Sunday, September 29, 2013

0 Henderson Alvarez throws no hitter, not on mound to finish game

Usually when there is a no-hitter in the balance, the pitcher is out there on the mound, all the pressure on him, trying to get that last out. In the Tigers and Marlins game today, it was 0-0 in the bottom of the ninth. Henderson Alvarez had completed his nine innings, but the Marlins offense, predictably terrible, had no produced any runs. They finally got one as Giancarlo Stanton scored on a walk off wild pitch.

0 Jameis Winston connects on hail mary in win

The legend of Jameis Winston continues to grow. Florida State struggled a bit with Boston College, but they took the momentum into the half when Winston broke a few tackles and connected on a hail mary as time expired.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

0 USF punter kicks a 2-yard punt

It wasn't blocked. It really just went two yards beyond the line of scrimmage. Poor South Florida.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

0 College Football Predictions, Week 5

By Kenny Howell

After a kind of crap week where I was just 29-15, I bounced back with a 38-6 record. Looking to keep it up this week. I am 136-35 on the season.

Georgia Tech 31 Virginia Tech 27
Tulsa 31 Iowa State 21

San Jose State 28 Utah State 26
BYU 28 MTSU 20

No. 15 Miami 45 South Florida 7
No. 11 Oklahoma State 31 West Virginia 21
Illinois 42 Miami (Ohio) 3
No. 12 South Carolina 27 UCF 17
Northern Illinois 34 Purdue 28
TCU 41 SMU 17
Tennessee 45 South Alabama 9
North Carolina 31 East Carolina 12
Pittsburgh 27 Virginia 24
Navy 30 Western Kentucky 21
Bowling Green 49 Akron 24
Duke 44 Troy 24
Oregon State 31 Colorado 20
Toledo 31 Ball State 26
Colorado State 34 UTEP 23
No. 9 Georgia 41 No. 6 LSU 31
No. 22 Notre Dame 27 No. 14 Oklahoma 23
No. 8 Florida State 34 Boston College 14
Minnesota 38 Iowa 21
N.C. State 49 Central Michigan 14
No. 3 Clemson 56 Wake Forest 6
Buffalo 26 UCONN 10
Louisiana Tech 27 Army 17
Houston 41 UTSA 21
Temple 24 Idaho 21
No. 1 Alabama 34 No. 21 Ole Miss 21
No. 10 Texas A&M 42 Arkansas 31
No. 20 Florida 26 Kentucky 7
Rice 42 Florida Atlantic 20
No. 16 Washington 34 Arizona 21
Texas State 26 Wyoming 24
Louisiana-Monroe 41 Tulane 26
Western Michigan 28 Kent State 27
Missouri 51 Arkansas State 7
Vanderbilt 41 UAB 14
San Diego State 31 New Mexico State 27
New Mexico 26 UNLV 21
No. 4 Ohio State 49 No. 23 Wisconsin 23
Nevada 44 Air Force 21
No. 5 Stanford 31 Washington State 14
Boise State 38 Southern Miss 14
Arizona State 27 USC 24
No. 2 Oregon 52 California 26

No 25 Fresno State 42 Hawaii 21

0 HS running back hurdles player, flagged for it

I've covered high school football games every week for the last 8 years, and I have never seen anyone flagged for hurdling a defender. Apparently, it is a penalty, and Louisville-bound L.J. Scott of Marion Harding High School in Ohio did just that, then bust through two more tackles for a 50-yard score. It was called back and he was assessed a 15-yard penalty.

[via Deadspin]

Sunday, September 22, 2013

0 Toledo's Alonzo Russell makes ridiculous grab

Toledo Alonzo Russell was born with two hands, but could get by with one. He made an amazing catch in the end zone for a Rocket score.

0 David Ash hits K-State staffer in the face

If it wasn't bad enough to lose to slumping Texas, the Kansas State staff also got hit in the face with the football.

0 College Football Power Rankings, Week 5

By Kenny Howell

Not much change at the top of the Power Rankings this week as the schedule was a little weak this week. Every team below them is still shifting all around. Quick recap, how I come up with these power rankings, before the season started I took the last few years of recruiting, how many starters each team had coming back, and what they finished up last season, and ranked all 125 teams. So it was more based off potential. Winners rise and losers fall. The losers fall based on who they lost to, so if you lost to a top flight team, you are not going to see much drop. If you lost to an FCS school, you took a huge tumble. Margin of victory is not considered.

1. Alabama (3-0)
2. Ohio State (4-0)
3. Oregon (3-0)
4. Clemson (4-0)
5. Georgia (3-1)
6. Florida State (3-0)
7. Oklahoma (3-0)
8. LSU (4-0)
9. Michigan (4-0)
10. Florida (2-1)
11. Texas A&M (3-1)
12. Ole Miss (3-0)
13. Notre Dame (3-1)
14. South Carolina  (2-1)
15. UCLA (3-0)
16. Stanford (3-0)
17. Auburn (3-1)
18. Miami (3-0)
19. Washington (3-0)
20. Tennessee (2-2)
21. Texas (2-2)
22. Oklahoma State (3-0)
23. Baylor (3-0)
24. Nebraska (3-1)
25. Texas Tech (4-0)
26. Virginia Tech (3-1)
27. USC (3-1)
28. Missouri (3-0)
29. Louisville (4-0)
30. Arizona (3-0)
31. Georgia Tech (3-0)
32. Northwestern (4-0)
33. Michigan State (3-1)
34. TCU (1-2)
35. Arizona State (2-1)
36. Virginia (2-1)
37. Maryland (4-0)
38. Penn State (3-1)
39. Cincinnati (3-1)
40. Minnesota (4-0)
41. California (1-2)
42. North Carolina (1-2)
43. Pittsburgh (2-1)
44. Mississippi State (2-2)
45. UCF (3-0)
46. Houston (3-0)
47. Arkansas (3-1)
48. N.C. State (2-1)
49. Vanderbilt (2-2)
50. Illinois (2-1)
51. Utah (3-1)
52. Oregon State (3-1)
53. Fresno State (3-0)
54. Wisconsin (3-1)
55. Rutgers (3-1)
56. West Virginia (2-2)
57. Northern Illinois (3-0)
58. Iowa (3-1)
59. Boston College (2-1)
60. Colorado (2-0)
61. Kentucky (1-2)
62. Washington State (3-1
63. Navy (2-0)
64. Syracuse (2-2)
65. East Carolina (2-1)
66. Toledo (2-2)
67. Kansas (2-1)
68. SMU (1-2)
69. Wyoming (3-1)
70. BYU (1-2)
71. Middle Tennessee (3-1)
72. Ohio (3-1)
73. Boise State (2-2)
74. Indiana (2-2)
75. Duke (2-2)
76. Kansas State (2-2)
77. South Alabama (2-1)
78. Texas State (2-1)
79. Western Kentucky (2-2)
80. Bowling Green (3-1)
81. Utah State (2-2)
82. Tulsa (1-2)
83. Purdue (1-3)
84. Rice (1-2)
85. Iowa State (0-2)
86. Nevada (2-2)
87. Louisiana-Lafayette (2-2)
88. UAB (1-2)
89. Ball State (3-1)
90. San Jose State (1-2)
91. Louisiana-Monroe (2-2)
92. Buffalo (1-2)
93. Wake Forest (2-2)
94. UNLV (2-2)
95. Marshall (2-2)
96. Memphis (1-2)
97. North Texas (2-2)
98. New Mexico (1-2)
99. Texas-San Antonio (2-2)
100. San Diego State (0-3)
101. Arkansas State (2-2)
102. South Florida (0-3)
103. Temple (0-3)
104. Southern Miss (0-3)
105. Colorado State (1-3)
106 Tulane (2-2)
107. Troy (2-2)
108. Hawaii (0-3)
109. Kent State (1-3)
110. Connecticut (0-3)
111. Florida International (0-3)
112. UTEP (1-2)
113. Florida Atlantic (1-3)
114. Miami (Ohio) (0-3)
115. Akron (1-3)
116. La. Tech (1-3)
117. Central Michigan (1-3)
118. Air Force (1-3)
119. Army (0-3)
120. Eastern Michigan (1-3)
121. Western Michigan (0-4)
122. New Mexico State (0-4)
123. Idaho (0-4)
124. UMASS (0-4)
125. Georgia State (0-4)

0 MLB Power Rankings, Sept. 22

By Kenny Howell

Once again this week, I will just rank the teams that are still in the postseason race. Not much change this week, but a little bit.

1. Boston Red Sox (94-62) (1) - Clinched the AL East, and still have the best record in baseball.

2. St. Louis Cardinals (91-64) (2) - The Cardinals have a slightly comfortable lead in the NL Central, and look like they might get the division.

