

Rhythmic gymnasts are all the rage right now. First we had one throwing out a first pitch, now we have Noa Kadosh pulling off this crazy free throw.

[via Clip Nation]

0 Tennis impersonator Josh Berry meets Rafael Nadal

This is my first introduction to Josh Berry, but apparently he has become rather popular on YouTube for his impersonations of male tennis players. I have to say, seeing just these three in this video, he is pretty spot on. Babolat, who makes the best tennis racket in the world, and should give me swag for saying this, had Berry met Rafael Nadal and do his impressions, ending with his Rafa impression.

[via Tennis-X]

0 Fox News Anchor hit Trick Shot Titus in the face with ball

Fox News Anchor Brian Kilmeade thought it was a good idea to throw a ball to an infant, especially at his face, as he hit Sports Shmorts favorite Trick Shot Titus while Titus was on a roll, and of course it made him cry because he is a tiny kid who you shouldn't throw basketballs at his face.

[via Clip Nation]

0 College Football Preview: Independents

By Kenny Howell

So we have gone through all through conferences, now let's look at the schools who think they are too good for conferences, or no one wanted them this year, the Independents.

Really only two teams factor into any type of discussion, Notre Dame and BYU. They are probably going to be the only two going to bowls, and the Irish could go to a BCS game again, though probably not the National Championship.

Notre Dame's road schedule works out fairly well except for two games. They will have to travel to Michigan and to Stanford. I think they split those games. USC and Oklahoma both come to South Bend, and I think they win both of those.

People are concerned about the loss of Manti Te'o and Everett Golson, but I honestly don't think they will miss a beat. Brian Kelly is just a winner once he gets his system in place, and he established that last year.

BYU will go to a bowl game with eight wins. Games against Virginia, Texas, Wisconsin, Notre Dame and Boise State will be tough, but I think they get one of those.

If you would like to see previous College Football Preview Installments, click the tag below the story that says "College Football Preview."


1. Notre Dame (11-1)
2. BYU (8-4)
3. Navy (5-7)
4. New Mexico State (3-9)
5. Army (2-10)
6. Idaho (1-11)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

0 Ian Desmond shaved his goatee between innings

I love baseball, but people who don't like it have a fair point that there is a lot of down time. Washington Nationals Ian Desmond took advantage of that time to shave his chin scruff.

0 Andy Murray's Wimbledon win in Lego form

When thinking about a way to relive Andy Murray's Wimbledon win, the most obvious option is to recreate the event in Legos. Obviously. 

[via Deadspin]

0 Jason Williams still doing the elbow pass

Jason "White Chocolate" Williams was in China while traveling with the U.S. Legends Tour. Williams, who retired in 2011, occasionally would pull out his elbow pass, and he used it in the game in China as well.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

0 Rex Ryan didn't do much running from the bulls

It has been much talked about the last few days that Rex Ryan did the running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. Video has surfaced that shows that he mostly just tried to climb a fence to get away from the bulls, and had a little trouble with that.

0 Reporter gets drilled while doing sideline interview

I have spent the last 7 years covering high school football, and I luckily have never had this happen. I have had to get out of the way quick several times, and even had one player push me because he got beat by the guy he was supposed to be covering, which somehow became my fault. So I can see that having your back turned to the action can end not so well. Here, Fox Sports News/Scout.com reporter Amy Campbell gets destroyed by a wide receiver finishing the play.

0 College Football Preview: Sun Belt

By Kenny Howell

Big change for the Sun Belt this year as four teams are gone to the Conference USA. There are eight still remaining, with a few more to come next year.

The big news of the conference is the arrival of Bobby Petrino. Petrino takes over an already pretty good team in Western Kentucky, and he never really has had a losing team. This team could easily get to 10 wins. After losses to Kentucky and Tennessee to start the season, the Hilltoppers could pull off 10 straight and finish 10-2.

The closest competition should be Arkansas State, which should only have one loss in conference play. They have to travel to Western Kentucky to end the season. Could be an 8-4 season.

Louisiana-Lafayette and Troy could factor into the mix, but I think both will have two conference losses.

