Monday, July 15, 2013

0 The Home Run Derby is boring

By Kenny Howell

I don't get the Home Run Derby. There is all this build up every year, and then by like the third hitter, you start looking around for something else to do.

Most home runs look the same, and as much as Chris Berman tries to get excited about it, it is not that great. It's a ball traveling over the fence. It's like if we lined up quarterbacks and see who could throw the farthest. It would be impressive for the first couple, but after those you are just like somebody needs to hit that dude to make this exciting.

Or the dunk competition. If you watch those, people are more worried about what overreaction they are about to do to a dunk that has been done a hundred times, so they can hold up those little 10 signs.

There is been lots of talk about how to make it better from corked to aluminum bats, but I think the only way is to just sit everyone down and let them watch the old Home Run Derby show from the 1960s that was so awesome. Yeah, do that ESPN. In fact, let's all watch that now.


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