3. Oakland Athletics (92-63) (3) - The A's are hot at the right time, and look to keep it up into the postseason.

4. Detroit Tigers (91-64) (6) - The Tigers are hot as well, winning eight of their last 10.

5. Atlanta Braves (91-63) (4) - Braves have just won four of their last 10.

6. Los Angeles Dodgers (89-66) (5) - The Dodgers have just won four of their last 10 as well, but they won the NL West this week.

7. Pittsburgh Pirates (89-66) (7) - The Pirates are treading water a bit, and need to put a run together to end the season. Most likely will get a Wild Card, but a division title is still a possibility.

8. Cincinnati Reds (88-67) (8) - The Reds are still very much in the NL Central race as well, and could overtake the division lead.

9. Cleveland Indians (85-70) (10) - The Indians are hot and have got themselves into a Wild Card position. Division title is not likely, but look good right now getting into the postseason.

10. Tampa Bay Rays (85-69) (11) - Rays are playing well too, and are a half game out of the Wild Card race. Winners of seven of their last 10.

11. Texas Rangers (84-70) (9) - The Rangers are sinking fast, losing seven of their last 10. Just a half game out of the Wild Card, but they are going in the wrong direction.

12. New York Yankees (82-73) (13) - The Yankees have pulled a little closer in the Wild Card race, but still sit three games back.

13. Baltimore Orioles (81-73) (12) - The Orioles aren't playing as well as they need to be to close the gap in the Wild Card race. Currently losers of three straight and 3.5 games out of the spot.

14. Kansas City Royals (81-73) (14) - The Royals are still alive. Kansas City fans haven't been able to say that in quite some time. Still 3.5 games out of the Wild Card.

15. Washington Nationals (83-71) (15) - The Nationals are charging, but they had a lot of ground to make up. Won eight of their last 10. They are 4.5 games out of the Wild Card.

0 Maryland signee returns INT 107 yards

Maryland signee Johnny Thomas took advantage of poor tackling and natural born skills to return an interception 107 yards for a score.

[via Deadspin]

0 Top 5 stories of the week

Check out our top 5 stories of the week

1. Brick by Brick

2. High School team blocks kick as time expires, celebrates, loses

3. Kenny's College Football Power Rankings, Week 4

4. Bowling Green player takes ball off of punter's foot, scores

5. Royals pull off double steal, avoid tag to score

Thursday, September 19, 2013

0 Royals pull off double steal, avoid tag to score

I see the double steal  from first and third ever so often at high school games, but it doesn't really work in the majors. Or does it. Well, it didn't really work initially for the Royals, but Alcides Escobar dove under the tag of the catcher, and got his way home.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

0 College Football Predictions, Week 4

By Kenny Howell

I am getting progressively worse at this. After starting 39-5, I went 30-9 in the second week. This week I crapped the bed a bit and only went 29-15. However, I will bounce back this week, and get all of them right.

No. 3 Clemson 41 N.C. State 28

Fresno State 31 Boise State 21

No. 7 Louisville 52 Florida International 7
Georgia Tech 27 North Carolina 21
Vanderbilt 48 UMASS 7
Minnesota 40 San Jose State 14
Virginia Tech 45 Marshall 7
Army 21 Wake Forest 20
Toledo 26 Central Michigan 14
Middle Tennessee 34 Florida Atlantic 28
Iowa 45 Western Michigan 7
Kansas 45 Louisiana Tech 20
No. 9 Georgia 59 North Texas 7
Pittsburgh 24 Duke 21
Syracuse 31 Tulane 16
Ball State 31 Eastern Michigan 27
Houston 42 Rice 31
No. 19 Florida 20 Tennessee 10
No. 22 Notre Dame 24 Michigan State 9
No. 24 Wisconsin 27 Purdue 17
USC 40 Utah State 10
Maryland 28 West Virginia 17
Arkansas 31 Rutgers 27
Penn State 44 Kent State 7
Baylor 52 Louisiana-Monroe 14
Cincinnati 42 Miami (Ohio) 14
Arkansas State 24 Memphis 16
Akron 28 Louisiana-Lafayette 26
No. 1 Alabama 56 Colorado State 0
No. 5 Stanford 23 No. 23 Arizona State 10
No. 10 Texas A&M 56 SMU 23
No. 25 Texas Tech 41 Texas State 10
Oregon State 31 San Diego State 21
Mississippi State 40 Troy 7
No. 10 LSU 31 Auburn 21
No. 15 Michigan 52 Connecticut 9
Missouri 35 Indiana 23
Texas 48 Kansas State 24
Nevada 36 Hawaii 31
BYU 27 Utah 23
Wyoming 31 Air Force 20
No. 13 UCLA 56 New Mexico State 3
Washington State 42 Idaho 14

0 Astros player slides face first into a butt

Houston Astros' Jonathan Villar stupidly tried to stretch a single into a double, and he was punished by getting a face full of Brandon Phillips' butt, who was turned around and tagged him between his legs.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

0 HS team blocks kick as time expires, celebrates, loses

Columbia River High School in Washington got a major gift recently from Skyview High School. Columbia River lined up for a game winning field goal, but it was blocked. Skyview players went nuts, as anyone would after a big win, but they forgot to cover the ball. That left Columbia River to pick up the ball and take an 11-man convoy into the end zone for game winning TD.

[via With Leather]

0 Brick by Brick

By Shaee Flatt

Last week, the entire Tennessee Volunteer fan base was thrilled for its’ future. Butch Jones was the man, and all was good on Rocky Top. Tennessee fans were tweeting their favorite Butch Jones slogans and enjoying the ride. On Saturday, the rebuilding Vols took a beating to the second ranked team in the country, and everything changed. Fans started asking who the next coach will be, they started questioning why he was even hired. Rival fans chimed in saying that Tennessee will never again be good at football. In short, many people were out of their mind. If they even have one. Yes, Butch Jones took his depleted Tennessee roster all the way across the country and got blown out by a very good football team. If one actually thought in their head that Tennessee had any chance in the world at winning that football game, then I can’t help them. However, for those willing to listen, I’m going to try and put everything into full perspective for everyone. Maybe then, “Brick by Brick” will be more than just some phrase that the coaches and fans keep using, but rather it is a catchy slogan that is 100% accurate of what the Vols coaching staff is doing.
First, anyone who knows anything about college football knows that it all starts with recruiting. So lets’ take a look at the Vols past five recruiting classes. We’ll use the rankings provided by

2009 Recruiting Class: #10 Nationally, #4 in the SEC.
It appears Tennessee had a really good recruiting class in 2009. They signed the two five stars, including the number one player in the nation, to go along with nine other players rated four star or better. The fact is, this was quite possibly the worst recruiting class in Tennessee history, and one of the sole reasons it is taking Tennessee so long to return their football success. Lets’ take a closer look at the 2009 class that was brought in by Lane Kiffin.
Both five stars, Byrce Brown and Janzen Jackson were done with Tennessee football before their sophomore seasons. Also, four star players Darren Myles, Nukeese Richardson, James Green, and Jarod Askew failed to finish even half of their careers at Tennessee. Pretty pitiful, right? And we’re just getting started. In addition to the six players already listed, TEN others would also fail to finish half of their careers at Tennessee. That leaves Tennessee with a recruiting class consisting of six three star players, and that’s it. Let that sink in. Six players, none rated four star or higher, in an entire recruiting class, for a team that plays in the SEC. The most productive player of the class was WR Zach Rogers, by far. After him, only Daniel Hood has even received real playing time. Two players, in an entire recruiting class received meaningful playing time. TWO. If only that were the end of it.

2010 Recruiting Class: #9 Nationally, #5 in the SEC.
Tennessee’s 2010 class consisted was headlined by Tyler Bray, Justin Hunter, and Da’Rick Rogers. It was Derek Dooley’s first recruiting class, and while it provided a few quality players, it again left Tennessee without any depth. Of the 27 players signed, 11 were either kicked off, transferred, or left the football team for other reasons. That leaves 16 players, and while it isn’t as bad as 6, it is still pretty pitiful. Also, quarterback Tyler Bray and WR Justin Hunter also failed to finish their careers at Tennessee, due to leaving for the NFL. We won’t count their departures though, as that is something that SEC teams just have to deal with from time to time. When taking only those 16 players, and their rivals rankings, and readjusting Tennessee’s recruiting class accordingly, the Tennessee class would have finished #30 in the country, and #11 in the SEC according to Rivals. Not exactly a winning class.