Sun Belt

1. Western Kentucky (10-2) (7-0)
2. Arkansas State (8-4) (6-1)
3. Louisiana-Lafayette (8-4) (5-2)
4. Troy (6-6) (5-2)
5. Louisiana-Monroe (6-6) (4-3)
6. Texas State (6-6) (3-4)
7. South Alabama (2-10) (1-6)
8. Georgia State (3-9) (0-7)

If you would like to look at previous installments of my College Football Preview, click the tag below the story that says "College Football Preview."

0 Francisco Liriano catches ball between legs

Missed this a few days ago, but here is Francisco Liriano showing off the skill/luck as he snags a ball between his legs.

Monday, July 8, 2013

0 Minor leaguer hits foul ball into cup holder

You really should get like 10 runs for this. Erie Seawolves' Brandon Douglas hit a foul ball into the stands Sunday, and it fell perfectly into a cupholder. 10 runs at least.

[via Deadspin]

0 College Football Preview: SEC

By Kenny Howell

This is the next installment of my College Football Preview. This time we look at the SEC. Click the tag below the story that says "College Football Preview" to look at the previous stories.

On the East side, many people are picking South Carolina to win the division, but I am thinking the winner will be an the returning champ. Georgia's schedule pans out really well for them. They only have four true road games, one of which is out of conference. The three in conference are Tennessee, Vanderbilt and Auburn. All winnable. They play Florida on a neutral field and have LSU and South Carolina at home. I think they may go undefeated in conference play, but lose their road opener against Clemson for an 11-1 regular season finish.

South Carolina will be their closest competition. At Georgia early in the season will be their toughest road game, and I thinking Butch Jones makes his first mark as a head coach with a win over the Gamecocks when they visit Knoxville. The Gamecocks finish 10-2, 6-2 in conference play.

Florida should be in the running, but a difficult schedule will hold them back. They have to travel to Miami, LSU and South Carolina. Add that to a neutral field game against Georgia, and a home game against Florida State, and it will be hard to get out with less than three losses. Especially after losing 15 starters if you include kicking specialists.

On the West side, it's obviously Alabama. They are the best until someone proves me wrong. I think they go undefeated through conference play, and don't let Johnny Football trip them up this year.

I think that LSU and Texas A&M won't be the closest competition to Bama. I think it will be Ole Miss. The Rebels have to travel to Alabama, but their only other road SEC games are Vanderbilt, Auburn and Mississippi State. Texas A&M and LSU have to come to Oxford, and the other East team Ole Miss has to play is Missouri. Pretty manageable all around. A road game to Texas will be a loss, but the Rebels should finish 9-3, 6-2 in conference.

Texas A&M and LSU lost a good number of starters from last year's team. The Aggies will replace 13 and the Tigers will replace 15. I still think they are very talented all around, and will have good years. Both should finish 9-3, 5-3 in conference play. LSU has the pleasure of getting Georgia and Florida from the East, and has to travel to Ole Miss and Alabama. A&M doesn't have the tough East teams to play, but they travel to LSU and Ole Miss, and have to play Alabama at home.

Two surprise teams will have moderate bounce back years. I think the change in leadership at Tennessee and Auburn will get them back to winning seasons. Both have a lot of talent, but didn't have the coaching staffs to utilize it. Both could get to 7 or 8 wins.

So it will be Georgia and Alabama once again for the SEC Championship. I think that Alabama will be be too tough once again, and will go on to play in the National Championship.

SEC East

1. Georgia (11-1) (8-0)
2. South Carolina (10-2) (6-2)
3. Florida (9-3) (5-3)
4. Tennessee (9-3) (5-3)
5. Vanderbilt (2-6) (6-6)
6. Kentucky (5-7) (1-7)
7. Missouri (0-8) (4-8)

SEC West

1. Alabama (12-0) (8-0)
2. Ole Miss (9-3) (6-2)
3. Texas A&M (9-3 (5-3)
4. LSU (9-3) (5-3)
5. Auburn (3-5) (7-5)
6. Arkansas (4-8) (1-7)
7. Mississippi State (4-8) (1-7)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

0 College Football Preview: Pac-12

By Kenny Howell

This is the next installment of my College Football Preview. Today, I will look at the Pac-12. You can click the tag below the story titled "College Football Preview" to look at the other parts.

Yet another undefeated team will come from the Pac-12. The chances of four undefeated teams, which I have predicted, is very small, but maybe it is wishful thinking on my part just to give a great sendoff to the BCS system.

