Sunday, September 1, 2013

0 MLB Power Rankings, Sept. 1

By Kenny Howell

We are in the home stretch now, as teams ramp up for playoff time. Each team will be followed by their record and what they were ranked last week.

1. Los Angeles Dodgers (80-55) (1) - Still on a rampage after a terrible start to the year. Won their last three.

2. Atlanta Braves (83-52) (2) - The Braves are right their with the Dodgers and have been a lot more consistent over the year. Also on a winning streak at six games.

3. Detroit Tigers (80-56) (3) - Another short streak for the Tigers who are the best in the AL. They have won their last three.

4. Texas Rangers (79-56) (6) - The Rangers have gotten themselves on a roll the last few weeks, and look to be one of the better teams in the AL.

5. Pittsburgh Pirates (79-56) (5) - The Pirates are still holding onto the lead in the NL Central despite splitting their last 10 games.

6. St. Louis Cardinals (78-57) (6) - The reason the Pirates are still in the lead is because the Cardinals have lost three in a row.

7. Boston Red Sox (81-56) (10) - The Red Sox look like they have the AL East probably wrapped up now after the Rays seemed poised to take it from them the last few weeks.

8. Tampa Bay Rays (75-59) (4) - The Rays keep seeming like they are going to the take over the AL East, but the Wild Card is probably the most likely spot for them.

9. Cincinnati Reds (76-60) (8) - Every time the Pirates and the Cardinals don't play as well, the Reds follow suit and never make up any ground.

10. Oakland Athletics (77-58) (9) - The A's are keeping the pressure on the Rangers and could take over the AL West.

11. New York Yankees (72-63) (14) - The Yankees looked out of it a few weeks ago, but they have a decent shot at a Wild Card now.

12. Washington Nationals (68-67) (15) - The Nationals are trying to make a run for the Wild Card, winning seven of their last 10, but it may be too far out of reach.

13. Cleveland Indians (71-64) (11) - The Indians are headed in the wrong direction, losing their last five games.

14. Baltimore Orioles (71-63) (12) - Starting to look like the Orioles will not be making a return trip the playoffs.

15. Arizona Diamondbacks (69-65) (13) - The Diamondbacks have won just four of their last six.

16. Kansas City Royals (69-66) (16) - If the Royals can get on one of their winning streaks they have put together this year, they could sneak into the Wild Card, which would be amazing for that organization.

17. Los Angeles Angels (62-72) (19) - Too little too late for the Angels, who have won seven of their last 10.

18. Milwaukee Brewers (59-76) (17) - Brewers have split their last 10.

19. Colorado Rockies (64-73) (18) - The Rockies have also just won five of their last 10.

20. Toronto Blue Jays (62-74) (20) - Blue Jays have won three in a row.

21. Chicago White Sox (56-78) (25) - The White Sox have gone above their north side counterparts for the first time in awhile, winning six of their last 10.

22. New York Mets (62-72) (22) - The Mets have won three in a row, but just four of their last 10.

23. Seattle Mariners (62-73) (23) - The Mariners have done the exact same as the Mets.

24. Chicago Cubs (57-78) (21) - The Cubs sinking into the offseason, winning just three of their last 10.

25. San Francisco Giants (60-75) (24) - From first to worst for the Giants in the NL West.

26. Philadelphia Phillies (62-74) (28) - The Phillies have won six of their last 10.

27. San Diego Padres (60-75) (26) - The Padres are battling with the Giants for last place.

28. Minnesota Twins (58-76) (27) - The Twins have won just three of their last 10.

29. Miami Marlins (49-85) (29) - The Marlins are in a freefall, so pretty much like the rest of their season, losing six in a row.

30. Houston Astros (44-91) (30) - Apparently one of the most profitable teams in baseball. Most likely because they don't pay any money for players and only have 44 wins this late in the season.


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