2011 Recruiting Class: #13 Nationally, #6 in the SEC.
This class has done pretty well for Tennessee thus far. Of the 27 players that were signed, only four stars DeAnthony Arnett, Pat Martin, and Izauea Lanier are no longer on the team. That makes for a class of 24, which is what closer to what Tennessee needs to be successful. However, losing three four stars still would have dropped this recruiting class from #13 nationally to #19, and down to #8 in the SEC. For the most part though, this was a great recruiting class compared to the previous two seasons as it provided at least a little bit of depth for future seasons. Most of these players are juniors or redshirt sophomores at Tennessee now, and many of them are key starters for Tennessee, including linebackers AJ Johnson and Curt Maggitt, offensive lineman Antonio Richardson, defensive backs Brian Randolph and Justin Coleman, and quarterback Justin Worley.

2012 Recruiting Class: #17 Nationally, #6 in the SEC.
The 2012 class for Tennessee only signed 22 players, so there wasn’t much room for error. There was lots of error though. Only 14 of the 22 are still with the program, and it has only been a year and a half. They did lose two players, Cordarralle Patterson and Darrington Sentimore to the NFL, but the other six have been removed or left for other reasons. In addition to those, DT Daniel McCullers was a JUCO player, and is now a senior so he is soon to be gone as well.

2013 Recruiting Class: #21 Nationally, #10 in the SEC.
Only one player, Jabo Lee, is gone from the 2013 class signed by Butch Jones thus far. That’s the good news. The bad news is that this class was SO far behind when Jones got there that it ended up as the tenth best recruiting class in the conference. Derek Dooley, who essentially gave up half way through last season, did the Volunteer faithful no favors during his last months on the job and it really hurt. Most notably, costing the Vols a chance to land five star Safety Vonn Bell, who would likely be starting for Tennessee if Dooley had attempted to at least talk to him.

All in all colleges have 85 man rosters, Tennessee included. However, of their 85 players, Tennessee only has 60 scholarship players. 25 walk-ons are on the current 85 man roster. Most colleges have a full 85 scholarship players. Tennessee doesn’t even have 75% of a full roster. Basically, this leaves the Vols with no depth, and little room for injuries or no valuable replacement if a player doesn’t pan out to be as good as he was expected to be. At Georgia, you bring a kid in, and it doesn’t work out, then you replace him with the next guy up. Same with Alabama, South Carolina, Florida, LSU, and the rest of the elite teams in the SEC. Tennessee doesn’t have that luxury. Not yet at least. If their players aren’t as good as they were expected to be, well too bad, they’re likely better than the walk-on that is behind them on the depth chart.
For example, not including the Austin Peay game where Coach Jones unloaded his bench, Tennessee has played six walk-ons the last two weeks. They were forced to play four walk-ons in the secondary in Saturday’s loss to Oregon. Walk-ons. Playing against the number two team in the country. Maybe that will make things a bit more clear for the “casual viewer” or even for the fan who THINKS he knows what he is talking about.

The Future:
For now, Tennessee is playing with a depleted roster. They won’t be for long. Butch Jones and the Vols currently hold the second best recruiting class in the country according to Rivals. They can also sign close to 30 players this year. The help is coming, but Tennessee fans must be patient. Tennessee could finish this season anywhere from 5-7 to 7-5, but anyone that has an idea of the hole Tennessee football is in should know that 8-4 or better is extremely unlikely for Butch Jones in year one. It always has been. When Coach Jones came to Knoxville, and came up with slogans like “brick by brick” and “Vol by Vol” he did that because he knew that this was going to process. He knows how hard it is going to be, and how hard is going to have to work, but he will get us there. It will just take time. Give him two recruiting classes, and most of the holes on the depth chart should start disappearing. The team speed, and toughness, and most notably talent will start rising, and that is when Tennessee will truly begin their Rise to the Top. Not now, not while he is still coaching with the same roster that no coach in America could be very successful with. Everyone around the sport of college football agrees, the future is bright for Tennessee.

 From the College Game Day crew, to the College Football Live crew, to various sports writers around the country, and to the beat writers that call Knoxville home, everyone agrees. Tennessee is on its’ way back. They also all agree that this season, and probably next season as well, will be tough. Be upset that your team lost, be frustrated that the Vols are still losing to all of their rivals, be angry at the previous coaching staffs and administration for allowing us to fall into this hole, but do not criticize the man that has done everything right, and represented us in an almost perfect way since taking the job nine months ago. Do not call for his head, or start asking who the next coach will be when we lose games against the best teams in the country. Rebuilding a football program is a process, and it starts with a foundation. Right now, thanks to Coach Jones, our foundation is being built the right way. Brick by brick.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

0 Weird ending to Wisconsin and Arizona State game

Arizona State escaped with a win last night when Wisconsin tried to down the ball and spike it to set up for a game winning field goal. The quarterbacks knee apparently touched, but it sure didn't look like it live. I am assuming that caused the confusion when he laid the ball down, and Arizona State jumped on it thinking it was a live ball. The refs stood around, and the time ran out on the Badgers.

0 Bowling Green player takes ball off of punter's foot

There weren't many highlights for Bowling Green yesterday in their loss to Indiana, but one of them was Paul Senn taking the ball off the punter's foot as he was about to make contact.

0 Kenny's College Football Power Rankings, Week 4

By Kenny Howell

Not much change at the top of the Power Rankings this week as the big boys took care of business or had the week off. Every team below them is still shifting all around. Quick recap, how I come up with these power rankings, before the season started I took the last few years of recruiting, how many starters each team had coming back, and what they finished up last season, and ranked all 125 teams. So it was more based off potential. Winners rise and losers fall. The losers fall based on who they lost to, so if you lost to a top flight team, you are not going to see much drop. If you lost to an FCS school, you took a huge tumble. Margin of victory is not considered.

1. Alabama (2-0)
2. Ohio State (3-0)
3. Oregon (3-0)
4. Clemson (2-0)
5. Georgia (2-0)
6. Florida State (2-0)
7. Oklahoma (3-0)
8. LSU (3-0)
9. Michigan (3-0)
10. Florida (1-1)
11. Texas A&M (2-1)
12. Ole Miss (3-0)
13. Notre Dame (2-1)
14. Auburn (3-0)
15. South Carolina (2-1)
16. Tennessee (2-1)
17. UCLA (2-0)
18. Stanford (2-0)
19. Miami (2-0)
20. Washington (2-0)
21. Texas (1-2)
22. Oklahoma State (3-0)
23. Baylor (2-0)
24. Nebraska (2-1)
25. Texas Tech (3-0)
26. Virginia Tech (2-1)
27. USC (2-1)
28. Missouri (2-0)
29. Michigan State (3-0)
30. Arizona State (2-0)
31. Louisville (3-0)
32. Arizona (3-0)
33. North Carolina (1-1)
34. Arkansas (3-0)
35. Georgia Tech (2-0)
36. Northwestern (3-0)
37. TCU (1-2)
38. Virginia (1-1)
39. Maryland (3-0)
40. Penn State (2-1)
41. Cincinnati (2-1)
42. Minnesota (3-0)
43. California (1-2)
44. Pittsburgh (1-1)
45. N.C. State (2-0)
46. West Virginia (2-1)
47. Mississippi State (1-2)
48. UCF (3-0)
49. Houston (2-0)
50. Vanderbilt (1-2)
51. Illinois (2-1)
52. Utah (2-1)
53. Oregon State (2-1)
54. Fresno State (2-0)
55. Wisconsin (2-1)
56. Rutgers (2-1)
57. BYU (1-1)
58. Northern Illinois (3-0)
59. Iowa (2-1)
60. Boise State (2-1)
61. Boston College (2-1)
62. Colorado (2-0)
63. SMU (1-1)
64. Duke (2-1)
65. Kentucky (1-2)
66. Indiana (2-1)
67. Washington State (2-1)
68. Kansas State (2-1)
69. Purdue (1-2)
70. Navy (2-0)
71. Rice (1-1)
72. Texas State (2-0)
73. Utah State (2-1)
74. Syracuse (1-2)
75. East Carolina (2-1)
76. Toledo (1-2)
77. Arkansas State (2-1)
78. Kansas (1-1)
79. San Jose State (1-1)
80. Wyoming (2-1)
81. Middle Tennessee (2-1)
82. Ohio (2-1)
83. Louisiana-Monroe (2-1)
84. South Alabama (2-1)
85. Western Kentucky (1-2)
86. San Diego State (0-2)
87. Marshall (2-1)
88. Bowling Green (2-1)
89. Hawaii (0-2)
90. Tulane (2-1)
91. Tulsa (1-2)
92. Iowa State (0-2)
93. Nevada (1-2)
94. North Texas (2-1)
95. Louisiana-Lafayette (1-2)
96. UTEP (1-1)
97. UAB (0-2)
98. Troy (2-1)
99. Ball State (2-1)
100. Kent State (1-2)
101. Buffalo (1-2)
102. Colorado State (1-2)
103. Florida Atlantic (1-2)
104. Wake Forest (1-2)
105. Akron (1-2)
106. UNLV (1-2)
107. Memphis (0-2)
108. Connecticut (0-2)
109. Florida International (0-2)
110. New Mexico (1-2)
111. Miami (Ohio) (0-2)
112. Texas-San Antonio (1-2)
113. Louisiana Tech (1-2)
114. Central Michigan (1-2)
115. Air Force (1-2)
116. Army (0-2)
117. Eastern Michigan (1-2)
118. South Florida (0-3)
119. Temple (0-3)
120. Southern Miss (0-3)
121. Western Michigan (0-3)
122. New Mexico State (0-3)
123. Idaho (0-3)
124. UMASS (0-3)
125. Georgia State (0-3)

0 MLB Power Rankings, Sept. 15

By Kenny Howell

Once again this week, I will just stick with the teams that are still in the playoff race. The others are playing for next year.