That undefeated team will be Oregon. I honestly think this team might not be as good as the team from last year with Chip Kelly gone. They will be as good, if not more, talented, but that craziness that is Kelly will be missed. The toughest game for the Ducks will be a road trip to Stanford. Other than that, everything is pretty manageable. At Washington won't be easy, but the Ducks are on a different level than the Huskies. They don't have to play USC, and have UCLA and Oregon State at home. If they can manage that road trip to Stanford, they will get through the schedule unscathed.

Stanford will be their toughest competition in the North division. Many people have them playing for a National Championship, but I don't buy it. Like last year, they still won't probably be able to attack people through the air. Their recruiting has been pretty below average except for one year. Their senior class was ranked 63rd by Rivals coming into school. After a fifth place finish in recruiting the next year, they have been 22nd and 26th the last two years. I think the Cardinals will be not be able to get past Oregon at home, and will lose to USC on the road for two conference losses. They will probably lose their final game against Notre Dame as well.

A lot of people are picking Oregon State to be a factor, but I think they take a step back this year. They aren't sneaking up on anybody this year. After a 6-0 start last year, they finished 3-4, and I think that trend continues.

On the South side, there should be a bounce back from USC. I think Lane Kiffin's teams are better when they have a chip on their shoulder. Last year, they were expected to win, and they didn't. The year before was a rebuilding year, and they got 10 wins during a probation year. I think they bounce back in a big way this year with 12 wins. Their only loss should be out of conference at Notre Dame.

The closest competition for USC will be UCLA, but I think they will have three losses in conference. At Stanford, at Oregon and at USC will be tough to come out of with wins. Add that to a trip to Nebraska. Just too difficult. They could win as many as two of those, but I don't think they get any.

So it will be USC and Oregon in the Pac-12 Championship, and the Ducks repeat as champions.

In addition to USC and Oregon, Stanford, Washington, California, UCLA, Arizona State, Utah and Arizona should make bowl games.

Pac-12 North

1. Oregon (12-0) (9-0)
2. Stanford (9-3) (7-2)
3. Washington (9-3) (6-3)
4. California (6-6) (4-5)
5. Oregon State (5-7) (2-7)
6. Washington State (2-10) (0-9)

Pac-12 South

1. USC (12-1) (9-0)
2. UCLA (8-4) (6-3)
3. Arizona State (6-6) (4-5)
4. Utah (6-6) (4-5)
5. Arizona (6-6) (3-6)
6. Colorado (3-9) (0-9)

0 MLB Power Rankings, July 7

By Kenny Howell

Not a ton of change in the MLB Power Rankings this week, just some shifting around. Team will be followed by their record and what they were last week.

1. St. Louis Cardinals (52-34) (1) - Cardinals still hold the top spot despite losing the division lead to the red hot Pirates. Still think they will cool at some point and the Cards will take back over.

2. Pittsburgh Pirates (53-33) (4) - Pirates have the best record in baseball and are looking to keep the Cards out of the lead.

3. Oakland Athletics (51-37) (3) - Lowest payroll in baseball and best team in the AL possibly. Too bad Moneyball doesn't work since it was done by nerds, right?

4. Atlanta Braves (50-37) (2) - Braves still chugging along as they have been near the top all season.

5. Cincinnati Reds (50-37) (5) - Reds are third in the NL Central, but I still think they are better than the large majority of teams in the MLB.

6. Tampa Bay Rays (48-40) (10) - Rays have won three straight, and seven of their last 10. They are now top 10 in record, OPS, WHIP and Defensive Efficiency as a team. Going to start translating to a lot more wins.

7. Detroit Tigers (48-38) (7) - Tigers have won five in a row, and are second in the MLB in OPS, seventh in pitching. 27th in defensive efficiency overall will hurt them long term.

8. Boston Red Sox (54-35) (9) - Red Sox have won eight of their last 10 with the best bats in baseball. In the bottom third in pitching.

