Tuesday, August 16, 2016

0 Arsenal: Where to Start?

By Kenny Howell

I have been trying to write a column on Arsenal, but it took me forever to know where to start. Or even what to focus on at this point.

After the 4-3 thrashing against Liverpool Sunday, something I felt could happen, I am left just shaking my head. We all knew this was coming. And it's more than just one thing. But one glaring thing is obvious, and it is the transfer market.

I feel like when i was a kid and would go car shopping my dad. My dad always hated to leave money on the table, so we would go to several lots, haggle down to $100 apart from each other, not make the deal, then go somewhere else until someone else agreed to his price. Nowadays, I appreciate that because I have obviously benefited from his ability to negotiate, but at the time I just wanted to go home and play with Batman toys.

Arsene Wenger doesn't want me to play with my Batman toys. He wants to wait for the perfect situation, but Arsenal doesn't have time for that. Manchester United isn't waiting. Manchester City isn't waiting. All the Big 6 won this past weekend, except for Arsenal. Granted, they were playing one of the other big 6, but still.

Everyone knows that Arsenal needs a central defender and a striker, but Wenger keeps thinking he needs to keep his cards close to his vest, thinking no one else does I know a tiny fraction of what Wenger knows about soccer, but it is so blatantly obvious. Instead he is playing with the cards turned around facing all the other players. He has access to a huge pile of money, but we are going on like week 5 of trying to sign Valencia's Shkodran Mustafi, who we probably could have just plopped down a pile of cash and moved on, but instead we are becoming extremely cautious. Same with Lyon's Alexandre Lacazette, who notched a hat trick in his first match of the season. And Inter Milan's Mario Icardi. And Julian Draxler. And just anyone please.

I am not going to jump on the #WengerOut bandwagon, because more than likely, Arsenal will finish in the top 4. It might be more difficult with the collection of managers in the Premier League now, but history tells us it will happen. It would just make it a lot more of a guarantee if the Arsenal pocketbooks were opened. And I don't know, we actually won a title.

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