1. Boston Red Sox (91-59) (1) - The Red Sox have gotten hot at the right time and wrapped up the AL East Crown.

2. St. Louis Cardinals (86-62) (5) - The Cardinals are back tied for the lead in the NL Central, and have won seven of their last 10.

3. Oakland Athletics (87-61) (9) - Oakland has almost clinched the AL West crown, after winning their last four and eight of their last 10.

4. Atlanta Braves (89-59) (3) - The Braves have won just four of their last 10, but have the NL East won.

5.  Los Angeles Dodgers (86-62) (2) - The Dodgers have finally halted their long term winning streak and look to be headed in the wrong direction at the wrong time.

6. Detroit Tigers (85-63) (4) - Another top team that isn't playing their best. They too have only won four of their last 10.

7. Pittsburgh Pirates (86-62) (7) - The Pirates are in a battle with the Cardinals for first place in the NL Central, but they need to do better than splitting their last 10 to win it.

8. Cincinnati Reds (84-65) (8) - The Reds looked like they might get control of the NL Central, but are still 2.5 games back.

9. Texas Rangers (81-66) (6) - The Rangers are also heading in the wrong direction, dropping five in a row. They are still in the Wild Card right now, but could lose it if they don't turn it around.

10. Cleveland Indians (80-68) (10) - The AL Central crown is starting to become a bit of a longshot, but the Indians are very much in the Wild Card race, just 1.5 games back.

11. Tampa Bay Rays (81-66) (12) - The Rays have won three in a row, and are still in the Wild Card lead. Have just won five of their last 10.

12. Baltimore Orioles (78-70) (11) - The Orioles still have hope of a Wild Card birth, but it's getting slimmer.

13. New York Yankees (79-70) (13) - Same for the Yankees, as the Red Sox are keeping them from gaining any ground.

14. Kansas City Royals (78-70) (14) - The Royals are right there with them as well, needing a streak to get them into the postseason for the first time in a long time.

15. Washington Nationals (78-70) (15) - I left them out last week, but they have battled their way, sort of, back into it, now just 5.5 games out of the Wild Card and winning eight of their last 10.

0 Nick Marshall completed a pass to himself for a big gain

Nick Marshall helped Auburn to a good conference win against Mississippi State last night, partially on a pass that he completed to himself for a big gain.

0 Top 5 stories of the week

Saturday, September 14, 2013

0 Johnny Manziel is 75 percent squirrel

One of Johnny Manziel's biggest assets is that he doesn't move like normal human beings. He is extremely squirrely. Makes it almost impossible to game plan against him. Case in point in today's Texas A&M loss to Alabama, when he should have been sacked, somehow got away, and threw it down field for a 14-yard completion.

Friday, September 13, 2013

0 Previewing Tennessee vs. Oregon

By Kenny Howell

The Butch Jones era is off to a wonderful start in Knoxville. He currently has one of the top recruiting classes in the country and a 2-0 record. Everything has been smooth sailing for Jones since arriving in Knoxville nine months ago. That is about to change. The Vols are just a day away from facing the nation’s second ranked team 2,600 miles away from home. So what can the Vols expect tomorrow? I’m going to break it down position by position and let you know who I believe has the advantage at each position, and how I expect the game to go.

Quarterback: Oregon – This one isn’t close. Oregon’s Marcus Mariota is averaging 26 yards per carry through two games this year. He hasn’t thrown the ball exceptionally well, but he threw 32 touchdowns to just 6 interceptions a year ago. If he needs to, he can throw the ball just fine. Tennessee’s Justin Worley is a first year starter. In the team’s first two games of the year, his numbers haven’t been bad but he hasn’t LOOKED very good. He has made some poor throws that he got away with because of the opponent. He will have to be much better this week if Tennessee wants to have a chance to pull the upset.

Running Back: Oregon – Again, not close. Oregon’s DeAnthony Thomas is probably the fastest player in the country, and will be an absolute handful for Tennessee tomorrow afternoon. It doesn’t end there, though. Byron Marshall can also hit the home run at any time, and expect Freshman Thomas Tyner to get more carries this week at well. Tennessee’s running game will primarily feature Rajion Neal and Marlin Lane. Both have had good seasons thus far. The running game for Tennessee isn’t bad at all, but everyone’s looks pretty bad compared to Oregon’s.

Wide Receiver: Oregon – This one goes to Oregon as well. Oregon’s receivers don’t get a lot of recognition, but they are among the best down field blockers I’ve ever seen, and certainly the best blocking receiving core in the country. Josh Low is very capable of hitting the home run, though. Tennessee’s receiving core is very talented, but very inexperienced. This game will be a huge measuring stick for them, especially with injuries to Devrin Young and Alton (Pig) Howard.

Offensive Line: Tennessee – It’s hard to compare the offensive lines of these two teams because they play so differently, and they couldn’t be more different offensive lines. Tennessee might have the best offensive line in the country, though, so I’ll give them the edge. The Vols will need to rally behind the big boys up front, and try to control some clock while they try to shock the nation in Eugene.

Defensive Line: Tennessee – I give Tennessee a slight edge on the defensive line as well. Their line has been surprisingly good thus far this season, and I think they can play well against Oregon as well. The loss of Mo Couch to suspension will hurt a bit, as he was their first to rotate in, but they get Jacques Smith back from injury on the edge. They’ve been good against the run, particularly up the middle. However, they will need to generate more of a pass rush this week in order to force Oregon in to some long yardage situations and get them off the field. Oregon’s line generates a good pass rush. Senior Taylor Hart is coming off an 8 sack season, and Tony Washington already has 2.5 this year. However, Oregon will likely have a tough time getting to Justin Worley as they deal with Tennessee’s line that led the nation in sacks per drop back last year.

Linebackers: EVEN – Tennessee’s AJ Johnson is the best linebacker on either side, but after that it gets a bit murky. If fully healthy, I would probably give Tennessee a slight edge but with Curt Maggitt injured for Tennessee, the linebacker cores look pretty even. Oregon lost its top three tacklers from a year ago, and Tennessee doesn’t have a lot of experience beyond Johnson. Both linebacker cores have a lot of potential but also have a lot to prove.

Secondary: Oregon – Oregon’s secondary is as fast, and as good as it gets. They can take players out of the passing game, and are also great at making open field tackles. Ifo Ekpre-Olomu is their best cover corner, and will likely have the assignment of covering Tennessee Freshman Marquez North. The Vols secondary will likely have problems tackling, and covering Oregon as they try to keep up with the Ducks’ speed.

Special Teams: Oregon – DeAnthony Thomas can score any time he touches the ball, including on punts and kickoffs. Tennessee will be without its’ top return man, Devrin Young. The Vols have the less talented Special teams, but they will have to win the special teams game in order to have any chance of winning the game. They have to own field position, and that starts with Michael Palardy, who has been much better kicking and punting thus far this year.

Tennessee comes into the game as 27.5 point underdogs, the second highest in the school’s history (2008 Florida). When these two teams played in 2010, Tennessee jumped out to a 13-3 lead before Oregon scored 45 straight points to win in a 48-13 landslide. If Tennessee can run the ball and get out to an early lead again, I think they are much more equipped to keep it close this time around. They are much more disciplined, and much more capable of creating turnovers and keeping this thing close. However, I think eventually, whether it be in the third quarter, fourth quarter, or whenever, I think Oregon pulls away and wins pretty comfortably.

Prediction: Oregon 44 Tennessee 27

Thursday, September 12, 2013

0 Shaee's College Football Top 25

By Shaee Flatt

After two weeks of college football, my top 25 is still a mess. Not as many changes this week, but still some good movement. Maybe this time around, I can avoid upsets that mess everything up. Unless that upset is Oregon losing. In that case, I’d be very happy to do some major rearranging next week as well.