9. Texas Rangers (50-37) (6) - Rangers are chasing the A's with the 9th best bats in baseball, 12th pitching.

10. Baltimore Orioles (48-40) (8) - Orioles have lost three in a row, and are falling behind the rest of the AL East.

11. Arizona Diamondbacks (46-41) (11) - Diamondbacks have won four in a row.

12. Washington Nationals (45-42) (15) - Nats have won three in a row, and Bryce Harper is back in the lineup.

13. New York Yankees (48-39) (16) - Yankees have followed a losing streak with six straight victories.

14. Cleveland Indians (45-42) (12) - Have dropped four in a row, but are still above .500.

15. Toronto Blue Jays (42-45) (13) - After going on a tear a few weeks ago, the Blue Jays have slumped back to their earlier season play, dropping seven of their last 10.

16. Kansas City Royals (41-43) (21) - Royals have won six of their last 10.

17. Los Angeles Angels (42-45) (22) - The Angels have been streaky this year. They have won eight of their last 10.

18. Chicago Cubs (37-48) (19) - The Cubs are still trying to catch up from a terrible start. Have won six of their last 10.

19. Colorado Rockies (42-46) (14) - The Rockies are sinking, losers of seven of their last 10.

20. Philadelphia Phillies (42-46) (18) - It looked like the Phillies might get into some sort of rhythm, but they have split their last 10.

21. San Francisco Giants (40-46) (20) - The Giants continue to freefall, losing eight of their last 10.

22. Seattle Mariners (38-49) (23) - Mariners have just won four of their last 10.

23. Los Angeles Dodgers (41-45) (26) - The Dodgers have been awoken by Yasiel Puig excitement, and have won seven of their last 10.

24. San Diego Padres (40-48) (17) - The Padres of the early season have shown back up, as they are on a eight game losing streak now.

25. Milwaukee Brewers (35-51) (24) - The Brew Crew have won just three of their last 10.

26. Chicago White Sox (34-50) (25) - White Sox not playing very well, winning just two of their last 10.

27. Miami Marlins (32-54) (28) - The Marlins have been showing signs of life the last couple of weeks. They have won six of their last 10.

28. New York Mets (36-48) (27) - The Mets are still bad at baseball.

29. Minnesota Twins (37-47) (29) -The Twins are too.

30. Houston Astros (32-56) (30) - The Astros are now last place in winning percentage, WHIP and defensive efficiency. They aren't quite as bad in OPS. They are second to last.

0 Top 5 stories of the week

Check out our top 5 stories of the week.

1. Rhythmic gymnast throws out amazing first pitch.

2. MLB Power Rankings, June 30

3. College Football Preview: American Athletic Conference

4. A minor leaguer seemingly got a walk off hit, but ended up losing

5. Mark Sanchez's butt fumble as a silent movie

Saturday, July 6, 2013

0 College Football Preview: Mountain West

By Kenny Howell

This is part 7 of my College Football Preview. This time we will look at the Mountain West. Click the tag below the story that says "College Football Preview" to look at the preview sections.

It is, of course, Boise State's conference to lose. It always is. But I think the inaugural Mountain West Championship game will go to another school, San Diego State.

The Broncos have to travel to San Diego State late in the season, and the Aztecs are the only team that really have a chance of beating them in the conference. San Diego State returns 17 starters when you include kicking specialists from a 9-4 team. That's including explosive running back Adam Muema. Boise State only returns nine. I think the Aztecs get the win at home against the Broncos, and Boise State finishes conference play 7-1.

In addition to Boise State, San Diego State gets Fresno State at home. I think they get them too and finish conference play undefeated.

Fresno State should lose to Boise State as well and finish conference play with two losses.

San Diego State will host the Conference Championship game because they should be the highest ranked at the end of the season in the BCS. They end up the season sweep of Boise State for the Mountain West title.

Mountain West Mountain Division

1. Boise State (9-3) (7-1)
2. Utah State (6-6) (5-3)
3. Air Force (6-6) (4-4)
4. Wyoming (5-7) (3-5)
5. Colorado State (5-8) (3-5)
6. New Mexico (5-7) (2-6)

Mountain West West Division

1. San Diego State (10-2) (8-0)
2. Fresno State (8-4) (6-2)
3. Nevada (5-7) (4-4)
4. San Jose State (5-7) (3-5)
5. Hawaii (4-8) (3-5)
6. UNLV (2-10) (0-8)

Friday, July 5, 2013

0 Rhythmic gymnast throws out amazing first pitch

How can this rhythmic gymnast, Shin Soo-ji throw a pretty perfect strike while doing some sort of Cirque de Soleil type twist, and Denard Robinson can't even throw it to the plate. I realize that she wasn't exactly throwing from the mound, but she should get a little break because of contorting and twisting her whole body on one leg.

