Friday, July 12, 2013

0 College Football Preview: Conference Power Rankings

By Kenny Howell

College Football Season is coming, so the debate on which conference is the best in football will start back up. It's the SEC, and has been for quite some time, but I will have the discussion nonetheless.

Two arguments against that is that, well, they have just had the top team in the nation for the last seven years or the bottom of the conference is not very good.

The first one, they have had the best team in the nation for the past seven years, that is correct. But that's not all. This year, for example, it would not be a huge surprise if South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Texas A&M or LSU won the National Championship. Obviously, some of the chances for those teams are much greater than others, but all could possibly do it, and it wouldn't be a Cinderella story or a big shock. What other conference can say that. The second best conference is probably the Pac-12, and you got Oregon, Stanford and USC. Big 12 has Texas, Oklahoma and possibly Oklahoma State.

On the second one about the bottom of the conference not being very good, that makes no sense. It is insinuating that you have tougher competition at the bottom, so you have to play more quality games. Could Kansas beat Kentucky, and if so, what would that even matter. They are both really bad. I am not even sure they could, but it doesn't really tell you anything, especially if Alabama would manhandle Oklahoma, something Texas A&M did pretty easily last year in the Cotton Bowl.

So, with all that being said, when I was deciding my Power Rankings, which will come in the next few days, and figuring out how the conferences would finish, I used a couple of different things like what they did last year, recruiting the past few years, and starters returning to assign a number value. It's the finest crude mathematics from an English major who had to take one math class in college you will ever see. Anyway, I averaged those number values for each conference, and below is what the conferences are ranked based on power from top to bottom.

1. SEC
2. Pac-12
3. Big 12
4. Big 10
5. ACC
6. American Athletic Conference
7. Mountain West
8. Conference USA
9. MAC
10. Sun Belt


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