Wednesday, November 13, 2013

0 Grantland spotlights HS coach who never punts, onside kicks every time

I love this kind of stuff. Pulaski Academy (Ark.) Head Coach Kevin Kelley has made a name for himself the last few years by never punting, going for it on every 4th down, and onside kicking it every time. He does this because he analyzed his game to find out what the risk reward of each of these were. He once led a team 29-0 before they even touched the ball.

There have been several pieces written on him, and he's been on national TV like HBO's Real Sports. It is well deserved because I think football is slow to change sometimes. I think many coaches are rehashing what they learn, and they've perfected their system over the years. Sometimes that works really well, sometimes it eventually will leave you behind. Kelley tries to get ahead of the curve, and he has been rewarded with three state championships in Arkansas. Above, Grantland did a short piece on him to kind of introduce you to him.


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