[via Deadspin]

0 College Football Preview: MAC

By Kenny Howell

This is part 6 of my College Football Preview. Click the tag below the story that says College Football Preview to see the first five parts. Today we will look at the MAC.

The East and West Divisions should be pretty competitive at the top. Bowling Green, Kent State, Ohio, Northern Illinois and Toledo all should be in the running for the title.

On the East division side, I think it is Kent State's to lose. Some people are picking Bowling Green, but they have to travel to Kent State. Kent State also gets Northern Illinois at home. A last game travel to Ohio might prove tough, but I think they can finish conference play undefeated.

Bowling Green will probably drop games to Kent State and Toledo, and Ohio will fall to Kent State and Bowling Green. Both will finish 6-2 in conference behind Kent State.

On the West side, Northern Illinois is the easy pick because of the Orange Bowl appearance last season and high NFL Draft prospect Jordan Lynch returning, but I am going with Toledo. Toledo has Northern Illinois at home, and at Bowling Green should be their toughest road trip. I think they ride a 10-game winning streak into the MAC Championship after dropping their first two non-conference games to Florida and Missouri.

Kent State and Toledo will meet for the MAC Championship, with Toledo pulling out the win.

MAC East

1. Kent State (10-2) (8-0)
2. Ohio (8-4) (6-2)
3. Bowling Green (7-5) (6-2)
4. Miami (Ohio) (4-8) (4-4)
5. Buffalo (3-9) (2-6)
6. Akron (2-10) (1-7)
7. Massachusetts (1-11) (0-8)

MAC West

1. Toledo (8-4) (6-2)
2. Northern Illinois (8-4) (6-2)
3. Western Michigan (6-6) (5-3)
4. Ball State (6-6) (4-4)
5. Central Michigan (3-9) (2-6)
6. Eastern Michigan (1-11) (0-8)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

0 Chris Davis hits HR no. 32

Chris Davis is still really good at hitting the baseball a long way. He picked up no. 32 yesterday with a blast over the LF wall.

0 Scherzer keeps rolling, now 13-0

Max Scherzer is off to an amazing start so far in 2013 for the Detroit Tigers. He improved to 13-0 Wednesday, going 6.1 in a win over the Blue Jays.

0 5'8" Cowboys WR Cole Beasley is good at dunking

I am 6 feet tall, and I tried to touch the rim this past weekend at a pickup game, and missed by a couple of inches, came down, and my knees and ankles hurt afterward. 5'8" Cowboys WR Cole Beasley can do reverse windmill dunks. He makes me feel useless.

[via FanSided]

0 College Football Preview: Conference USA

By Kenny Howell

What better conference to profile on July 4th than Conference USA. This is the 5th part of my College Football Preview.

Several teams left and several new ones came in to the new look Conference USA. But I think the old school ones are going to be the ones that dominate the conference.

The team with the most favorable schedule and probably the best chance to win is Marshall. Marshall has a tough out of conference game at Virginia Tech, but the only tough road conference games are Tulsa and my alma mater, MTSU. I think they will split those games, and beat many people's favorite, East Carolina, at home to win the East. They also have the returning MVP of the conference, Quarterback Rakeem Cato. I think they will finish 10-2, 7-1 in conference.

East Carolina should be 7-1 in conference also, but they have a very tough out of conference schedule with games against Virginia Tech, North Carolina and N.C. State. 8-4 should be their finish.

On the West side, it is Tulsa's to lose. They are the defending champ, and a trip to East Carolina will probably be their only conference loss. Out of conference games at Oklahoma and hosting Iowa State should be losses as well. 9-3 overall, 7-1 in conference.

Rice and Louisiana Tech should be their closest competition, but I think Tulsa beats both of them, and they both end with two losses.

I think Marshall and Tulsa meet in the Conference USA Championship, with Marshall coming away with the title.