1. Alabama (1) – The Tide were off last week and in their only game they didn’t look overly impressive. However, they’ve had two weeks to prepare for A&M, and I fully expect them to get a huge road win. 34-24 Tide.
2. Oregon (2) – Oregon destroyed Virginia last week, 59-10. Their offense is lethal once again, and their defense is no joke either. Oregon gets a visit from Tennessee this week in what will be a better measuring stick for both teams than their first two games were.

3. Georgia (3) – As I expected they would, Georgia got a nice win over South Carolina last week. Despite their week one loss, they’re still right where they want to be in National Championship contention.

4. Clemson (4) – Clemson is 2-0 and owns the most impressive victory of the college football season so far.

5. LSU (6) – LSU destroyed UAB last week, and they’ll destroy Kent State this week. I’m intrigued to see how they look in two weeks when they visit Athens.

6. Florida State (7) – The Noles get Nevada this week. Another chance for Jameis Winston to electrify his spectators, and he will.

7. South Carolina (5) – South Carolina lost a tough road game to a tough team. Still a really good football team.

8. Stanford (8) – Not sure about Stanford quite yet. Didn’t look overly impressive against San Jose State, but they managed to win by three touchdowns. Another easy win this week, as they travel to Army.

9. Ohio State (10) – Still waiting to see a team that’s as good as Alabama to show up when I watch Ohio State play. So far, not close.

10. Texas A&M (11) – Another team that’s overhyped in my eyes. They have a big chance to prove me wrong this week, though. Good luck, Johnny.

11. Miami (15) – I had the Canes at 15 last week, when most everyone had them unranked. Knew they had a great chance of beating the Gators, and they did. Big win for Miami at home.

12. Oklahoma (13) – Sooners didn’t look overly dominant against West Virginia, but they won. Oh, and they didn’t allow 550 rushing yards, either. Hook em, right?

13. Michigan (17) – I was actually pretty impressed with Michigan against Notre Dame. Don’t think the Irish are that great, just as they weren’t last season, but Michigan looked pretty good.

14. Washington (15) – I’m half expecting Washington to let me down for ranking them so high, but we’ll see. The only time they’ve taken the field thus far, they looked dominant.

15. UCLA (19) – UCLA has been one of my big sleeper teams all year, and I think they get their first big win this weekend in Lincoln.

16. Florida (9) – The Gators take a nice fall this week. Not necessarily because they lost, but just because of how awful their offense looked while losing. Their defense is great, but you have to score to win. It's only going to get harder for Florida.

17. Baylor (22) – The more of Baylor I watch, the more I like them. And man, Lache Seastrunk is fun to watch. I’ll say it again, don’t be shocked if Baylor takes the Big 12.

18. Oklahoma State (16) – To most, they are the Big 12 favorite. To me, Oklahoma and Baylor have looked a little bit better.

19. Ole Miss (21) – Excited to see the Rebels against Texas this week. Not sure how they are possibly 3 point dogs to the Longhorns. If last week is any indication, sounds like really easy money. I say Ole Miss wins by at least two touchdowns.

20. Louisville (20) – If “number 7” Louisville is as good as everyone thinks they are, they’ll beat Kentucky by 30. I’ll wait.
21. Michigan State (24) – I like Michigan State’s defense. Their offense has some work to do. Next week in South Bend should be a better measuring stick for where they are.

22. Notre Dame (18) – Like South Carolina, Notre Dame lost to a better team. At least we won’t have to wonder if they will lose by 100 in the National Championship again.

23. TCU (25) – Still think TCU could be a factor in the wide open Big 12.

24. Nebraska (NR) – Nebraska gets a visit from UCLA this week. They’ve looked pretty good thus far, but we’ll see if they can handle a UCLA team on the rise.

25. Wisconsin (NR) – Through two games, Wisconsin hasn’t allowed a point this season. I really had no choice here.

0 Conference Power Rankings, Week 3

By Kenny Howell

This is not something I will do every week, but I will check in periodically throughout the year on what the best conferences in football are. Or rather, who is No. 2 through No. 10. No. 1 is obvious.

1. SEC - People who are still saying the SEC is not the best overall conference in football are the same people that might be having trouble with whether world is flat or round. Two marquee games have not gone their way, but they were road games against two legit opponents in Clemson and Miami. Best wins so far are LSU over TCU and Alabama over Virginia Tech. Even Mississippi State, a team picked to finish 12th in the SEC making a game of it with the team picked to finish first in the Big 12, Oklahoma State, says a lot. People like to jump all over every loss the SEC has like if they don't win every non-conference game, they aren't the best. But against the Pac-12, Big 12, Big 10 and ACC since 2006 in bowl games, the SEC is 32-15. That's pretty telling considering the SEC usually plays against teams who finished higher in their conferences. The SEC and the Mountain West are the only still existing conferences that have won more than 50 percent of their bowl games in the BCS era. Until that changes, they will stay at the top.

2. Pac-12 - Has been the league that is closest to dethroning the SEC, but just doesn't have it yet. They just don't have enough of the elite teams, especially with USC falling off. I am not totally in Stanford's corner yet, but they are a step or two away from being a National Championship contender. And UCLA is on the rise it seems. Most of the rest of the conference is average to above average except maybe Colorado, so there is a lot of good competition.

3. Big 12 - The Big 12 is kind of falling on rough times, but so are most conferences. Two losses to FCS opponents in week 1, and Oklahoma State struggles with Mississippi State didn't help. Add that to Texas disappearing on defense against BYU. I think getting some fresh life on the defensive side will help the Longhorns. There is just too much talent. Oklahoma still looks solid, though their offense needs a lot of work. And Oklahoma State is still poised to have a good season. TCU looks in good shape as well, as they were able to play with LSU in week one.

4. Big 10 - Ohio State is holding up the front half, and Michigan looks like they could make some noise as well. Other than that, the Big 10 looks predictably weak this year.

5. ACC - Clemson, Miami and Florida State are all high quality teams, it's the rest of the conference that is average or well below average. Mostly well below average.

6. AAC - I am still not on the Louisville bandwagon. They beat a good Florida team last year in a bowl game, and more power to them, but I am not ready to crown them a legit contender just based on that. They still got whipped by Syracuse and beat by UCONN last year. You have to win those you are supposed to win. The rest of the conference except maybe Cincinnati and Rutgers can compete.

7. Sun Belt - Look at the little Sun Belt. They are becoming a decent, bad conference. Bobby Petrino will get Western Kentucky competitive, and Texas State with the built in recruiting base and a 2-0 record could become one of those small schools that surprise people. Troy and Arkansas State are traditionally OK teams.

8. Mountain West - The Mountain West was a power conference a few years ago, but Boise State has come back down to Earth, and TCU went to the Big 12. Fresno State may be the best team in the conference right now. The bottom half is really bad.

9. Conference USA - They lost a few teams, added a few more, but they are still really bad.

10. MAC - Bringing up the rear is the MAC, who have got a win or two against the Big 10, but that's about it. Once again, bottom half is awful.

0 Jose Fernandez admires HR, angers Braves

The Miami Marlins excellent Jose Fernandez had a problem with a couple of Braves last night, so when he blasted his first home run, he took his time watching it. That, of course, angered the Braves, and Brian McCann let Fernandez hear it when he came home. That brought Chris Johnson to the plate, who had been jawing with Fernandez earlier in the game. Johnson was a big tough guy, so much so, he runs up to home plate, hides behind the large McCann and the ump, and continues his argument with Fernandez. Fernandez had the last laugh cause he won the game, but the Braves had the ultimate last laugh because Jose Fernandez plays for the Marlins.

0 Elderly woman snags line drive foul ball

An elderly woman in San Francisco reached out and snagged a line drive foul ball at the game the other night, or the ball might have actually caught her. Either way, she was super excited and did a little dance.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

0 College Football Predictions, Week 3

By Kenny Howell

Didn't have quite the week I did in week 1 when I went 39-5, but I came out pretty good in week 2 with a 30-9 record. That makes me 69-14 on the season, 83 percent. So, here are the games for week 3.


