Tuesday, July 2, 2013

0 College Football Preview: Big 10

By Kenny Howell

I think this might be a bit of a return for the Big 10 this season, albeit just because the conference will be so top heavy.

The obvious favorite is Ohio State. Strong recruiting classes mixed with Urban Meyer's knack for winning could get the Buckeyes to their second straight undefeated season. Their non-conference is cake walk, and their only truly difficult conference game will be a trip to Ann Arbor. I think they will win that one and go undefeated again.

Michigan should be undefeated up to that point as well, with Notre Dame the most likely to challenge them. Trips to Penn State and Michigan State won't be easy, but they should get it done. They get the  second best team in their division, Nebraska, in Ann Arbor. Strong recruiting classes will start to pay off this season. They finish 11-1.

Nebraska also has a good chance to end the season with one loss. UCLA will be a tough non conference game, but the Bruins have to come to Lincoln. At Michigan will probably be their lone loss, as their only other kind of hard road trip is to Penn State. This is if Nebraska can get their defensive problems from a few games last year worked out. Their offense should be explosive, but their defense gave up 70 to Wisconsin, 63 to Ohio State and 45 to Georgia. Bo Pellini will get that side worked out despite losing eight starters. Rebuilding that unit from scratch might be a good thing.

After Ohio State beats Michigan in Ann Arbor, they will play again in the Big 10 Championship. Ohio State will get it done again and win the conference.

I think Ohio State, Michigan, Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan State, Wisconsin and Indiana should make bowl games this season.

Big 10 Legends

1. Michigan  (11-1) (7-1)
2. Nebraska (11-1) (7-1)
3. Iowa (9-3) (5-3)
4. Michigan State (8-4) (5-3)
5. Northwestern (5-7) (2-6)
6. Minnesota (5-7) (1-7)

Big 10 Leaders

1. Ohio State (12-0) (8-0)
2. Penn State (9-3) (5-3)
3. Wisconsin (7-5) (4-4)
4. Indiana (6-6) (3-5)
5. Purdue (3-9) (1-7)
6. Illinois (2-10) (0-8)


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