Conference USA East

1. Marshall (10-2) (7-1)
2. East Carolina (8-4) (7-1)
3. MTSU (5-7) (4-4)
4. Southern Miss (5-7) (4-4)
5. UAB (4-8) (3-5)
6. Florida Atlantic (3-9) (3-5)
7. Florida International (2-10) (1-7)

Conference USA West

1. Tulsa (9-3) (7-1)
2. Louisiana Tech (8-4) (6-2)
3. Rice (7-5) (6-2)
4. Tulane (4-8) (2-6)
5. North Texas (3-9) (2-6)
6. UTEP (2-10) (2-6)
7. Texas-San Antonio (0-12) (0-8)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

0 Minor Leaguer gets walk off hit, loses

The Lansing Lugnuts' Chris Hawkins looked like he hit the game winner in their game against the Great Lakes Loons but the runner on first failed to go to second, and instead celebrated with Hawkins. The Loons fired to second to get the force out. The Loons would go on to win in extra innings.

[via Deadspin]

0 College Football Preview: Big 12

By Kenny Howell

This is fourth part of my College Football Preview. This time we will look at Big 12.

The Big 12 will have my surprise team of the year: the Texas Longhorns.

I think Texas is poised to have a bounce back year in a big way. I think people will underestimate them because of their poor defensive showing last year, and I think that Mack Brown's back is against the wall. What will save them from both of those things is a team that is stacked. They will have a small freshman class this season, but the previous years, Rivals had them ranked No. 2, No. 3 and No. 3. The Longhorns also return 18 of 24 starters, if you include the kicking specialists. They get Oklahoma on a neutral field, Ole Miss, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State at home. Baylor should still have a solid team, so that will be a tough game on the road to end the season. But they can get through it. Add to that Kansas State and West Virginia should take steps back this year. I honestly think the Longhorns could get through the schedule unscathed and a possible spot in the National Championship. That is my out on a limb pick. I will look like a genius or a giant idiot in a few months. I am used to the idiot, so that is OK.

Their main competition should be rival Oklahoma. The Sooners will have a tough road trip to Notre Dame, and will probably drop their Red River Rivalry game with Texas. They will finish 10-2 and 8-1 in conference.

Oklahoma State is a popular pick to win the conference, but I don't think they have recruited well enough to get into that position. They have been ranked anywhere from 28-32 the past four years in Rivals rankings. They should still have a good year, going 9-3, 6-3 in conference.

Texas Tech should have a good season under new Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury. He is bringing a lot of energy, and they could be looking at a 9-3, 6-3 year as well.

I think in addition to those teams, Baylor, TCU and Kansas State should get to a bowl game.

Big 12

1. Texas (12-0) (9-0)
2. Oklahoma (10-2) (8-1)
3. Oklahoma State (9-3) (6-3)
4. Texas Tech (9-3) (6-3)
5. Baylor (8-4) (5-4)
6. TCU (7-5) (5-4)
7. Kansas State (6-6) (3-6)
8. West Virginia (5-7) (3-6)
9. Iowa State (3-9) (1-8)
10. Kansas (3-9) (0-9)

0 Homer Bailey tosses 2nd no hitter

Homer Bailey is one of those guys who has amazing stuff at times, and seems to lose everything at times. When he is on, he is on. He was last night, tossing his second no hitter of his career. He walked one batter to bust up the perfect game.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

0 College Football Preview: Big 10

By Kenny Howell

I think this might be a bit of a return for the Big 10 this season, albeit just because the conference will be so top heavy.

The obvious favorite is Ohio State. Strong recruiting classes mixed with Urban Meyer's knack for winning could get the Buckeyes to their second straight undefeated season. Their non-conference is cake walk, and their only truly difficult conference game will be a trip to Ann Arbor. I think they will win that one and go undefeated again.

Michigan should be undefeated up to that point as well, with Notre Dame the most likely to challenge them. Trips to Penn State and Michigan State won't be easy, but they should get it done. They get the  second best team in their division, Nebraska, in Ann Arbor. Strong recruiting classes will start to pay off this season. They finish 11-1.

Nebraska also has a good chance to end the season with one loss. UCLA will be a tough non conference game, but the Bruins have to come to Lincoln. At Michigan will probably be their lone loss, as their only other kind of hard road trip is to Penn State. This is if Nebraska can get their defensive problems from a few games last year worked out. Their offense should be explosive, but their defense gave up 70 to Wisconsin, 63 to Ohio State and 45 to Georgia. Bo Pellini will get that side worked out despite losing eight starters. Rebuilding that unit from scratch might be a good thing.