Arkansas State 28 Troy 23
Louisiana Tech 37 Tulane 21
Texas Tech 38 No. 24 TCU 31


Boise State 42 Air Force 14


Indiana 28 Bowling Green 20
No. 7 Louisville 42 Kentucky 35
No. 11 Michigan 55 Akron 3
Virginia Tech 31 East Carolina 17
No. 23 Nebraska 34 No. 16 UCLA 28
No. 14 Oklahoma 54 Tulsa 7
West Virginia 44 Georgia State 3
No. 5 Stanford 40 Army 0
Arkansas 53 Southern Miss 7
Wake Forest 34 Louisiana-Monroe 19
Pittsburgh 42 New Mexico 10
Rutgers 45 Eastern Michigan 12
Colorado 28 Fresno State 27
USC 31 Boston College 10
No. 10 Florida State 51 Nevada 3
Georgia Tech 28 Duke 26
No. 6 Texas A&M 27 No. 1 Alabama 24
No. 2 Oregon 44 Tennessee 31
Ball State 38 North Texas 29
Northern Illinois 42 Idaho 19
Iowa State 35 Iowa 34
Penn State 33 UCF 14
Washington 35 Illinois 30
Auburn 31 Mississippi State 10
No. 4 Ohio State 35 California 23
South Florida 30 Florida Atlantic 14
No. 8 LSU 56 Kent State 6
Kansas State 38 UMASS 7
Middle Tennessee 38 Memphis 35
No. 13 South Carolina 34 Vanderbilt 13
Western Kentucky 34 South Alabama 21
Maryland 41 Connecticut 21
Kansas 30 Rice 28
New Mexico State 34 UTEP 31
Marshall 35 Ohio 28
Texas 36 No. 25 Ole Miss 31
No. 21 Notre Dame 38 Purdue 20
No. 17 Northwestern 54 Western Michigan 7
Utah 34 Oregon State 17
Central Michigan 28 UNLV 21
Arizona State 31 No. 20 Wisconsin 16
Arizona 49 UTSA 7

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

0 Pee Wee QB lowers the boom

Beside Pee Wee Quarterback John David Taylor out of Alabama throwing a heck of a stiff arm, there are two other things that I love in this video. The first is the running backs who instead of blocking, get out of the way, and the four on the other team tripping all over each other. It proves once again that little kids playing sports is the best.

[via FanSided]

Sunday, September 8, 2013

0 Fresno St. lineman scores on hook and lateral

Fresno State got the big boys in on the action Saturday, as they ran a hook and lateral to lineman Austin Wentworth.

0 Missouri's Markus Golden gets weird INT

Markus Golden was about to get a sack but instead the Toledo QB lost control the ball went straight up in the air, Golden pushed him down, snagged the INT, and took it to the house.

0 MLB Power Rankings, Sept. 8

By Kenny Howell

Gonna do things a little different this week. I'm not going to do a full Power Rankings because there are several teams that just don't matter at this point. I will just rank the teams that have a chance at the postseason.

1. Boston Red Sox (87-57) (7) - Before a loss today, the Red Sox had won five in a row. They take advantage of a bunch of elite teams slumping.

2. Los Angeles Dodgers (83-58) (1) - The Dodgers give up the top spot this week after dropping their last three games.

3. Atlanta Braves (85-57) (2) - The Braves slip too after losing four straight.

4. Detroit Tigers (82-60) (3) - The Tigers have split their last 10 games, dropping them a spot.

5. St. Louis Cardinals (82-60) (6) - The Cardinals have moved back into the lead in the NL Central.

6. Texas Rangers (80-61) (4) - The Rangers have given the AL West back to the A's, but are still in good shape for the Wild Card.

7. Pittsburgh Pirates (81-60) (5) - Pirates drop too after losing three in a row, and giving up the NL Central lead.

8. Cincinnati Reds (81-62) (9) - The Reds are winning at the right time, and are aiming for the NL Central lead.

9. Oakland Athletics (82-60) (10) - The A's are back to their winning ways, and are in first in the AL West. Will it hold?

10. Cleveland Indians (76-65) (13) - The Indians have won four in a row, and are just a game behind the Rays in the Wild Card.

11. Baltimore Orioles (76-65) (14) - The Orioles have won three in a row, and are poised to take the Wild Card from the Rays.

12. Tampa Bay Rays (77-64) (8) - The Rays are spiraling downward, losing eight of their last 10. They still have the Wild Card, but might lose that if they continue losing.

13. New York Yankees (75-67) (11) - The Yankees have dropped three of their last four, but the Wild Card is still within reach.

14. Kansas City Royals (74-68) (16) - The Royals are hanging around. Would be awesome to see them slip into the playoffs.

0 Kenny's College Football Power Rankings

By Kenny Howell

Time again for my meaningless college football power rankings for the week. Had three teams in my top 10 last week, Texas, Florida and USC, drop out, so lots of changes. The Power Rankings were based on the last four years of recruiting, computer rankings to end the year last year, and the number of starters coming back this year. So it was based more on potential, because trying to predict this stuff at the start the year is pure craziness. And it has changed based on what has happened the first two weeks. Winners rise, losers fall.

1. Alabama (1-0)
2. Ohio State (2-0)
3. Oregon (2-0)
4. Clemson (2-0)
5. Georgia (1-1)
6. Florida State (1-0)
7. Oklahoma (2-0)
8. LSU (2-0)
9. Texas A&M (2-0)
10. Michigan (2-0)
11. Florida (1-1)
12. Ole Miss (2-0)
13. Notre Dame (1-1)
14. Tennessee (2-0)
15. Auburn (2-0)
16. Texas (1-1)
17. South Carolina (1-1)
18. UCLA (1-0)
19. Nebraska (2-0)
20. Stanford (1-0)
21. Miami (2-0)
22. Washington (1-0)
23. Oklahoma State (2-0)
24. Baylor (2-0)
25. Texas Tech (2-0)
26. Virginia Tech (1-1)
27. USC (1-1)
28. Penn State (2-0)
29. Missouri (2-0)
30. TCU (1-1)
31. Michigan State (2-0)
32. Arizona State (1-0)
33. Louisville (2-0)
34. Arizona (2-0)
35. North Carolina (1-1)
36. Arkansas (2-0)
37. Utah (2-0)
38. Georgia Tech (1-0)
39. Northwestern (2-0)
40. California (1-1)
41. Virginia (1-1)
42. Mississippi State (1-1)
43. Maryland (2-0)
44. Vanderbilt (1-1)
45. Illinois (2-0)
46. Cincinnati (1-1)
47. Wisconsin (2-0)
48. Minnesota (2-0)
49. Pittsburgh (0-1)
50. N.C. State (2-0)
51. West Virginia (1-1)
52. UCF (2-0)
53. Houston (2-0)
54. Boston College (2-0)
55. Duke (2-0)
56. Kentucky (1-1)
57. Oregon State (1-1)
58. Fresno State (2-0)
59. Rutgers (1-1)
60. BYU (1-1)
61. Kansas (1-0)
62. Western Kentucky (1-1)
63. Northern Illinois (1-0)
64. Purdue (1-1)
65. Iowa (1-1)
66. Boise State (1-1)
67. Marshall (2-0)
68. East Carolina (2-0)
69. Colorado (2-0)
70. SMU (1-1)
71. Indiana (1-1)
72. Bowling Green (2-0)
73. Washington State (1-1)
74. Kansas State (1-1)
75. Navy (1-0)
76. Ball State (2-0)
77. Iowa State (0-1)
78. Rice (0-1)
79. Texas State (2-0)
80. Troy (2-0)
81. Utah State (1-1)
82. Wake Forest (1-1)
83. Syracuse (0-2)
84. Toledo (0-2)
85. Arkansas State (1-1)
86. Memphis (0-1)
87. Tulsa (1-1)
88. Nevada (1-1)
89. San Jose State (1-1)
90. Louisiana Tech (1-1)
91. Wyoming (1-1)
92. Central Michigan (1-1)
93. Middle Tennessee (1-1)
94. Kent State (1-1)
95. Ohio (1-1)
96. Connecticut (0-1)
97. Louisiana-Monroe (1-1)
98. New Mexico (1-1)
99. South Florida (0-2)
100. Akron (1-1)
101. Air Force (1-1)
102. South Alabama (1-1)
103. San Diego State (0-2)
104. Texas-San Antonio (1-1)
105. Temple (0-2)
106. Hawaii (0-2)
107. Tulane (1-1)
108. North Texas (1-1)
109. Louisiana-Lafayette (0-2)
110. Eastern Michigan (1-1)
111. UTEP (0-1)
112. UAB (0-2)
113. Army (0-1)
114. Southern Miss (0-2)
115. Buffalo (0-2)
116. Colorado State (0-2)
117. Florida Atlantic (0-2)
118. Western Michigan (0-2)
119. New Mexico State (0-2)
120. UNLV (0-2)
121. Florida International (0-2)
122. Miami (Ohio) (0-2)
123. Idaho (0-2)
124. UMASS (0-2)
125. Georgia State (0-2)

0 Tennessee gets 5 turnovers in 6 plays

For a stretch in the first quarter Saturday in Knoxville, Tennessee couldn't do anything wrong, and Western Kentucky did absolutely everything wrong. The Vols got five turnovers in six plays, and it went from a 3-0 Hilltopper lead to a 31-3 Vol lead in a blink of an eye.

