Friday, September 6, 2013

0 Shaee's College Football Top 25

By Shaee Flatt

So week 1 of the college football season is officially in the books, now the rankings can actually mean something. I’ve seen at least part of probably 30 games over the course of the week. My top 25 will change a lot from last week, but here it goes.

  1. Alabama (2) – The Tide came in at number two last week, but with Georgia falling to Clemson, they take over number one. The Tide’s offense didn’t look too great, but I have a feeling that is the worst it will look all season.
  2. Oregon (3) – The Ducks rolled Nicholls State to the tune of 66-3 on Saturday. I have them at two, but I’m intrigued to see how they look the next two weeks against Virginia and Tennessee, two average BCS conference teams.
  3. Georgia (1) – Yes, I’m still very high on the Dawgs. Todd Gurley, who will be the best running back in the country this season, missed a good part of the game, and without very small mistakes, the Dawgs win a tough game on the road. I’m not punishing them too much for their loss to Clemson, they’re still the better team.
  4. Clemson (4) – Clemson. They beat Georgia, and I had them at four last week, so I couldn’t move them down. I kind of wanted to, though. When thinking about teams I think would beat Clemson on a neutral site, the list was a lot longer than three. I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt until they prove me right, though.
  5. South Carolina (9) – South Carolina looked really good against North Carolina last Thursday night. The test gets much tougher this week as they head to Athens.
  6. Florida State (15) – Nice to meet you, Jameis Winston. The hype was there in the preseason, but “Jameis Football”  (credit to Mr. Craig Coffin) – turned the hype into 356 passing yards and twice as many touchdown passes as incomplete ones. It’s safe to say he has arrived.
  7. LSU (7) – The Tigers got the job done. Though the final score didn’t indicate it, they had their way with TCU.
  8. Stanford (6) – The Cardinal didn’t play Saturday and some teams behind them impressed. They fall two spots, but if they are for real, they’ll be closer to the top when it matters.
  9. Florida (8) – The Gators weren’t overly impressive against Toledo, but the Gators are never overly impressive against weaker opponents. I think they’ll get a good win over the Canes this week.
  10. Ohio State (5) – Nope, I didn’t forget about the Buckeyes. They just aren’t as good as everyone thinks they are. Like Stanford though, if they belong at the top, they will be there when it matters.
  11. Texas A&M (10) – The Aggies had a lot of players suspended last week, so their lackluster showing didn’t mean much. They will probably beat Sam Houston State as bad this week as Alabama will beat them next week.
  12. Miami (19) – I think Miami loses at home to Florida this week, but that isn’t a bad loss. Miami is a good football team, and Duke Johnson is picking up right where he left off last year. They are a big dark horse for this season, especially if they knock off the Gators.
  13. Oklahoma (13) - The Sooners didn’t move up, but in a way, they did. They’re now my highest ranked Big 12 team.
  14. Texas (11) – The Longhorns looked pretty bad in the first half against New Mexico State, but in the end, 56-7 is 56-7. Split on them and OU, and Oklahoma State looked better than I thought they would as well.
  15. Washington (NR) – I didn’t think Boise State was a top 25 team, but I didn’t think they were a team that would take a 38-6 drubbing, either. They go from unranked to the top 15.
  16. Oklahoma State (21) – I’m not sure if Oklahoma State’s defense looked really good, or Mississippi State’s offense looked really bad. I want to say the ladder, but Oklahoma State dominated an SEC team that won 7 games last season.
  17. Michigan (12) – For a team that won 59-9 it looks like Michigan took quite a fall. Well that’s what they get for playing in the Big 10.
  18. Notre Dame (16) – For what it's worth their game with Michigan will be a great one this Saturday. Complete toss-up, but ESPN’s College Gameday being anywhere other than Athens, Ga. is comical. In fact, they just call stick to the SEC games from now on. They’re always better.
  19. UCLA (18) – Still high on UCLA, but they dropped a spot, pretty much by default.
  20. Louisville (17) – Louisville will probably go undefeated, but I don’t really care. According to Bovada, so would 26 other teams with their schedule.
  21. Ole Miss (14) – I had Ole Miss way up at 14 last week. They were less than impressive in their win over Vanderbilt. They tried to choke it away, but somehow pulled it out in what was a fantastic football game. I’m just not sure it featured any fantastic football team.
  22. Baylor (NR) – If there were 26 spots, Baylor would have been 26 last week. Lache Seastrunk is one of the most underrated players in the country, and could run Baylor all the way a conference championship in the wide open Big 12.
  23. Cincinnati (NR) – Cincy killed Purdue, and should beat their second straight big 10 team when they travel to Illinois this week. And a team full of Butch Jones’ players should always be in the top 25.
  24. Michigan State (20) – They didn’t look overly impressive, but neither did anyone else in the Big 10. Some things never change.
  25. TCU (NR) – Yes, I am moving TCU from unranked to the number 25 spot after a loss. They played very poorly for much of the game, but where always there against a tough LSU team. I’m ranking them based on potential. They have it.


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