Thursday, October 3, 2013

0 MLB Postseason Predictions

By Kenny Howell

As I proved with my predictions last year, in which I chose a Braves and Orioles World Series, I sure know what I am doing. The MLB postseason is always so hard to predict because there are so many variables with pitching matchups, who has home field advantage, etc. But, I will take a stab at it, and I am pretty sure it will turn out being right. I was smart enough this year to wait until after the 1-game Wild Card, which is just stupid. Not fair to a team that battled hard all season to see it gone in one game. Like I said, too many variables in baseball. One team could have their ace at full strength, and the other can't.

American League

For the American League, I think the A's will dominate the series with the Tigers. The A's finished the season third in the majors in OPS and WHIP, and second in defensive efficiency. Even though the Tigers were great at the plate, the pitching isn't as good as Oakland and the defensive efficiency is in the lower third of the MLB. Athletics 3 Tigers 0

I think the Rays get the luck of having to play two elimination games going into their series with the Red Sox. Plus, I think the Rays have a way better pitching staff than Boston. The Red Sox have the top bats in the league, but are 15th in WHIP and 13th in defensive efficiency. The Rays have the fifth best pitching staff and third best defense. I think the Rays give the Red Sox an early exit. Rays 3 Red Sox 2

I am just really feeling good about this A's team, and I think they will cruise right through the Rays as well. Both are really solid teams in every phase, but the A's are just better and will have the home field. Athletics 4 Rays 2

National League

On the National League side, I think the Braves will have no trouble with the Dodgers. The Dodgers are not near as hot as they were in the middle of the season. Plus, Braves have home field. Braves 3 Dodgers 1

The other series should be a lot more competitive. The Cardinals will win the series, but it will come down to a deciding game five. St. Louis has been there before and has the home field, so they will pull out the series. Cardinals 3 Pittsburgh 2

In the National League Championship, I see the Braves having the comfortable advantage. Braves have slightly better pitching and are much better in the field, with the fifth best defensive efficiency in the majors. It will be close because the Cardinals will have the home field, but the Braves get it done and move on to the World Series. Braves 4 Cardinals 3

World Series

I think Billy Beene is finally going to win that last game. The A's are stellar in all phases. I think the Braves just don't have the bats big enough to break up the A's excellent pitching staff. The Braves pitchers are just as good, but the A's have the better lineup. A's get it done, and hopefully the people that say that moneyball doesn't work will finally shut up. Athletics 4 Braves 2


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