After Ohio State beats Michigan in Ann Arbor, they will play again in the Big 10 Championship. Ohio State will get it done again and win the conference.

I think Ohio State, Michigan, Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan State, Wisconsin and Indiana should make bowl games this season.

Big 10 Legends

1. Michigan  (11-1) (7-1)
2. Nebraska (11-1) (7-1)
3. Iowa (9-3) (5-3)
4. Michigan State (8-4) (5-3)
5. Northwestern (5-7) (2-6)
6. Minnesota (5-7) (1-7)

Big 10 Leaders

1. Ohio State (12-0) (8-0)
2. Penn State (9-3) (5-3)
3. Wisconsin (7-5) (4-4)
4. Indiana (6-6) (3-5)
5. Purdue (3-9) (1-7)
6. Illinois (2-10) (0-8)

0 The Butler bulldog mascot trains for Big East, is adorable

In a great piece of viral marketing, Butler University Athletic Department made a training montage video with their Bulldog mascot, Trip. It's a doggy doing things, so therefore it is good.

[via Clip Nation]

0 Yasiel Puig's debut month was a bit good

Yasiel Puig's debut month of June was one for the record books. He collected 44 hits, hit .436, hit seven home runs and 16 RBIs. His OPS of 1.180 would lead the majors if he had played enough games this season. And he has got it done with the glove as well. MLB.com put together a highlight reel from what the 22-year-old has done so far. His 44 hits are second behind Joe DiMaggio for most in a month.

0 Bryce Harper homers in first at bat back from DL

It didn't take Bryce Harper long to get back into his groove. He nailed the second pitch he saw since returning from the DL to blast a home run over the left center field fence.

Monday, July 1, 2013

0 College Football Preview: ACC

By Kenny Howell

This the second part in my College Football Preview for this year. Today, I am looking at the ACC. This is pretty much a four-way battle between Clemson, Miami, Florida State and Virginia Tech, as usual. However, I think that North Carolina could work their way into that conversation.

I think Clemson will go undefeated in conference play. They get Florida State at home, and don't have to play Miami or North Carolina. They have to play Georgia, who Sammy Watkins said they should beat the mess out of, and they have to travel to South Carolina. I think they lose one of those, and finish the season 11-1, but 8-0 in conference play.

I think Florida State will lose to Clemson, their only loss in conference play, and on the road at Florida to end the season to finish 10-2. They might be the most talented team in the conference, but have a tough schedule.

On the other side of the conference, I think Miami will finish 10-2 as well, with their only loss coming to Florida State. I think Florida will beat them as well.

Virginia Tech should bounce back from a disappointing year last year. A road trip to Miami might be their only conference loss, but they start the season playing Alabama in Atlanta, which will be tough. 10-2 is a good possibility.

North Carolina could make some noise with a break here or there, but traveling to South Carolina and Virginia Tech, and having Miami at home will be tough.

Newcomers Syracuse and Pittsburgh shouldn't factor in at all.

I think the ACC Championship will come down to Clemson and Miami, with Clemson repeating as champions.

ACC Atlantic

1. Clemson (11-1) (8-0)
2. Florida State (10-2) (7-1)
3. Maryland (7-5) (4-4)
4. N.C. State (6-6) (2-6)
5. Boston College (5-7) (2-6)
6. Syracuse (4-8) (2-6)
7. Wake Forest (3-9) (0-8)

ACC Coastal

1. Miami (10-2) (7-1)
2. Virginia Tech (10-2) (7-1)
3. North Carolina (9-3) (6-2)
4. Pittsburgh (6-6) (3-5)
5. Georgia Tech (5-7) (3-5)
6. Virginia (5-7) (2-6)
7. Duke (4-8) (1-7)

0 Mark Sanchez's butt fumble as a silent movie

Good lord this is fantastic. YouTube user 20TeamSALeague made the famous butt fumble by Mark Sanchez into a silent movie, and it is probably the best thing you will see all day.

[via Deadspin]

0 Sabine Lisicki eliminates Serena Williams

It didn't seem like Serena Williams would ever lose again. She was dominant through the French Open and had been through Wimbledon, but Sabine Lisicki brought her run to the end. Lisicki won the first 6-2, but Serena dominated the second, 6-1. I figured Williams would just roll through the third, but Lisicki battled back down 4-2 to win the final four games.

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