0 Top 5 stories of the week

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1. Kenny's College Football predictions, week 2

2. Villanova's double snap fake punt was a thing of beauty.

3. Shaee's College Football Top 25

4. MLB Power Rankings, Sept. 1

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Friday, September 6, 2013

0 Shaee's College Football Top 25

By Shaee Flatt

So week 1 of the college football season is officially in the books, now the rankings can actually mean something. I’ve seen at least part of probably 30 games over the course of the week. My top 25 will change a lot from last week, but here it goes.

  1. Alabama (2) – The Tide came in at number two last week, but with Georgia falling to Clemson, they take over number one. The Tide’s offense didn’t look too great, but I have a feeling that is the worst it will look all season.
  2. Oregon (3) – The Ducks rolled Nicholls State to the tune of 66-3 on Saturday. I have them at two, but I’m intrigued to see how they look the next two weeks against Virginia and Tennessee, two average BCS conference teams.
  3. Georgia (1) – Yes, I’m still very high on the Dawgs. Todd Gurley, who will be the best running back in the country this season, missed a good part of the game, and without very small mistakes, the Dawgs win a tough game on the road. I’m not punishing them too much for their loss to Clemson, they’re still the better team.
  4. Clemson (4) – Clemson. They beat Georgia, and I had them at four last week, so I couldn’t move them down. I kind of wanted to, though. When thinking about teams I think would beat Clemson on a neutral site, the list was a lot longer than three. I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt until they prove me right, though.
  5. South Carolina (9) – South Carolina looked really good against North Carolina last Thursday night. The test gets much tougher this week as they head to Athens.
  6. Florida State (15) – Nice to meet you, Jameis Winston. The hype was there in the preseason, but “Jameis Football”  (credit to Mr. Craig Coffin) – turned the hype into 356 passing yards and twice as many touchdown passes as incomplete ones. It’s safe to say he has arrived.
  7. LSU (7) – The Tigers got the job done. Though the final score didn’t indicate it, they had their way with TCU.
  8. Stanford (6) – The Cardinal didn’t play Saturday and some teams behind them impressed. They fall two spots, but if they are for real, they’ll be closer to the top when it matters.
  9. Florida (8) – The Gators weren’t overly impressive against Toledo, but the Gators are never overly impressive against weaker opponents. I think they’ll get a good win over the Canes this week.
  10. Ohio State (5) – Nope, I didn’t forget about the Buckeyes. They just aren’t as good as everyone thinks they are. Like Stanford though, if they belong at the top, they will be there when it matters.
  11. Texas A&M (10) – The Aggies had a lot of players suspended last week, so their lackluster showing didn’t mean much. They will probably beat Sam Houston State as bad this week as Alabama will beat them next week.
  12. Miami (19) – I think Miami loses at home to Florida this week, but that isn’t a bad loss. Miami is a good football team, and Duke Johnson is picking up right where he left off last year. They are a big dark horse for this season, especially if they knock off the Gators.
  13. Oklahoma (13) - The Sooners didn’t move up, but in a way, they did. They’re now my highest ranked Big 12 team.
  14. Texas (11) – The Longhorns looked pretty bad in the first half against New Mexico State, but in the end, 56-7 is 56-7. Split on them and OU, and Oklahoma State looked better than I thought they would as well.
  15. Washington (NR) – I didn’t think Boise State was a top 25 team, but I didn’t think they were a team that would take a 38-6 drubbing, either. They go from unranked to the top 15.
  16. Oklahoma State (21) – I’m not sure if Oklahoma State’s defense looked really good, or Mississippi State’s offense looked really bad. I want to say the ladder, but Oklahoma State dominated an SEC team that won 7 games last season.
  17. Michigan (12) – For a team that won 59-9 it looks like Michigan took quite a fall. Well that’s what they get for playing in the Big 10.
  18. Notre Dame (16) – For what it's worth their game with Michigan will be a great one this Saturday. Complete toss-up, but ESPN’s College Gameday being anywhere other than Athens, Ga. is comical. In fact, they just call stick to the SEC games from now on. They’re always better.
  19. UCLA (18) – Still high on UCLA, but they dropped a spot, pretty much by default.
  20. Louisville (17) – Louisville will probably go undefeated, but I don’t really care. According to Bovada, so would 26 other teams with their schedule.
  21. Ole Miss (14) – I had Ole Miss way up at 14 last week. They were less than impressive in their win over Vanderbilt. They tried to choke it away, but somehow pulled it out in what was a fantastic football game. I’m just not sure it featured any fantastic football team.
  22. Baylor (NR) – If there were 26 spots, Baylor would have been 26 last week. Lache Seastrunk is one of the most underrated players in the country, and could run Baylor all the way a conference championship in the wide open Big 12.
  23. Cincinnati (NR) – Cincy killed Purdue, and should beat their second straight big 10 team when they travel to Illinois this week. And a team full of Butch Jones’ players should always be in the top 25.
  24. Michigan State (20) – They didn’t look overly impressive, but neither did anyone else in the Big 10. Some things never change.
  25. TCU (NR) – Yes, I am moving TCU from unranked to the number 25 spot after a loss. They played very poorly for much of the game, but where always there against a tough LSU team. I’m ranking them based on potential. They have it.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

0 11-year-old Tennessee RB hurdles defender

An 11-year-old from Obion County showed off some skills recently, hurdling a defender en route to the end zone.

[via Reddit]

0 Pablo Sandoval blasts three HRs

The San Francisco Giants' season has been over for several weeks now, but Pablo Sandoval is still swinging a big bat. He hit three homers yesterday against the Padres. Both teams are battling to not be last in the NL West.

0 Victorino makes catch in stands, fans fall apart

Shane Victorino made a catch going into the stands last night, and the fans there caught him and helped him back up. After that though, things went a little haywire. One of those fans dropped her phone on the field, which Victorino was nice enough to pick up, and then a woman got her beer knocked all over face.

0 HS RB gets helmet twisted backward during run

Christian Young of Viewmont High School in Utah was temporarily blinded after his helmet got twisted backward and couldn't see where he was going. But, he kept fighting forward, and picked up positive yards.

[via Bleacher Report]

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

0 College Football Predictions, Week 2

By Kenny Howell

I started off my season right, going 39-5 in my first week of predictions. Luckily, I don't predict games that pit FBS and FCS teams, so I escaped all those big upsets. Not to toot my horn, but I picked Clemson to beat Georgia 38-34, and they won 38-35. I picked Texas Tech to beat SMU 41-24 and they won 41-23. I also picked Washington to manhandle Boise State, who was ranked. So I could just give up now, but I will soldier on.

East Carolina 41 Florida Atlantic14

Boston College 31 Wake Forest 17
UCF 52 Florida International 17

No. 12 Florida 16 Miami 14
No. 13 Oklahoma State 41 Texas-San Antonio 3
Kentucky 38 Miami (Ohio) 10
Michigan State 47 South Florida 7
Penn State 54 Eastern Michigan 6
Houston 31 Temple 17
Cincinnati 34 Illinois 24
Kent State 28 Bowling Green 20
Tennessee 45 Western Kentucky 20
North Carolina 45 Middle Tennessee 14
Ball State 34 Army 17
No. 3 Ohio State 63 San Diego State 9
No. 2 Oregon 48 Virginia 20
Missouri 44 Toledo 14
No. 23 Baylor 62 Buffalo 10
Air Force 34 Utah State 21
Tulane 45 South Alabama 19
Wyoming 37 Idaho 20
No. 11 Georgia 34 No. 6 South Carolina 20
Duke 30 Memphis 14
No. 22 Nebraska 61 Southern Miss 7
No. 19 Northwestern 42 Syracuse 20
Indiana 38 Navy 16
Kansas State 35 Louisiana-Lafayette 19
No. 9 LSU 60 UAB 3
No. 15 Texas 44 BYU 21
No. 16 Oklahoma 31 West Virginia 14
Ohio 28 North Texas 27
Tulsa 34 Colorado State 21
Auburn 44 Arkansas State 14
No. 17 Michigan 24 No. 14 Notre Dame 20
Oregon State 45 Hawaii 19
Minnesota 47 New Mexico State 20
UTEP 41 New Mexico 21
No. 25 USC 42 Washington State 14
Arizona 44 UNLV 10
No. 5 Stanford 49 San Jose State 7

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

0 College Football Power Rankings, Week 2

By Kenny Howell

Week 1 is done, and week 2 is ahead of us, so it's time to look at my weekly power rankings. Before the season, I took the final computer rankings for last year, recruiting rankings for the past four years, and looked at the amount of starters coming back to figure up some sort of ranking. There are a few teams that seem out of place like Texas at No. 2 or Auburn and Tennessee in the Top 25, but who knows what will happen over the season. There are always teams, if you somehow could look into the future to the end of the year, that are big surprises. So mine can't be any crazier than most people's to start the season after all the games are played. So, I adjusted my original rankings based on the first week's games. Winners rise and losers fall, it's that simple. I don't really take into account how they necessarily looked. If those teams are that bad, they will eventually lose, and they will drop accordingly.

