Wednesday, September 10, 2014

0 College Football Top 25, Week 2

By Kenny Howell

Things become clearer week by week, and a few teams have separated themselves through big wins. I try to do my top 25s based on what you have done as opposed to what you haven't, so the teams that have proven themselves early on are higher in the rankings. Each team will be followed by their ranking as well as what they were last week.

1. Georgia (1-0) (2) - The Bulldogs didn't play this week, but South Carolina's underwhelming performance against East Carolina tells me that Texas A&M's win is not quite as big. So I gave the Bulldogs the top spot because they have had the most impressive win so far.

2. Oregon (2-0) (7) - The second most impressive win belongs to the Ducks, who put up 46 on a usually stingy defense of Michigan State. The Ducks are still tough.

3. Texas A&M (2-0) (1) - The Aggies didn't drop too far, and are still one of the most impressive teams so far.

4. Florida State (2-0) (3) - The Seminoles are still probably an elite team. Just haven't showed it too much yet.

5. Alabama (2-0) (4) - The Tide had a storm shortened blowout of a terrible team, so still not a lot shown yet, but it will come around at some point.

6. USC (2-0) (10) - USC got a little help from Stanford, but they did get it done, and that moves them toward the top.

7. Auburn (2-0) (5) - Auburn looked impressive again, but once again against a bad opponent.

8. LSU (2-0) (8) - LSU holds a solid win against Wisconsin this season, but they definitely have some problems to fix.

9. Stanford (1-1) (6) - I still think Stanford is a pretty solid team, just met the better team Saturday.

10. Oklahoma (2-0) (9) - The Sooners haven't really been tested yet, but they have been impressive against two bad teams. Competition will get a tad tougher against Tennessee this week, but they should still be OK (see what I did there).

11. Notre Dame (2-0) (14) - The Fighting Irish have looked pretty good so far, dominated Michigan, 31-0.

12. Florida (1-0) (16) - The Gators finally got to play a full game, and they looked pretty solid doing it, shutting out Eastern Michigan, 65-0.

13. Missouri (2-0) (18) - Mizzou had to go on the road for some reason against Toledo, and they dominated in what some saw as a trap game.

14. Clemson (1-1) (17) - Clemson bounced back with their first win of the season, a 73-7 win over South Carolina State.

15. Michigan State (1-1) (13) - The Spartans got a dose of reality in the second half as Oregon went on those Oregon like runs that saw the game slip away in a few minutes.

16. South Carolina (1-1) (15) - The Gamecocks got their first win, but it wasn't very impressive against East Carolina.

17. UCLA (2-0) (12) - The Bruins looked pretty mediocre for the second week in a row against a below average team. They still got the wins.

18. Arizona State (2-0) (20) - The Sun Devils scored a lot of point against New Mexico, but gave up quite a few too.

19. Baylor (2-0) (21) - Baylor played another nobody and scored a ton of points.

20. Ole Miss (2-0) (23) - Ole Miss had no trouble with a lost Vandy team.

21. Louisville (2-0) (25) - The Cardinals put up big numbers for their second win.

22. Virginia Tech (2-0) (NR) - The Hokies went on the road and knocked off an Ohio State team that looks good on paper.

23. Ohio State (1-1) (11) - The Buckeyes are searching for answers right now.

24. BYU (2-0) (NR) - BYU made Texas look silly again. Different coach, same result.

25. Tennessee (2-0) (NR) - This won't last long as their next couple of weeks are going to be brutal. They have exceeded expectations so far. We'll find out how good after going to Oklahoma, Georgia and hosting Florida.


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