1. Alabama (1-0)
2. Texas (1-0)
3. Ohio State (1-0)
4. Oregon (1-0)
5. Florida (1-0)
6. Clemson (1-0)
7. Georgia (0-1)
8. Florida State (1-0)
9. Notre Dame (1-0)
10. USC (1-0)
11. Oklahoma (1-0)
12. LSU (1-0)
13. Texas A&M (1-0)
14. South Carolina (1-0)
15. Michigan (1-0)
16. Ole Miss (1-0)
17. Tennessee (1-0)
18. Auburn (1-0)
19. UCLA (1-0)
20. Nebraska (1-0)
21. Stanford (0-0)
22. Miami (1-0)
23. Washington (1-0)
24. Oklahoma State (1-0)
25. Baylor (1-0)
26. Texas Tech (1-0)
27. Virginia Tech (0-1)
28. Penn State (1-0)
29. Missouri (1-0)
30. TCU (0-1)
31. Cincinnati (1-0)
32. Michigan State (1-0)
33. Arizona State (0-0)
34. Louisville (1-0)
35. Arizona (1-0)
36. North Carolina (0-1)
37. Arkansas (1-0)
38. Utah (1-0)
39. Virginia (1-0)
40. Georgia Tech (1-0)
41. Northwestern (1-0)
42. California (0-1)
43. Mississippi State (0-1)
44. Maryland (1-0)
45. Vanderbilt (0-1)
46. West Virginia (1-0)
47. Wisconsin (1-0)
48. Minnesota (1-0)
49. Pittsburgh (0-1)
50. N.C. State (1-0)
51. UCF (1-0)
52. Indiana (1-0)
53. Houston (1-0)
54. Boston College (1-0)
55. Duke (1-0)
56. Western Kentucky (1-0)
57. Kentucky (0-1)
58. Oregon State (0-1)
59. Fresno State (1-0)
60. Rutgers (0-1)
61. BYU (0-1)
62. Kansas (0-0)
63. Northern Illinois (1-0)
64. Purdue (0-1)
65. Iowa (0-1)
66. Illinois (1-0)
67. Boise State (0-1)
68. Marshall (1-0)
69. Wake Forest (1-0)
70. Syracuse (0-1)
71. East Carolina (1-0)
72. Colorado (1-0)
73. Memphis (0-0)
74. SMU (0-1)
75. Toledo (0-1)
76. Kent State (1-0)
77. Arkansas State (1-0)
78. Bowling Green (1-0)
79. Washington State (0-1)
80. Air Force (1-0)
81. Kansas State (0-1)
82. San Jose State (1-0)
83. Navy (0-0)
84. Middle Tennessee (1-0)
85. Ball State (1-0)
86. Tulane (1-0)
87. Iowa State (0-1)
88. Rice (0-1)
89. South Florida (0-1)
90. Texas State (1-0)
91. Troy (1-0)
92. Utah State (0-1)
93. North Texas (1-0)
94. UTEP (0-0)
95. Temple (0-1)
96. Hawaii (0-1)
97. Tulsa (0-1)
98. Nevada (0-1)
99. Louisiana-Lafayette (0-1)
100. San Diego State (0-1)
101. Texas-San Antonio (1-0)
102. Louisiana Tech (0-1)
103. Army (1-0)
104. Wyoming (0-1)
105. Central Michigan (0-1)
106. Ohio (0-1)
107. Connecticut (0-1)
108. Colorado State (0-1)
109. Louisiana-Monroe (0-1)
110. Eastern Michigan (1-0)
111. Florida Atlantic (0-1)
112. UAB (0-1)
113. Western Michigan (0-1)
114. Southern Miss (0-1)
115. New Mexico State (0-1)
116. Buffalo (0-1)
117. UNLV (0-1)
118. Florida International (0-1)
119. New Mexico (0-1)
120. Troy (0-1)
121. Miami (Ohio) (0-1)
122. Akron (0-1)
123. Idaho (0-1)
124. South Alabama (0-1)
125. Massachusetts (0-1)
126. Georgia State (0-1)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

0 Villanova's double snap fake punt was a thing of beauty

I wanted to post this sooner, but couldn't find a video of it. Villanova played tight with Boston College, and one of the reasons was this brilliant double snap fumbelrooski fake punt that fakes out the camera man and all but one BC defender who just couldn't wrap up.

0 MLB Power Rankings, Sept. 1

By Kenny Howell

We are in the home stretch now, as teams ramp up for playoff time. Each team will be followed by their record and what they were ranked last week.

1. Los Angeles Dodgers (80-55) (1) - Still on a rampage after a terrible start to the year. Won their last three.

2. Atlanta Braves (83-52) (2) - The Braves are right their with the Dodgers and have been a lot more consistent over the year. Also on a winning streak at six games.

3. Detroit Tigers (80-56) (3) - Another short streak for the Tigers who are the best in the AL. They have won their last three.

4. Texas Rangers (79-56) (6) - The Rangers have gotten themselves on a roll the last few weeks, and look to be one of the better teams in the AL.

5. Pittsburgh Pirates (79-56) (5) - The Pirates are still holding onto the lead in the NL Central despite splitting their last 10 games.

6. St. Louis Cardinals (78-57) (6) - The reason the Pirates are still in the lead is because the Cardinals have lost three in a row.

7. Boston Red Sox (81-56) (10) - The Red Sox look like they have the AL East probably wrapped up now after the Rays seemed poised to take it from them the last few weeks.

8. Tampa Bay Rays (75-59) (4) - The Rays keep seeming like they are going to the take over the AL East, but the Wild Card is probably the most likely spot for them.

9. Cincinnati Reds (76-60) (8) - Every time the Pirates and the Cardinals don't play as well, the Reds follow suit and never make up any ground.

10. Oakland Athletics (77-58) (9) - The A's are keeping the pressure on the Rangers and could take over the AL West.

11. New York Yankees (72-63) (14) - The Yankees looked out of it a few weeks ago, but they have a decent shot at a Wild Card now.

12. Washington Nationals (68-67) (15) - The Nationals are trying to make a run for the Wild Card, winning seven of their last 10, but it may be too far out of reach.

13. Cleveland Indians (71-64) (11) - The Indians are headed in the wrong direction, losing their last five games.

14. Baltimore Orioles (71-63) (12) - Starting to look like the Orioles will not be making a return trip the playoffs.

15. Arizona Diamondbacks (69-65) (13) - The Diamondbacks have won just four of their last six.

16. Kansas City Royals (69-66) (16) - If the Royals can get on one of their winning streaks they have put together this year, they could sneak into the Wild Card, which would be amazing for that organization.

17. Los Angeles Angels (62-72) (19) - Too little too late for the Angels, who have won seven of their last 10.

18. Milwaukee Brewers (59-76) (17) - Brewers have split their last 10.

19. Colorado Rockies (64-73) (18) - The Rockies have also just won five of their last 10.

20. Toronto Blue Jays (62-74) (20) - Blue Jays have won three in a row.

21. Chicago White Sox (56-78) (25) - The White Sox have gone above their north side counterparts for the first time in awhile, winning six of their last 10.

22. New York Mets (62-72) (22) - The Mets have won three in a row, but just four of their last 10.

23. Seattle Mariners (62-73) (23) - The Mariners have done the exact same as the Mets.

24. Chicago Cubs (57-78) (21) - The Cubs sinking into the offseason, winning just three of their last 10.

25. San Francisco Giants (60-75) (24) - From first to worst for the Giants in the NL West.

26. Philadelphia Phillies (62-74) (28) - The Phillies have won six of their last 10.

27. San Diego Padres (60-75) (26) - The Padres are battling with the Giants for last place.

28. Minnesota Twins (58-76) (27) - The Twins have won just three of their last 10.

29. Miami Marlins (49-85) (29) - The Marlins are in a freefall, so pretty much like the rest of their season, losing six in a row.

30. Houston Astros (44-91) (30) - Apparently one of the most profitable teams in baseball. Most likely because they don't pay any money for players and only have 44 wins this late in the season.

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